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California Has Given More Than One Million Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Chris Reeves / Townhall Tipsheet

California Has Given More Than One Million Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens The California DMV announced that it has provided more than one million driver’s licenses to illegal aliens as of this Wednesday, according to The Sacramento Bee.

This was made possible all the way back in 2013 when the California Assembly passed AB 60, also known as the “Safe and Responsible Drivers Act.” Upon going into effect in 2015, the law required California DMV offices to issue driver’s licenses to people who are “unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States” as long as they can “provide satisfactory proof of identity and California residency” instead.

At the time of its passage, the law’s supporters openly touted the bill as being intended to benefit illegal immigrants (without calling them as such, of course). As just one example, the pro-illegal immigration activist group “DriveCA” praised the bill for removing illegal aliens’ fear of being arrested and deported for driving without a license:
Up until 1994 all immigrants had access to a driver’s license in California, regardless of immigration status.  They were able to get to work, drive their children to school, and run everyday errands without the fear of being pulled over.
HILARIOUS: Guess Who Created Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe Drive
by Sarah Lee / Red State

Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI who was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions little more than a day before he was set to retire and receive his pension, was recently the recipient of the bountiful generosity of good Samaritans who donated to his legal defense fund via a GoFundMe account set up by “friends.” (The account ceased taking donations on April 2, transferring that task to a “more formal legal defense fund”.)

It’s a tall order making McCabe, a wealthy Washington attorney, appear a destitute victim in need of financial help; but that, indeed, is what these “friends” managed to accomplish, raising over a half million dollars for poor old Andy.

So who were these grand pals that helped McCabe cover the potential costs of lying to Congress?

None other than a K Street PR and consulting firm with ties to the Obama administration called The Bromwich Group.

Read entire article here:
More Achieved In One Year Than Obama’s Pitiful Eight
President Donald Trump’s administration, led by son-in-law Jared Kushner, just held a historic meeting among key nation leaders with interests in the Middle East.

And the press, of course, was pretty much silent on the matter.

Among those gathering for the get-together were leaders from Canada, Israel and Europe — as well as those from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and others.

Trump, it seems, has done more in his first year to soothe and calm Mideast tensions than Barack Obama did his entire eight years in office.

The Daily Wire has more:

In little-noticed news outside the Middle East, the Trump administration, led by son-in-law Jared Kushner, brokered a historic meeting regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip...

Read entire article and see video here:

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Facebook: It's Not About Connecting People...It's About Controlling People; A Caravan of Broken Liberal Dreams; and important news of the day. 

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Facebook: It's Not About Connecting People...It's About Controlling People
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Maybe it costs a life by exposing someone to bullies. Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. It is literally just what we do. We connect people. Period. That’s why all the work we do in growth is justified.”
- Vice President of Facebook Andrew Bosworth

Facebook...the bane of us all. Whether we love it or hate it the fact is that most of us had or currently still have Facebook accounts whether we use it regularly or not. It's just something that is.

But as we all know what started as a simple social media site used to connect friends on America's college campuses has grown into an international behemoth of sorts...a monopoly if you will...for Facebook not only dominates social media it seems to control it. With over two billion active Facebook users Facebook has now taken upon itself to decide what its users can or cannot see. Becoming the sole purveyor of what constitutes fake news, Facebook has become the internet's eyes and ears, deleting and banning posts and people as Zuckerberg's dictatorial censoring team...aka the Facebook police...sees fit.

You cannot speak ill of Obama, Hillary or of any in the assorted liberal bunch, and heaven forbid you say one negative word about muslims or islam then faster than a blink of an eye you'll find yourself sadly sitting in solitary confinement with no way to contact all your Facebook friends and followers to let them know what happened to you. And dare you forget that while serving hard time in Facebook jail they will now take away your messenger privileges as well, basically cutting you off from the entirety of Facebook's world.

Punishing us like one would a small child, Facebook sentences us for what they and they alone consider a proper amount of time...with no true way to appeal one's sentencing...with no way to actually call Facebook to plead your case never mind that Facebook demands our phone numbers just to join their social network but we cannot be privy to their phone number. And if you choose to send them your what they call “feedback” asking why specifically you were banned or why specifically a post or photo was taken down...remember they never tell you exactly what Community Standard you violated...the only response you will receive is the computer-generated words, “we are reviewing it”... but we all know they never do.

So basically if you're sentenced to Facebook jail you just have to ride it out until the day comes when you can put up a photo, a meme, or just a simple sentence or two to let all your friends and followers know that you have been released...well...actually you have just been temporarily paroled for Facebook's probation officers will surely be monitoring you and your every post. And why...because Facebook has now taken upon itself the liberty of going back through the years one has been on Facebook to either jail you again for a post you had previously been jailed for or to jail you for posts from the years before Facebook's precious and oh so one-sided Community Standards are what they are today...posts or photos that never bothered them before but suddenly bother them now.

Simply, Facebook has become a true liberal censorship manifesto that acts as 'Big Brother' to oversee everything its users think, say, do, or post on Facebook with the user's First Amendment right to “free speech” be damned.

Applying censorship to conservatives and conservative pages countless times more than it ever does to liberals or pro-islamic supporters and pages...that is if Facebook Community Standards even remotely apply to liberals, progressives, or pro-islamic supporters and pages...Facebook has now reached the point where if you dare to go up against any part of infamous Mark Zuckerberg's personal agenda, beliefs, or values...his liberal kumbaya values that is...not only into Facebook jail do you go but you actually get threatened with your account being “permanently disabled” with the threat coming via another computer-generated warning that you now have violated their Terms of Use...which is something separate from their Community Standards...but again they never tell you exactly what Term of Use you violated or when you did so.

Guess the Facebook police need time to make something up and cut and paste it into whatever page of their manifesto they now deem you violated.

But in the vast majority of cases the truth is you have violated are just on Facebook's targeted list of individuals Zuckerberg personally wants banned from Facebook forever...persons like me jailed over 20 times in the seven or so years I have been on Facebook...jailed for daring to speak the truth about Obama, Hillary, muslims and islam. And sometimes Zuckerberg wants someone banned simply because they have a large following or have too many people 'liking' their posts. These selectively singled-out folks...Facebook felons I call them...cannot even post something as simple as a holiday greeting via their own timeline for lo and behold Facebook rules selectively chosen and enforced just for them see them being thrown back into Facebook jail yet again.

And how do I know this...because the above stated happened to me just this past Christmas. Guess I should have used the politically correct words 'Happy Holidays' instead of my saying 'Merry Christmas'...after all the word 'Christmas' leaves a bitter taste in liberal Zuckerberg's mouth and treads on the oh so delicate sensibilities of his muslim bosom-buddies I guess.

And dare I forget that I also posted and wished a 'Happy Hanukkah' to all my Jewish Facebook friends, something obviously not allowed what with how Zuckerberg has aligned both himself and Facebook with not only the Palestinian cause but directly with those out to kill us all. Want proof of that...comments and/or pages that are too pro-Israel, too pro-Jewish or too pro-Christian are either heavily censored with their posters sent to Facebook jail or the pages themselves are actually taken down while pro-islamic, pro-muslim, and even pro-jihadi recruiting sites are left up and running with no problem at all.

"Facebook, which has brought a positive revolution to the world, has become a monster...The dialogue, the incitement, the lies of the young Palestinian generation are happening on the Facebook platform." So said Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan

In fact, Facebook's overt anti-Semitism and anti-Christian sentiments is ever so obvious when it comes to posts and pages relating to both the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the slaughter of Christians throughout the entirety of the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, a growing number of Jews and Christians claim that Facebook is nothing but a “pubic platform” to incite terrorism in general...and you know some degree they are right.

And here is but one example in regards to Facebook's anti-Jewish sentiments...Facebook has been (rightfully) accused of being “unfair” for only removing posts and pages that attack Palestinians or islam, while completely ignoring similar posts and pages that are “violently” anti-Semitic in nature. Case in point, back in October 2015, twenty thousand Israelis banded together to jointly claim that Facebook refused to post on its news feed any articles pertaining to the ongoing Palestinian incitement to violence against Jews and that if an individual did manage to post such a story that it was removed by Facebook. Filing a class-action lawsuit demanding that Facebook remove all posts "containing incitement to murder Jews,” (which to date they have not done) Israel's political leaders have long denounced Facebook for not complying or assisting with Israeli police requests for tracking and reporting individuals who post their intent to kill or commit acts of terrorism on their Facebook pages.

Now as for but one example of anti-Christian bias on Facebook...last October, Facebook shut down the Christian ministry page 'The Tree of Life Outreach' without warning and without offering a specific explanation as to why. Giving the page's administrator, Pastor Ron Cusano, just the usual nonsense that said page’s content “may”...I repeat “may”...have violated Community Standards, Facebook never told the good pastor which standard was violated or if his page actually did violate any of its precious standards....something I personally am all too familiar with.

And by Facebook's blocking his administrative access to said page, Pastor Cusano...who was adjudicated a 14-day banning from Facebook...was prevented from communicating with his overseas Bible study groups in “house churches” in Pakistan, India, and Africa. But did the pastor have any idea why his page was shut down...according to media reports the only thing he could come up with was that recently he had posted “items” pertaining to Christian views on sexuality and gender. Remember, Facebook forbids “hate speech,” which they defines as “attacks” against people based on characteristics including sexual orientation and gender identity, but since when is quoting Bible verses “hate speech” and since when can one not hold Biblical views as opposed to Facebook's liberal progressive views. The answer to that is with Facebook now being a monopoly they can say, do, and handout bannings...aka Facebook they so chose without fear of serious reprisal.

And while we all know by now that Facebook is neither conservative nor religious friendly, it is not just the fact that they are still squelching political and religious free speech, but that sometimes a banning does impact and affect how someone conducts their business or garners their livelihood. And while many are on Facebook strictly for the social interaction many are on Facebook as part of their job. 

Such is the case with conservative reporters and professional bloggers whose job it is to counter the lies the main stream media and the liberals spew out...and it's these included...who along with small business owners get impacted the most. And with said conservative reporters and bloggers being 'selectively targeted' for long term stay in Facebook jail to prevent them from giving the 'other side's' point of in the truth...small business owners who rely on Facebook to promote themselves, their product, and as a way to communicate with their customers suddenly find that when they are thrown into Facebook jail that they have no way to keep their Facebook driven businesses up and running.

Such is the situation at this point in time for while liberal whiny man-child Mark Zuckerberg continues to rule over matter the serious violation of privacy issues Facebook now faces (that's for another article)...nothing will change regarding Facebook's still ongoing censoring of conservatives and the religious right...we will continue to be thrown into Facebook jail time and time again making Zuckerberg and the social media site he actually stole from another, more dangerous than any politician could ever be for he who controls social media...just another way of saying the internet...controls it all.

And when one has an arrogant attitude like that of earlier mentioned Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth who intends to “connect” more and more people to Facebook no matter the consequences or cost, coupled with the 'Facebook will rule the world' complex of Mark Zuckerberg himself, what a sad, sad situation we now find ourselves in as the once promising concept of social media becomes the lord and master over us all.

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Today, Friday, April 6th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss
Facebook: It's Not About Connecting People...It's About Controlling People; A Caravan of Broken Liberal Dreams; and important news of the day. 

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