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Investigative Report
Jeffrey Epstein...Suicide or Suicided?
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“We will get to the bottom of what happened. There will be accountability.”
- Attorney General William Barr on hearing of Jeffrey Epstein's untimely death

The timing and the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death was perfect...Hollywood itself could not have staged it any better. And the Democrats are happily wallowing in that timing as it took the public's attention off the much needed wall, the what is a “trade war” with China, mass shootings, as well as the circus that is the entirety of the Democrats presidential contenders...where by the way there is not a decent one in the bunch. And the timing put the spotlight back on sex...after all sex and sex scandals sells papers and bumps up media ratings better than any other news story can.

And Jeffrey Epstein's story in itself would make a great movie if it wasn't such a travesty from the get-go...if it wasn't such an obvious case of “this guy needs to be permanently silenced” before he can squeal on those in high places in order to save his own sorry self.

And by now we all the story of how underage girls...some as young as 14...were either coerced or forced into boarding Epstein's private jet dubbed the “Lolita Express” to be whisked off to Little St. James island...his own private island in the Virgin Islands...where they basically became sex toys for the rich, famous, and powerful...and that including a former president, former and current U.S. politicians, actors, corporate moguls, and even a prince or well as their having to “service” Epstein's own personal sexual perversions.

Briefly, we all know the background arrest story of how back in 2008 after his first arrest, Jeffrey Epstein beat serious sex trafficking charges by cutting a plea deal with then Florida U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta. Agreeing to plead guilty to two felony prostitution charges in Florida state court in exchange for he and his accomplices receiving immunity from federal sex-trafficking charges that could have...and should have...sent him and them to prison for life, this deal, called a “federal non-prosecution agreement,” was sealed so that no one, not even his victims, could know the full extent of Epstein's crimes nor who else was involved. Serving but 13 months in a private wing of the Palm Beach County jail...where some say he was treated like a “celebrity”...Epstein saw those who helped “schedule” his own private sex sessions and those who “enjoyed” the young girls themselves never being prosecuted at all.

Talk about a miscarriage of justice...a miscarriage that rightfully came back to haunt U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta...the man who cut the plea deal while knowing full well the scope of Jeffrey Epstein's international sex-trafficking operation. Tapped by President Trump to be his new Labor Secretary, last month Acosta was forced to resign in disgrace, because if it wasn't for him allowing Epstein to cut said deal dozens of underage girls and young women would not have had to go through the hell that they did.

We also know that last month, on July 6th to be exact, the past finally caught up with 66-year old Jeffrey Epstein as he was arrested yet again this time on brand new sex-trafficking and conspiracy charges...charges which he of course denied...charges which led to his jailing with no bond allowed to be posted and with his facing a possible 45 years in jail if found guilty...jailing which in turn led to his death by his own hand...or did he have “help,” if you will, in this, his last endeavor?

And the question of his death alone is the crux of this investigative report, as from here on there is no need to go into all the minute details of what is already Epstein's well known and documented past, for the questions surrounding his “supposed” suicide as well as the who's who of those possibly involved...and that includes legally calling to task some of the rich and powerful who willingly and with pleasure partook in Epstein's perversions...just might help in bringing some modicum of justice for his now reported to be dozens of victims.

So let's begin with the events and circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death...a death the odds makers themselves were betting would eventually happen...and begin with both the known facts and some much researched educated guesses after viewing publicly released which not so surprisingly are now being removed from the well as case documents...before we get into the “who's to blame” game.

Fact: On the Friday morning preceding Epstein's death, almost 2,000 documents from a civil suit were unsealed and released...documents providing lurid first-person accounts of his sexually abusing scores of young girls... documents that also included serious “allegations of impropriety” being leveled against several prominent Democrats including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell and ex-New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, as well as Britain's Prince Andrew.

