Saturday, March 8, 2014

ObamaCare in action
By: Diane Sori

Anger...pure unadulterated anger beyond anything I've experienced in years. Damn Obama and his monstrosity known as ObamaCare and his fat-cat bureaucrats sitting in DC who make life and death decisions for people who are NOTHING but a number to them.

My dear friend has stage 4 brain cancer...I can't bear to say that she is dying but the reality is she is. And thanks to ObamaCare the last drug that could prolong her life...a drug that is NOT even being denied to her because her private insurance of the biggies...has said they were told they could NOT pay for it as the drug in question has NOT yet proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to prolong the life of glio patients.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt...hate to tell these bast*rds in DC but NOTHING in life is beyond a shadow of a doubt...the only absolute is death (and that Obama is a freakin' traitor). So now, unless we can somehow get the drug directly from the manufacturer, there is NO hope for my friend and her daughter will grow up without her mother because of bureaucracy and the nightmare known as ObamaCare.

And 'Prince' Harry Reid has the audacity to say that these cancer horror stories are NOT true...guess what you assh*le...they are...every last one of them are true and I hope your words come back to haunt you tenfold.

Sorry for the rant but now I have seen firsthand the nightmare that is ObamaCare in action and it affects each and every one of us...even those of us with private insurance who are in NO way connected to the exchanges...and why...because ObamaCare is the law of the land that the Democrats passed BEFORE they read it and all I can say is grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............
Night Watch

North Korea-South Korea: North Korea rejected the South's suggestion to hold working-level talks for developing a more permanent solution to the issue of separated families.

The Ministry of Unification announced today it had received a message bearing the name of the chairman of the Korean Red Cross Central Committee that stated, "Currently, an environment and atmosphere conducive for talks regarding family reunions between the North and South Red Cross delegations cannot be fostered."
"Considering inter-Korean relations, grave humanitarian issues like the regularization of reunions for separated families are not issues to be solved through the Red Cross. Let's tackle humanitarian issues in a humanitarian way," the message concluded.

Comment: The South's suggestion was a probe to determine the duration and extent of the North's reconciliation policy. It seems to be suspended for now, probably for the duration of Allied exercises. However, the second paragraph of the North's response appears to contain a counter-offer that invites development of a new channel for handling humanitarian issues, which appears to be similar to the South's original suggestion.

Pakistan: According to a Pakistani press service, former president Pervez Musharraf has submitted an application -- written in first person -- to the special court in which he requests and argues for permission to travel abroad for his own treatment as well as to attend to his ailing mother.

He argued he needed to work with his own cardiologist, instead of the military doctors. He noted his cardiologist lives in Texas. He promised to return to Pakistan whenever the court required his presence.

Musharraf also stated that his mother is 94 years old, residing in Dubai and she is suffering from a number of serious ailments. "She has been in and out of the hospital and is under constant medical supervision. I consider it imperative to see her and ensure that she is being properly looked after."

Comment: On the merits, Musharraf stated no grounds for the court to grant him leave to travel, especially because he is being tried for treason. His letter exudes confidence that he will beat the charge. Thus far, the court's handling of the case has minimized the danger of a popular, anti-Musharraf backlash and an army backlash against the government for trying in civil court one of its former leaders.

Russia-US: The Russian president's website posted the following summary of talks between the Russian and US presidents.

"Text of report in English by Russian presidential website on 6 March"

"A telephone conversation has taken place between Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, on the initiative of the American side."

"It was proposed to discuss a critical situation developed in Ukraine. During the discussion the differences in approaches and assessments of the causes of today's crisis and the current state of affairs [in Ukraine] were brought to light."

"Vladimir Putin, in particular, noted that the current Ukrainian authorities, which came to power as a result of an anti-constitutional coup and which do not have a nationwide mandate, have been forcing their absolutely illegitimate decisions on eastern and southeastern regions and Crimea. Russia cannot ignore appeals for help addressed to it in this connection and is acting adequately and in full conformity with international law."

"The Russian president stressed a paramount importance of Russian-US relations in ensuring stability and security in the world. These relations should not be sacrificed to differences about certain international problems even if they are quite significant."

"The heads of the two states agreed that the heads of the foreign offices, Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry, will remain in intensive contact."

Comment: Putin succinctly restated the Russian position which has not changed since 22 February.

The fourth paragraph is condescending in that it minimizes the Ukraine crisis as a difference of opinion and presumes equal stature with the US in handling larger international issues. It comes close to asking why the US is so upset and to lecturing the US president on the issues about which he really should be concerned. Putin is way out of his league.

Crimea: Military. The Russian navy sank the mothballed Ochakov, an anti-submarine ship belonging to the Black Sea Fleet, at the entrance to Lake Donuzlav overnight 5 March, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Comment: This action blocks the channel. It denies the Kyiv regime use of its ships and frees up Russian ships that had blockaded the port. News service reports said Russia had been using 10 ships to block the port, including the guided missile cruiser Moskva.

