Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump signs executive order to stop family separations at border

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order to allow children to stay with parents caught crossing the border illegally -- moving to stop the family separations that have triggered a national outcry and political crisis for Republicans. 

The measure would allow children to stay in detention with parents for an extended period of time. 

This comes as congressional Republicans scramble to draft legislation to address the same issue, but face challenges mustering the votes. 

In signing the measure, Trump said he wants to keep families together while also enforcing border security. He vowed his administration's "zero tolerance" policy for illegal immigration would continue.

Trump, previewing the measure earlier in the day during a meeting with lawmakers, said the move would "be matched by legislation." He also said he's canceling the upcoming congressional picnic, adding: "It didn't feel exactly right to me."

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Hungary’s Orban: “Everyone should be wary of the idea of Islam being part of any European country”

By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch

Speaking at a Budapest conference, Hungarian leader Victor Orban emphasized the failure of European countries over the last five years. Orban also congratulated Italy’s Matteo Salvini for calling out the NGOs ferrying migrants from Africa to Europe as “white-collar people-smugglers”, slammed the EU for backing them, and warned that “everyone should be wary of the […]
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IG Report Questions Why FBI Did Not Investigate Huma Abedin’s Emails During Hillary Probe

The endless lying and contempt for rule of law by this traitorous criminal gang cannot go unpunished.

They broke the law. They are not above it.

Clinton emails were found during the Anthony Weiner sexting probe. Investigators got their hands on Huma Abedin’s emails when they searched a laptop that she jointly used with her husband, Anthony Weiner. Weiner allegedly used the laptop to exchange sexually explicit messages and photos with an underage teen in North Carolina.

Huma’s direct ties to terrorist groups should have been Hillary’s undoing. Clinton Foundation pay-for-play should have been Hillary’s undoing. Hillary’s Russian uranium deal should have been Hillary’s undoing. The Clinton Foundation’s historic robbery of Haitian donations should have been Hillary’s undoing. Hillary’s hand in the murder of our people in Benghazi should have been Hillary’s undoing. And on and on and on ….. with the FBI apparently complicit and helping her every step of the way.

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Developing now, Thursday, June 21, 2018 - The first day of summer
  • Two Trump-backed immigration bills may go up for a House vote Thursday, one day after the president ended separations of illegal immigrant families at the border, but passage of either bill seemed doubtful
  • Trump vows his immigration policy will continue to be 'as tough as it's been' after signing his executive order to keep illegal immigrant families together. But Democrats say the measure allows for indefinite detentions
  • The Trump administration will propose merging the Labor Department with the Education Department, a report says
  • Actor Peter Fonda apologizes for vulgar remarks about President Trump's 12-year-old son, Barron. But critics slam Democrats for failing to condemn Jane Fonda’s younger brother
  • The National Enquirer’s publisher is reportedly subpoenaed in the investigation of ex-Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen