Monday, August 22, 2016

Trump’s First Ad Puts Focus Back on the Border

Donald Trump released his first ad of the general election on Friday, using it to show voters what’s really at stake in this election.

It opens with a colorless image of Hillary Clinton looming in front of a bleak Capitol.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans,” the narrator says. “Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. Our border open. It’s more of the same, but worse.”

The ad then takes a turn for the triumphant, contrasting that dark reality with the promise of a better future.

“Donald Trump’s America is secure, terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out,” the narrator says over images of helicopters, families, and battleships. “The border secure. Our families safe. Change that makes America safe again: Donald Trump for president.”

China Builds First African Military Installation, Wants To Be A Maritime Power

Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

China Builds First African Military Installation, Wants To Be A Maritime Power While many are wondering if we’re re-entering a Cold War mentality with Russia, we’re ignoring another threat in the east that seeks to challenge U.S. interests. China has built its first military outpost in Djibouti, just eight miles from the largest U.S. military base in Africa. China has long maintained itself as a regional power, though it never signaled its intent to expand it maritime presence—at least not officially. It always saw itself as the continental giant in the heart of Asia. For starters, it never had the logistical capabilities to move divisions of troops en masse to affected parts of the world. Nevertheless, the Chinese government has signaled that building overseas military installations is key to their strategic mission (via The Wall Street Journal):
It was February this year when camel drivers first spotted the Chinese troops staking out a patch of coastal scrubland about 8 miles from the largest U.S. military base in Africa. […]
Due for completion next year, the naval outpost is expected to feature weapons stores, ship and helicopter maintenance facilities and possibly a small contingent of Chinese marines or special forces, according to foreign officers and experts monitoring its development. Its cluster of low-rise concrete buildings and shipping containers, some with Chinese flags, offers the most tangible sign yet of China’s strategy to extend its military reach across the Indian Ocean and beyond.

Big 3 Insurance Flip Obamacare the Bird
UnitedHealthcare, Humana—and now Aetna—are abandoning Obamacare exchanges because they’re unprofitable. Meanwhile, for the first time in 10 years, the U.S. death rate has increased.

CDC researcher Andrew Fenelon told the Associated Press: “…it is quite rare to see it [a death rate increase] for the whole population. … Many countries in Europe are witnessing declines in mortality, so the gap between the U.S. and other countries is growing.”

For 80 percent of the past decade, President Obama has been president. Obamacare was unconstitutionally rammed through Congress on Christmas Eve of 2009. Isn’t it interesting that in 2016—with Obamacare in full swing—our nation’s health is subpar to that of Europe?

There’s never been a better time to (gulp) move to France!

Prices for insurance have been rising as insurers struggle to profit. Too few healthy young people are signing up for the exchanges while too many previously uninsured individuals are tapping into the system. Result: insurance prices are expected to rise by 10 percent by 2017.

“Palestinian” rocket strikes Israel, Israel strikes CAIR-linked Hamas positions
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


“Palestinian” rocket strikes Israel, Israel strikes CAIR-linked Hamas positions
Note the marked pro-Palestinian bias of the AP report: the focus on the Israeli retaliation, the mentioning of the 17-year-old wounded boy (what was he doing?), implying that the Israeli strikes were disproportionate, indiscriminate, and targeted at civilians, etc. Only way down in the story do we hear that the rocket struck in an Israeli […]

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Former Gitmo Jihadi Arrested, Charged With Being Top ISIS Recruiter/Commander

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

GITMO releases are part of Obama’s multi-pronged pro-jihad policies. It is all of a piece.

He just released 15 GITMO jihadis to the United Arab Emirates. Yes, that’s going to work. An former GITMO enemy combatant was connected to the Istanbul Airport Massacre.

I guarantee you Abu Nassim won’t be going back to GITMO.
Former Gitmo Detainee Arrested, Charged With Being Top ISIS Recruiter, FOX News Insider, August 20, 2016:
The same week that President Obama released 15 Guantanamo Bay detainees, a former prisoner was arrested and charged with being a top recruiter for ISIS.
Abu Nassim was arrested in Libya just days after the State Department claimed that very few Gitmo detainees ever return to terror.
Nassim, whose...
A Week That Was That We Wish Wasn’t
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Last week was a tough week as ‘We the People’ and our beloved America were put through the proverbial ringer by not only our very own traitor-in-chief but also by the woman who thinks the presidency is owed to her…a woman aided by a media that wants to anoint her and by polls that are manipulated to show numbers in her favor.