Crimea: Political. Crimea's lawmakers on Thursday unanimously voted to ask to be a part of Russia and set 16 March as the date for a popular referendum on secession.

The Crimean members of the regional parliament asked Russian President Vladimir Putin the allow them to "enter into the Russian Federation with the rights of a subject of the Russian Federation."

The referendum will contain two questions: whether Crimea should join Russia or whether it should remain part of Ukraine.

The city council of Sevastopol also voted in an emergency session to join Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation. Sevastopol is governed directly from Kyiv as a national city.

Comment: The referendum will not contain an obvious third choice - to become independent. One commentator suggested the reason for the omission is that most Crimeans would probably vote for independence.

Ukrainian reaction: Ukrainian prime minister Yatsenyuk called the Crimean parliament's act "illegitimate."

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) press service reported that the SBU is charging Vladimir Konstantinov, chairman of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Supreme Council; and Sergey Aksenov, "self-proclaimed" head of the republic Council of Ministers, with committing actions aimed at violently changing or overthrowing the constitutional order or at seizing state power. These crimes come under Articles 27 and 109 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, according to the press release.

Comment: Both sides continue to take actions that are difficult to reverse and which make the crisis more difficult to settle peaceably.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats could get walloped in the November elections. The party gets sleepy and distracted in the midterms. And its supporters simply may not show up to vote.

Those aren't hopeful predictions from Republicans. They're the dire warnings of President Barack Obama, who is seeking to gin up enthusiasm for the midterm elections from party activists already looking toward the 2016 race to replace him.

The remainder of his presidency hangs on Democratic performance in the November contest. If voters hand the Senate over to Republican control, Obama will lose even the uphill chance he has to get legislation passed in his remaining time in office.

"I hope that just because I'm not on the ballot that people aren't going to take it easy this time, because the ideas I care about and am fighting for are on the ballot," Obama said to about 75 donors who paid $5,000 to $20,000 to hear him speak over dinner at a swanky Boston art gallery Wednesday night.

Obama's challenge is to set an agenda for a party that is not always embracing him, especially after the problems with his health care law. There are areas of the country where he can't campaign since he would only be a drag on more moderate Democratic candidates.

"Our message to candidates is: How can we help?" White House political director David Simas said in an interview. If showing up for a rally isn't the answer in moderate districts, Simas said the president can give candidates a boost by raising money and setting a national debate on economic opportunity.

"The president is the only individual who can really set what the national narrative is going to be," Simas said.

White House advisers say the president's economic agenda, including an increase in the minimum wage, particularly appeals to the Democratic base voters they most need to turn out in the midterm elections, including single women, young people and minorities. Obama will be holding events this week specifically targeting women's economic issues.

He's also committed to 30 party fundraisers through June, with more being scheduled, and into the fall will campaign with candidates running where he still has appeal, White House advisers say.

Brad Dayspring, a strategist working on the Republican campaign to win Senate seats, said Democratic candidates in battleground states still are going to have to answer for Obama policies they supported, including health care, and overall disapproval of Washington leadership.

"Obviously their plan is to hide Obama in deep blue states and use him to raise money in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles," Dayspring said. "The problem is that Democratic senators and candidates in the top 14 battleground states — from Mary Landrieu in Louisiana to Mark Warner in Virginia — have voted with President Obama an average of 94 percent of the time, a remarkable disconnect considering his approval rating in those states averages just 36 percent."

Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said Obama is effective in firing up the party's base. Israel said fundraising emails signed by Obama that the group sends raise more money than requests from any other individual.

"When the president does an email for us to our grass-roots donors, the results are just overpowering," Israel said in an interview.

Democratic Party leaders say perhaps the most important asset Obama can contribute to the midterm is his voter network data and technology, which delivered decisive victories in both his presidential campaigns.

"We are really good at presidential elections these days, if I do say so myself," Obama said to laughter from about four dozen donors gathered Tuesday night in the suburban Washington dining room of former Virginia Sen. Chuck Robb to raise money for Senate candidates. But he said in midterms, "we get a little sleepy, we get a little distracted. We don't turn out to vote. We don't fund campaigns as passionately."

Obama said he feared there could be a repeat of 2010, when the Democratic Party suffered a sweeping defeat nationwide and lost control of the House. "We paid a dear price for not paying enough attention to these midterm elections," the president said. "We cannot repeat that same mistake this year."

Israel said the DCCC has learned the lesson from 2010 and is sending staff into key districts earlier than ever to start organizing outreach to voters inclined to support Democratic candidates who are more likely to sit out a midterm election. They are modeling the operation after Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe's playbook from last year, which was based on the Obama campaign field program.

