Thursday, July 22, 2021

'Bloodied' Little Havana demonstrator slams Biden: 'Cubans don't want vaccines, they want freedom'
Miami Beach Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar said Biden has refused multiple meeting requests.

A Little Havana, Fla., demonstrator covered in theatrical blood; gagged, handcuffed and chained told "Hannity" on Wednesday that his attire is a euphemism for the plight of the Cuban people who have suffered under 62 years of dictatorship – as well as a cry for help to a president he said seems uninterested in supporting Cuban civilians' rights.

The man, who did not give his name, spoke through "Freedom"-embossed duct tape.

"These chains represent the dictatorship in Cuba. This blood represents the blood that is going to be on the hands of those who stand next to the dictatorship – and not next to the Cuban people," he said.

"Joe Biden, Cuba wants freedom," he said, addressing the president. "They need freedom. They don’t want vaccines, they don't want food, they need freedom: That’s what the Cuban people deserve, and that’s what they want."

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Dem Pollster Circles Another Issue Biden Cannot Ignore Unless He Wants a Political Disaster
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

Dem Pollster Circles Another Issue Biden Cannot Ignore Unless He Wants a Political Disaster
You’ve heard about this issue for weeks now. It’s not just a little thing. It won’t go away. It must be dealt with as past presidencies have done. Some successfully, others not so much. Some correctly call it a tax increase, and it’s being felt by everyone right now. It’s inflation. It’s bound to plague us for many more months as well. Not good for a president whose party is barely clinging onto their majorities in the House and Senate. Now, Democratic pollsters are warning that political disaster awaits if it’s not dealt with seriously. Also, women voters will be the first to notice (via Axios):

Celinda Lake, who polled for the Biden presidential campaign and still advises Team Biden, told Axios that worries about inflation are coming through loud and clear in both public polls and her own focus groups.

"Women voters are really experiencing it, because they're always more focused on kitchen table economics, microeconomics," Lake said.