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The Biden White House's Obstruction of House GOP Oversight Has Begun
Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet 
It's not surprising that President Biden and his administration would resist oversight by Republicans in the House of Representatives, but it's notable that the White House is already kicking off what's likely to be a concerted attempt to stonewall the new House majority's investigations of the Biden administration. 

According to reporting from Politico — which appears to have been a coordinated leak from the White House to get in front of the story, as Rebecca reported Wednesday night — Biden's White House legal team notified GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (OH) and James Comer (KY) that their requests for information from the Biden administration would not be heeded because they were "constitutionally illegitimate."

White House lawyer Richard Sauber told Jordan and Comer that "Congress has not delegated such authority to individual members of Congress who are not committee chairmen, and the House has not done so under its current Rules." That means that Republicans leading oversight efforts must, essentially, restart their investigations. Never mind, apparently, that Jordan is expected to...Read more, see tweets and videos here.
2022’s top 5 biggest political losers include senators, a congresswoman and even a world leader
Political failures meant year’s biggest political losers wrecked careers and legacies
In the full-contact sport of politics, there are always winners and losers and 2022 was no exception. Among the winners this year are House Republicans, who won back the majority in the U.S. House and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who was re-elected with a stunning 59% of the vote in Florida. And then there are the unlucky ones on the other side of the ledger who drew the short straw this year. And to that end, here are the biggest political losers of 2022.  
1. Russian President Vladimir Putin... When Russian President Vladimir Putin made the ill-fated decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022, he did so with the belief that it would be a quick and easy endeavor. But here we are nearly a year later, and Russian forces are bogged down with no end in sight. Putin will now be remembered by history as a murderous tyrant and brutal aggressor who invaded a sovereign country without provocation. And by doing so, Putin created an international hero for freedom in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. As we head into 2023 with 100,000 Russians dead in Ukraine, one thing is perfectly clear — when it comes to rogue regimes, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has company. Read more and see video here.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

January 6 committee withdraws Trump subpoena: 'They knew I did nothing wrong'
Panel chair Rep. Bennie Thompson made the announcement on Wednesday evening
The January 6 special committee on Wednesday decided to withdraw its subpoena of former President Trump as it concludes its work. 

Trump's testimony was no longer needed, according to the panel's chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.

Thompson noted in a letter to Trump's attorneys: "In light of the imminent end of our investigation, the Select Committee can no longer pursue the specific information covered by the subpoena."

He added, "Therefore, through this letter, I hereby formally withdraw the subpoena issued to former President Trump, and notify you that he is no longer obligated to comply or produce records in response to said subpoena."

Trump took to his social media platform to share the following message:

"Was just advised that the Unselect Committee of political Thugs has withdrawn the Subpoena of me concerning the January 6th Protest of the CROOKED 2020 Presidential Election. They probably did so because they knew I did...Read more and see video here.

Shocking Footage Shows Biden DHS Released Over 150K Illegals Into U.S. Without Court Dates
Sarah Arnold / Townhall Tipsheet
Over five million illegal aliens have crossed over the southern border into the U.S. since President Joe Biden has taken office, bringing deadly drugs, such as fentanyl, and human trafficking into the country. 

In a stunning new report, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released more than 150,000 illegal migrants and border crossers into the U.S. without a Notice to Appear (NTA) in immigration court during the summer of 2021. 

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was able to obtain footage showing the agency releasing tens of thousands of illegals into the country as part of a lawsuit against Biden’s Catch and Release program.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official can be heard in the footage saying, “you know over the summer, we had well over 150,000 folks come in… they were issued a piece of paper that said, ‘Find somebody in ICE,’ and that was pretty much it. There was no processing. I know this isn’t something that you guys asked for, and I can assure you that no one in the criminal...Read more, see tweets and videos here.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Elon Musk claims Google makes links disappear
'Google frequently makes links disappear, for example,' Musk shared in a Twitter reply

Elon Musk said on Tuesday that Google frequently makes links disappear in a follow-up to a recent installment of the Twitter Files.

All social media platforms work with the U.S. government to censor content, Twitter CEO Elon Musk claimed on Tuesday.

The billionaire's comment refers to the internal Twitter communications revealed by journalist Matt Taibbi in the Twitter Files titled "Twitter and other government agencies."

Documents released by Musk following his purchase of Twitter showed that the platform colluded with the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other government agencies to suppress information on elections, Ukraine and the pandemic.