Israel said although midterms traditionally have been a test of which party better turns out base voters, they must expand the electorate this year since evolving campaign strategy and technology are leaving tradition in the dust.

At fundraisers this week, Obama has been trying to focus attention back on the present as he watches the media and party moving on to the lure of potential 2016 candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and others.

"Nobody is going to be more invested than me in having a Democrat succeed me, to consolidate and solidify the gains that we've made during my presidency," Obama told the Boston donors. "But right now, we've got to make sure we're fighting in this election."

The crowd was bathed in blue lighting that made the event feel more like a gala than a fundraiser.

"Too often, when there's not a presidential election we don't think it's sexy, we don't think it's interesting. People tune out. And because the electorate has changed, we get walloped," the president said. "It's happened before and it could happen again if we do not fight on behalf of the things we care about in this election."

White House expands outreach to American Arabs and Muslims

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

POLITICS G20 202428Obama is really losing it. He is expanding outreach to Muslims? After telling NASA’s chief to direct his efforts to making Muslims feel good about Muslim contributions to science? After going to Cairo and making his notorious “outreach” speech on June 4, 2009, and since then indefatigably supporting every pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist uprising and regime? After putting his DoJ to work forcing non-Muslim businesses and educational institutions to comply with Sharia? What else could he possibly do now to expand outreach?

“White House expands outreach to American Arabs and Muslims,” The Arab Daily News, March 5, 2014 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

RumanaAhmedThe White House has launched a new outreach initiative targeting American Arabs and Muslims hoping to nudge the normally low-profile mainstream American Arabs to a higher level of social engagement and involvement.

The outreach is being headed by Rumana Ahmed of the White Office of Public Engagement. In their first newsletter email to the public, Ms. Ahmed presented an overview of services and programs American Arabs should engage, although the language often fails to distinguish between “Arab” and “Muslim,” a common challenge facing American Arabs.

Nonetheless, the outreach is unique and welcome.

ValerieJarrettThe Office of Public Engagement is the embodiment of the President’s goal of making government inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible.

The head of the office and Director of Public Engagement, Valerie Jarrett, has a deep understanding of Middle Eastern issues and the American Arab and Muslim community. Jarrett is a longtime former aide to Chicago Mayor’s Harold Washington and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. She was hired as a senior advisor to President Barack Obama. Jarrett was born in Iran and her husband is William Jarrett, the son of veteran African American journalist and columnist Vernon Jarrett who embraced social activism in the 1970s and 1980s leading to Washington’s election.

Rumana Ahmed is an executive assistant to Jarrett.

Here is the latest newsletter sent out by the office targeting American Arabs and Muslims:

March 7-9 will be National Muslim American Enrollment Weekend! We are working with various organizations and community leaders across the U.S. to make sure members in their community learn more about health care enrollment and the upcoming March 31st deadline. We are calling on you as community leaders to also take part in this national effort of “Muslim American Enrollment Weekend” on March 7- 9th to make it a success or plan an event before March 31st!

MORE GOOD NEWS! Egypt to revoke citizenship of nearly 14,000 Palestinians affiliated with Hamas

Bare Naked Islam


Egyptian security services began investigating Palestinians in order to revoke their Egyptian citizenship that was granted during the reign of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, who had a close affiliation with the leaders of Hamas and is alleged to have been arming them in Gaza as well as Sinai.


JPost  Egyptian authorities plan on revoking the citizenship of 13,757 Palestinians that are under investigation, most of whom are affiliated with Hamas, according to security sources quoted in a report on Thursday in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabaa.


Khaled Meshaal, leader of Hamas was tight with ousted Mohamed MorsiKhaled Meshaal, leader of Hamas was tight with 
ousted Mohamed Morsi

Security forces say that Hamas members that became Egyptian citizens have taken part in terrorist attacks.


The prime minister has the ability to revoke the citizenship of Hamas members without a court hearing if they are deemed a threat to public safety, said the report. This move follows a decision by an Egyptian court on Tuesday to ban Hamas activities in the country. 


Egyptian police facing pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo in Nov. 2013The court also ordered the closure of Hamas offices in Egypt, one of the judges overseeing the case told Reuters. The judge stopped short of declaring Hamas a terrorist group, saying the court did not have the jurisdiction to do so.


Egyptian police facing pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo in Nov. 2013

The military-buttressed authorities now classify Hamas as a significant security risk, accusing it of supporting an Islamist insurgency that has spread quickly since Morsi’s fall, allegations the Palestinian group denies.


The Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood later became known as Hamas at the outbreak of the first Intifada in 1987.


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The crisis in the Ukraine continues on   
By: Diane Sori

"Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine. In 2014, we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders." - Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Bloviations...bloviations and NOTHING more for words are cheap when NOT backed up by action...military action...period.

And while Obama bloviates on and on it appears, at least on the surface, that Crimea does want to become part of Russia, with Russia saying it would welcome Crimea with open arms, especially since 60% of Crimea's population are ethnic Russians. But Ukraine and the U.S. are poo-pooing the fact that on March 16th, Crimea will hold a referendum on whether to join Russia or remain part of Ukraine, with a ballot in Russian, Ukrainian, and Crimean Tatar that reads in part, “Are you for the reaffirmation of the constitution of the Crimean Republic of 1992 and for Crimea’s status as part of Ukraine?”

And of course this vote is being denounced by the interim government in Kiev as illegitimate with Ukraine’s interim prime minister, Arseny Yatseniuk, saying that the referendum vote will NOT be recognized.

So the game continues on as Barack HUSSEIN Obama once again gets checkmating by 'The Russian Bear.'

And to that effect, Thursday night Obama had an hour-long phone conversation with Putin and demanded that Putin pull out of Crimea. And Putin's answer...NO WAY!

So what does Putin do in response to Obama's demands...and Obama demanding anything is quite comical don't you think....he does just the opposite of what Obama demands and sends Russian forces to storm in and take over a Ukrainian military installation outside the Crimean city of Sevastopol, before withdrawing soon afterwards without firing a shot.

And this happened after Russian parliamentarians gave a standing ovation to a delegation of pro-Moscow politicians from Crimea, promising them support if they wanted to become part of 'mother' Russia...and this happened as Ukrainian officials claim there are now about 30,000 Russian troops inside Crimea, including soldiers on the ground as well as others arriving by sea. And Putin's response is that there are NO Russian soldiers in Crimea, only pro-Russian forces from Crimea.

A game of words and a show of force...a show of force to send Obama the message that he, Vladimir Putin, controls this game.

And what does Obama due in response to Putin flexing his muscle...with his infamous pen in hand, yesterday he signed an executive order that allows the U.S. to impose sanctions against certain Ukrainian and Russian individuals who have undermined Ukrainian sovereignty, particularly in Crimea, including banning their visas and freezing their assets, and down the road even including a possible economic embargo against Russia. 
And then the EU stepped in to threaten even more sanctions if Russia does not act on these said sanctions. And Putin's counter-response to Obama's response...out comes his VISA and Master Cards so to in checkmate yet again.  
So as Obama says that the U.S. and the European Union are ”standing up for the principle of state sovereignty” he has now offered to send Ukraine $1 billion in aid, while the EU pledge  $15 billion in aid...with a part of those monies contingent on coordination with the International Monetary Fund... to the debt-ridden country's new government leaders...debts to a tune of $1.89 billion. And this does NOT help the fact that Russian gas company Gazprom threatening to suspend its gas supply to Ukraine after Kiev failed to pay for February deliveries. But NO matter as guess where that $1 billion from the U.S. is coming got it...from 'We the People' and our taxpayer sadly our own military and vets get screwed by this this president...yet again.

Also, let's NOT forget Obama's warning Putin (another funny) and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine that any actions taken in Ukraine must be approved by the Ukrainian government or else it constitutes a breach of international law.

I can't stop laughing with that one as Barack HUSSEIN Obama caring about international law is about as funny as Barack HUSSEIN Obama caring about the U.S. Constitution.

So while Putin continues to defend his actions in Ukraine, continuing to say those actions are completely within international law, Obama, in a weak effort to counter Putin's master game plan, has sent 10 of our fighter jets to Lithuania as our sole military response to Putin's military might...pathetic isn't it.

But it's also important to know that these events in Ukraine do indeed affect us here in the U.S. First, the G7 countries have all pulled out of preparatory talks for the G8 summit in Russia this summer and the Pentagon cancelled all joint military exercises with Moscow. Second, Obama's executive order authorizes the Treasury Department to impose additional economic sanctions against “individuals and entities” in the form of freezing the assets or stopping Americans from doing any business with Russian individuals or companies. Third, U.S. companies like Exxon, Coke, Pepsi and others would all be hurt by any economic sanctions placed on Russia that limit their ability to access the Russian market, and Russia would obviously retaliate with sanctions of their own. Fourth, if an outright war occurred the price of crude oil, gold, and other commodities would skyrocket translating into much higher heating and gasoline costs for Americans. Fifth, higher natural gas prices in Europe and Asia would increase the prices of things we Americans import that are manufactured with the help of natural gas, like cars, foods (fertilizer is often made from natural gas), and high tech goods from Germany and Japan.

And these are but a few of the ways we here at home are affected by the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. But NOTHING affects us and the very heart of America more than the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama's lack of strength coupled with his lack of leadership in going up against Vladimir Putin has diminished the U.S. standing in the eyes of the world...and for we proud Americans that is the saddest thing of all.