Let’s start with Barack HUSSEIN Obama and all his nonsense…a full week of his nonsense to be exact.

And it all started last Monday when ever so stealthily in the middle of the night Obama released 15 more enemy combatants from Gitmo…the largest number he’s released at one time to date…as he continues on in his attempt to try and release them all before leaving office…release them from the place he still erroneously and so foolishly calls both a “recruitment brochure for our enemies” and "contrary to our values"…releasing them to once again kill both more of our troops still in the theaters of war as well as innocent civilians…most especially Christians…good little islamic brethren that he is. 

Included amongst these 15 very bad men released were men who fought on the front lines against both U.S. and coalition forces…hardened terrorists who relished in targeting U.S. personnel with explosives including a man named Obaidullah who was an al-Qaeda improvised explosive devices (IED) expert...and also included was a man who served as a bodyguard for Osama bin-Laden… translating into very bad men indeed.

And Obama's claiming the Department of Defense said that by closing Gitmo $85 million dollars a year would be saved compared to keeping Gitmo open and that within 10 years more than $300 million dollars would be saved...I say who gives a damn about that supposed money saved as we live in the day and age of islamic terrorism and now thanks to Obama 15 more bastards have been given the opportunity to again rejoin those out to kill us all, and know that between 20% to 40% of all those released have indeed returned to terrorism. 

And sending them to a country that will barely contain them…as in their now host country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)…a country that does not like us very much…a country that ‘just happens’ to support Obama’s efforts to close Gitmo…proves once again just whose side Barack HUSSEIN Obama really is on.

Some coincidence this surely is not as it reeks of the same type of deliberately malicious release as did Obama's five Taliban commanders in exchange for the wanton traitor Bowe Bergdahl did. And to make matters worse Congress, while up in arms over this deal and talking the talk to that affect, sadly, but true to form, did not a thing to stop him as the security of our troops and the others they will kill still takes second place to their fear of Obama's possibly using the race card against them…and all I can do is deeply sigh.

Then as last week progressed we moved mid-week onto the tragedy in Louisiana where at least 13 people died and 40,000 lost their homes and/or possessions, with 86,500 people now applying for federal aid due to unexpected and devastating flash flooding. And what did Obama do…he continued on with his golfing foray with comedian Larry David on Martha’s Vineyard like he had not a care in the world…actually more like America and Americans be damned. And only late Friday afternoon…after Donald Trump and Mike Pence went to the disaster area to offer aid and comfort to those hurting and bringing with them an 18-wheeler filled with much needed supplies…did Barack HUSSEIN Obama announce that he will visit the disaster area on announcement that is truly nothing but an obvious and so callus face-saving attempt by a man who really just does not care about anyone but himself and his now and forever tarnished legacy.

And this visit, my dear reader, is way too little and way too late as it’s actually a slap in the face to the people whose lives have been turned upside down…people who don’t want or need him there for the truth is that when the president is needed to lead and give comfort to the American people in times of crisis that president should drop what they’re doing and head straight to those who need him. But not in Obama’s case for to be a president who leads and comforts one needs to have empathy for the people in crisis and empathy is something Obama does not have…except for his muslim brethren and the vile sorts like those in Black Lives Matter that is…for his simple decision to continue on with his golf vacation says it all…and so does Hillary’s absence speak volumes as well as to what type of president she would be.

And if Obama thinks we’re buying into Louisiana’s Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ nonsensical claim that he told him not to come until things settled down, I can emphatically tell him we’re not buying into it not even one little bit. And if Obama thinks his own even more nonsensical claim that he did not want his presence to interfere with the search and rescue efforts or with the clean-up operations as the reason why it’s taking him almost a week to get to Louisiana, I’ve got a few choice words for him that I dare not say.

Now to finish off Obama’s week that was, let’s not forget that late last Thursday night reports started surfacing about the events of this past July 17th when Obama claimed that as part of a larger $1.7 billion settlement of a failed 1979 arms deal between the U.S. and Iran, he covertly paid $400 million dollars in cash to the Iranians and we miraculously and suddenly got back the four American hostages they held. Vehemently claiming that this in no way was ransom, Obama ignored the fact that first, many of his own people had raised alarms that the timing of this cash payment would indeed look like the very ransom they knew it was and second, Iran themselves said this payment was indeed ransom.

