Sunday, February 23, 2014


There’s an old joke that a quandary exists when your mother-in-law drives off a cliff in your new Porsche. Are you more happy about losing her or more unhappy about losing your sports car?

I’m not clever enough to come up with humorous quandaries, but I have shared policy quandaries.

I’ve asked, for instance, whether libertarians might have second thoughts about an end to drug prohibition if the result was bigger government.

And I speculated whether leftists or social conservatives would be more upset about a gay man legally adopting his lover in order to minimize Pennsylvania’s death tax.

And if you like this kind of thing, I have more than one dozen additional examples of these types of quandaries.

I have something else to add to the list, and it’s near and dear to my heart because I like to think that I’m among the biggest critics of both Obamacare and bureaucracy.

But what happens if there’s an issue pitting Obamacare and bureaucrats against each other? Would I be able to pick sides?

This isn’t theoretical speculation. Check out these excerpts from a recent report in the New York Times.
Cities, counties, public schools and community colleges around the country have limited or reduced the work hours of part-time employees to avoid having to provide them with health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, state and local officials say. …Even after the administration said this month that it would ease coverage requirements for larger employers, public employers generally said they were keeping the restrictions on work hours because their obligation to provide health insurance, starting in 2015, would be based on hours worked by employees this year. Among those whose hours have been restricted in recent months are police dispatchers, prison guards, substitute teachers, bus drivers, athletic coaches, school custodians, cafeteria workers and part-time professors.
To be honest, I don’t know how to react to this.

Am I glad that we have more evidence that Obamacare is hurting people and reducing labor supply?

That’s obviously the case, and it’s an embarrassment to the Obama Administration.
For months, Obama administration officials have played down reports that employers were limiting workers’ hours. But in a report this month, the Congressional Budget Office said the Affordable Care Act could lead to a reduction in the number of hours worked, relative to what would otherwise occur. Jason Furman, the chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, reaffirmed the White House view that the law was “good for wages and incomes and for the economy over all.” …The Obama administration says “there is absolutely no evidence” of any job loss related to the Affordable Care Act.
One suspects, by the way, that the Obama White House must have a very strange definition of “job loss.”

They’ll only confess culpability, one imagines, if Obama personally delivers the pink slip or HHS Secretary Sebilius personally orders the loss of hours.

But let’s get back to our main point. I was wondering whether I should be happy to have this additional evidence against Obamacare.

But perhaps I should be glad instead that local governments are squeezing the hours and benefits of the bureaucracy, particularly since the alternative would be higher taxes.

Check out these passages from the NYT’s story. Isn’t it wonderful to read about sulking bureaucrats?
William J. Lipkin, an adjunct professor of American history and political science at Union County College in Cranford, N.J., said: “The Affordable Care Act, rather than making health care affordable for adjunct faculty members, is making it more unaffordable. Colleges are not giving us access to health care, and our hours are being cut, which means our income is being cut. We are losing on both ends.” The American Federation of Teachers lists on its website three dozen public colleges and universities in 15 states that it says have restricted the work assignments of adjunct or part-time faculty members to avoid the cost of providing health insurance.
Some people love the smell of napalm in the morning. Not me. I prefer the whining of angry and resentful bureaucrats. Maybe (as I’ve suggested before) Obamacare isn’t all bad after all.

But 98 percent bad is still bad. The law is a trainwreck and needs to be repealed.

P.S. On another topic, is anyone surprised that the IRS doesn’t like obeying the laws it enforces against the rest of us.
Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration found that the expenses for nine IRS executives — out of 31 whose travel was examined — were wrongly deemed to be nontaxable, on average reimbursements of $51,420. Those executives traveled an average of 140.5 days combined in fiscal 2011 and 2012, the two years examined by the inspector general. The IRS had at least 350 executives in each of those years, meaning the inspector general report covers just a fraction of the agency’s top officials.
Maybe we should save the IRS bureaucrats from potential legal trouble by scrapping the internal revenue code and replacing it with a simple and fair flat tax.

Now you know...

Obama doubles down on minimum wage; GOP still zeroed in on Obamacare

** FILE ** In this Feb. 12, 2014, file photo, President Barack Obama speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington. The White House says President Barack Obama's upcoming budget proposal will not include his past offer to accept lowered cost-of-living increases in Social Security and other benefit programs. Those had been a central component of his long-term debt-reduction strategy.  (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)
For the second week in a row, President Obama used his weekly address to push for a hike in the nation’s minimum wage while Republicans tried to keep Obamacare — and the negative effects of it — front and center.
The dueling strategies are a reflection of the paths both sides are likely to take heading into the crucial midterm elections, with the White House pushing its income-equality agenda and the president painting himself as an ally of the middle class.