In a series of Tweets, Taibbi painted a picture of Twitter executives regularly meeting with members of the FBI and CIA, during which members of the U.S. government gave Twitter executives lists of "hundreds of problem...Read more, see tweets and video here.

Supreme Court praised for Title 42 border security ruling: 'Huge victory'
Rep.-elect Monica De La Cruz warned the 'status quo is unsustainable' and that 'a long-term solution to our border crisis' is needed.
A Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday on Title 42 sent shock-waves across Twitter with many users praising the outcome. 

The Supreme Court ruled to maintain Title 42, a Trump-era policy that allows immigration officials to quickly expel migrants for public health due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many Twitter users praised the ruling, suggesting it is critical to ensure America’s borders are properly enforced.

Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs Marsha (Catron) Espinosa said the department will enforce the policy. 

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, tweeted that the ruling will deter future border crossings. 

"SCOTUS’s temporary stay of Title 42 protections will forestall a surge of trafficking and drugs. Lives will be saved. Yet as Democrats recently rejected my effort to remedy this situation legislatively, it falls to @POTUS to enforce the laws currently on the books," he tweeted. Read more, see tweets and video here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Elon Musk says nearly 100 Starlinks active in Iran amid protests, censorship
Musk said SpaceX would seek exemptions from sanctions on Iran earlier this year

Elon Musk said Monday that nearly 100 of SpaceX's Starlink terminals are active in Iran, which has experienced intermittent internet disruptions and social media censorship in recent months during mass protests. 

Starlink works by connecting satellites in low-earth orbit with user terminals on the ground. 

Musk originally said in September that he would seek exemptions from sanctions on Iran so that Starlink could operate in the country. 

The move came after protests broke out over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while she was in the custody of Iran's so-called morality police.

Internet connectivity has been disrupted in the last few months, most recently around the city of Sanandaj in the east Kurdistan Province on Dec. 20, according to the internet monitor NetBlocks. Read more, see tweet and videos here.

Farmer predicts worse food shortages, higher prices in 2023 amid inflation, drought, interests rate hikes
The US is in the midst of a major food security threat, Tennessee dairy farmer says
Drought, supply chain shortages and the rising cost of doing business led to a difficult 2022 for American farmers, but 2023 could be even worse, a fourth-generation dairy farmer said. 

"I definitely think we have a food security threat," Stephanie Nash, a Tennessee farmer and agriculture advocate told Fox News. "I believe 2023 is going to be rough. Worse than this year."

Food prices have been outpacing overall inflation in 2022 as November food prices showed a 10.6% increase compared to last year, while overall inflation hit 7.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

A number of factors have contributed to rising food prices, including fertilizer and fuel shortages, extreme weather conditions and rising interest rates in an industry that relies on debt financing, Nash said. Read more see chart and videos here.

Friday, December 23, 2022

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Biden fumed, dropped f-bombs as border crisis intensified, new book claims
'The Fight of His Life' is set to be released next month
President Biden was furious and cursed repeatedly about the border crisis as illegal immigrants kept flocking to the overwhelmed southern border, according to an upcoming book detailing the first years of Biden's presidency.

In "The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden's White House," author Chris Whipple describes Biden’s fury as his administration attempted to get a grip of the raging crisis at the border in 2021 — where a historic surge was underway, and there was growing criticism of his administration.

"Meanwhile, illegal immigrants kept arriving. And Biden was furious," the book says. "Aides had rarely seen him so angry. From all over the West Wing, you could hear the president cursing, dropping f-bombs (he’d always apologize when women were present)."

One senior adviser told Whipple that the frustration came from a "lack of solutions." "It’s like, ‘How would you feel if you were me and these were the solutions you had?’ It’s the weight of the presidency, right?’" the adviser said. Read more and see videos here.

Scathing Report Reveals Nancy Pelosi Was Responsible For Failed Jan. 6 Security Measures
Sarah Arnold / Townhall Tipsheet
As every Democrat is pinning the blame on former President Trump for the January 6 Capitol Hill protests, one Republican is turning the tables on soon-to-be former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is arguing that Pelosi is directly responsible for failed security measures and should be held responsible for her actions. 

In a tweet, Greene said, “Nancy Pelosi is directly to blame for the security failures at the Capitol on January 6th. She blamed everyone else now she must pay the price.” 

However, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammil, argued against Greene’s claims, saying that the Republican is spreading “lies.” 

