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Biden Still Can't Explain What Son Was Doing 'Working' For Ukraine Company
Biden Still Can't Explain What Son Was Doing 'Working' For Ukraine Company
During an interview with Axios, former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden still couldn't explain why his son Hunter was hired by Ukraine's largest energy company. Hunter, who had recently been discharged from the Navy for drug use, was hired by Burisma and paid more than $80,000 a month despite the fact that Hunter had no relevant experience whatsoever. When Hunter was hired by Burisma, the company was mired in a corruption scandal and Hunter's father just so happened to be the point man on Ukraine for the United States. Hmmm.

It gets worse. Biden forced Ukraine into firing the prosecutor investigating the company that was paying his son's lucrative salary by threatening to cancel a billion-dollar loan guarantee from the United States. Basically, all the accusations of "bribery," "quid pro quo" and "abuse of office for personal enrichment" that you hear Democrats accusing Donald Trump of doing, Joe Biden actually did. It's a problem.
God Save the Queen and Great Britain Too
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
My fair lady...”

“Build it up with iron bars
Iron bars, iron bars
Build it up with iron bars, My fair lady...”

And so in part the nursery rhyme goes...a nursery rhyme we're all familiar with yet in today's United Kingdom, especially within England herself, it's a nursery rhyme with more meaning than one can imagine for today it's not just London Bridge that is falling down but the entirety of the United Kingdom herself...the monarchy, the prime ministership, parliament, and all.

How so and why can both be summed up in one word...islam.

And when you add in the words diversity, inclusion, placating, and condoning you can see why the country that gave birth to our great nation is slowly dying of its own accord. America's staunchest for Israel of on life support but fading fast as they refuse to stand up to those not only wishing them harm but actually doing them harm. In fact, in February of this year a report from the British anti-fascist group 'Hope Not Hate' showed that thirty-five percent of people in the U.K. believe that islam itself is indeed a direct threat to the British way of life, and that due to the recurring acts of jihad now taking place mostly in London proper, prejudice against muslims is growing by the day. And why shouldn't it be growing what with Britain continuing on with its policy of mass immigration... a "demographic upheaval"...if you will...that if left unchecked could forever change the societal complexion of British culture...change surely not for the better.

And breaking down that thirty-five percent number even further you find that forty-nine percent of Brits belonging to the Conservative Party believing that islam actually does threaten British culture. “If you don't condemn you condone,” are true words the British have now come to understand in regards to so-called moderate muslims... moderates in name only...for like here in the U.S., the U.K. is awash in misplaced political correctness. And it's this misplaced political correctness that sees radical muslims in Britain not just wanting but actually working openly towards having Great Britain become an islamic nation. And sadly, this can happen here in the United States as well if we keep insisting on electing muslims to Congress...“ballot box jihad” as it's come to be known.

And it's “ballot box jihad” that has allowed urban areas of Great Britain...most especially in become islamic not only in tone but even sharia compliant in areas, what with the election of British born Sadiq Aman Khan as London's first...and hopefully its last... practicing, mosque attending, muslim mayor. 

And it's this very mayor who in the past shared platforms and sentiments with muslim extremists yet while on the mayoral campaign trail relished in calling himself an “antidote to extremism.” A center-left social liberal, Sadiq Khan has championed and continues to champion both muslim and liberal causes...while saying that one can be, “British, Western, and muslim” at the same time...a true oxymoron if ever there was one. And Khan does so at a time when crime is up in London...specifically crime committed by muslims against non-muslim British citizens. Burglaries are up, rape is up, violent crime is up, and acts of jihad are either made excuses for or deemed not a hate crime as Khan takes no tangible action against those who perpetrate said acts.

No tangible actions taken by Mayor Khan except to take to twitter where each act of jihad or major crime committed seems to be met either with an excuse or with his trying to place blame for his city's rising crime rate not on himself or his his misplaced political policies, but on a lack of police manpower. Khan forgets that it's he who commands London's Metropolitan Police...a police force in desperate need of increased manpower...and that without additional manpower the “bad guys” will soon outnumber the “good guys” to speak. And while Sadiq Khan foolishly raised Londoner's taxes in a misguided attempt to increase actual police resources...resources won't matter if the manpower isn't there to use said resources...the monies required to do what needs to be done could be easily gotten if Mayor Khan would just eliminate all the useless administrative “fluff” positions and use those monies saved to hire more police officers.

That action alone would show that as mayor, Sadiq Khan was at least making an attempt to try and get crime under some semblance of control...or at least be able to secure a “heads-up” so as to try and stop acts of jihad before they actually occur. But even that's asking too much from the very mayor whose response to the recent London Bridge attack was to speak first about Britain's embrace of diversity and not about the perpetrator's act of jihad act of a knife-wielding jihadi that resulted in two innocents being killed while seriously wounding three others casually walking across the north side of London Bridge.

