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  • American pastor Andrew Brunson, detained in Turkey since 2016, could be released as early as Friday
  • Kanye West's lunch with President Trump has Hollywood liberals freaking out
  • Turkish officials say they have audio and video proving that missing Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi was murdered earlier this month, according to a report
  • Florida's full recovery from Hurricane Michael could take months, officials say, as images of its destruction emerge
  • The co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier, will invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying before a House committee next week, his lawyer says
  • FOX Business Network's new primetime lineup, featuring Trish Regan and Charles Payne, will premiere Monday, Oct. 15

Today, Tuesday, October 12th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss '#MeToo...A Misguided Wolf in Sheep's Clothing;'  'The Liberal’s Double Standard for Justice'; and important news of the day.

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#MeToo...A Misguided Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

While some will not like what I am about to say others surely will...but say it I must and let the consequences fall where they may.

So let's start by asking what exactly is a victim? As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary a victim is one that is “injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions” or “one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment.” And a survivor is one who “continues to function or prosper” despite having been a victim. But when one considers themselves a victim of unproven and made up allegations, I believe, one is neither a victim nor a survivor, but is a liar for one cannot be a victim of something that never happened.

And what is a liar but an individual who makes “untrue statements with intent to deceive” or one who takes actions in order “to create a false or misleading impression”...all of which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford willingly did when she accused now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back in their high school days.

Also, remember that if Dr. Ford truly wanted her accusation to remain anonymous as she, the media, and her Senate protectors all claim, she would not have sent the now infamous letter to her congresswoman or to the least not without including definitive proof that the sexual assault by a then teenage Brett Kavanaugh actually took place. Dr. Ford took the risk of her allegation being proven false, which thankfully it was, for the learned doctor forgot that allegations are but words without substance and that truth in the end will usually prevail.

And in Dr. Ford's wanting to hide behind anonymity means she either wanted to take the cowards way in someone unwilling to stand by their accusation hoping that said accusation itself would do the intended damage...or she was using the calling card of someone with both a plan and an agenda in mind. And personally I believe that in Dr. Ford's case it was a combination of the two, and I wouldn't doubt if Dr. Ford leaked the letter herself to set in motion her cleverly orchestrated plan of revenge that she felt was languishing way too long on Sen. Dianne Feinstein's desk.

Simply, Christine Blasey Ford lied about now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh trying to rape her 36 long years ago...after all no one could corroborate her story not even those she claimed were in the house when the assault supposedly occurred or those she claimed she told her story to. And contrary to what some think the only thing this woman is a victim of is getting caught in her own lies now coupled with the fact that she has allowed herself to be used by her fellow Democrats as the “face” of those who lie...but who demand you believe their lie... about sexual assaults that never happened.

In fact, what Christine Blasey Ford and her lie about Brett Kavanaugh did was make a mockery of those women who are true victims of rape or of sexual assault. And by the way, teenage boys trying to “cop a feel” in an effort to get to “first” or “second base” is not sexual assault nor is it rape...bad behavior perhaps but really just teenage boys being teenage boys...most especially when no intercourse or rape took place.

And I know from which I speak for this happened to me... with no rape or intercourse taking place (nor did it in Dr. Ford's case) lasting mental harm was done to me... and the incident became as it should be...just one small memory from my early teenage years of a teenage boy being a teenage boy and nothing more. And unlike Dr. Ford, I remember the details...the who, what, where, why, when, and how...but it affected my life in no way at all which means no #MeToo movement for me. Am I stronger than most women...perhaps...but I knew even back then as much as I know now the difference between a boy “copping a feel” and something so much more serious...something called rape.

And really, many of the women now claiming that they were sexually assaulted or raped so many years ago were actually willing participants who probably had the reputation for being “loose” or being “fast” back in their high school days...girls who went to parties and who drank as much as the boys with “copping a feel” or worse being inevitable when one puts oneself in such a precarious position. But now they figure why not add their name to a movement doing, I believe, more harm than good, even though they're doing it just for their 15 minutes of fame or possibly for some sort of misguided and twisted revenge against the boy who dumped them after "copping their feel” and maybe even more.

Now fast forward those very high school girls by a decade or two as they became “party girls” and bar hoppers in their twenties and thirties...young women whose actions and consequences only mattered to them when it became something they could use to their advantage or maybe they see it as a way to do self-penance of sorts for past actions taken now regretted.

And so enters the a fore mentioned #MeToo movement, the Hollywood propelled women's movement initiated by supposedly victimized Hollywood actresses in the immediate aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal... the sex scandal that dominated the media for so many weeks. Drugging and raping or sexually assaulting a woman is indeed a serious crime and Harvey Weinstein should see serious jail time for each case of such that is proven...with proven being the operative word. But dressing like a whore and then going to his hotel room knowing well that to get a coveted movie role means having to “put out” and then matter their now claims to the contrary...doing not's prostituting oneself in exchange for fame and fortune and nothing else.

Serious actions do have serious consequences after all, as does making what one knows at the time is a bad decision. But only bringing something forth years or decades after said self-perceived wrong occurred, is a wrong that is best kept to oneself for if something was grievous enough to cause mental anguish and harm in the immediate hours and days after said incident occurred, it was serious enough to have been told to someone or reported to the police in a timely matter.

And yet so many Hollywood supposed rape and sexual assault incidents both by Harvey Weinstrein and by others were never reported, they lay in waiting until politically needed. And so the Hollywood #MeToo movement was born...a movement started by left-wing Hollywood elite sorts whose public birth was perfectly timed as payback for Hillary's losing the election. And once the movement was born it drew to it not only the fakers and liars, but sadly true victims of rape and sexual assault whose voices got drowned out when #MeToo entered the political arena where it became just a tool to try and take now President Donald Trump down.

And with thousands of women now identifying themselves as victims of rape, sexual assault, and the newest faux-pas known as workplace sexual harassment...a man dare not say a woman looks nice or her dress is pretty while at work...yet few of the woman joining the movement have had the courage to disclose the details or the name of the person responsible for doing them harm...just more accusations with no proof whatsoever to back-up their jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon.

And the nonsense now being spewed by Democrat politicians who are clamoring for votes and by so-called feminists who use in-your-face screaming as their method de-jour for shaming and trying to silence any and everyone who disagrees with their nonsense that any woman claiming to be a survivor must be in proof be damned...goes against one of our county's most basic of legal principals...innocent until proven guilty. And without the presumption of innocence our beloved America is truly in trouble.

And the left's claim that the reason why many victims and survivors of rape and sexual assault hesitate reporting said incidents to the police is that they are either too embarrassed to do so, that there’s too much exposure involved, that there may not have been enough proof that something happened, or that it could hurt the people they now love. But the most ludicrous reason I've heard to date for not coming forward in a timely manner is that some supposed victims simply feel it's not worth the trouble to do so.

And to the true victims of rape and sexual assault who do not file a report with the police in a timely manner, and to those women who waited years or even decades to come must shoulder some of the blame as well. Obviously you are not to blame for being a victim of rape, but you are guilty of willingly allowing your fear via your silence to enable your rapist or assaulter to possibly assault or rape again.

Silence is not always golden especially in true cases of rape or sexual assault.

So while the #MeToo movement continues to grow in number via demonstrations, protests, and hashtags that have gone viral...the truth is that this movement is truly misguided as it's being fueled on mostly by women who either were too cowardly or too scared to speak out or who just out-and-lied about being victims of rape. And because of this victims of another kind are now slowly emerging...victims known as our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, nephews and sons...all now being pre-determined by militant feminists to be sexual predators or deviants...males full of “toxic masculinity” they say...never to be believed simply because they are male... foolish female misplaced solidarity to the nth degree based not upon truth but solely based upon which genitalia one has.

Sad isn't it. And with these same militant feminist sorts now trying to shame men into accepting guilt for things that never happened shows just how foolhardy the #MeToo movement really is.

And yet within the fabric of American society their are those who work hard to promote gender equality between the two...yes the two...sexes...most especially in the workplace. But know we cannot ever allow ones gender to be the sole factor in deciding who is guilty and who is not guilty of the crimes that are rape and sexual assault. And those men being accused of such must be deemed innocent until legally proven guilty for the right to “due process” must be protected at all costs. And not to do so will surely hurt collective womanhood in the long run for “justice must never be served through unjust means”...with the court of public opinion only helping to drive forward the so-called war between men and women...a war of the media's doing.

And women who see their joining an internet movement as a badge of courage simply because they posting the words “Me Too” on certain social media sites are fooling themselves for Christine Blasey Ford...who falsely claim rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment are doing a great disservice to the above stated true victims of rape and sexual assault. Considering themselves survivors of what amounts to trivial nonsense most of we women have gone through at sometime in our lives...these women actually relish in crying wolf thus allowing the real wolves to dress in sheep's clothing to rape and assault others again and again.

Priorities and provable truths must become paramount if the #MeToo movement is ever to gain true and lasting credibility, and until it does so this movement is really doing more harm than good.

Now let the attacks on me begin...I'm a strong woman...I can take it.

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Today, Friday, October 12th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss '#MeToo...A Misguided Wolf in Sheep's Clothing;'  'The Liberal’s Double Standard for Justice'; and important news of the day.

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