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President Trump Shredded Obama's Entire DNC Speech With One TweetFormer President Barack Obama will get high grades over his speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention. Obama laid into Trump about how he doesn’t take the job seriously and touched upon how our democratic institutions are under threat from the Trump White House. While liberal America gushed over this speech, does Obama really have the moral authority to lecture us about how our institutions are under threat or at risk of being degraded? He’s already done that. Sorry, but Professor Barry can take a hike with that trash. He spied on the Trump campaign. The then-sitting Democratic president spied on the rival campaign of the opposite party in 2016. That’s now a fact

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DNC Committee Omits 'Under God' From The Pledge Of Allegiance
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

Godless, monsters.

A Democratic National Convention moderator omitted sacred words from the Pledge of Allegiance during a panel discussion Tuesday: “under God.”

During the Muslim Delegates Assembly, the video of the livestreamed event shows A.J. Durani led the pledge but left out an important part, saying, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Durani was elected to be a super delegate for the 2016-2020 term of the Democratic National Committee.

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A Shift of Power Hiding in Plain Sight 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

Last Thursday, President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Crown Prince of Abdu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), released a joint statement announcing the “full normalization of relations” between Israel and the UAE, including the opening of embassies and the establishment of full diplomatic relations. Now being heralded as both a “diplomatic breakthrough” and a “historic peace agreement,” this announcement caught many off guard, but it shouldn't have for talks away from prying eyes having been ongoing between the two nations for quite awhile and besides, background talks between nations are more the norm than most people think. 

And it all started when December 6, 2017, President Trump officially recognized undivided the now and forever Jewish State of Israel's capital, and when in 2018 our U.S. embassy was relocated there. Finally negating 70 years of both U.S. policy and international consensus...more like one-sided muslim appeasement I'd say...this newest announcement in actuality marked the “unofficial end” of the American-sponsored peace process taking place (off-and-on) between Israel and Palestinian leaders...the so-called “two-state solution” unfair and unjust solution that never really had nor has a chance of coming to fruition. 

But while this recognizing by the U.S. of Jerusalem as being the property and sole capital of Israel...who had retaken and reunified the Holy City in the '67 Yom Kippur War...was praised and celebrated on both the Israeli and American side, it was, as to be expected, met with much anger and extremely harsh condemnation by Palestinian and numerous Arab leaders...leaders who stamped their feet like little children because they didn't get their way...with their way being to see the tiny state of Israel being dismantled one piece of land at a time with Jerusalem then becoming the capital of what would be a Palesinian state.

And with Jerusalem's fate now having been declared by the world's number one super power, and with no outward challenges from either Russia or China, the table was now set for a long overdue Middle East “shift in power”...if you will...a shift away from the ever vocal mullah-led islamist countries being the eminent decider of Israel's fate. And this “shift” can now easily be seen in the actions of the UAE, an Arab nation who has never really hated nor called for Israel's destruction the way many other Arab nations have for the UAE's monarchs, while still holding onto tradition, do live in the 21st century as opposed to Arab countries that still live in the 6th. 

Simply, the UAE wants a working relationship with both Israel and the United States for they know that modernization not only brings with it monetary and economic “riches,” but more times than not peace as well. And where there is peace, prosperity does tend to follow. Besides, as previously stated, the UAE and Israel have quietly, but not so secretly, been forging commercial, business, and much needed security agreements for years...even before President Trump's urging both nations to officially reach a formal diplomatic accord. And not to be forgotten is that there is another plus for the UAE that must be added into in the mix, and it can be summed quite easily...Iran has now lost some of its regional power.  

Here it needs to be understood that the UAE, while retaining diplomatic relations with Iran is no fan of Iran, and Iran is most definitely not happy with the UAE establishing a formal relationship with Israel. And why...because Iran not only wants to wipe “the little satanIsrael off the map, but be the sole purveyor regarding regional influence. In fact, Iran was swift to condemn the UAE while at the same time warning Israel not to interfere in the Persian Gulf. And while also called out were the regions other Arab rulers “who from their palaces of glass scratch at the face of Palestinians,” it was Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani himself who issued this warning, “We warn the Emirates: Don’t open the region for the Zionist regime to step in,” and that if said agreement leads to “expanded Israeli influence in the region” that, “Things will change, and they will be dealt with in a different way.” 

And Iran went one step further with their now issued threat, telling Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed via Iran’s top military commander, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqeri, that Tehran’s attitude toward the UAE will “fundamentally change” and that the armed in the Republican Guard...will also deal with that country with different calculations.”  

Nothing like military threats to help sever whatever ties remained between the two muslim nations. 

And while the UAE has much to gain in this deal, so too does Israel. And with the pluses outweighing the minuses for both parties, Israel, in good faith, did agree to compromise in order to gain an ally in peace. First, Israel agreed to “suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President’s Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world” and second, both Israel and the UAE agreed to simultaneously continue on in their efforts to “achieve a just, comprehensive and enduring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Compromises that lead to the word “resolution” being cited in the official agreement as opposed to the always previously stated “two state solution”...a major victory for Israel and a diplomatic win for President Trump.