Republicans, on the other hand, are intent on keeping the focus on the president’s signature health-care reform law in the hopes its fallout will hurt Democrats in the fall.

In his address, Mr. Obama again called on Congress to pass legislation raising the national minimum wage to $10.10 from $7.25; he’s already signed an executive order to that effect for all federal contractors.

The president also said Congress should follow the lead of private companies such as Gap, Inc., which voluntarily have increased employees’ salaries.

“Right now, there’s a bill before Congress that would boost America’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. That’s easy to remember — ten-ten. That bill would lift wages for more than 16 million Americans without requiring a single dollar in new taxes or spending,” the president said. “But even though a majority of Democrats, Independents and Republicans across the country support raising the minimum wage, Republicans in Congress don’t want to give it a vote.

Hardworking Americans deserve better than a ‘no.’ Let’s tell Congress to say ‘yes.’ Pass that bill. Give America a raise.”

In the Republican address, Rep. Tom Cotton told the story of a constituent named Elizabeth who saw her premiums rise by 85 percent, he said, as a result of Obamacare.

“Shes stopped shopping at locally owned businesses because she can’t afford their prices, so Obamacare is hurting her local community, too,” said Mr. Cotton, an Arkansas Republican who also is running to unseat his state’s Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor.

“For Elizabeth — and countless other Arkansans just like her — Obamacare is anything but an amazing success story. Her story shows us that this law and the president’s policies are fundamentally flawed … Republicans in Congress are committed to stopping the harms cased by the president’s policies, repairing the damage and getting America working again.”

U.S. Poll: Israel Still Most Favored Mideast Nation

Despite recent friction between Israel and the United States over Israel's construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Americans still view Israel as their most favored country in the Middle East, according to a new Gallup poll.

In fact, the 72 percent of poll respondents who say they have a "very favorable" view of Israel is the highest percentage since Gallup began the poll in 2010.

Back then, 67 percent viewed Israel very favorably, as did 66 percent last year.

The Gallup poll also found that 45 percent of Americans view Egypt favorably, up from 40 percent last year but down sharply from 58 percent in 2010.

As for Saudi Arabia, 35 percent view that nation favorably, while just 19 percent view Libya favorably, and 19 percent have a favorable view of the Palestinian Authority, virtually unchanged from 20 percent in 2010 but up from 15 percent last year.

Just 16 percent view Iraq favorably, and only 13 percent have a favorable view of Syria, an all-time low and the lowest percentage of all this year with the exception of Iran's 12 percent.

On Wednesday, the same day the Gallup results were released, Human Rights Watch reported that the Syrian government was using banned cluster bombs on its own citizens during the ongoing civil war.

A witness told the organization that a rocket that fell on the town of Keferzita "released small bomblets when it exploded in the air," the Jerusalem post reported.

Steve Goose, Human Rights Watch's arms division director, declared: "It is appalling that Syrian government forces are still using banned cluster munitions on their people."

Barack Obama and Pamela Geller win “Islamophobia” awards

/ Jihad Watch
IslamophobesCongratulations to my colleague Pamela Geller, winner of the Orwellian-named Islamic Human Rights Commission’s Islamophobia award. There must be weeping and gnashing of teeth at the White House over this: Obama has been unstintingly obsequious toward the Islamic world, even going so far as to declare his opposition to his own country’s Constitutional protection of the freedom of speech by declaring that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” But he has not acted against two vestiges of counter-terror programs that he inherited: Guantanamo (although he has freed jihad terrorists who were incarcerated there) and the drone attacks.

And for that, he is now an “Islamophobe.” That shows that this Islamic Human Rights Commission, which no doubt enjoys a reputation in Britain as a “moderate” organization, wants all obstacles to jihad terror removed — and that is no surprise, since it is the goal of the entire propagation of the concept of “Islamophobia.”

