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Biden Acknowledges 'Extensive Voter Fraud Organization' Behind Campaign

Biden Acknowledges 'Extensive Voter Fraud Organization' Behind Campaign

Unfortunately for Democrats and their media allies, who are constantly assuring us that no Democrat would ever stoop so low as to commit voter fraud, Joe Biden bragged about the extensive voter fraud organization behind his campaign. 

"[W]e have put together and you guys did it for President Obama's administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Joe.

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Evidence Now Exposed 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

It's an email scandal of monumental proportions and just like with Hillary the media once again remains basically silent as they circle the wagons to protect the guilty parties. And with proof coming out almost daily about Joe Biden and his on again-off again, six times in rehab, drug addicted son Hunter, the fact is that the Democrats are trying to cover up one of the biggest political corruption scandals in American history.

And here let's begin by saying that influence peddling for introductions does indeed come at a high price, and Hunter Biden most assuredly used his influence with his then vice-president dad to not only pad his and his family's pockets, but did so via an enemy nation and his dad blackmailing an ally. And to make matters worse it was all sanctioned to some degree by then President Barack HUSSEIN Obama who not only knew what was going on, but who actually approved some of what was legally...or should I say illegally...needed paperwork regarding Hunter Biden's foreign business ventures. And while Obama should also be called to task he, as always, will get a free pass via his use of the “race card”...after all the feds fear charging let alone arresting America's supposed first black president for they know to do so will see the BLM rioting and mayhem we're currently bearing witness to being but a cake walk in comparison.

So what exactly has unfolding in the week since my article, 'Evidence Found, Evidence Suppressed' was published last Tuesday regarding both Biden's? First, as expected, the Democrats claimed that Russia set the whole thing into motion. Poor Russia gets blamed for everything it seems, and while they might be guilty of some things, neither the Biden's email woes nor the Russian collusion nonsense regarding President Trump is of their doing. In fact, John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, last week on FOX's 'Mornings with Maria,' stated that not only are the details of the case and the laptop itself being held by the FBI and not by U.S. intelligence agencies, but that the information contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” thus hopefully silencing Rep. Adam Schiff 's claim that the accusations being made are nothing but a “smear campaign” created by Moscow.  


"Let me be clear: The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress,” Ratcliffe said adding that, “It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence.” And how right the director is for it was Adam Schiff himself who not only started the Russian disinformation nonsense with his words on CNN that, “We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. That’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about this vice president and his son,” but who bore the full weight of being warned by Director Ratcliffe not to “leverage the intelligence community for a political narrative that’s not true.”

But thankfully truth has a way of eventually coming out for within a few days after 'The New York Post' article was published the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s emails have still not really been disputed by either Joe Biden or his campaign...a campaign which last Monday morning called for a 72-hour media blackout leading up to Thursday night's presidential debate. I guess 'Uncle Joe' and his "people" needed the time for the media to not just circle the wagons around their boy, but to come up with a doable plan for damage control to make this true October surprise go away. Simply, not only is Joe Biden in panic mode but so is the Democrat party hierarchy for they know that the China and Ukraine info now being exposed is irrefutable and politically quite damaging.

So over the past week what else has been disclosed besides Hunter Biden's signature having been verified as the one being on both the $85 computer repair slip and the “bill to” section of said bill? For starters, how about that a man by the name of Tony Bobulinski, a decorated Navy veteran and former partner of Hunter Biden, came forward with both a formal statement regarding the Biden's, as well as having held a press conference 90-minutes before last Thursday's final presidential debate.


And in the official statement, Tony Bobulinkski...the primary recipient of the May 13, 2017 email chain as he was the CEO of the company Hunter was forming with the Chinese...“corroborated the veracity of the messages,” along with the emails and the outline of the payout made to “the big guy” Joe Biden. And he also stated that not only did he personally witness Joe Biden discussing business deals with Hunter, but that Hunter's using the words “my chairman” in many of his emails was in direct reference to daddy Joe, and that Hunter “frequently referenced asking him (Joe Biden) for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing.”

So why did Bobulinski come forward with this damning information less than two weeks before the presidential election, as it goes beyond just his accusation that the Biden's went “behind my back” and received millions of dollars from the Chinese, “even though they told me they hadn't and wouldn't do that to their partners.” And it does, for while it speaks well of Mr. Bobulinski who asks,the Biden family to address the American people and outline the facts so I can go back to being irrelevant - and so I am not put in a position to have to answer those questions for them,” and that “I don't have a political ax to grind; I just saw behind the Biden curtain and I grew concerned with what I saw,” the fact remains that Tony Bobulinski is now legally and rightfully separating himself from what in the end might be serious federal charges being brought against not only both Biden's but others as well.

