Thursday, August 2, 2018

4 Things Anti-Gunners Fail To Understand About 'Ghost Guns'
Over the last few weeks, the issue of 3-D printed guns has dominated the news cycle. Gun control advocates are upset that the State Department settled with Defense Distributed to allow the company to post blueprints for 3-D printed guns beginning on Aug. 1. In fact, multiple states filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration in order to put a temporary restraining order on Defense Distributed's blueprint launch. A federal court ruled in the states' favor and Defense Distributed was ordered to halt their Aug. 1 launch.

With all of the hype surrounding 3-D printed guns, there are a few things that the general public does not know about these so-called "ghost guns," which do not have a serial number. Ghost guns can include an 80 percent lower as well as 3-D printed guns. That means that a non-plastic piece that is 80 percent finished can be used to produce the gun.

Defense Distributed and other companies sell these 80 percent lowers, which are literally the bottom part of the gun. This is most commonly seen with AR-15s where people custom build their rifle. They combine the lower and the printer is then used to finish the gun with various pieces, like a slide.
Tommy Robinson freed on bail

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal ordered his release, pending a new hearing in his case. The court questioned the speed with which he had been tried and convicted, noting that it took five hours from the time of his arrest to a conviction.” It was only just to free Tommy Robinson, and lessens the […]
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BREAKING NEWS: Trump tells Jeff Sessions to put an end to Russia probe as he claims prosecutors doing Mueller’s ‘dirty work are a disgrace’ to America

Finally. President Donald Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to call on his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to shut down special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Sessions is a weak sister. He has to go. This leftwing witch hunt has been ongoing since day one of Trump’s presidency in order to impair and impede his ability to get the job done. It’s a stealth coup.
Sessions is a weak sister. He has to go.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump tells Jeff Sessions to put an end to Russia probe as he claims prosecutors doing Mueller’s ‘dirty work are a disgrace’ to America

  • White House WON’T say if Trump will order Jeff Sessions to fire Robert Mueller
  • But the president tweeted Wednesday that Sessions should end Mueller’s probe
  • Sessions recused himself from Russia-election-meddling matters in March 2017
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Developing now, Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • A missing Iowa college student may have been seen near Kansas City last week, police say, as the small town where she vanished struggles to cope with unwanted spotlight
  • The presumed remains of 55 U.S. service members killed in the Korean War are back on American soil as President Trump thanks Kim Jong Un for keeping his promise and Vice President Mike Pence hails their return as progress in relations with North Korea
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller has offered to limit the number of questions in a renewed bid to interview President Trump in his Russia collusion probe
  • The judge in former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s federal fraud trial repeatedly rebuked Mueller's prosecutors Wednesday, suggesting potential holes in their case
  • Voters in Tennessee will go to the polls Thursday to decide primary elections where the governor’s contest and the race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Bob Corker take center stage