Wednesday, June 1, 2022

White House denies Biden is at fault for inflation

Officials argued that an expected move by Biden to forgive student debt would only barely raise inflation
The White House Tuesday declined to say President Biden's policies are responsible for the high inflation that has materialized under his watch.

The comments were made by National Economic Council Director Brian Deese and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre after the White House last year predicted inflation would be transitory. Now, Americans face some of the highest inflation in 40 years

"His policies has helped the economy get back on its feet. That's what his policy has, his policies has done," Jean-Pierre said in response to a question from Fox News' Peter Doocy about if Biden takes any responsibility for inflation. "When we talk about the gas prices right now, this is indeed Putin's gas hike… We have seen about 60% increase in the past several months because of the amassing and his invasion of Ukraine."

Deese argued that an expected move by the president to forgive student loan debt would make a "quite small" contribution to inflation. Read more and see video here.

D.C. Jury Finds Michael Sussmann Not Guilty of Lying to FBI

Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet

A Washington, D.C., jury found Michael Sussmann not guilty on Tuesday morning of lying to the FBI in 2016 about working on behalf of Hillary Clinton when he presented debunked information that he claimed showed a connection between Donald Trump and Russia — a report made to the FBI that would set off years of Russian collusion hoax-fury that ultimately was found to be nothing by Robert Mueller’s independent investigation.

As Mia explained at length here, the single charge brought by Special Counsel John Durham centered on the alleged false statement Sussmann made to the FBI when he denied he was working on anyone’s behalf, thereby concealing his connection to Hillary Clinton:

Durham and the government allege that Sussmann told FBI General Counsel James Baker in September 2016 in the lead-up to the presidential election that he was not working “on behalf of a client or company.” The Democratic cybersecurity lawyer is accused of lying…Read more and see tweets here.


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