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Trump Reveals the One Scenario That Would Result In Police Departments Being AbolishedIn multiple interviews Wednesday evening, President Donald Trump talked about the Democrats' pushing the "Defund the Police" movement, which he believes is really about abolishing law enforcement in its entirety.

According to the president, the administration took a major step when he signed his executive order on Tuesday. Under the EO, a national database is established to track officers who have been found guilty of using excessive force. The database will keep officers from being fired from one agency and immediately bouncing to another. De-escalation training will be implemented and chokeholds are banned unless an officer's life is in danger.

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Netanyahu: Russia saved Israel from Obama’s Anti-Israel UN Bill

This was after President Obama orchestrated the viciously anti-Israel UN Resolution 2334. Obama only had a few weeks left of his presidency, but he wanted to use his remaining days to attack Israel at the UN again. According to new details that have emerged, Obama was orchestrating a UN resolution that would have forced Israel to go back to the genocidal 1948 borders. The resolution did not advance when it became clear that Russian President Vladimir Putin would veto it.

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The True Reality of Privilege
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

“I think defunding the police, holding the entire police structure responsible for the actions of certain officers is wrong, and I think it’s dangerous to demonize police.” 
- Attorney General William Barr on FOX News last weekend

White privilege in today’s America is a complete and total media fabricated and generated myth for the reality is that a small militant minority within the minority 13.4% of our country’s black population is now dictating what the rest of us can think, say, and do, with some of our leaders actually condoning this while other of our leaders are just too damn afraid to condemn let alone put a stop to this nonsense.

Afraid to do anything about this, these leaders, these Republican leaders, cower in fear of not just upsetting the sensibilities of these militant black folks, but upsetting them to such a degree that they fear riots will again break out too close to November 3, 2020. But guess what...those riots have already broken out and will continue to do so along with the bloodshed and destruction that are part and parcel of what in reality has become race riots. But what else can we expect when the media self-anoints a black thug a saint, while black pastors liken him to the second coming of Jesus.

And now to add fuel to the incendiary racially-based fire already having been set with the untimely death of Mr. George Floyd, the media has now anointed "Saint Floyd" a disciple so to speak, a disciple in the guise of one Rayshard Brooks...whose death upon autopsy the medical examiner ruled a homicide...after he drove drunk, passed out, and blocked the drive-through lane at an Atlanta, Georgia, Wendy's restaurant. And like with George Floyd he, too, raised a ruckus and would not comply with the officers called on scene when they tried to handcuff him for driving drunk...putting innocent lives in danger I might add...even after his having given the officers "slurred speech" permission to administer a sobriety and then a breathalyser test.

And it was while the two officers tried to handcuff him that a struggle ensued with Brooks dropping to the ground, grabbing one of the officer's taser guns, then breaking free from the officers, running away, turning around, firing off the taser at the officers, then being, in my opinion, rightfully and justifiably shot dead. And why do I say rightfully and justifiably shot dead...because Rayshard Brooks literally attacked two officers without provocation injuring one (which is assault by the way), stole a police weapon, and then fled. 

And let's not overlook the fact that at this point during the confusion the officers couldn't be sure that Brooks was not in possession of a firearm on his person besides the teaser he had taken, thus leaving split second decisions having to be made. And besides, why run away if all he was, was drunk..maybe there was a D.U.I arrest in his past or maybe he, too, had a criminal record like George Floyd...just saying. 

Oh wait, he did, in fact Rayshard Brooks was out on probation and faced going back to prison if he was charged with another D.U.I., as per the DailyMail. Also, Brooks was still on probation relating to charges dating back to August 2014 when he was convicted and sent to prison on four counts – False Imprisonment, Simple Battery/Family, Battery Simple and Felony Cruelty/Cruelty to Children...nice guy...not. Simply, it was the fear of being sent back to prison that likely caused Brooks to panic in the face of what was an imminent D.U.I. arrest after failing the breathalyser test that caused him to try and make a run for it.

And as usual his family portrayed him as a saint while others were busy torching the Wendy's where the altercation took place...another black-owned business burnt to the ground by black militants out for the white officer's blood. And to placate those behaving badly instead of standing up for one of their own Atlanta's Police Chief Erika Shields quit, Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, the officer now being charged with felony murder in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks was fired, and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she did not believe the shooting was a "justified use of deadly force," even before an investigation had taken place. 

The days of standing up for ones police family seems to be over no matter that in this particular case justice is so obviously not being served what with the key premise of "innocent until proven guilty" being but words without any meaning along with "due process" itself being cast to the wind. But even more unsettling about all this is the fact that nothing would have happened if the scenario had been reversed with the officers being black and the victim being white, thus allowing the liberal media to spew the false narrative that another racist "whitey" had been rightfully killed. 

A ninety degree turn from the pre-George Floyd days when police chiefs and sheriffs were quick to defend an officer's or a deputy's use of force if he or she "reasonably" believed that a person had a deadly weapon or posed immediate danger to the officer or deputy. Thankfully, some of those police chiefs and sheriffs do remain with Burke County, Ga. Sheriff Alfonzo Williams being one of them. Saying in a recent interview on CNN that Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe was "completely justified" in using lethal force against Rayshard Brooks, Sheriff Williams went on to state that, "Five seconds; 1.001, 1.002, 1.003, 1.004, 1.005. That's five whole seconds [when] if an officer is hit with that Taser that he, all of his muscles will be locked up and he'll have the inability to move and to respond. And yet he is still responsible for every weapon on his belt. So, if that officer had been hit, he still has a firearm on his side and the liklihood of him being stomped in the head or having his firearm taken and used against him was a probability. And so he did what he needed to do. And this was a completely justified shooting."  