“Barack Obama wins first prize at ‘Islamophobia awards,’” from Asian Image, February 21 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
US president Barack Obama has won first prize at the toung-in-cheek Islamophobia awards for for his nations unrelenting drone attacks.
Obama had been nominated by the public for “just about everything” – a charge that covers his continuation of drone strikes in the Muslim world as well as the failure to close the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention centre, and the introduction of the National Defense Authorisation Act that effectively ‘Guantanamises’ the whole USA.
Obama came in streets ahead of a gallery of fellow rogues which included other prominent politicians including French President Francois Hollande – cited for his country’s invasion of Mali – and the British Home Secretary Theresa May for a host of sins including extraditing Asperger’s sufferer Talha Ahsan to the United States, stripping Muslims of their citizenship, and most recently thinking about applying “anti-terror” ASBO-style punishments for British Muslims who are merely “suspected” of so-called terrorist activities.
As well as a chief Islamophobe award, an award is given to the worst Islamophobe in each of five geographical areas in line with the votes received from the participating public.
In the Americas the winner this year was Pamela Geller. Geller was nominated for her rise to fame as the USA’s Islamophobia Matriarch.
She has made a name for herself for opposing anything Islamic and particularly her opposition to the planned construction of a mosque near the site of the Twin Towers destroyed in the Sept 11 attacks in the USA.
First prize in the Europe and Central Asia category goes to the Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders. Wilders is the leader of the Netherlands’ Freedom Party, which continues to campaign on its virulently anti-Muslim platform and propagate fears of an impending Islamic takeover of Europe.
In Asia and Australasia, the top prize went to the unlikely figure of Burmese freedom and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.
The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner was nominated for her continuing refusal to back citizenship calls by the country’s oppressed Rohingya Muslim minority.
The Burmese government’s denial of statehood to the Rohingya is one of the main reasons they are described by the UN as one of the world’s most persecuted peoples.
Along with her National League for Democracy party, Aung San Suu Kyi has tiptoed around the issue and has even refused to condemn the state-supported attacks that ravaged Rohingya communities in 2012.
The clear winner in The Middle East and Africa was Egypt’s General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the army general who conducted a bloody campaign to remove and then ban the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood and put the Arab world’s most populous nation firmly back on the road to military rule.
Although the Islamophobia Awards are intended to be a tongue in cheek poke at public figures of all stripes, they do carry a serious message.
Islamophobia is on the rise all over the world, particularly in the West, and the event serves to focus attention on the problem. Five genuine awards will also be given to people who have struggled against Islamophobia.
It will be interesting to see which tools, hacks, bottom feeders and jihad enablers get those awards. I do hope that Reza Aslan’s gunsel, the creepy little thug Nathan Lean, who cheerfully and repeatedly endangers innocent people by publishing what he thinks is my home address and the names of places I frequent, is a prize winner, as that will show up the cynicism and whiff of menace surrounding this whole enterprise.
Islamophobia can be described as stereotypes, bias or acts of hostility towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general.
In reality, the charge of “Islamophobia” is an attempt to intimidate people into thinking that there is something wrong with resisting jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.
In addition to individual acts of intolerance and racial profiling, Islamophobia leads to viewing Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level and perceiving their views to be intrinsically problematic, violent or unethical.
The 2014 Islamophobia Awards are being held tonight at the Holiday Inn, Wembley, starting 6.30pm.
The event will consist of performances including comedians, gala dinner, and a fundraising charity auction. It is being streamed live on

'Auschwitz borders'...the ultimate goal of Obama's 'Framework for Peace'  
By: Diane Sori

“Israel will give 1/3 of its land to the Arabs, when America gives 1/3 of its land back to the Indians.”
Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to then-President Jimmy Carter

NO doubt about it...Barack HUSSEIN Obama and John Kerry are traitors...traitors to America and traitors to Israel. And while we all know how Obama feels about Israel...NO need to state the obvious concerning his lies, his backstabbing, his siding with those out to wipe Israel off the Israel has been dealt an added headache what with John Kerry being thrown into the mix of lies and deceit concerning and directed towards the Jewish state.

And John Kerry is a grand master at lying starting with his lies about his service in Viet Nam to his antics with the infamous 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda...the man who now and forever will be known as John 'Swiftboat' Kerry should hang his head in shame for by his own admission he has admitted to violating the UCMJ, the Geneva Conventions, and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer...and yet he is now our Secretary of State. Kerry also admitted to meeting with North Vietnamese negotiators in 1970 and 1971, thus knowingly and willingly committing treason by "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of warfare as per Article 3, Section 3, of the U.S. Constitution...and yet he is now our Secretary of State.