Also, according to Bobulinski, both Hunter and Joe Biden “were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line” and “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China.” And while Joe Biden loves to call President Trump to task for his being a wealthy man, the difference is that Trump's wealth comes not from influence peddling but from his being a smart and savvy businessman doing legitimate and profitable business transactions, while the bulk of the Biden's wealth comes from Hunter's selling, with daddy Joe's permission, his position as vice-president to the highest foreign bidder no matter if said bidder is not America's friend.

So while Tony Bobulinski is now talking and has turned over to the FBI the three cell phones mentioned and shown at his press conference, included on which are email evidence of where Hunter and James Gilliar discussed putting together a deal between SinoHawk, a Biden family company...and China...a deal that must leave "chairman" Joe's name out of it...know that he soon will also be speaking to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and providing Johnson with copies of what was on his cell phones as well. 

And know that “nepotism” has always run deep within the Biden family for Hunter Biden was raking in big bucks from his dad’s political connections way before he was making deals with countries his then vice-president daddy traveled to. In fact, it seems that many of the six-figure jobs Hunter listed on his resume came via daddy Joe's donors, lobbyists, and political allies while he was a Delaware senator.

Want examples? How about a still unnamed Biden “associate” admitted to “finding employment” on Wall Street for Hunter to a tune of $1.2 million and did so as a “special favor” for the then senator and first time running for president Joe Biden, even though his fresh out of college son had no high finance experience whatsoever. And what did the “associate” get in return? How about that he, like other Biden's donors, ended up seeing legislation and policies being passed favorable to their businesses and investments, thus setting the stage early on for the Biden family's unending greed.

And then there's appears that dear old Uncle Joe and his son continued to be up to no good in the years leading up to Joe Biden becoming Obama's vice-president. For example, in early 2008, Hunter Biden was working as a paid consultant, to a tune of a half a million dollar retainer spread out over five years, at the Wilmington, Delaware based bank holding/credit card company MBNA Corporation at the very same time his then still senator dad was pushing for the passage of bankruptcy legislation that ended up benefiting his son’s then employer. And daddy worked hard to get what became the “Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act” passed even while knowing that said act made it extremely difficult for Americans to get rid of not only credit card debt but student loan debt as well for this bill made such loans one of but ten debts that could not be “forgiven” when someone declared bankruptcy. And suddenly, low and behold, Biden's proposed act became law in 2005, the very same year Hunter Biden stopped working at MBNA.

And isn't it odd that back in 2008, the uber liberal rag 'New York Times' alluded in an article that Hunter Biden's consulting job with MBNA created a “potential conflict of interest” for Joe Biden, as he was now being vetted as Obama's vice-presidential pick. My how times have changed, for what was considered to be a “conflict of interest” by the paper back in 2008, oddly seems not to be so now no matter that they wrote, “Consumer advocates and other Democratic allies remain sharply critical of Mr. Biden’s actions, saying in recent days that they could hamper the campaign’s efforts to attack the Republicans over their handling of the nation’s credit crisis.” Odd indeed, for with daddy again running for president, Hunter Biden's influence peddling for mega sums of money, which Joe Biden was party to, is now being heralded by the same paper as the Biden's having done nothing wrong.

Now a few other revelations of note is that we saw not only a photo surfacing of Hunter and Joe Biden smiling sweetly with Kazakhstan’s former Prime Minister Karim Massimov and Kenes Rakishev, a relative and junior partner of oligarch Timur Kulibayev, a man regarded as one of the most influential investors and businessmen in Kazakhstan...but that this “cash-soaked but highly corrupt” country was a country that Hunter Biden was desperately trying to do business with.

Also, the FBI claimed in its subpoena, a subpoena signed by FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson, that Hunter Biden's laptop and hard drive...both in their possession for now over a year...were but part of a bigger probe regarding a money laundering operation, now referred to as Case ID number: 272D-BA-3065729. But know the FBI is legally unable to open a case without “predication” in an offense that's part of a larger criminal offense or scheme...but that the FBI obviously did believe there was “predication” regarding criminal activity on the Biden's part being stored on the laptop and its hard drive otherwise they would not have subpoenaed it.

So now with but one week to go until Election Day, Joe Biden can no longer hide from a scandal of his and his son's own doing. And while the liberal media included...continues to collude with the Democrats to silence the truth regarding Joe and Hunter's criminal activities, the fact remains that the Democrat candidate for president has rightfully seen his candidacy seriously compromised. And it's now up to AG Barr to make needed arrests...that is if he has the courage needed to do so. Case closed.

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