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Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the Muslim Vote 
By Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

We need 5,000 muslims to run for public office in order to short-circuit the bigots power grid.” - Imraan Siddiq, a member of CAIR-Arizona’s Board of Directors

There's an old saying, “It's always darkest before the dawn,” and right now those words are quite apropos as things in our beloved America seem to be going from bad to worse. COVID-19 still is not under control; the BLM and Antifa sorts are not just “behaving badly” but are actually waging war against our country via anarchy and insurrection; major Democrat controlled cities are under attack while their Democrat mayors and state governors sit back and watch while not lifting a finger to stop it; all while our economy is now slowly reopening and moving forward but with momentum that is tenuous at best. 
And while President Trump is of course being blamed by the left for all our country's current woes, none of which were of his doing, in addition to all this is that once again we are being media diverted away from yet another problem, a serious problem that in the end might be even worse and more telling than the Democrats initiated “race war.” Simply, America is forgetting that she still has a muslim problem so to speak, and it's growing and getting more serious by the day...I cannot say it any more directly than that.

How so? Right now key muslim mouthpieces are claiming that it's muslims alone who will determine whether President Trump is reelected or not, and there's a remote possibility that they might not be wrong.

Laughing...please don't...for the Democrat hierarchy could very well be the driving force behind the muslims becoming a major anti-Trump political bloc going into the November presidential election. Again how the simple action of getting out the muslim vote. And while currently America's 3.5 million muslims comprise but about one percent of the total U.S. population, muslims, unlike some other minority groups, do seem to vote as can be witnessed by the 2018 midterm election results.

Remember, in 2018 a so-called “muslim wave” saw 172 muslims running for office...including running for school boards, county supervisors, mayors, state legislatures, and other positions...with 63 of them, including anti-American Ilhan Omar and Jew-hater Rashida Tlaib, winning House and other state and local seats. Then in 2019, 94 muslims ran for office winning 46 of those elections, all done through both grassroots campaigning and embracing a hard left political platform. 
Oh and by the way, a few of those running were the sons and daughters of parents who were either not U.S. citizens or who had terrorist connections...interesting I'd say.

And for muslim voters it's these winning numbers that now puts Donald Trump dead center of their political bullseye especially with most of the previously stated election wins happening in three key swing states...Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania...three states won by Trump in 2016...three must win states that right now appear on the surface to be an electoral college toss-up what with all having large muslim populations...muslim populations with a specific islamic political agenda in mind. And what is the ultimate agenda of our country's fastest growing “religious group,” most especially amongst its ever vocal radical followers and leaders, but to see both sharia law replacing the Constitution as the law of the land coupled with islam becoming the official U.S. state sponsored religion.

And those in the Democrat hierarchy know this but are doing nothing to stop the muslim agenda...good little America-hating, socialism wanting, islamic condoners that most Democrats are.

Remember too, muslims...who collectively as a whole do not and will not ever support President Trump...are also known to collectively hold a grudge against the man, and they will continue to do so because of Trump's so-called “muslim ban” ...a ban he (rightfully) put into effect via executive order soon after assuming office...a SCOTUS upheld ban which denied entry to immigrants from mostly muslim-majority countries...Middle Eastern countries that either sponsor, support, and/or sanction terrorism. And know this grudge will not abate any time soon no matter that last Wednesday, the Democrat controlled House voted 233-183 to pass legislation they called theNo Ban Act” act that would reverse Trump's “muslim ban”...and they did so even while knowing that it will (thankfully) go nowhere in the Republican controlled Senate. 

Nothing liking fanning the flames of muslim malcontents...nothing like wasting time and taxpayer dollars during an election year now is there.

And who, trying but miserably failing to be altruistic, championed this very muslim condoning act...none other than Democrat presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden, the very puppet of a man who will cater to any and all groups whose votes he can possibly garner. Saying in a tweet soon after the vote that, Today, the House passed the #NoBanAct because no one should be discriminated against or singled out based on the faith they practice. I will end President Trump's Muslim Ban on day one and sign this bill into law,” it's too bad that Uncle Joe forgets he has to beat Donald Trump first. 
Besides what better way to convince easily swayed muslim voters to get out and vote for him than to both keep their hatred of Donald Trump going and by his praising islam by saying that islam is “one of the great confessional faiths,” both of which Biden recently did via a live video feed from his basement hangout. Telling the 3,000 muslim voters attending a two-day video conference called the 'Million Muslim Votes Summit' that there is an “unconscionable rise in Islamophobia” under the Trump administration and that that he wishes, “we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” leaves me to wonder just what would both Jesus and our Forefathers have to say about those words.