And as our Secretary of State, John 'Swiftboat' Kerry met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Paris to discuss the now faltering 'supposed' peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis... faltering talks because the Palestinian side does NOT now or ever want a peaceful co-existence with Israel...they want all of Israel and NOTHING less.

Still NOT accepting Israel’s current fact wanting Israel to return to its now indefensible pre-67 borders...what has now become known as 'Auschwitz borders' because it would mean the end of Israel...basically doing to the Jews what the Third Reich couldn't...the issue of Israel's security and the fate of Palestinian refugees (let their muslim brethren take them in), along with the Palestinian wanted division of Jerusalem are issues that are truly one-sided in scope for quite simply these are issues Israel will NOT acquiesce to, especially when it concerns the dividing of Jerusalem..something of which will NEVER happen again...period.

And into this ongoing fray Mr. Swiftboat has ensconced himself NOT as a bearer of peace but solely to add fuel to the Obama set fire that is now engulfing America's only true ally in the Middle East as this most dishonorable of men...doing Obama's bidding...has demanded that Israel stop building in Jerusalem...the very same city Israel reunited after years of being divided.

And as Kerry holds a gun to Israel's head by demanded as part of any 'Framework for Peace' deal that “the Israeli government must freeze all construction in settlements outside of the large blocks of communities that Israel intends to keep in any final-status deal with the Palestinians”...meaning any and all areas in and around the city of Jerusalem...he has now shown his true anti-Semitic colors for the city that Israelis and Jews worldwide see as their eternal capital...the city that is the center of all that defines the Jewish people...he wants to divide and give the eastern sector to those who have NO legal nor religious claim to the city. In other words, John 'Swiftboat' Kerry acting as the mouthpiece for Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants to strip the Israelis and the entirety of the Jewish people of their rightful capital in their rightful homeland...the Bible and the 1948 incorporation of the State of Israel be damned.

Also remember that Kerry had the audacity to recently threaten Israeli leaders with an economic boycott if they failed to reach a peace accord with the Palestinians to which ministers in Netanyahu's cabinet accused Kerry of endorsing and once again condoning anti-Semitic efforts to impose sanctions on them.

Now what I want to know is who the hell does John 'Swiftboat' Kerry and Barack HUSSEIN Obama think they are to dictate to a sovereign nation what they can and cannot do or to threaten them if they don't tow the Obama dictated line. And the ramifications of this reaches beyond Israel for if it's done to Israel what countries will Obama and Kerry do this to next...Great Britain or France or Australia... just saying.

And guess disgusted as Israeli leaders and the Israeli people are with both Kerry and Obama now Jordan...the pro-Western kingdom that seems to have escaped the Obama initiated Arab Spring also NOT happy with either one of them as the Jordanians fear that this farce of a 'Framework for Peace' is NOTHING but a ploy to create a Palestinian state to take the place of Jordan.  And why...simply as payback for Jordan's living in peace with Israel and for the trade agreements in place between the two countries that work quite well...and know that this irks Obama NO end.

“Whoever thinks Jordan will become someone’s alternative state is delusional,” said Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh after meeting with Kerry.

And something that is even more troubling to both Israel and Jordan is Kerry's continuing insistence that Israeli Defense Forces pull out of the Jordan Valley... Jordan's border with Israel...leaving that area open to jihadists being able to setup camp along said border...being able to strike both countries with relative ease. Obama knows this...Kerry knows this...and yet they are insisting on this as part of any agreement reached.

And to make matters worse...and crossing a very dangerous line for Germany...the one country that should have NO say whatsoever in anything involving Israel or the Jewish that on Monday Germany's Prime Minister Angela Merkel is going to Israel to officially back and lobby for Obama's 'Framework for Peace' in Germany is now siding with those wanting to wipe Israel off the map. NOT good folks NOT good at all as the ghosts of the Holocaust come back to haunt.

"We should provide as much help as we possibly can to support Secretary of State Kerry's efforts with his Middle East negotiating partners," Merkel said. But given Germany's history with the Jewish people Angela Merkel...the very woman once furious with Obama for spying on her...should either butt out of this issue completely  or outright side with Israel for if she insists on doing this it will NOT bode well either historically or emotionally for this action of siding with those NOT siding with Israel will renew the old hatreds...hatreds that have started to heal...just like Obama's ripping off the scab of our country's healing racial wounds has now set Americas race relations back decades.

So as we sit and wait to see how all this will play out while the clock is ticking down, Israel will be forced to make...thanks to the backstabbing actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama...decisions that could affect us all.