Thursday, November 30, 2017

Just a Thought...
On John McCain
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Fact: brain cancer affects thought processes...John McCain has in terminal brain cancer and as such should NO longer be casting any Senate votes. For the good of our country...a country McCain claims to love...he needs to either step down voluntarily or be removed from office now.

Top Conservative Predictions For The Rest Of 2017
So, Democrats, since months seem like years to you these days, that means we have over 37 years of President Donald J. Trump left, plus another 48 more years after he crushes Crusty Commie Bernie or Her Chardonnayness in 2020. Go on, Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit, drink up.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the rest of 2017!

ROY MOORE WILL WIN (Confidence Factor: 80%)

With the defenders of Bob Menendez, Al Franken, and John Conyers all doing the “Hey, sure, sexual abuse is bad, but let’s not get kooky about it, and also all the women, who we should totally believe, are all lying or delusional” thing, what do you think the people of Alabama are going to do? What do you think their thought process will be?

Trump administration halts taxpayer-funded purchases of Iranian nuclear materials
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


“Iran was deliberately overproducing heavy water and then telling the U.S. ‘buy it from us or it’ll blow up the deal.’ The Obama administration paid, effectively rewarding Iran for violating the nuclear deal. The Trump administration refused to let the Iranians hold the deal hostage.” This is good. Now end the deal altogether. “Trump Admin […]
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Theresa May blasts Trump for retweeting videos of Muslim violence, leftist MPs call for him to be banned from the country


Theresa May and the rest of Britain’s cowed, compromised, dhimmi political establishment is in an uproar over Trump’s retweets, as Britain First is supposedly a “far right” group. Of course, the political and media elites smear anyone and everyone who calls attention to the jihad threat as “far right,” and claims that we are “hatemongers,” ignoring the genuine hate that comes from the Muslim leaders and groups who they so indefatigably support.

Lost in all the controversy over Trump’s retweets is the fact that there is Muslim violence and hatred against non-Muslims, all sanctioned by the Quran and the words of Muhammad. There have been over 30,000 jihad attacks around the world since 9/11, each with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric. But no, the problem is all Donald Trump and Britain First — and me. Note the Intercept article below, by the notorious leftist propagandist Robert Mackey. Mackey writes: “In May’s previous role as Home Minister, she added two Islamophobic American bloggers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, to a list of ‘extremists’ barred from travel to the country, on the grounds that their presence could ‘foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the U.K.’”

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Just a Thought...
It's Time
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Take the damn North Korean launch bases out now! NO bases = NO launch of ICBMs = NO attack on our homeland or on our allies.

The CFPB Coup Attempt Is Over, Court Rules In Favor Of Trump Administration
Guy and Leah have written about the drama unfolding at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. There’s been a fight over who is actually in charge. Leandra English, the deputy director of the agency, and Mick Mulvaney, the head of Office of Management and Budget Office, both are caught in a duel with one another. English says she’s acting director, while Mulvaney is emailing staffers at the CFPB, telling them to ignore her directives. A lawsuit has been filed, but Guy mentioned that this is nothing but a would-be coup by English, who should be fired for insubordination. Richard Cordray, the former head, resigned earlier this month. He’s expected to run for governor in Ohio:
As a result, there was a vacancy at the top of an executive agency.  Under the law, President Trump has the authority to fill that vacancy.  But that's not how the Left sees it. They're arguing that the CFPB is so "independent" that the president and Congress have virtually no say over its actions or leadership decisions, which is why the outgoing director schemed to appoint his own chief of staff as his successor.  She has sued Trump and Trump's legally-installed interim director, Mick Mulvaney, claiming to be the agency's rightful leader.  She is not.
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Pentagon: North Korea Fired ICBM
The Pentagon says North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile early Wednesday Korea time.

The missile traveled 2,800 miles and landed close to Japan and was the first test by Pyongyang since a missile fired over its neighbor in mid-September, officials said.

North Korea launched the missile a week after President Donald Trump put North Korea back on a U.S list of countries that Washington says support terrorism. The designation allows the United States to impose more sanctions, although some experts said it risked inflaming tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Japan's government estimated that the missile flew for about 50 minutes and landed in the sea in Japan's exclusive economic zone, Japanese broadcaster NHK said. An Aug. 29 missile fired by North Korea that flew over Japan was airborne for 14 minutes.
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said Wednesday's missile was fired from Pyongsong, a city in South Pyongan Province, at around 1817 GMT over the sea between South Korea and Japan.

Libyan Muslim acquitted of most serious charges in Benghazi jihad massacre, found guilty of terrorism
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

This is a war, and the Benghazi jihad massacre was one battle in that war. Yet authorities continue to prosecute these jihadis as if they were a series of criminals committing separate and discrete criminal acts that are unrelated to one another. If we had arrested and tried separately in criminal court every German and […]
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Southern Poverty Law Center Hit Piece on Robert Spencer Encourages Mob Suppression of Free Speech


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) seeks to silence and marginalize all who encourage legitimate discourse on the ideology that motivates the savagery of jihad. Their spurious attacks on The Geller Report are well documented. Ms. Geller has stated their goal succinctly: “For years I have warned that SPLC uber-left hate machine [has] one objective and one objective only: to destroy people who reject leftism, socialism, and collectivism.”

Thusly another in a long line of hit pieces from the SPLC attempts to ostracize our friend Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch after his visit to Stanford University. (See “Stanford: Fascist students stage walkout at Robert Spencer event, administration bars others wanting to enter,” Jihad Watch 11/15/17.) Naturally, a full and complete rebuttal to the SPLC piece could very realistically extend into a doctoral thesis-length publication. Sadly, consumers of SPLC propaganda are unlikely to read our commentary herein, let alone a lengthy discourse which could shatter the leftist groupthink bubble they live in. Therefore, we engage in a brief examination of the SPLC attack upon Mr. Spencer to remind Geller Report readers that we not only have to be informed counter-jihadists, we need to be fully informed about those “advocacy groups” that seek to silence us.

For our purposes, we need only highlight the SPLC’s opening paragraph:

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Just a Thought...
An Admission of Guilt 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

John Conyers stepped down as the House Judiciary Committee's ranking member...a Democrat finally admits guilt otherwise why would he do so...he wouldn't.

Facebook Censors Gun Shop's Ad For American Flags
Facebook Censors Gun Shop's Ad For American FlagsThe Sportsman's Shop, a small gun store in East Earl, Pennsylvania, had a Facebook ad for American flags taken down. The company said they cannot advertise flags or clothing on the social media because their page promotes the sale of firearms and firearms-related items, such as ammo.

The store was able to use Facebook's digital advertising tools to promote products for awhile until one day the staff no longer saw an ad for American flags, the Daily Caller reported.
"Facebook is a great tool. We have found it widely successful with our customers,” Keffer said.

When marketing manager Jessica Keffer noticed the ad disappeared, she reached out to Facebook to see if the ad was removed in error. She received vague responses from the social media giant before realizing her advertising capabilities were revoked.

Keffer contacted Facebook once again, at which point an employee mentioned the prohibited content section of its advertising policies.

There, Keffer found her answer. One of Facebook's advertising policies says, "ads must not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives."

John Jay College in NYC exhibiting and helping to sell artwork by al-Qaeda jihad terrorists at Guantanamo Bay
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


As I have often noted and as I just experienced again firsthand at Stanford University, universities today are not institutions of higher learning. They’re just radioactive wastelands of hard-Left indoctrination. It is no surprise in the least that John Jay College would feature this artwork. What would be surprising would be if it stood up […]
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Iran threatens Europe with WW3 MISSILE rocket attack
“We are following a strategic doctrine.”
Did Europe really think that appeasing, aiding, and arming the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, would keep them safe? Who and what in Europe’s history would ever give them that idea? Charles Martel? Jan Sobieski?

When did surrendering to Islamic nations ever fare well for the conquered?

I have long suspected Iran would target Europe first. Easier, softer, more pathetic target. Israel will strike back at Iran in spades. Europe will buy teddy bears, create hashtags and blame “islamophobia.”

Iran in Europe MISSILE threat warning of WW3 rocket attack

Daily Star, November 26, 2017:

IRAN has issued a chilling threat to Europe – warning it will increase its missile range so rockets can be launched at the continent.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Just a Thought...
On 2020
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

If Florida's I-4 corridor goes blue in 2020 due to the influx of Puerto Ricans leaving the island because of the devastation incurred from Hurricane Maria...Puerto Ricans are Democrats for the most part...Florida stands a good chance of going blue in the Electoral College. And if the Democrats run a Hispanic male coupled with a white in Julian Castro and Kristen Gillibrand...Trump could very well lose in 2020.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Trump to visit GOP Senate in push to deliver tax 'Christmas present' to Americans

President Trump is meeting next week with Republican senators in a push to get a congressional tax reform bill on his desk by Christmas, with a final vote purportedly coming as early as Thursday.

Trump will join the Senate Republican Policy Committee on Tuesday for the group’s weekly luncheon, upon Congress returning from a week-long Thanksgiving break.

This is the second time in the past few weeks that the president has gone to Capitol Hill to persuade fellow Republicans in the GOP-controlled Senate to back the tax reform bill, with yes votes from several holdouts still needed to pass the measure with a simple, 51-vote majority.

Not Buying It: Linda Tripp Skewers Democrats Suddenly Speaking Out Against Bill Clinton
You may have noticed that Democrats are speaking out against former President Bill Clinton's history of sexual harassment - almost 20 years later. Sen. Kirsten Gillbrand (D-NY), for instance.

While Gillibrand is doing some commendable work to address the increasingly hostile work environment on Capitol Hill, one in which sexual assault victims are loath to report misdeeds, she is guilty of a bit of hypocrisy when it comes to her suddenly condemning President Clinton's actions.

Clinton should have "resigned" over his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, Gillibrand declared last week. Her remarks were not exactly convincing, considering she's been a longtime ally of the Clintons.

“Things have changed today, and I think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction,” Gillibrand explained.

By "things have changed," she may mean that accusers are becoming bolder to share their stories. Several alleged victims of sexual harassment have come forward to the press to reveal sexual misconduct from congressmen like Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI).

Egypt: Islamic jihadis murder at least 155 in Sufi mosque
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


The Qur’an forbids Muslims to kill other Muslims (4:92), but if one group of Muslims thinks another is heretical, then it considers itself to have a duty before Allah to carry out the Sharia death penalty. “Attack on mosque in Egypt’s Sinai kills at least 155: state media,” AFP, November 24, 2017 (thanks to Ken): […]
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Islam rains on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


But above all – respect it!

Islam rains on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – banned items, massive security, 50 blocks shut down

November 23, 2017 / By creeping
via Security measures in place for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – YouTube
MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) —
Security at the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is nothing short of extensive, and pay close attention to new changes for the balloon inflation event on Wednesday.
“NYPD is ready for this week,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said.
With more than a million spectators expected to attend the parade and at least 100,000 more expected to attend the popular balloon inflation on Wednesday, the NYPD is putting extraordinary security measures in full effect, especially coming so soon after the Halloween terrorist attack.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wishing all my blog followers a very 
Happy Thanksgiving.  

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS...for those who missed last night's broadcast (or just want to listen in again) where Craig and Diane discussed sex, lies and politics in the 2020 race; gropers galore: and important news of the can listen to it at your convenience on SoundCloud at:
Just a Thought...
Birds of a Feather 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Yesterday, President Trump endorsed Judge Roy Moore and the left immediately went into meltdown mode never mind that they were the ones who anointed a murderer the 'Lion of the Senate' and elected a serial rapist president...just saying.

Aircraft carrying 11 crashes in Pacific en route to USS Ronald Reagan; 8 recovered, Japan says

Three people remained missing Wednesday after a U.S Navy plane crashed in the Philippine Sea shortly after takeoff from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, as early indications point to some kind of engine failure as the cause of the mishap, multiple defense officials told Fox News.

Eight people who were on board the C-2 cargo plane were rescued in "good condition" by U.S. Navy helicopters, according to a statement from the U.S. Navy's 7th fleet. The aircraft crashed about 575 miles southeast of Okinawa as it was heading from Japan to the aircraft carrier.

The Japanese military is assisting in the recovery of the three who remain missing. The eight personnel who were recovered were found less than an hour after the crash occurred. They are currently being treated on board the aircraft carrier.

