Thursday, September 23, 2021

Four House Republicans file impeachment articles against Biden over border and Afghanistan
A group of House Republicans has filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden

"I filed articles of impeachment against @POTUS based on what I believe to be clear violations of his duties," Rep. Bob Gibbs of Ohio posted on Twitter Wednesday the day after filing the impeachment articles. "There are dynamics in Congress preventing this from being debated. But I could not stand by while Biden commits flagrant & deliberate violations of his oath of office."

Gibbs explained that Biden's handling of the surge of illegal immigrants at the border and his attempts to extend the federal eviction moratorium constitute a failure to carry out his duties as president.

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Is the Biden Administration Lying About How Many Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released? 
Katie Pavlich / Townhall Tipsheet
The White House and Department of Homeland Security are refusing to give reporters, lawmakers and the American people the number of illegal immigrants, including thousands of Haitians, being released into American communities across the country. 

During testimony on Capitol Hill this week in front of the Senate and House Homeland Security Committees, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas failed to give numbers. For two days in a row he said he didn't have them available.

During Wednesday's White House briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to give numbers and referred reporters back to Mayorkas and DHS...who are also refusing to give numbers. 

So do they not know the numbers? Or are they lying about not knowing the numbers?  

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