Fact: Jeffrey Epstein was found in his cell to be “unresponsive”...translation: guards doing morning rounds in the Protective Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (in Lower Manhattan) on Saturday, August 10th at 6:30am...dead “from an apparent suicide,” as per a statement issued by the Bureau of Prisons. This “high profile” inmate involved in a “high profile case”...a case surely to have major blow-back across the political world...this very man had been put on suicide watch after his first “supposed” suicide attempt back on July 23rd, less than a week after being denied bond. Found on his cell's floor with injuries to his neck, those injuries remained “undetermined” as to who or what caused them, until recently that is. More on that in a bit.

Fact: Epstein was taken off suicide watch about a week or so before he “supposedly” hung himself from the bedpost in his two-person bunk-bed equipped cell, yet no one thought that due to Friday's document dump and it's corresponding fallout that maybe Epstein again needed to be placed on suicide watch.

Fact: Jeffrey Epstein, as per prison protocol, was “supposed” to be checked on by two prison guards every 30 minutes during the night, and was “supposed” to have another inmate in the cell with him.

Yet protocol “just happened” not to be followed the night of Epstein's “supposed” suicide with his now proven not to have been checked on for at least three hours...proven by one of the guards admitting that the time-check logs has been falsified to say that Epstein was checked on. Also, one of the guards in question was not actually employed as a corrections officer but was permitted to serve as other words a “substitute,” And his cellmate (more on him in a bit) had already been transferred to another cell less than a day before Epstein “supposedly” killed himself...another flagrant violation of protocol. In other words, Jeffrey Epstein, who was not to be left alone was left alone, unmonitored, and unattended in the hours leading up to the time he hung himself and in the time... possibly hours...thereafter.

Fact: While some news reports originally stated that the video cameras in Epstein's cell were “not working” the night/morning in question, the truth is there are no video cameras in the individual cells in the protective unit where federal inmate Jeffrey Epstein was held. The cameras are in the hallways and common areas of said unit alone. And while actual suicide watch cells do indeed have video cameras in them, at the time of his death Epstein was in a regular not in a suicide watch cell.

Fact: Jeffrey Epstein's estranged younger brother Mark Epstein was who identified Epstein's body when it was brought to the morgue...and contrary to what some conspiracy folks are saying, the body was indeed that of Jeffrey Epstein and not some “body double.” And yes, Epstein did die by hanging, but the question as we posed earlier remains...did he die by his own hand or was he “assisted along?”

Now let's go back to about three weeks ago, when Epstein, as previously stated “supposedly” tried to commit suicide. Attempted to or not, Epstein was found with suspicious marks on his neck, and it was at this point that he was put on suicide watch, meaning he was now to be housed in a special single person cell...a cell with no bars, a cell with nothing protruding from the walls or ceiling from which he could hang himself, a cell with a steel door without bars from which he could potentially tie anything to. That cell also had a very large glass window and cameras were mounted either inside the cell or positioned outside the cell with an unobstructed view of the inside of said cell.

Then just days before Jeffrey Epstein was discovered dead, he was transferred out of that suicide watch cell at the request of his attorney, and was then placed in a more general “regular” cell, one whose sole window was encased within the steel door and bars that completed a double door system. This new cell was a two-man cell with an upper and lower bunk.

Epstein’s cellmate had previously been Nicholas Tartaglione, a 51-year old hulk of an ex-cop facing the death penalty on federal murder and drug raps, and it was Tartaglione...the man Jeffrey Epstein had already informed prison officials that he was afraid of...who was then transferred out of Epstein’s “regular” two-man cell when Epstein was transferred into the suicide watch cell. And why was Tartaglione transferred out of the that when Epstein was able to return to his “regular” two-man cell the man he was afraid of would not be there. Reportedly, upon Epstein’s return from suicide watch, he was returned to the same two-man cell but with a different cellmate.

That brings us to a five-part mystery.