But this newly forged, Trump rightfully heralded, reciprocal relationship between Israel and the UAE is even more important than it seems on the surface for while the UAE now follows in both Egypt and Jordan's footsteps regarding the normalizing of diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, and with Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signaling his approval of said agreement, one has to wonder if Saudi Arabia can be far behind. How so and why so...because what most don't know is that talks between the Saudis and the Israelis have also silently been going on for quite some time now, and Saudi Arabia is being pressured by the Trump administration to follow the UAE's lead as Saudi's leaders are also no fan of fact, the two countries are constantly at each other throats...if you to who controls and doesn't control what goes on in the predominately muslim region. 

Remember, up until now both Saudi Arabia and Iran have engaged in what is mostly a battle of words in regards to who actually holds the region's power, with each one using their support for the Palestinian cause to try and tip the balance of power in their favor. But if a Saudi-Israeli agreement were to be reached with the normalizing of relations between those two countries then happening, especially an agreement minus a statehood deal for the Palestinians...which Israel now knows they no longer need to forge diplomatic ties with Arab nations...Tehran and the mullahs will not only not be happy but it would cause a much feared shift in Middle East dynamics...a shift Tehran will not take kindly to...a shift that could see an actual war between Iran and Saudi Arabia breaking out.  

And it's this fear of war alone that, I believe, will see Saudi Arabia, at lest for now, taking a bit more tempered down approach...or at least a veiled establishing formal diplomatic relations with Israel no matter that the nations of Bahrain and Oman are now leaning towards doing just that, and doing so sooner than most expect. 

But why now, at this particular point in time, are some Arab nations deciding that it's better to be aligned with Israel than with islamic controlled Iran, and how did this happen when for countless decades the old hatreds have forced Israel to stand alone against nations seeking her demise? And what leverage will these countries use to establish those very ties?  

First, why now? As the old 60's song by the Byrds goes...The times they are a'changing,” and countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Omar, Dubai, and even Saudi Arabia...oil wealthy countries... countries moving into the 21st century...are countries whose leaders understand that the old ways are not really working anymore. And while none are “free countries” in the same scope that we here in the United States deem freedom to be, they are countries who are not only loosening the reigns of oppression, but countries who understand that the concept of individual freedom need not be the downfall of the monarch's reign. 

Also as to why now is the fact that ongoing regional instability and mistrust coupled with a total lack of what's called a “collective security framework” has seen U.S. engagement in the region starting to wind down, leaving a true security vacuum in regards to the more moderate muslim nations. And this lack of security...this fear of not being at least somewhat under America's protective umbrella...does lie at the very heart of the Gulf nations current overtures to Israel. And like with dominoes, if one Gulf nation goes in comes under Iranian control...the others are sure to follow. And while Saudi Arabia itself has not formally agreed to anything in regards to Israel, know that its relationship with the UAE is indeed “fraternal” in nature...a father-son relationship so to speak...meaning that the UAE will represent not only their interests in Israel but the Saudi's interests as well, and visa-versa I might add.  

And know that economics itself is both leverage and reason enough for more prosperous Arab nations to initiate a much needed change in attitude towards Israel, after all a country's economy...both its economic successes as well as its failures...depends on trade not just globally but with its neighbors as well. The wealthy Gulf states do understand this and have for quite some time, thus their “cordial ties” with the United States has served them well not only in the maintaining of security and stability in their said countries, but has allowed for the free flow of their oil to global markets thus aiding their economic growth. 

Simply, the Gulf states are not suffering because of the U.S. oil embargo that Iran is now experiencing nor are they under economic duress by any means. And if you couple that with their direct oil trade with the U.S., securing “full normalizing of relations” with our ally Israel will also bring them major trade deals, technological and medical advancements, monetary investments, and direct flights between the two countries to name but a few economic pluses...meaning peace and allying with Israel as opposed to Iran is the logical way to go...the mullahs be damned.  

And lastly regarding the old hatreds...if a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran is eventually on the horizon and with Iran still focused on wiping Israel off the map...isn't it better to align ones stable and prosperous country with the “big boys” so to speak, as in not only with the United States but with America's staunchest ally, Israel, as well. After all, the Gulf states surely know that Iran's goal is to be the sole driving force in an Israel-less, islamic-dictated, Levant-ruled Middle East, and to that end Iran is trying its damnedest to become a nuclear power. 

But with the United States obviously already a nuclear power as is Israel, although Israel does not "officially" admit to it, by the Gulf states forging friendly ties with Israel coupled with Egypt and Jordan already having such ties, Iran would now be faced with a pro-Israel show of strength and a shift of power never before seen in the region...a show of strength gotten through peace and economics...a combination that would be almost impossible for Iran to beat.  

And know as fact that if Israel were ever to fall or even be faced with the prospect of falling, there most assuredly would be no Middle East left for anyone...neither the sheikhs nor the be concerned about...if you get my drift...wink, wink. Case closed. 

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