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SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks House Dems From Access to Mueller Grand Jury Materials
The Supreme Court has temporarily blocked House Democrats from accessing secret grand jury materials used in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. The materials include redacted portions of the Mueller report that contain grand jury testimony and other underlying information. The court's order will keep the secret materials out of Democrats' hands until at least the beginning of summer.

In March, a lower court ruled that the House Judiciary Committee had a "compelling need" to access the secret materials that prosecutors collected during their investigation into Russia's election interference. After nearly two years of investigation and over $30 million spent in taxpayer dollars, investigators found no evidence pointing to collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Nevertheless, Democrats say they are seeking the materials as part of their "ongoing presidential impeachment investigation" of President Trump.

RON SAYS ‘ENOUGH’: DeSantis RIPS MEDIA, Says Florida ‘SUCCEEDED,’ Reporters Looking For ‘Boogeyman’

By Geller Report Staff

Watch the outstanding Governor Ron DeSantis destroy the main stream media to their faces. The mainstream media have been trying to slander DeSantis for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the superb leadership that he has displayed since the pandemic began.

DeSantis has outperformed the media darling, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in every possible metric. Yet the enemy press wouldn’t let you know that, because they want to drive DeSantis’ approval ratings down.

They know that if Governor DeSantis’ approval ratings are underwater, it will be much harder for President Trump to win Florida in November. Fortunately these tactics will not to work.

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California Dreaming...Turning Blue Back To Red
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Sometimes miracles do indeed happen as it seems hell has frozen over a bit for the once thought impossible actually now seems possible, or at least possibly possible, as we are now witnessing Californians finally starting to rescue their state from the clutches of uber liberal, decades long, Democrat party rule. And to be honest here, this is probably the only positive side effect of the mainstream media's fabricated and then spewed “we are all going to die” panic scenario that has become the 24/7 hallmark of COVID-19.

And it all started at the beginning of the month when Southern California residents pressured Governor Gaven Newsom to reopen parts of California most especially Orange county's beaches, and to ease up on the stay-at-home mandates...mandates intended, Newsom claimed, to help slow the spread of the virus, albeit mandates some health experts are now saying actually helped to increase the numbers of those sickened by COVID-19. In fact, two counties to Sacramento's north, Sutter and Yuba counties, are the ones who led that very fight against these draconian mandates after seeing many of their fellow small business owners that did take the chance on reopening in early May, receiving warnings and threats from Newsom's administration...threats that included phone calls and emails from the state board saying that if said businesses did not comply with state regulations then they will be forced to close down...yet again.

In fact, Sean Covell, the owner of three 'Fitness System' gyms in the Sacramento area, was set to rightfully defy Newsom's lock down orders and reopen his gyms but unfortunately did not after county attorneys notified Covell that he would face serious fines up to $1,000 a day for committing a criminal misdemeanor if he did. Nothing like issuing threats against a trying to stay afloat small businessman just to create lovely (sarcastically said) if Covell dared to open photo-op moments for Newsom's leftist agenda's photographic archives.

And the threats continued on as a good many of those small businesses that dared to open were beauty salons, barber shops, and nail salons, businesses whose owners are now being told by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology that it may pursue disciplinary action against them if they remain open in spite of the fact that no one in either county has died of COVID-19 in over a month. But somehow I don't think any of those threatened closures will happen as too many Californians, just like those of us in red states, are sick and tired of being placed under what is akin to house arrest...too sick and too tired to ever allow American businesses to fall prey to any kind of mass shutdown ever again.

Exempt, of course, or at least outwardly left alone after their having garnered most of the media's attention, were the big boys...big boys like Elon Musk, CEO of automaker Tesla. And it was Elon Musk who, in a show of defiance of Newsom's stay-at-home mandates, said that he would and then did, resume operations at Tesla’s Fremont, CA automotive facility, and that if he was stopped from doing so that he would be forced to move Tesla's operations out of state, thus putting hundred's if not thousands of folks out of work. Guess the governor was afraid to loose all the tax dollars Musk, his company, and his employees generate for the state, so Elon Musk and his Fremont facility was left alone...left alone even after Musk had outwardly baited Newsom to have him, not his workers, arrested for violating the governor's continuing in effect stay-at-home mandates.

And if a liberal Democrat like Elon Musk is as disgusted as he is can other Democrats be far behind...I surely think not.

Simply, Americans, whether they be rich, poor, or middle class, simply want to get back to work sooner rather than later for no matter the amount of stimulus monies one receives, the American worker across all socioeconomic brackets is the one that is hurting. And remember, while the virus from China continues to infect and wreak havoc on the American people, the fact is that if our economy remains shut down for an overly extended period of time we’re not only facing trillions of dollars lost in both tangible wealth and economic activity, but the actual act of not being able to work and put food on the family table will surely lead to a rise in depression, drug abuse, and even suicides, especially amongst those who see their situation as now being hopeless. And something seemingly being forgotten is that many who need it are still being denied medical procedures and diagnostic tests that could be life saving.

