Sunday, January 7, 2018

To My Fellow BREC Members in Broward County
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor
While I have stayed out of the BREC battle both personally and politically there are some facts everyone must know...the DNC had NOTHING to do with BREC's problems as the Dems outnumber the Reps in Broward county.

Here are the latest figures: Registered Voters as of1/7/18 Democrats:593,687 to Republicans:253,644...a difference of 340,043 and with the Puerto Ricans arriving in our county after the devastation of Hurricane Maria...and with them being mostly Democrats...the Democratic number in our county will increase even more. And even if every NPA, 330,147 strong, voted Republican we would still be outnumbered. 
The DNC had NOT a thing to fear of losing Broward county hence, the DNC would NOT waste their time or money on overthrowing a BREC board...why would they as they have complete control of Broward county and will for many decades to come.

Numbers and facts do NOT lie but sadly some people do and when a lie is told enough times it becomes truth to many.

The current BREC problems originated within BREC itself and with certain individuals who craved power and control and would do anything to get it...period.
Need a laugh? Just a quick 1-minute clip from Friday night's show...RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS!!! 

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Just a Thought...
On McMaster and Tillerson
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Two thoughts today:
  •  National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is now blaming U.S. intelligence for underestimating North Korea's nuclear power. How about blaming the fact that as Nat'l Sec. Adv. he has privy to intelligence why didn't he put two and two together himself...why didn't he inform President Trump sooner instead of playing the blame game...a tried and true Democratic tactic. I've written about the dangers of North Korea's nuclear program for years and if even I knew you can bet McMaster knew. McMaster MUST go as he is (deliberately IMHO) doing our president harm...something I've been saying since day one!  
  • So Rex Tillerson says Trump is working on his campaign promise to "fix" the Iranian nuclear deal...I seem to remember Trump saying if it can't be "fixed" to America's liking that we'll walk away from it. Guess what...why waste time and our taxpayer dollars trying to "fix" something that is traitorous down to its very core and that 'We the People' do NOT want. This would NOT even be on the table if John Bolton had been Secretary of State...just saying.