"More lies. More threats of political violence. Where is Kevin McCarthy? He’s groveling to this extreme MAGA element of his party to become the weakest Speaker of the House in history," Hammill tweeted in response. Read more and see tweet here.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Read It: Bombshell Report Outlining Security Failures on January 6
Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet

After the overtly partisan House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021 held their final public hearing earlier this week, five Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives released findings of their own following a separate investigation into security failures at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. 

The investigation and resulting report from Reps. Jim Banks (R-IN), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Troy Nehls (R-TX), Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), and Rodney Davis (R-IL) found that "leadership and law enforcement failures within the U.S. Capitol left the complex vulnerable on January 6, 2021" yet the "Democrat-led investigation in the House of Representatives, however, has disregarded those institutional failings that exposed the Capitol to violence that day." 

All five members who conducted the investigation were put forward by House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to represent Republicans on Pelosi's select committee. But Pelosi rejected Reps. Banks and Jordan, at which point the other three members also withdrew from participating in the committee.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Addresses the U.S. Congress (Full Speech)

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

North Carolina House Rep. tweets out 'egregious' provisions in omnibus spending bill
Congressman Dan Bishop reveals details tucked into last-minute $1.7 trillion package
Several GOP lawmakers blasted the monstrous $1.7 trillion spending bill released Tuesday morning out of the gate, with complaints that they were only given days to read the 4,155-page deal reached by some Senate Republicans and congressional Democrats in an effort to avert a government shutdown.

Now, details are trickling out about what is actually contained in the last-minute omnibus, and North Carolina GOP Rep. Dan Bishop took to Twitter to flag what he called "some of the most egregious provisions in the bill."

Bishop revealed in a tweet thread that the package "expressly prohibits [Customs and Border Protection] funding from being used to improve border security," while "at the same time, allocates $410 million towards border security for" other nations, namely Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman.

He condemned the priorities as "America Last in action."

The North Carolina congressman also pointed to $1.438 billion in spending for membership in global multilateral organizations, including the United Nations, $65 million for restoring Pacific salmon populations, $3...Read more, see tweets and video here.

Here's How Many Police Officers Were Shot in the Line of Duty in 2022
Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet

"Enough is enough." That's the message from the Fraternal Order of Police as 2022 comes to a close as one of the most dangerous years for law enforcement officers across the country due to a "beyond unacceptable" increase in the number of officers shot or killed in the line of duty. That reality, the FOP explains in a new report, is a "stain on our society."

Through midnight on December 19, FOP reports that 323 officers were shot in the line of duty in 2022, a seven percent increase over the same time period in 2020 and 13 percent more than 2019. Tragically, of the officers shot on-duty since the beginning of the year, 60 were killed. That statistic is 28 percent higher than the same year-to-date period in 2020. FOP also reports 87 premeditated ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers in which 124 officers were shot and 31 were killed.

Broken out at the state level, Texas and Arizona saw the most officers shot in the line of duty with 27 and 21, respectively. Georgia saw 18 officers shot on the job, 16 officers were shot in Kentucky, and California saw 15 officers shot on the job. The FOP's full report on 2022 with additional state data released on Wednesday morning is available here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

ICE training videos reveal agency lost track of 150K illegal migrants due to Biden admin's lack of processing
Officials launched 'Operation Horizon' in an effort to find the lost migrants

EXCLUSIVE: New excerpts from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) training videos reveal the challenges faced by border officials due to the Biden administration's relaxed "no processing" immigration policy, which resulted in the government losing track of at least 150,000 illegal migrants in the summer of 2021.

The videos, first obtained by Fox News Digital, show border officials discussing logistical issues they are dealing with after hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were released into the interior of the country without thorough processing. The training videos span from November 2021 to February 2022 and are included as part of discovery in an ongoing lawsuit by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody against the Department of Homeland Security and other border agencies.

Due to lack of resources and a surge at the border after President Biden took office, officials in March 2021 started releasing migrants with instructions to report to the ICE office that's closest to their intended residence, but without formal charging documents. Read more and see video here.
BREAKING: Maricopa County Judge Orders Two-Day Trial in Kari Lake Election Lawsuit
Jennifer Van Larr / RedState

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Maricopa County will go to trial, a judge ruled late Monday.

Lake filed the lawsuit December 9, alleging that “hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots infected” the Nov. 8 election and led to Hobbs being declared the winner, and “contains more than 270 exhibits of evidence.” Lake’s suit also relies on expert witness testimony.