And by the way, Sheriff Alfonzo Williams is not only black but a 30-year veteran of law enforcement.

Sadly, racism is indeed alive and well in America today, but it's not white racism against blacks as the Democrats and the media want you to believe, but segmented black racism against the whole of America's predominately white authority, most especially the police. And this can be witnessed yet again by an overzealous Georgia D.A. bringing overinflated charges against a white officer just doing his job by allowing the "court of public opinion" to override both evidence and common sense.
And while the focus has now been placed on America's police force centering around defunding or otherwise reforming police in an effort to address what's now being called “structural inequities” within America's police departments while at the same time basically changing the nature of policing itself. But what's being overlooked in these reforms is black folks themselves. How so...with more inner city criminal acts being committed against blacks by their own black brethren, who then will the black victims of black-on-black crime turn to for won't be the police anymore as the police will have their hands tied with a list of ridiculous dos and don'ts. Just wait for those numbers to start coming out as crime increases in the inner cities with silent black folks and bleeding heart white liberals having no one to blame but themselves for numbers surely to rise.

The truth about black on black crime numbers is cleverly being hushed up or simply kept from the public venue by those not only too afraid to face the truth but by those miscreants whose deaths have now forced an entire shift in strategy when it comes to any white officer dealing with any and all blacks “behaving badly.” And this most especially can be seen regarding the use of sometimes needed and sometimes justified use of deadly force. 

Simply, instead of placing the blame where blame belongs...on the subset of blacks within America's 13.4% black population...the tables have been turned as those “behaving badly” take advantage of today's heated political climate. Now placing blame not on the black perpetrators of crime nor on their actions leading up to said crime, those being named as the designated in the police...are basically being used as the fall guy in what the Democrats and the media have turned into not just a war against the police, but a war against authority solely based upon and driven by the color of one's skin.

And to the victor belongs the spoils, as it is with all wars, but this time the majority has been beaten, if you will, into acquiescing to the whims, ways, wants, and demands of the minority in the subset of black Americans who are not only spewing but initiating all the hate and destruction...after all it's to their advantage to have police authority being castrated.

And while a number of national polls do show over 60% of Americans being vehemently opposed to defunding police departments in general, other polls in Democrat controlled cities and states show a growing number of folks actually wanting to see both a complete and total dismantling of our nation's police departments never mind their simply being defunded, along with their now budget allocated funds being diverted over to and used for the broad characterization known as “social services.” You know “social services”...where the lazy get more monies and perks for doing nothing but “hanging in the 'hood” than if they actually worked and became a contributing member of society.

In other words, these misguiding folks actually think that by defunding and reallocating funds from the police to other “social services” that they have taken the first step towards rethinking and redesigning “the meaning of public safety.” But nothing is further from the truth as all that does is allow those “behaving badly” to expand their behavior into areas not gone into before...areas now devoid of a police presence.

And while it's true that police department budgets have increasingly made up an ever larger share of most cities’ overall budgets, with an estimated $100 billion spent on policing nationwide each year, also being ignored is the fact that if police officers could do the job they were tasked with doing without their having to look over their shoulder to see that they were taking into account the sensibilities of those “behaving badly” as well as fearing the ramifications of their legally given actions, crime numbers would actually go down, more criminals would be taken off the streets, and monies and manpower needed to keep America's streets safe would in turn drop accordingly, and then be freed up to use elsewhere.

But if truth be told, as it always must be, the real problem remains rooted in certain segments of America's black population...segments where “the po-lice” are considered to be the enemy and where a feeling of in “whitey owes me”...remains to some the choke hold that is keeping said segment of black America chained to the past. And that mindset is not helped one bit when the likes of Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Alicia Garza spews rhetoric that, “What we do need is increased funding for housing, we need increased funding for education, we need increased funding for quality of life of communities who are over-policed and over-surveilled.” 

In other words, I believe, what Garza is saying is that what black Americans really need is a free ride and a blind eye pointed at those who no matter what is given to them will continue to “behave badly,” and that they have every right to do so, after all the slave master's once owned and abused them and now “supposedly” the police willingly kill them.

“We won’t be defunding our police..we won’t be dismantling our police,” President Trump recently said. And really why should we for a few bad apples having spoiled the police bunch...we shouldn't. But while the fact remains that reducing police budgets is largely a local government issue, I think another issue that surely needs issue as important as the tampering with our country's the issue of “privilege” “privilege”...that has taken over the liberal mindset and agenda. 

And why...because what the minority of blacks “behaving badly” within America's minority black population...the minority whose actions are constantly made an excuse for...what these folks have done is not only sullied the majority of black Americans successes, but has rekindled an era of hatred, animosity, contempt, and utter disgust for the very people who are trying to move on from the past. And only when that past is finally left behind will people of color be able to live peaceably in the present while looking forward to a much better future with equality for all...a future where skin color is an accessory and not one's defining feature. Case closed.

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