Minnesota: CAIR top dog refuses to denounce Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood
By Robert Spencer / Jiihad Watch

No surprise here, except to the terminally blinkered, and of course, there are so very many of those. Not just this time, but many times in the past CAIR officials have refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice […]
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For months, Facebook has been censoring, scrubbing and banning posts, comments and users who dare violate the Sharia. And it’s getting worse. Posts, links, comments critical of jihad and sharia violate Facebook’s sharia terms of service. My feed has been blocked and banned. Facebook daily referrals were 90K plus back in February, today is under 2k. My feed is blocked from my millions of followers on Facebook, and I have seen my circulation drop precipitously in the past three months. For news publishers, Facebook is the motherboard of link traffic. No news site can survive without them. None of us are immune, which is why my traffic is down upwards of 95% since the block. My Facebook page has well over a million followers; add my organizations to that, and it is roughly two million people. Now imagine their sharing capability, and their friends and their friends — you get the picture. It’s how we fight fake news. All of my FB followers experience similar issues with their posts and shares. I receive scores of emails every day from readers telling me of new blocks, bans and Facebook jail sentences. It’s why I am suing.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

John Kerry: “The Palestinians have done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to nonviolence”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


PA children’s magazine: Muhammad ordered Muslim kids to throw rocks at Jews November 19, 2017 BBC mourns as Israel destroys tunnel from Gaza used by “Palestinian” jihad terrorists October 31, 2017 “Palestinian” Muslim opens fire on Israeli security officers near Jerusalem, murdering three, seriously wounding one September 26, 2017 Mosque aided planning Temple Mount jihad […]
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Liar-in-Chief: Obama Lied About Al Qaeda Strength Before Election 

Barack Obama, in the leadup to the 2012 presidential election, downplayed the strength of al Qaeda — an obvious effort to make himself appear bigger and more powerful on the foreign policy front.

What’s most interesting about the finding is that it comes via the New York Times, a newspaper that’s not exactly known as an Obama-hater.

The Weekly Standard has the news:
A top foreign correspondent at the New York Times said Friday that the Obama administration deliberately downplayed al Qaeda’s strength in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.
“The overall narrative that I think was being pushed to the press, and if you look back at the editorials that were done when that trove came out, was an image of bin Laden isolated, he had lost control of this group,” Rukmini Callimachi said during an event at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, referring to the 17 hand-picked documents released by the Obama administration in May of 2012.
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Nebraska clears path for Keystone XL pipeline, challenges remain

LINCOLN, Neb./CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - Nebraska regulators approved a route for TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO) Keystone XL pipeline through the state on Monday, removing a big regulatory obstacle for the long-delayed project backed by President Donald Trump, but leaving its future shrouded in legal and market uncertainty. 

The 3-2 vote by the Nebraska Public Service Commission helps clear the way for the pipeline linking Canada’s Alberta oil sands to refineries in the United States. But opponents have promised to tie the project up in court for years and TransCanada is still studying its commercial viability after a surge in U.S. drilling that has cut crude oil prices roughly in half since the pipeline was first proposed. 

“We are going to fight like hell to make sure this pipeline never gets built,” said Jane Kleeb, the head of anti-pipeline political advocacy group Bold Nebraska. 

The commission’s approval was not for TransCanada’s most preferred route, but for a more costly alternative that would add 5 miles (8 km) of pipeline, along with an additional pumping station and related transmission lines. States and federal officials said it was unclear if the route required any additional permits that the preferred route already had.


Today, Tuesday, November 21st from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss sex, lies and politics in the 2020 race; gropers galore: and important news of the day.

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Sex, Lies and Politics...the 2020 Race is Set
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Point sells...and the dirtier, more deviant, and brutal the better for the liberal media who relish in using sex as a tool to bolster their ratings and in return to line their pockets. The Democrats use sexual allegations to try and destroy their Republican opponents and push forward their progressive agenda in the process, and now certain Republicans are using it against one of their own. And why...because some on the right are actually the left in disguise.