First, could the suspicious marks found on Epstein’s neck been made by the hulking ex-cop cellmate rather than a suicide attempt? It’s more than just possible, it’s very plausible, and we’ll have more on that shortly. Second, who was the new cellmate? Frankly, we don’t know simply because no name for that cellmate, to date, has been released. Third, why exactly was this unnamed cellmate removed from Epstein’s cell just hours before Epstein was discovered dead? Fourth, according to prison protocol at that facility, if a prisoner is in a two-man cell and one prisoner is transferred out of that cell, a new cellmate should have been immediately brought in, which did not happen. And fifth, the remaining prisoner, in this case Jeffrey Epstein, should then have been moved to a single-man cell, which also didn’t happen. Again, why not?

At the very least, the timing of these events is highly suspicious and presents questions that demand answers. Nonetheless, Jeffrey Epstein is dead, leaving many more questions than we have answers to.

But from an actual medical standpoint what do we know? This is a difficult question to answer at this point in time, because as we write this investigative report information is coming in bits and pieces which leads to yet another question. How many of those bits and pieces can be believed at face value? We’ll get back to that, but there are some things that we can tell you based upon the information we already have been able to verify.

First, there are photos of Jeffrey Epstein being taken from the Metropolitan Correctional Center by NYFD, and in one of those photos most of Epstein’s face is clearly visible. In that photo several things immediately jumped out at us first of which is that Epstein was wearing orange prison pants and an orange prison shirt (which you can see bunched up at the base of his neck) which tells us that he did not hang himself with his own garments.

The second thing readily visible is the color of his hands and forearms, as well as the color of his face. Epstein's hands and forearms show the color of pallid death with his fingers curled inward. That is very important as it speaks to how long Jeffrey Epstein was dead before being discovered. As rigor mortis sets in the extremities are the first to stiffen with the hands curling inwards, and rigor mortis generally does not set in for roughly two and a half hours after death.

That time frame is consistent with what has been reported as a three hour gap between the times that Epstein had been checked on by the guards.

Jeffrey Epstein’s face, however, tells a vastly different story. Epstein’s face is a grotesque bluish purple color which would be consistent with someone whose neck, whose windpipe, had been compressed in death...consistent with either hanging or some other form of strangulation. But there’s more to his face than initially meets the casual eye as Epstein’s left ear is a mess. It’s nearly black, swollen, and somewhat misshapen. That is not a side effect of either hanging or strangulation, and is instead much more consistent with a blow to that side of the head before death.

Remember, Epstein was reportedly to be alone in his cell at the time of his death, but he was not alone in the days or weeks prior to his death. The cellmate who had been transferred out of Epstein’s cell, Nicholas Tartaglione, was a man of immense size and as we previously stated Epstein was very afraid of him. Could it be that Epstein took a beating from the ex-cop cellmate even before being transferred to suicide watch? Would such injuries still be apparent even a couple of weeks out from such a beating? Could it be that Epstein’s prior suicide attempt was not a suicide attempt, but a prison “beat-down” instead? All that is very possible, and it would account for what appears to be some sort of visible ear injury, although we probably well never be able to find out because there were no cameras in Jeffrey Epstein's cell.

No cameras at all to help shed light on the recent disclosure by the ME's office...who up until this point has not officially signed off on the death certificate...a disclosure which indicated that Jeffrey Epstein had “sustained multiple broken bones” in his neck, including a complete fracture of the hyoid bone...a bone near the Adams apple. And while this type of injury could possibly be the result of hanging, most medical literature states that a broken...a fractured...hyoid bone, which Epstein had, is more common in homicides by strangulation then it is by hanging...especially the type of hanging like in Epstein's case which would be more conducive to slow asphyxiation than to any broken neck bones.

And then suddenly, late Friday afternoon of August 16th, the chief medical examiner in New York City, Dr. Barbara Sampson, signed off on Jeffrey Epstein's death certificate and stated that she had found no "foul play" involved. Releasing a statement to the affect that after reviewing the autopsy and after doing a "careful review of all the investigative information," that she had now determined Jeffrey Epstein's death to be caused by "hanging," and that the manner of death was "suicide."

Now clearly going against the vast majority of medical literature that suggests strangulation as the cause of death when one's neck bones are broken in the way that Epstein's were, leaves one to wonder exactly how Dr. Sampson arrived at her conclusion...or was she politically in was she "politely influenced"  to do so.

And why do we say this...because Dr. Barbara Sampson has a bit of a blemish on her record. Formally appointed to her position as New York City's Chief Medical Examiner on December 10, 2014, by Mayor Bill DeBlasio, in 2015, she was behind the firing of one Marina Stajic, the woman who had been director of the toxicology laboratory at the city’s Chief Medical Examiner's office since 1986. And why...because Ms. Stajic had openly questioned whether the ME's office had sufficiently verified the reliability of a "novel form" of DNA testing being used in criminal cases, as she was concerned that incorrect use of the DNA testing technique could lead to wrongful convictions. In fact, Dr. Sampson was the Acting Chief ME back in 2014 when Ms. Stajic voted on a state panel to compel the office to release a study proving the technique’s validity.

Taking the case of her firing to court on the grounds that she was "pushed out" because she had dared to challenge the controversial DNA testing technique, Marina Stajic saw her case settled before trial to the tune of one million dollars. But more importantly, Ms. Stajic's case proved that the ME's office had never performed the study of the DNA technique as it had claimed.

Sheds a bit of new light on things now doesn't it.

Now let's go back to a few days after we made note of the above stated characteristics from the photos, word came out that Epstein had hanged himself with a bed sheet, and reports from officials claimed that part of the sheet had been tied around his neck with the other end tied to the top bunk in his cell. Epstein, it was reported, was crouched nearly on his knees and leaning forward towards the floor when he was discovered. While this is not impossible, it is somewhat unusual. There have been others who have committed suicide in much the same manor, but it is neither an easy nor a quick way to accomplish the deed.

In such a position death would come slowly, and escape from death would be as simple as standing up...a natural reflex before one would pass out. It should also be noted that in order to successfully commit suicide in this manner, one would need a rather narrow strip of material which would have to be tied very tightly around the neck, and one would have to manage to get one’s self into just the exact right position with enough pressure on the throat to constrict the oxygen supply long enough to lose consciousness before death took place. Know that it's quite difficult to attain the desired outcome in this manner, but also know that it's not impossible. Robin Williams committed suicide with a belt around his neck, the other end of which was wedged between a closet door and the door frame while in a sitting position leaning forward.

One would really, really want to die to commit suicide in the way Epstein reportedly a way so as to not allow one’s natural reflex to stand up and relieve the pressure on one's neck before it was too late...which now begs the question...did Jeffrey Epstein really, really want to die?

And to that affect the bottom line is this...Jeffrey Epstein's last words to his attorney before he was found hanged were, “I'll see you on Sunday,” meaning there was no indication that he wanted to die. Jeffrey Epstein needed to be kept alive at all costs as he was the conduit by which to both bring others to justice and to secure justice for his victims.

But it now becomes apparent that those charged with keeping Epstein alive failed in their duties, and while the blame game is one thing that must be looked into, more importantly is the fact that Jeffrey Epstein was most probably murdered...a murder dressed up to look like a suicide.

And why do we say murdered...because while Epstein was most certainly a sexual deviant he was a magnet for other's just like himself, and the sexual deviants he attracted were among the political, the corporate, and even the royal elite. People like this do tend to think they are above the law, but Jeffrey Epstein had the ultimate insurance policy to keep himself somewhat protected because he had the foresight to compile records and videos of the who's who of said sexually “deviant elite.”