And of course thinking that he would get away with lying once again or at least would be getting yet another free pass from the media, Obama was in for a rude surprise when instead many in the press chastised his oh so questionable action and even called him to task for it. So what did Obama do…true to form he turned the tables and chastised the press that anointed him along with the media ‘talking heads’ for their continuing and still ongoing coverage of said cash payment…of their coverage of the ransom money he paid. 

And in his usual and so expected narcissistic arrogance, Obama never once thought that it would be Treasury officials themselves who confirmed that not only did he outwardly and deliberately lie about the cash changing hands, but in fact they admitted that the tightly scripted exchange of said cash was specifically timed…down to the last second in fact…to coincide with the release of the American prisoners held. 

Bottom line…we would never have gotten our hostages back if that money had not been paid…a classic definition of the word ‘ransom’ if ever there was one. And let it be known that since that money changed hands three more Americans have been taken hostage by Iran…three more Americans Obama will pay ransom for…ransom money that will be used to help fund the killings perpetrated by the terrorist state and those whose strings they pull. A vicious cycle now set up and even more blood will be on Obama’s hands as reports coming in now say that the $400 million dollars has already been transferred by the mullahs to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards…a killing machine to put it mildly.

And speaking of someone with blood on their hands let’s move onto Hillary’s nonsense of last week.

Let’s start with Hillary’s emails being turned over to Congress in a heavily redacted version…redacted because the F.B.I claims that the info in them is highly classified. Highly classified...something Hillary denied under oath...perjury perhaps…emails now deemed highly classified but amazingly not so during the F.B.I. investigation…meaning something surely stinks here. Makes one wonder just how much F.B.I. Director James Comey was paid off or what the Clinton's have on him for Comey not to recommend indicting Hillary, and it also makes one wonder who specifically now decided that the emails were indeed classified. 

Where is that whistle blower when you need him or her…oh wait...rightfully hiding in fear of turning up dead, I’m sure, just like many others who have gone up against the Clinton’s.

But at least now thanks to conservative law group Judicial Watch…who had wanted Hillary to testify in person under oath as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit they are bringing against the Department of State...and its unwavering quest to find out why Hillary ever needed to use a private server in the first place, coupled with their wanting more information about her BFF Huma Abedin's very questionable relationship to the Department of State, on Friday, Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that Hillary must, while not being personally deposed, at least answer their questions in a written testimony. But even here Hillary gets a free pass of sorts as Judicial Watch must have their questions to her by October 14th at the latest and she has a full 30 days to respond…which would be a full week after the November 8th election date…unless said questions are gotten to her post-hast which hopefully they will be.

Also on Friday, Hillary, via Billy-Boy, announced that if...with ‘if’ being the operative word...that if she is elected president the Clinton Foundation will NO longer accept corporate or foreign donations. And Billy-Boy added that he will stop giving paid speeches between now and Election Day, and would also step down from the foundation’s board if Hillary wins the election. 

But my questions regarding Billy-Boy’s bloviations are first, why does the Clinton Foundation continue to accept said donations even now as they obviously both know that such donations should NOT now or have ever been accepted especially since election law bars a candidate from accepting donations from foreign entities and corporations? And the answer to that is in a word ‘loophole’…as in the loophole these vile two are using is that the law makes no such restrictions on who can and cannot cut a check to the family foundation of that same candidate. 

My second question is that since both the Clinton’s have already made millions off paid speeches, what really does Billy-Boy not doing paid speeches for the mere two and a half months left in Hillary's campaign actually mean? And that is an easy answer for it means not a damn thing for while it does limit some conflict of interest issues as fees paid often come from many of the same corporations who fund their family foundation, he probably has no high paying speeches lined up during this time period, because if he did this would not have been promised… money and publicity whore that we all know Billy-Boy Clinton is.

And my third and last question is what exactly is the big deal if Billy-Boy steps down from the foundation’s board? Again I’ll answer my own question for his doing so is but mere lip-service as Chelsea would then become the defacto head and both Hillary and Billy-Boy could still serve as advisors…basically as the ones who pull Chelsea’s and the foundation’s strings…just like Huma Abedin, and therefore the Muslim Brotherhood, pulls Hillary’s strings.

And if Hillary thinks any of us are falling for her and her husband-in-name-only’s nonsense, she is just as delusional as Obama is.

So ends a week that like I said before put ‘We the People’ through the proverbial ringer, but know that with almost five months left in Obama’s presidency and with a Hillary presidency still a possibility, last week’s nonsense could very well pale in comparison to what these two most traitorous of persons have in store for us next…and really how very sad...actually bone that.