Monday, May 12, 2014

Rubio: 'I Do' Think I'm Ready To be President                                                                          Newsmax

Image: Rubio: 'I Do' Think I'm Ready To be President
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a potential Republican White House candidate in 2016, said "I do" on Sunday when asked if he thinks he is ready to be president, noting that even though he is just 42 he has held public office for about 14 years.

Rubio, a first-term senator from Florida who has fallen out of favor with many in his party's right wing over his support for a bipartisan immigration measure in the Senate last year, has been an active potential contender for his party's nomination.

In an interview aired on Sunday on ABC's program, "This Week," Rubio said if he does decide to run for president in 2016 he would not seek re-election to the Senate.

"You don't run for president with some eject button in the cockpit that allows you to go on an exit ramp if it doesn't work out," Rubio said.

Asked if he thinks he is "ready to be president," Rubio responded: "I do."

"I think that's true for multiple other people that would want to run," Rubio added. "I mean, I'll be 43 this month. But the other thing that perhaps people don't realize, I've served now in public office for the better part of 14 years," he said said, referring to his past in the Florida legislature.

"And most importantly, I think a president has to have a clear vision of where the country needs to go and clear ideas about how to get it there," Rubio added.

Groups backing Rubio and fellow Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky lead the pack of potential Republican presidential hopefuls in spending money and investing in possible campaigns ahead of the 2016 race.

In his interview, Rubio took a shot at Hillary Clinton, widely assumed to be a Democratic 2016 presidential contender even though she has not yet said she will run.

"I don't think she has a passing grade" for her service as President Barack Obama's first secretary of state, Rubio said.

Rubio said he expects Clinton to "go around bragging" about that job but she must be held accountable for her failures. He cited the 2012 attack by militants on U.S. diplomatic posts in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans and the "failed reset" of U.S. relations with Russia.

The pen...the still mightier than the sword...for now anyway
By: Diane Sori

As many of you already know, Craig Andresen of The National Patriot ( and in RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on the CPR Worldwide Media Network...along with station owner Michael Collins-Windsor are having some put it mildly...because we dared to expose the we saw it...concerning all things Benghazi and the feds land grabs.
And as some important 'of-name' political figures said...we nailed it on both accounts.

Connecting the dots allowed us to put together both the timeline and sequence of events that led us to the truth about Benghazi as we saw we believed it happened...and that has upset some in the seats of power or so it seems.

The puzzle pieces...including who gave the order to 'stand down' and the ensuing cover-up are clearly laid out in Craig and my 3-part Benghazi series: 'Benghazi: The Truth Exposed.'

Clearly laid out and for our opinion...for our beliefs...we seem now to be considered a possible threat to national security.

And then Craig and I did a 4-part series about the feds 'Land Grabs' and it had NOTHING to do with trespassing cattle or endangered species: 'Government Land Grabs: The Truth Exposed.'

Again we gave our opinions and our beliefs alone based on investigative research and putting two and two together to equal four...NOT the Common Core accepted answer of five. And again we exposed the truth as we see it...a truth that the feds are so desperate to hide leading us to be considered once again a possible threat to national security for in today's today's Obamaland...truth is a dirty word and freedom of speech...freedom to voice ones NO longer protected by the First Amendment.

In our Benghazi and 'Land Grab' series we advocated NO violence...we advocating NO overthrowing of the government...the two main caveats NOT protected by the First Amendment...we just laid out the facts as we saw them and NOTHING more. But for that, and for the station that carries our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS show, we seem to be targeted as people that must silenced and silenced now. Taking away the rights of CPR Worldwide Media Network to broadcast...and know that we hopefully will be back with LIVE broadcasts very soon...will NOT stop the truth from getting out for Craig and I will continue to take pen in hand...continue to pound on our do what the alphabet media will in tell the truth as we see it about a president and an administration run tell the truth about the imploding of our country by the enemy within...for we as American patriots...patriots who believe in God and country...will fight to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a future living in the greatest nation the world has ever known...a country laid out by our Founding Fathers via the Constitution...a country now and forever known as the United States of America...and that we will NOT allow anyone to take away from them or from us...period.

Below is a link to the article about what appears to be happening to Craig Andresen and myself, as well as to what actually happened to station owner Michael Collins-Windsor, and I hope those of you who have NOT already read it will take the time to do so, because what happened to us can happen to anyone who speaks out against the Obama administration or against those who orbit around him.


New report: Christians persecuted at alarming rate in Muslim world

  / Jihad Watch
This is a direct result of the Qur’an’s commands to fight against the People of the Book until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued (9:29), and its declarations that the unbelievers among the People of the Book are the most vile of created beings (98:6), and that Christians who believe that Jesus is the Son of God are accursed of Allah (9:30), and that those who believe in the divinity of Christ are unbelievers (5:17, 5:72), and that Muslims should be harsh with unbelievers (48:29), etc. etc. etc.

But to point these things out and to note that Muslims act upon them is to be “hateful” and “Islamophobic.”

“Christians persecuted at alarming rate in Iran, Arab world, US report says,” by Benjamin Weinthal,, May 11, 2014 (thanks to all who sent this in):
Christians are under siege in the Middle East, and the Obama administration is not doing enough to stop religious persecution by its allies, according to a new report from a bipartisan federal commission.
The report, from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, faulted usual suspects Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as well as North Korea. The number of Christians in the Middle East has plunged to just 10 percent of the overall population from more than 25 percent in 2011.
“While the Obama administration should continue to shine a spotlight on abuses through public statements, it also should impose targeted sanctions to demonstrate that there are consequences, too,” Dwight Bashir, the commission’s deputy director of policy and research, told “By not utilizing an existing legislative tool, the United States risks sending the message that it prefers a nuclear deal to standing up for the rights of the Iranian people. The United States should not be confronting such a scenario in the first place.”
The report identified the 16 worst violators of religious freedom, designating them “countries of particular concern.” It said Iran, a fixture on the commission’s reports since it began issuing them in 1999, has only gotten worse since “purportedly moderate President Hassan Rouhani” came to power last year.
“As of February 2014, at least 40 Christians were either in prison, detained or awaiting trial because of their religious beliefs and activities,” noted the report.
Morad Mokhtari, an Iranian human rights researcher at the New Haven, Conn., Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, told any hopes that Rouhani would usher in a more tolerant age in the Islamic Republic have been dashed. Mokhtari, an Iranian Christian, said Rouhani “has not been effective in changing the judicial system” and it is unclear if he wants to reform Iran’s Shariah-dominated legal apparatus.
Hamid Babaei, spokesman for Iran’s mission to the UN, told that he would review the commission’s report, but declined further comment.
Saudi Arabia — a traditional U.S. ally in the Gulf region — was criticized because it bans all non-Islamic religious institutions and practices.
“Not a single church or other non-Muslim house of worship exists in the country,” the report stated. Some Saudi Arabia textbooks in 2013/2014 “justified violence against apostates and polytheists and labeled Jews and Christians ‘enemies.’”
During his March visit to the Kingdom, President Obama chose not to raise human rights issues with King Abdullah or other Saudi officials. Prior to Obama’s trip, a bipartisan group of 70 members of Congress urged Obama to address Saudi Arabia’s ban of women drivers and other important human rights cases. telephone and email queries were not returned by Nail Al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic spokesman in Washington.
The report also lamented the plight of Christians in Egypt, although most of the blame was laid at the feet of the ousted government of Mohammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-backed president ousted by the military last year.
“Despite some progress during a turbulent political transition, the Morsi-era government and the interim government failed or were slow to protect religious minorities, particularly Coptic Orthodox Christians, from violence,” the report stated, before implying that the Obama administration should use its leverage to protect the Christians who make up roughly 10 percent of Egypt’s population. “Egypt is one of America’s most important allies in the Middle East. Just last month, the Obama administration approved a shipment of attack Apache helicopters to the military-run government.”…
Pakistan — a U.S. ally on paper — was cited by the report as having gutted religious freedom by failing to protect Christians and discriminating against Hindus and other religious minorities. “Violence against Christians continued” the report noted, citing the Pakistan Taliban suicide bombers attack on the All Saints Church in 2013. The attack killed more than 100 people.
Sudan, where most of the population is Muslim, was designated because of its ruthless crackdown on converts.
“Conversion from Islam is a crime punishable by death, suspected converts to Christianity face societal pressure and government security personnel intimidate and sometimes torture those suspected of conversion,” wrote the commission.
The additional sanctioned countries of particular concern were Burma, China, Eritrea, Iraq, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam….