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Saturday, March 19th from 11am to 1pm EST, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss foreign policy and Trump's lack of knowledge thereof; threats of violence coming directly from Trump; and attacking the messenger instead of the message.

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More than 40 rabbis intend to boycott Donald Trump's speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference. The speech is scheduled for Monday.

The boycotting rabbis are concerned about Trump's attitudes towards Israel as well as his praise for authoritarian leaders.
The concerns being expressed by many Jewish leaders go beyond Trump’s controversial pledge to be “neutral” during peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians — and extend to fears of Trump’s style and approach to power.
Some say they hear echoes of a painful past under fascism in Trump’s recent comments appearing to praise authoritarian figures such as Russian President Vladi­mir Putin and in the way that Trump stokes economic anger among his supporters. And they point to Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States and his harsh rhetoric on illegal Mexican migrants as reminiscent of the anti-immigrant sentiment that greeted European Jews in generations past.
“These are the darkest days for Republican Jews like myself,” former George W. Bush speechwriter Noam Neusner wrote in a column this month in the Forward, a Jewish newspaper. He wrote that Trump “has built within our party the nearest thing America has ever seen to a European nativist working-class political movement. Such movements, to put it mildly, have never been good for the Jews or allies of free thought and the free market.”
Trump's speech at AIPAC is the reason why the debate scheduled for Monday was canceled.
Can Donald Trump be stopped from winning the Republican nomination? The answer is yes. Despite his big win over Marco Rubio in Florida and his narrow wins over Ted Cruz in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, he has not won a majority of delegates yet awarded -- 661 at this writing, with several more to be added when Missouri and Illinois congressional district totals are tabulated.

Any candidate needs to get a 1,237-delegate majority to be nominated. To get there, Trump needs to get a majority of delegates in the contests ahead. The March 15 results show how that could happen. For Republican voters who fear Trump's nomination will damage the party, the nation or both, the question is what to do about it.

Such voters amount to a majority or near-majority of the Republican primary and caucus electorate, which, as Trump has correctly noted, is substantially larger than in past presidential election cycles. So far 18 million Americans have voted in Republican contests -- just short of the total for the whole cycles in 2008 and 2012.

Trump has won 37 percent of their votes. Contrary to his suggestions, he hasn't won huge majorities from first-time voters. But that's given him 47 percent of the delegates. To see why, look at the March 15 results. If Ted Cruz had won the votes cast for either John Kasich or Marco Rubio in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, he would have beaten Trump and deprived him of dozens of delegates.

TSA failed to vet 73 employees with terror ties working at 40 U.S. airports
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


TSA failed to vet 73 employees with terror ties working at 40 U.S. airports
But no doubt they never came to work with toothpaste tubes larger than three ounces. “73 Airport Employees Had Terrorism Ties New Documents Suggest,” by Katherine Weber, Christian Post, March 16, 2016: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) failed to vet 73 employees with terrorism ties working at 40 U.S. airports, recently-obtained documents assert. The local […]
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Garland jihadi CONVICTED of conspiring to support ISIS in Arizona trial
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

abdul_kareemThis is a precedent. There are myriad ISIS cases coming up in America charging Islamic State members, and this was the test. I will be very interested to see what kind of sentence he gets — what Texas does will be an example for the rest of the country. What does conspiring to slaughter Americans on American soil for exercising their First Amendment rights get you? It should get you life in prison. It’s treason and sedition. But no one talks about such things anymore.

“Arizona man linked to Muhammad cartoon contest attack plot convicted,” Associated Press, March 17, 2016:
A jury on Thursday convicted an Arizona man of conspiring to support Islamic State in one of the first trials in the U.S. involving charges...
On Foreign Policy...It's Cruz 23 - Trump 0
By: Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on

Donald Trump completely lacks any foreign policy substance…a fact that has become alarmingly apparent during debates as well as on the campaign trail.

If you go to Trump’s website, he has no foreign policy listed. None whatsoever. Nothing.

I have asked many of Trump’s blind followers to explain any detail of Trump’s foreign policy.

They won’t because they can’t. He hasn’t told them what to say to those who ask, and until Trump issues some talking points to be spread like propaganda by his followers, there is absolutely nothing, regarding his foreign policy, to tell.

Last Thursday, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump himself was asked about foreign policy and specifically, he was asked who was advising him on foreign policy…a valid question considering his bone crushingly stupid remarks pertaining to Israel and the Palestinians. The Palestinisna, by the way, are run by an Islamic terrorist band of 7th century barbarians called Hamas and represented, at a government level, by the Palestinian Authority who also represents the Muslim Brotherhood…another Islamic terrorist faction.

Trump’s response to the question was priceless…

'True Threats' of Violence...More Than Just Media Fodder 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

“I think if we go into a convention, whoever gets 1,237 delegates becomes the nominee. It’s plain and simple.” 
- RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer

Well folks Donald Trump is spewing words of instigation yet again…this time going way beyond just the absurd about his supporters not caring if he shot somebody while walking down Fifth Avenue; even going beyond his not outwardly condemning the recent violence in Chicago that led to his claiming that his First Amendment right to free speech had been violated...which by the way it was not.

Now Trump is actually putting the Republican delegates and the Republican hierarchy on notice with threats that if after the primaries he does not reach the magic number of 1,237 needed to secure the nomination...and know there is nothing nefarious about that number as it's simply half the delegates plus other words the majority...that should he nevertheless finish with the most delegates no matter the number, and if the nomination were to go to someone else that violence could in his words, “I think you’d have riots.”

Speaking by phone this past Wednesday on CNN's 'New Day' with Chris Cuomo, Donald Trump stated that he's “representing many millions of people”...completely ignoring the fact that the other two candidates still in the race, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, can say the exact same thing. Then by adding that, “If you disenfranchise those people, and you say, ‘I’m sorry, you’re 20 votes short or 100 votes short and we’re at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400…I think you’d have problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen...I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen. I really do. I wouldn’t lead it, but I think bad things would happen,” Trump has actually tried to blackmail the in 'give me the nomination contested or otherwise or else'...thus making Donald Trump no better than the thugs and hoodlums that he so loves to call out. And know that this latest stunt of his will be turned into yet another soundbite...just like Chicago was...that the media will report on ad-nauseum, thus denying both Cruz and Kasich their rightful air time.

Click on link to hear Donald Trump threatening riots in his own voice:

And it's the media...the very ones whose 'bought-and- paid-for' ratings whore existence revolves around 'The Donald Trump Presidential Reality Show'...who wait with baited breath to see if Trump's words are legally an actual threat or just wishful thinking on his part...wishful thinking by the man who, like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, thinks himself king...and if he's not perceived as king he'll buy, if you will, your undying loyalty...just ask Dr. Ben Carson.

And while being quick to tell Cuomo that he himself won’t lead any riots...I personally believe he'll just orchestrate them from behind...Donald Trump made sure in the interview to stop legally just short of directly threatening violence. But know that nowhere in his words did Trump denounce or discourage violence...which would have been the honorable thing to do...thus proving himself to be what many of us have thought since day one...that Donald Trump is nothing but a thug in a multi-billionaire disguise. And now add in the many talking heads...especially FOX's Sean Hannity who has been in the tank for Trump since the moment he announced his run...who love to feed into and help perpetrate the Trump mantra about riots breaking out at the convention if he were denied the nomination. After all, violence of any kind is a ratings bonanza and the masses so relish in watching Donald Trump vs. the GOP establishment show, that it's now become yet another blood sport.

And what has the reaction of the Republican party hierarchy been to Trump's rhetoric of possible riots if he's denied the nomination even if he doesn't reach the must have 1,237 number...“Well first of all, I assume [Trump] is speaking figuratively,” said RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer, who went on to say that the convention is just part of the process, and that the Trump campaign will not receive any special treatment, and that he will not be voted up or down based upon anything other than the will of the delegates and whatever wheeling and dealing that happens on the convention floor, both for or against Trump.

In other words, the convention would still go contested but not brokered, with the all important difference being that in a brokered convention a party committee picks the nominee while in a contested convention the delegates themselves make that decision having been released from their pledge after the first balloting. And really there is nothing wrong with that especially since some members of the RNC are working towards being more transparent on the convention floor by trying to replace the currently used 1,500-page Parliamentary Handbook of the U.S. House with Robert's Rules of Order. And while Robert's simpler procedures and rules still would not guarantee Donald Trump the nomination it will at least thwart any underhanded dealings to deny him the nomination if he reaches the all-important 1,237 number.

But even with the RNC at least trying to work things out fairly for all parties concerned, if truth be told Trump's threatening, instigating, or even just alluding to riots or violence is, in my opinion, reason enough to deny him the nomination as threats of violence against individuals, according to the Supreme Court (Watts v. United States), fall outside First Amendment protection and are arrestable offenses. Citing three main reasons why 'true threats' of violence are not protected rights, the High Court has stated that, “protecting individuals from the fear of violence, from the disruption that fear engenders, and from the possibility that the threatened violence will occur,” takes precedence over the right of someone to spew words instigating violence.

In fact, the Ninth Circuit has stated that a 'true threat' is “a statement which, in the entire context and under all the circumstances, a reasonable person would foresee would be interpreted by those to whom the statement is communicated as a serious expression of intent to inflict bodily harm upon that person,” adding that “It is not necessary that the defendant intend to, or be able to carry out his threat; the only intent requirement for a 'true threat' is that the defendant intentionally or knowingly communicate the threat.” And Donald Trump has said time and again that anything he says is true...meaning even his alluding to or wishing for possible violence can and should be taken as a 'true threat.'

And while Justice Learned Hand, a champion of free speech, stated in his 1917 opinion 'Masses v. United States' that even dangerous 'dissident speech' was somewhat protected under the First Amendment, he conceded that government could regulate and call to task any speaker who would "counsel or advise a man" to commit an unlawful act...which is exactly what Donald Trump did with his threats about bad things happening if he is denied the nomination.

And even if Trump's 'true threat' words were to be dismissed...which I believe they should not be what with the pattern of violence at his rallies and events increasing while he feeds into it with vile rhetoric (see my Right Side Patriots partner and friend Craig Andresen's and my joint article about just that here: must also be noted that Trump's words about possible riots are nothing but a ploy...a scare disenfranchise voters into not voting at all if the delegates or the party award the nomination to anybody but him. In fact, Donald Trump has even stated that if he does not get the nomination that he will bring charges that a contested convention is illegitimate, and that he will advise his many supporters not to back the nominee so as to do as much damage to the Republican party as he possibly can.

And folks, if that is not yet another threat then seriously I don't know what is.

So now while Donald Trump's 'true threats' seem to be taken as nothing but made-for-TV media ratings fodder, we are left with a game of mathematics...will Trump reach the 1,237 number needed for the nomination before it goes to convention or will Ted Cruz or John Kasich be able to stop him. And let's be honest here...John Kasich with his lowly 68 delegates has no chance of stopping Trump before the convention, while Ted Cruz has an outside chance of pulling it off...that is if he can pull 78% of all the remaining delegates from the states who have not yet voted into his corner. It's a long shot but it can be done if he can secure former candidate Marco Rubio's 170 delegates once they are released...or better yet if a deal is worked out and announced before the convention for a Cruz/Rubio ticket.

Now that is something I could go for and a ticket like that would steamroller over Hillary in a heartbeat. And it would also knock the wind out of both Donald Trump's campaign and any words he could say because together Cruz and Rubio have more delegates and support than Trump...and no threats made and no hopes of violence can counter truly is that simple.