Just another little gem to add to the infamous gift delivered to us courtesy of Yuhan, China...a gift that we need to economically return to them tenfold, and do so post-haste.

So while it's now a few weeks past from when all the above cited happened, Californians are continuing to upset Newsom's apple cart in ways even he never in political ways he'd consider to be of the very worst kind...ways that just might help to someday turn “blue” California “red.” And while it will take time to do so...if it ever happens that has to start somewhere...and has.

How so? Take for example that a week and a half ago Republican candidate Melissa Melendez, a mother of five, a small business owner, and an Army veteran who flew on covert missions in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, won a special election to finish out the remainder of the term vacated by Republican State Sen. Jeff Stone, the man who resigned earlier this year to become Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Labor. Now becoming state senator for the 28th District, Melendez handily defeated Democratic challenger Elizabeth Romero, a Riverside County Board of Education member, with 56% of the vote...numbers that were actually four percentage points higher than what Jeff Stone had garnered the last time he ran and won.

Translation: Republicans are starting to make inroads into the governing of this still overwhelmingly “blue” state.

Inroads indeed for on the same day that Melissa Melendez won her election, fellow Republican Mike Garcia, a U.S. Navy veteran, won his by defeating Democrat Christy Smith in another special election, this one for California’s 25th congressional district. And that's the very district formerly served by (rightfully) disgraced former Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill, the woman forced to resign when a number photos of her in a hotel room with a young female staffer were published online, including a number of nude photos some of which showed her both holding a bong along with a tattoo of a Nazi iron cross near her groin while she was kissing the same female staffer. What tabloid and mainstream media fodder that story was.

But more importantly is the fact that Mike Garcia’s win was the first time in more than two decades that the Republican party actually flipped a California U.S. House seat from Democrat to Republican...hopefully being just the beginning of more flips to come. Did the now being extended stay-at-home mandate coupled with Newsom's refusal to reopen the state's economy have anything to do with said flip? I believe it did for if Newsom does not start following the lead set by states like Georgia, Texas, and Florida, states now in the process of reopening their economies thus allowing people to go back to work and businesses to reopen, he and other of California's political leaders do indeed have much to fear come this November.

And while Los Angeles itself is still gripped by fear in regards to COVID-19, Newsom's newest mandate could see the stay-at-home orders for L.A. possibly being extended through this summer or even, some say, until there is a cure. And so we will continue to see some Californian's up in arms...not literally of course as “blue” California is not the most firearm friendly state...for the reality is that if Governor Newsom does not follow suit what with even more states starting to loosen restrictions, California might actually not have an economy left to reopen. And that's something that surely will resonate with voters along with the fact that with California being home to twice as many Democrats as Republicans, you just know that Newsom and crew have even more taxes coming Californian's way, after all someone has to pay for his coronavirus economic screw-ups now don't they.

So with all still seeming to be doom and gloom right now in regards to California ever turning “red,” we must not forget that there are a number of conservative areas in California, especially areas north of Sacramento, which sees Republicans being elected in both congressional and legislative districts. However, right now and until the coastal areas and cities like Los Angeles...both being Democrat strongholds...see their political demographics along with their progressive, self-serving attitudes changing, the California of years ago when it was predominately a “red” state and a 40-year Republican presidential electoral given (as in from1952 until 1992), its citizens will continue to see the political fallout from COVID-19 adding to the circumstances that allowed California to turn “blue.” 

And why is that...because with the likes of far to the left Governor Gavin Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Adam Schiff continuing to hold sway over a state that while it has so much to offer now sadly sees those offerings being afforded only to folks whose votes they can figuratively, and in some cases literally, buy.

So while there now seems to be a glimmer of hope that someday California just might return to the “red” fold, especially with her citizens now being totally fed up with high taxes that are bleeding them all dry, heavy business regulations, and the ever increasing socially must now be accepted "new norms"...with all being the calling card of most “blue” states...sadly also being added into that sorry mix is the COVID-19 forced mandates. Even California's Democrat leaders must see that with folks moving out of state in record numbers, California's much needed tax base is quickly being depleted and not being replaced while at the same time increasing these now former Californians destination state's tax base.

And pretty soon if this trend continues the only folks left in California will be the super rich who know all the state's tax loopholes, a dwindling and struggling middle class, and sorry groups of people with their hands out to freely get whatever they can in exchange for their vote. And this in turn will bleed California's coffers dry...not an ideal situation I'd say as a bankrupt “blue” state can no longer simply assume that the federal government will bail them out just as the destination “red” states cannot assume that those entering will suddenly turn their political leanings “red,” making the entire situation a conundrum indeed.

So what's the answer? It's quite simple really...fed up Californians need to fix their state at the voting booth starting this very November, because as long as they keep voting in those representing the agenda of the new Democrat-Socialist party the longer the exodus out of their state will continue on. And while some Californians are just now starting to wake up to that fact...the recent election wins of Republicans Melissa Melendez and Mike Garcia just might help to start the ball rolling that will hopefully someday soon turn California back to being a “red” state again.

I, for one, have my fingers crossed for just that to happen. Case closed.

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