Last week Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson agreed to allow Lake’s legal team to “inspect a small number of printed and early ballots from the election, including 50 that were marked ‘spoiled’ on Election Day.” That inspection has not occurred yet; it is scheduled to begin Tuesday, December 20.

Then, after a hearing Monday:

…Thompson tossed eight of the claims in Lake’s lawsuit, but allowed two to remain that alleged an intentional...Read more, see tweets and video here.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Layoffs are on the rise, but nearly 50% of workers are still looking to quit in 2023
Four in ten workers are even considering going back to their previous employer, a recent survey shows

Hiring freezes and layoffs are on the rise as the uncertain economy drives major players in the tech, automobile, media and food industries to make unprecedented cutbacks in their operations. But now, new data shows nearly half of all workers are looking to quit anyway.

Even with growing concerns of a potential recession, 46% of professionals are already looking to plan to find a new job in the first half of the new year, according to a recent survey from business consulting firm Robert Half. That's up from 41% six months ago, according to the company's biannual Job Optimism Survey.

Amazon, Apple, Meta Platforms, Lyft and Twitter were among technology companies announcing hiring freezes or layoffs in recent months. In fact, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told employees in a memo made public that layoffs will continue in 2023.

The media industry was also recently hit hard as hundreds of industry staffers were laid off in recent weeks including those who worked for...Read more and see videos here.

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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Jordan Peterson issues dire warning: 'woke' totalitarian social credit system is 'highly probable'
Peterson said of the West: 'Imagine how screwed you are!'
Canadian psychologist, author, and famous anti-woke thinker Jordan Peterson warned western countries that a totalitarian social credit system coming to their societies is "highly probable."

In a recent interview with Australia’s Sky News, Peterson claimed that the policies and restrictions implemented by western nations during the COVID-19 pandemic may pave the way for an automated social credit and "digital passport" system that would endanger the rights of citizens. He also said that most of the public has no idea it could happen.

Sky News’s Rita Panahi introduced the topic, asking, "Do you think what we did during COVID could usher in our version of a social credit system?"

Without hesitation, Peterson responded by saying, "Oh, yes, definitely. Yeah, that’s highly probable." Panahi followed up, "And that it will be accepted by many people?" Read more and see video here.

Former Rolling Stone Editor Perfectly Describes the FBI's Relationship With Twitter
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

The "Twitter Files" has been an endless deluge of documents detailing the behind-the-scenes censorship and targeting operations that occurred against conservative accounts at Twitter. Some stuff is eye-opening, but it’s a tad anti-climactic for the Right. We knew this sort of arbitrary targeting and shadow banning of conservative accounts that were aces in embarrassing Democrats and shredding liberal narratives was occurring. We just have hard evidence now. Former New York Times op-ed writer Bari Weiss, former Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi, and others have posted lengthy threads on Twitter ironically detailing the discriminatory behavior that we have railed against for the better part of a decade. Spencer had the latest drop on this story yesterday. 

The endless troves of documents have shredded the claims that the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice operate as impartial entities. That’s no longer the case—these agencies are now geared toward...Read more, see tweet and video here.


If you missed last night's show where RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discussed the 'controversy' surrounding Brittany Griner; Trump's two 'major' announcements; federal judge temporarily blocks Title 42's end; and fun Christmas can listen to it (and previous shows) at your convenience at: to go directly to our podcasts and hope you become 'followers' of RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Left-Wing Group Pleads With Biden to Not Run Again In 2024: ‘Don’t Run Joe’
Sarah Arnold / Townhall Tipsheet
A left-wing group is making headlines for pleading with President Joe Biden not to run again for a second term in 2024. 

RootsAction published a nationwide ad called “Don’t Run Joe,” across New Hampshire addressing concerns that Biden’s approval rating is too low to beat out former President Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) should he decide to run. 

Although the group, which has defined itself as a “progressive group that helped defeat Trump,” is not advocating for a Republican in the White House, they fear if Biden ran again, Americans wouldn’t vote for him. 

In the progressive ad, a voter is heard saying “we can’t afford to lose the White House to a Republican who could defeat status-quo Joe,” while another says “it’s critical that we don’t allow a Republican to win the White House in 2024.” “With his low popularity, it’s too much of a gamble,” another voter said. 

The ad will also be run on liberal networks and broadcasts such as Jimmy Kimmel Live. Read more, see tweet and video here.

Judge Deals Blow to Biden's Effort to End 'Remain in Mexico'
Leaj Barkoukis / Townhall Tipsheet

A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration from ending the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” amid legal challenges. 