We have always said that Jeffrey Epstein's “suicide” was quite possibly the most widely anticipated and universally predicted such event in history, solely because of the identities of the other sexually “deviant elites” involved... primarily of which would be William Jefferson Clinton. After all, in a cesspool of sexually “deviant elites” the name Bill Clinton always seems to float to the top...and besides the flight manifests for Epstein's private jet shows Bill Clinton having been a passenger at least 26 times with the manifests also showing that more times than not he flew on said jet minus his secret service protection.

And while most of the trips take Clinton on random excursions with Epstein and other various members of the sexually “deviant elite”...trips to Africa, Europe, Asia, and the U.S...sworn affidavits and photographs from witnesses have placed Bill Clinton on Epstein's private island on at least four different occasions. Now the question is, why would a former U.S. president think it was okay to fly on a jet, private or otherwise, with the public moniker “The Lolita Express”...common sense alone would dictate they would not and yet Bill Clinton did.

So now let's cut to the chase and say that we, as Right Side Patriots, in our opinion, believe that Bill and more importantly that Hillary Clinton are involved in Jeffrey Epstein's “suicide” death. And no, we do not mean that either of them personally played a physical part in his death, but that they had what we call a “blueprint for death” ever since Whitewater as the trail of 86 previous dead bodies prove it.

Remember, there is a long history that cannot be ignored, as part of the Clinton legacy includes the names of 86 people connected to the Clinton's who have "met their demise" in rather untimely manners. Some of the names on that list are well known like James McDougal, Seth Rich, and Vince Foster just to name a few, along with a lengthy list of others also connected to both the Clinton's, including former bodyguards. Amongst the names on that list are those of some who, like Jeffrey Epstein, died of suicide by hanging, and others are named who died while in prison under more than a bit cloudy circumstances.

However, we are now going to say what others have dared not say for we do believe the Clinton's are not only connected to the previous 86 in the infamous Clinton Body Countlist...but that while Bill Clinton had a part in comprising said list, that the one who actually signed off on the “hit” was Hillary Clinton alone. And why do we believe this...while Bill Clinton is obviously a key member of the sexually “deviant elite,” Hillary is addicted to the political power her husband wields. Remember, Bill Clinton knew his time in the political limelight was up upon leaving office, but Hillary cannot give up the spotlight no matter that she is no longer relevant even to her own party. Hillary fully realizes that any illusion of political power or social standing she enjoys is courtesy of her husband. If her husband's reputation ever were to truly fall, any power Hillary thinks she has or holds falls along with him...after all, this is the woman who during the time of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal said she will “stand by her man.”

Also remember, the 86 names on theClinton Body Count list are not the names of passing acquaintances rather they are the names of people with deep connections to the Clinton's, and every single name on the list belonged to someone involved in illicit or possibly illegal deals and thus held “dirt” on the Clinton's. Reading through the list it cannot be a matter of coincidence that so many were poised to testify against the Clinton's when they died.

By August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein had become a prime candidate to become the 87th name on the Clinton Body Count list. He and the Clinton's were tight, they had traveled together, and Epstein most certainly had the evidence against Hillary’s husband... manifests, photos, witnesses, videos, and more...and Epstein’s insurance policy surely would have taken Bill Clinton down with him. And Hillary having already invested a good deal of her life and her connections to keep her husband from becoming the architect of his own political demise, would see Hillary, on the brink of her own political irrelevance, desperately trying to cling to whatever vestiges of power and privilege she has left. Any deal Epstein may have struck would have doomed the Clinton's and Hillary was clearly well aware of that fact.

Having someone who was about to tear down the Clinton's empire “suicided” is not, we believe, anywhere near a foreign concept to the Clinton's, nor would hanging be a foreign concept to Hillary. In fact, during the 2016 campaign, as the tide was turning against her, Hillary reportedly emailed a rather stern directive to then DNC Chair Donna Brazile stating that, “If That F****** Bastard Wins, We’re Going To Hang From Nooses! You Better Fix This!” And while there could be no more “fixing” Epstein, Epstein hanging from a noose seems to fit perfectly with theClinton Body Countprotocol.

And while we all know that the Clinton's...most especially Hillary...know people in “low places,” and to have accomplished what now appears to be the possible murder of Jeffrey Epstein, one would need to call upon those in said “low places."

And what could be lower than a cop gone rogue, as in Jeffrey Epstein's very first cellmate, the hulking ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione. Remember, Epstein feared this man and sustained suspicious injuries to his neck while they were cellmates. We believe Tartaglione may have been the first attempt on Jeffrey Epstein's life but he failed to deliver, because instead of his being found dead, Epstein was found unconscious on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck. Remember, Jeffrey Epstein never said he tried to commit suicide, that was all supposition on the part of the prison physician.

After receiving the neck injuries, Epstein was moved to a special suicide watch cell for one week, then at the request of his attorney, he was placed in a different two-person cell with a new cellmate whose name has never been released. It should also be noted that removing Jeffrey Epstein from suicide watch required the signatures of the prison’s psychiatrist and a high level member of the prison’s staff, as in the warden. And said warden, one Lamine N’Diaye, has been “temporarily reassigned.” 

We believe the second attempt on Jeffrey Epstein’s life came on the night of August 9th when he had been left alone in a two-man cell...which again is against prison protocol...and while the two guards assigned to check on him every 30 minutes were “supposedly” in sleeping on the job. It should also be noted that both of those “supposedly” overworked guards had volunteered for that specific duty on that specific night yet they both just happened to fall asleep at the most critical time while on duty. Also, neither of them are cooperating with the investigators and instead have “lawyered up” as evidence shows that they were the ones who altered the official time logs as to the time when they “supposedly” fell asleep. By early the next morning, Epstein was found on his knees, slumped forward, “supposedly” with a bed sheet around his neck.

We also believe that said second attempt on Epstein’s life was a hastily orchestrated “Plan B” after “Plan A,” the Tartaglione attempt, failed. Tartaglione, as we previously stated, was up on a federal murder charge, and if he was convicted he faced life without parole. He had nothing to lose. Epstein however, survived, and it's our opinion that the lacking of another prison inmate willing or capable of doing the deed, and with Epstein and his attorneys close to making some sort of deal, something had to be done to silence Epstein before he was able to provide evidence worthy of said deal. It's our opinion that Jeffrey Epstein was incapable of breaking several bones in his own neck by his hanging himself in the manner that was reported. The reported method of hanging described in official reports, on his knees and slumped forward, would have slowly asphyxiated Epstein not broken his neck.

As for Nicholas Tartaglione, you might wonder what was in it for him...if what we suspect is true...and that's quite easy to explain. Like previously stated, Tartaglione was a rogue...a dirty...cop facing a life sentence with no possibility of parole, and the fact is that cops don't last very long in prison for obvious reasons. Was his “pay” for getting rid of Epstein protection for his “safety” while serving his time...we think that's a strong possibility. Another possibility is that maybe Taraglione's family will be “well taken care of” as the family breadwinner no longer can. But in regards to Tartaglione, because he failed in what we suspect was his “mission,” don't be surprised if he too is not suddenly found dead.

Bottom line...Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, as we believe he had help in that regard, including that he was strangled to death and then his body was “set-up” to look like a suicide. Somebody had to orchestrate the “hit” on the very man who knew too much, and somebody had to choreograph it. And to get to someone in a prison cell, the step by step choreography needed to come from the inside, and in this case, especially after the failure of  “Plan A,” certain corners had to be cut while certain cover had to be manufactured. That’s an “inside job,” but as to who led the orchestration of it all...that would require someone with the right connections, someone with a history of having done such orchestrating before and gotten away with it...someone who had everything to lose had Jeffrey Epstein managed to present his evidence in return for a deal.

And who better would that person be than “low life” Hillary Rodham Clinton herself...the woman who dared not let her husband be dragged down or worse in yet another sex scandal...dragged down seeing her and her never ending ambitions and quest for power along with it.

As for Warden Lamine N’Diaye, he needs to be charged with criminally negligent homicide for he knew well that his staff was overworked...part of the cover-up and blame game it seems...and should have had Jeffrey Epstein moved to a more secure prison. As for the two “asleep on the job” guards...the very guards who falsified the official record time logs...if they are found to have had any part in Epstein's what we believe to be murder then they themselves need to be brought up on murder charges. And as for Dr. Sampson, if, and we only say if, she in any way was "coerced" to rule Jeffrey Epstein's death a "suicide," then she needs to harshly be called to task for while she obviously would not be part of his murder she surely would be part of its cover up.

If we are correct in our presented suppositions, and considering the track record regarding the Clinton Body Count list...adding one more name to that list changes nothing, as we believe, the Clinton's will remain among the most prolific serial killers in America in both the 20th and 21st centuries.


Timeline of Events Leading Up To Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Tuesday, July 23rd 
Epstein’s first "supposed" suicide attempt resulted in injuries to his neck. Unknown whether it was a suicide attempt or inflicted by cellmate. 51-year old ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione. Nicholas Tartaglione was transferred out of cell at Epstein’s attorney’s request because Epstein was afraid of Tartaglione. 

Epstein reportedly placed on suicide watch in special suicide watch cell alone and given daily psychiatric evaluations. 

Tuesday, July 30th 
After a week of daily evaluations, Epstein is reportedly taken off suicide watch. Details about why he was taken off the watch or any special precautions corrections officers were urged to take remain unknown, but former prison official Jack Donson told The Associated Press that Epstein’s removal from suicide watch would have had to have been approved by both the MCC's warden and chief psychologist. Upon release from his suicide watch cell, Epstein was placed in a different cell than the one he had shared with Tartaglione but the reason for that change of cells has not been provided, nor has the identity of Epstein's second and final cellmate at the MCC not been publicly disclosed. 

Friday, August 9th 
Thousands of documents are unsealed in connection with a defamation case against a woman accused of recruiting underage girls for Epstein. The document dump revealed dozens of high-profile individuals who partied or flew with Epstein on his private plane, and included allegations of impropriety against several of them, including prominent Democrats former Maine Sen. George Mitchell and ex-New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. 

At some point on the Friday, August 9th before he died, Epstein’s cellmate...identity unknown...was moved to a new cell for an unspecified reason. Epstein reportedly is not assigned another cellmate as per protocol, and is alone in his cell for the remainder of the night and the next morning. 

Night of August 9th and Early Morning of August 19th 
While protocol mandates physical checks on prisoners at that facility every 30 minutes, Epstein is not checked on for several hours. Of the two guards assigned to Epstein, one, a man, is not actually employed as a corrections officer but is permitted to work as one to fill in, and both were working overtime at the understaffed facility. One of the guards, a woman, is working a mandated shift while the other is in the middle of an 80-hour workweek. 

There are reports that the guards were sleeping while on duty. Both guards had volunteered for that night’s shifts, and neither is talking to investigators. Both have lawyered up. 

Saturday Morning, August 10th 
Epstein is reportedly found hanging, knees on the floor of his cell, leaning forward towards the floor with one end of a bed sheet tied around his neck and the other end secured to the top bunk. 

Epstein taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at about 6:30am.

Tuesday Afternoon,, August 13th 
Medical Examiners office reports that Epstein’s autopsy is finished, but not ready to be made public pending more information. 

Wednesday, August 14th 
Medical Examiner reports finding that Epstein "sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones," including the hyoid bone, which is near the Adam's apple. 

Late Afternoon, Friday, August 16th 
The official results of Epstein's autopsy, just announced by the city’s medical examiner’s office, show that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in his Manhattan jail cell, and that the cause of death was suicide by hanging. 

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