Continuing on in his basement bloviations by saying and heralding back to last Wednesday's House vote that, "Muslim communities are the first to feel Donald Trump's assault on Black and brown communities in this country, with his vile Muslim ban. That fight was the opening barrage in what has been nearly four years of constant pressure and insults"...Biden added that, "If I have the honour of being president, I will end the Muslim ban on day one." Guess Uncle Joe once again forgets...dementia will do that you know...that he first needs to beat President Trump, with it seeming that the only possible way to do so is by his fanning the fires of hate...just like Obama did with his now infamous “If I had a son...” Trayvon Martin quote.

And so the man who thinks that Christianity, Judaism, and islamcome from the same root here, in terms of our fundamental basic beliefs...” has now been endorsed by 'Emgage Action,' the Muslim American political action committee that both sponsored and organized the very teleconference whose muslim attendees Biden pandered to. And pandering he did by showing what are his true islamic condoning colors for Joe Biden did not talk about let alone mention how muslims must start confronting radical islamic groups that are responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent people in if one does not condemn they surely do condone.

Says a lot about the man who wants to be America's president now doesn't it.

And so with Joe Biden most assuredly securing the muslim vote, tainted as it is, dare we not forget that come election time muslims will once again pull out and play the infamous “race card,” thus hopefully using it to their advantage, even though “muslim” is not now a race nor will it ever be a race. And even while the “race card” will continue to be played from now until November (and probably beyond) what with the BLM sorts not just continuing to “behave badly” but egging on black candidates to use it against white candidates, muslims will also pick up that card...most likely referring to it as the “cultural racism card”...and relish in playing the same game but propagandizing it as American racism against muslims and their culture.
Remember, muslims love using islam itself and so-called islamaphobia to their advantage via both intimidation and the preying on the weak, the gullible, and the fearful, while at the same time claiming that as political priorities change, so too must racial definitions. But the truth regarding muslims is that racial definitions do not change nor can they be rationalized away or be given intellectual legitimacy to solely in an effort to manipulate what is racism and what is not racism. And this is especially true when it concerns a group of people that is not a race...a group of people now using race for hoped for political expediency alone.

And a not too long ago example of this, an example that does seem benign on the surface but in reality is anything but benign, can easily be seen when in 2019, Rashida Tlaib deliberately wore a Palestinian robe to her House swearing-in ceremony and her fellow House members, ever fearful of a muslim in violence...caved and acquiesced into changing the House rules that banned the wearing of head coverings on the floor of Congress. And this was done simply to allow black muslima now Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to wear a hajib. After all, to Democrats it's better to trample on long standing House rules than, Heaven forbid, appear as being anti-muslim, anti-islamist racists, or (gasp) sexists. 
If you thought 2018 was a landmark year for American Muslim representation you’re going to be amazed by 2020 as we take our place at the table across all levels of government.” So says Shaun Kennedy, Executive Director of Jetpac (Justice Education Technology Political Advocacy Center) which, as per their mission statement, “seeks to build a strong American muslim political infrastructure and increase our community’s influence and engagement.”

So now as November draws nearer know that while 61% of registered muslim voters voted in 2016, that number will surely be much higher this go-round as the Democrats anti-Trump rhetoric begins to take on a life of its own. And with muslim candidates now launching grass root campaigns that focus on both protecting muslim rights and pushing forward what in reality is their anti-American agenda, their people are not only focusing on going into muslim communities to register their fellow muslims but to set up ways to actually get them to the polls to cast what will be their divisive votes. 

And the saddest part of all is that the Democrats know this and will use it to their political advantage while the liberal controlled mainstream media remains silent to the very problem that they too helped to create.

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