The policy requires asylum seekers to be sent to Mexico while they await proceedings in their cases, rather than detaining them or releasing them into the interior. President Biden has fought to end the policy, officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, since he took office. 

Texas and Missouri took legal action to prevent Biden from ending the policy, delaying its repeal. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in June that Biden could end the policy and did not violate federal immigration law in trying to rescind it. 

But the Supreme Court also returned the case to lower courts for additional proceedings, tasking U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk with determining whether the administration’s action was “arbitrary and capricious” in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, which governs how federal agencies develop and issue regulations.

Tonight, Friday, December 16th from 7 to 8:00pm EST, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the Brittany Griner 'situation'; Donald Trump's two BIG announcements; and other important news of the day. Hope you can tune in to RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on Click 'LISTEN LIVE' starting at 6:50 pm EST with show beginning at 7pm EST.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Peter Boghossian teaches 'forbidden classes' as 'truth-seeking' University of Austin raises $100 million
University of Austin has started hosting 'forbidden classes' even though free speech college hasn't even broken ground
"This is an issue of global competitiveness," he added, warning that China's dedication to meritocracy will ultimately give the authoritarian nation an advantage over the U.S.

The University of Austin was founded in November 2021 on the principles of "freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscience and civil discourse," its website states. The nascent institution doesn't yet offer degrees but plans to hold its grand opening in 2024.

"The University of Austin came into being as a result of the ideological capture of American universities," Boghossian said. "And it was a particular ideology promulgated by people on the far left. Sometimes it's called ‘woke ideology.’" 

"The solution …  to left-wing ideological capture of our institutions is not a right-wing institution," he continued. "It's a truth-seeking university." Read more and see video here.

Tillis Amnesty Deal Is Dead
Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet
After outcry from conservatives and Republican lawmakers who weren't willing to betray the GOP's commitment to the rule of law, legal immigration, and border security, an attempt to grant mass amnesty to DACA beneficiaries is, according to reporting on Wednesday night, dead.

Unsurprisingly, the fatally flawed legislative framework that was supposed to gin up support on both sides of the political aisle in the U.S. Senate did exactly the opposite as Republicans who limped across the midterm election finish line with barely a majority in the House and a loss in the Senate were not ready to hitch their names to a bill that was toxic among Republican voters. 

As Vespa reported, the whole plan was a disaster from the start:

"Senate Republicans and now-ex-Democrats are trying to push through a bill granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), who just left the Democratic Party, are the brain trust of...Read more and see tweet here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Inflation eases more than expected in November to 7.1%, but consumer prices remain elevated
Inflation still about 3 times higher than pre-pandemic average
Inflation moderated more than expected in November, an early sign that painfully high consumer prices are beginning to loosen their stranglehold on the U.S. economy

The Labor Department said Tuesday that the consumer price index, a broad measure of the price for everyday goods including gasoline, groceries and rents, rose 0.1% in November from the previous month. Prices climbed 7.1% on an annual basis. 

Those figures were both lower than the 7.3% headline figure and 0.3% monthly increase forecast by Refinitiv economists, a potentially reassuring sign for the Federal Reserve as it tries to tame runaway inflation with a series of aggressive interest rate hikes. It marked the slowest annual inflation rate since December 2021.

In another sign that suggests underlying inflationary pressures in the economy are starting to slow, core prices – which strip out...Read more, see charts, graph, and video here.

Don't Panic, But There's One Trend Republicans Should Watch Post-2022
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

We’re not in full panic mode yet because there are plenty of other issues where Democrats give these people the middle finger, but there were signs that the party made something of a white rural comeback in some crucial races. John Fetterman, though handicapped by a severe stroke, was billed as someone who could reach these voters as he didn’t come off as snobby, pretentious, and grossly condescending like the rest of the Democratic Party. Fetterman dressed like a working man but had the political compass of a left-wing zealot. Still, word on the street was that national Democrats were still not keen on Fetterman but opted not to get involved in the Senate primaries and let the chips fall as they may. It paid off, but the flip side is that Democrats have performed so poorly in rural counties that there was no other way to go but up (via Axios):
If you missed last night's show where RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discussed 'In Defense of the Constitution'; 'The Tyranny of the Twitterati'; zero-carbon fusion energy; Bernie Sanders; the 'backdoor' Amnesty Bill; and McCarthy's promised can listen to it (and previous shows) at your convenience at: to go directly to our podcasts and hope you become 'followers' of RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS.