Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tucker Carlson: Abolishing the suburbs is major part of Biden administration's infrastructure plan
'This isn’t about racism, stop with that—this is about power.'

In early 2009, the Obama administration made a surprising, probably unprecedented accusation against Westchester County, New York—a pretty liberal place. According to the Obama administration, Westchester was an instrument of white supremacy — not the good liberals who live in Westchester, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, many others. No one accused them of being bigots. The problem was the buildings they lived in. All those single-family homes — row upon leafy row, set back from the street, well-tended lawns and mailboxes — were examples of racism — literally "structural racism." The only solution, the Obama people announced, was much greater density: more subsidized housing complexes in Westchester, more hi-rise apartment buildings, maybe some drug-addicted vagrants living on the sidewalk, begging for change. Only if Westchester became more like the Bronx could it become non-racist. 

This was all something of a surprise to the people who lived in Westchester, again, most of whom are dutiful liberals. They didn’t realize they had a white supremacy problem...Read more and see videos here: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-abolishing-suburbs-biden-infrastructure

Republican Governors Urge Biden to Reject Court Packing
Reagan McCarthy / Townhall Tipsheet

President Joe Biden created a commission to “study” the Supreme Court early in his presidency, as many in his party hope to add justices to the bench of the high court. The “reforms” being studied by the presidential commission include court packing, and GOP Governors are now speaking out against the idea of expanding the court.

Republican governors from 20 different states wrote to the president in strong opposition to court packing, urging Biden to withdraw court packing from consideration by the commission.

“The American form of government is one that depends on the sovereignty and cooperation of states. Each term, the Supreme Court hears criminal and civil matters that are critically important to our states and to the people we represent. Historically, cases before the Supreme Court have served as the last legal defense of state sovereignty, protecting states and our citizens from federal overreach. As Governors, we have a vested interest in ensuring that our nation’s highest court remains independent and free from political pressure or partisan power grabs,” the GOP governors wrote.


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