And since Democrats cannot win a major election based upon their solutions to the issues facing America today, they figure why not use sexual accusations to divert us from their real and so hush-hush agenda not having anything to do with 40-year old unproven sexual accusations pimped out by one of the most sleaziest of all ambulance chasing lawyers agenda of why the Democrats are so willing to throw now exposed and admitted sexual pervert Senator Al Franken (D-MN) under the proverbial bus in the 'supposed' name of morality...morality from the party who has proven time and again to having no morals at all...morality simply used as a front for their true objective....for their true agenda.

So what is the Democrats true objective in regards to all these sexual accusations...simply...diverting us away from who the Democrats will run for president in 2020... who the Democrats will put up as the squeaky-clean candidate vs. Donald Trump...the man the Democrats will now start calling a 'dirty old man' for know they are not yet done with 'supposed” Donald Trump sexcapades as new allegations are guaranteed to surface as 2020 draws made-up, never happened sexual allegations this time concerning underage girls.

And know that Al Franken is not the only one who will be going down to set the stage for the Democrats anything but metamorphosis into morality...for the Democrats have now pulled out of their hat none other than cigar smoking, blue dress staining, Billy-Boy Clinton himself...the man who remains relevant to the party in his and Hillary's minds alone. Remember, Franken is low-man in the Democrat's Senate pecking order and Billy-Boy is just a washed-up, skirt-chasing, has-been with all relevancy he ever had destroyed by his whining, lying, sham of a wife who still cannot accept that she is not president.

So with both Franken and Billy-Boy being mere collateral damage that the Democrats will throw by the wayside as they strive to make their party look look good on the surface they will now strive even harder to sell themselves as the champion of make it look like they and their candidates alone can beat the still believed by liberals to be the party of rich white old men.

And proof of this can be seen by those once loyal to Billy-Boy...those of whom who once idolized him yet who are now so willing to finally call him to task...but doing so for personal reasons and political expediency alone. And Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is now leading the new Democratic woman morality pack. In fact, when asked in a New York Times interview last week if former President Clinton should have resigned following the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Gillibrand said “yes.”

Adding, “I think that is the appropriate response,” and that “things have changed today” regarding inappropriate sexual conduct, what the liberal Gillibrand forgets is that it is not the times per se that have changed but it is how we respond to sexual misconduct that has changed. Where once women rightfully reported such misbehavior to the police almost immediately after said sexual misbehavior occurred, they now run to the media months, years, or even decades after sexual misconduct was 'supposedly' perpetrated upon their person knowing that it is now a 'he said, she said' scenario for physical proof no longer exists after such an extended period of time.

And knowing this, the woman always triumphs as she is heralded by the media as the poor put upon victim no matter if the accusations made are but lies. So the stage is set, the players are being moved into place for the as expected political drama to unfold, and for the winners and losers to be tagged and marked for future roles in the next presidential election. And in Gillibrand's case her speaking out against the party's once leader sets her on the high ground above all others for she alone dared to publicly speak ill of one of the Clinton's, and her doing so will probably get her a vice-presidential nomination in the new it's all about and for women Democratic party.

So while the Democrat party of 2020 will be all about women, Hillary's whining and emotional outbursts...let alone her at times drunken stupor...has ruined the chances of a woman leading the Democrat party ticket, and besides to take down the 'dirty old man' they need a 'clean young man' to do so. And folks, that ain't 'Uncle' Joe Biden for dear old Uncle Joe has too many pictures of him groping women in his internet political portfolio...a portfolio which would not go over well with the new facade of Democrats having morals.

So who will they run to fit that bill...someone young, dynamic, somewhat experienced, and a minority to boot...and I believe it will be none other than Julian Castro. 2020 will be a Trump/Pence vs. Castro/Gillibrand race...remember you heard that here first.

But know that Julian Castro comes with some political baggage of his do most Democrats it seems... but it's 'so-called' acceptable political baggage not baggage of the sexual kind that would hurt the what I believe will be billed as the 'Democrat Party of Women.' Acceptable political baggage as in Castro's inadvertent slip of the tongue where he violated the Hatch act that prohibits federal employees from engaging in any political activity while in their administrative role. And this Julian Castro most assuredly did...and it cost him what was expected to be Hillary's VP nod...when in an April 2016 interview with Katie Couric, Castro said he was supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations while discussing HUD programs in his official capacity as the Obama newly appointed HUD secretary.

A truly minor and oh so forgivable faux-pas in the eyes of the Democrat's...something they chalked up to his then inexperience...a lesson learned...a mistake he would not make again. And so Julian Castro has been kept waiting in the Democratic wings for just the right time for him to be dusted off and presented to the voting public once again with his Hatch Act faux-pas becoming a distant and hoped for irrelevant memory. And with the added bonus that Julian Castro had already been groomed by Obama's people in the hope he would be Hillary's running mate... groomed in the ways of subterfuge, lies, cover-ups, and in the fine art of innuendos...all liberal musts...Castro now will be repackaged and presented as the shining example of what a moral, woman defending, Democratic presidential candidate should look like...and the party loyalists will lap it up like a thirsty dog laps up water on a hot and humid day.

However, there is a bit of other political baggage besides the Hatch Act tucked away in the Castro closet...baggage like the fact that his mother was one of the founders of the radical and sometimes militant Hispanic group La Raza...a group who at one time demanded that part of the southwest secede from the U.S. and be set-up as a 'Chicano' nation called Aztlan. But all is forgiven it seems as La Raza has now gone more mainstream so it is no longer considered baggage in the Democrat hierarchy's eyes...just a small inconsequential 'carry-on' if you will.

But it surely will be interesting to see how the Democrats explain Julian Castro's tenure as San Antonio, Texas mayor what with there being some questionable carry-on political baggage there as well. With San Antonio being a city-manager form of government and not a strong-mayor scenario, Castro was but a ribbon cutting, parade leading, baby kissing figurehead whose vote on the city council equaled that of the other city council members and nothing more while the city manager set the budget, hired and fired department heads, oversaw the police and fire departments, and who was responsible for city services.

So questions will most certainly be asked as to how Julian Castro earned a living while serving as San Antonio mayor as he received only $20 per council meeting plus a small mayoral expense account, surely not enough for he and his young family to live on. And questions will be asked pertaining to the fact that while Castro was in private practice, just a few years before he became mayor, Castro received a seven-figure referral fee from personal injury lawyer Mikal Watts, a major Obama donor..."seed money for Castro's second run for the mayor's office” some called it (Castro lost the first time he ran for mayor). What Castro did to earn this large a fee from what was claimed to be simply his referring a client to Watts, will assuredly garner a serious look-see because in 2015 Mikal Watts was indicted on federal fraud charges.

Baggage no doubt and not of the carry-on kind.

But know the Democrats will find a way to either store that particular piece of baggage away or at least make it a non-issue with the voting public as they will make it a priority to divert the public's attention towards what I believe will be the parade of (secretly bought and paid for) young women claiming that Donald Trump touched them in an oh so impure manner...and the liberal media will happily aid them in that endeavor.

And so Julian Castro remains both squeaky-clean in the public's eyes...especially when the media compares him to the 'dirty old man' well as his being the Democrats best hope for taking back the White House, especially with his VP choice being Kristen Gillibrand...the woman who called Billy-Boy Clinton to task...especially with the left's so-loved diversity scenario on parade for all to see with the tying together of a team consisting of a young brown man and a middle-aged white woman.

And to show you, dear reader, that I am truly on the right track, know that Julian Castro formed a new PAC...Opportunity First...just this past August that helps lay the ground work for a possible run for president in 2020. And in response to a question asked during a voter participation event sponsored by Voto Latino at the University of Texas in Austin just two weekends ago, Castro said that, “I might,” and then launched into the always required condemnation of President Trump saying that, "We’ve had too much lying out of the White House,then adding “This administration is a disaster on so many issues. This is just not working...he’s completely in over his head.”
Sounds to me like a candidate-in-waiting...sounds to me like the next Democratic presidential ticket.

So while some Republicans loudly continue to call for Judge Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race over sexual accusations that show no proof positive of ever having happened, the Democrats are using sex as their hoped for key to opening the door to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come 2020, and the Republicans are too blind to see it. And that is the most upsetting thing of all.

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Today, Tuesday, November 21st from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss sex, lies and politics in the 2020 race; gropers galore: and important news of the day.

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