Briefly, London Bridge jihadi, 28-year old Usman relation to Mayor Sadiq Khan... was one of nine members of the al-Muhajiroun who tried back in 2012 to bomb the London Stock Exchange and kill now Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Usman Khan was initially given an “indefinite prison term” for his role in the thankfully failed attack, but won, along with two of his fellow jihadis, an appeal in 2013 which changed the time served to a “fixed sentence” after former press inquiry chair Lord Justice Leveson found that Khan and the two others had been “wrongly characterised” as being more dangerous than the other six men involved.

Released from prison in December 2018 “on license”... meaning Khan was still serving his sentence but was allowed to live in the community instead of in prison... Usman Khan was a known student of radical islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary, the very man of whom Dr. Paul Stott, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, found that twenty-five per cent of all islamist terrorists in Britain had some sort of direct link to. And even after knowing this as well as the danger Khan posed to the public, British authorities released Sadiq Khan as it seems they are hellbent on pretending that acts of jihad in the very prim and proper British Isles simply do not exist. But sadly they do and will continue on as long as the authorities and the crown allow British culture and society to be infected by "uncivilized men."

And it's here I must include and call to task the crown for British royalty have sadly become islamic condoners of sorts whether it be through fear, misinformation, or just simple cluelessness as to the dangers these people pose. Adding to this is the fact that many islamic scholars including Ali Gomaa, the former grand mufti of Egypt, and Burke’s Peerage (the British authority on royal pedigrees) believe that Queen Elizabeth herself is descended from mohammad via a muslim princess named Zaida, the granddaughter of Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad, and that she converted to Christianity and became the concubine of King Alfonso VI of Castile, whose bloodline has intermarried with the British bloodline for generations. And if true, this makes Elizabeth II a distant cousin of the current kings of both Morocco and Jordan, as well as to Iran's infamous Ayatollah Ali who all claim blood lineage with mohammad.

In fact, Prince Charles himself, the future King of England, is not only a defender of islam but is a patron of the 'Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies' where he greets folks with the muslim salutation, as-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). And many in his inner circle have said that when Charles ascends to the throne that he wants a multi-faith coronation as well as to be ordained as “defender of faith” not specifically a defender of the “[Christian] faith”...a direct slap in the face to England's Anglican Church, the monarchy, and Great Britain itself.

And one wonders why the U.K. is in such a mess...such a mess that they now have their own version of “pulling a Hillary”...passing the blame if you will...and passing the blame in Great Britain is not the sole property of London's mayor what with passing the blame now being seen in prison releases gone ever so horribly wrong. And such is the case with Usman Khan, who reportedly asked while still in prison to join a de-radicalization program and even sent a letter back in October 2012 asking for the “Home Office” to provide someone to work with him. Yet forgotten by all is the fact that Khan was most likely employing the art of “taqiyya”...doing and saying anything to promote his islamist agenda...and the British were too blind to see it.

In fact, “red flags” should have been raised when Khan's lawyer...“solicitors” the British call them...Vajahat Sharif, a fellow muslim, wanted a “very specific jihadist ideology expert" to work with Usman Khan because he himself feared that Khan’s hate was so deeply-rooted and all encompassing that a standard de-radicalization program would not work with him...which obviously it did not but not for lack of trying but for the fact that such programs rarely do work. And why do they rarely work...because rehabilitating a brainwashed terrorist is next to impossible as said terrorist really doesn’t want to change nor assimilate into his or her host country's society, they only thing they truly want is to kill...after all the qur'an mandates they do so.

And by the way, Anjem Choudary himself is due to be released from prison in the near future unless said release can somehow be stopped for if that release is allowed to happen it will likely re-galvanize and re-energize his supporters to go out and commit new and even more heinous acts of jihad...acts of jihad that will turn more of Britain's streets red with infidel blood.

So as acts of jihad are increasing in Great Britain...acts of jihad no matter how hard the British try to whitewash such matter how hard the British try to downplay, rename, or turn a blind eye to such acts...there remains one constant truth the British people dare not want to see nor hear. And what exactly is that truth but the fact that Great Britain has gone from being an empire of substance to being a place of muslim colonization driven by liberal kumbaya sorts who not only embrace diversity but welcome into their country those to whom diversity is but a dirty word. Sadly, Great Britain is losing its British identity one muslim at a time what with it now having close to 100 sharia courts within its borders... courts, tribunals, and councils dealing with marriages, divorces, and even with serious criminal matters. Translation: the British rule of law is slowly yielding way to islamic law, and if things don't change islamic law will soon supersede or even replace British law.

The right of self-determination...a right afforded to all “free men”...has been slowly stripped away from British citizens via the a fore mentioned “demographic upheaval” due to the allowing of mass migration from countries whose people are not what we'd call “civilized men.” And if this trend continues unabated, Great Britain will soon see muslims outnumbering Britons, and it will be way more than London Bridge that falls down. Calls of “God save the Queen” will be replaced by calls of “praise be to allah who saved the caliphate,” with Prince Charles happily and ever so foolishly smiling from the wings.

And if Great Britain does eventually fall can America truly be far behind...just something to think about for obvious reasons as we move closer to November 6, 2020...just saying.

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