Friday, January 27, 2017

Miami-Dade Mayor Will Comply With President Trump's Immigration Executive Order, Ends De Facto Sanctuary Status

Miami-Dade Mayor Will Comply With President Trump's Immigration Executive Order, Ends De Facto Sanctuary StatusPresident Donald J. Trump signed executive orders that targeted sanctuary cities. Mayors from across the country—Portland, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles—vowed to defy the new president’s directive. It once again we see the urban/rural divide—with the former ready to fight to the death to avoid complying with the new order in the same manner conservative fought Obamacare through lawsuits. It could get messy, but the order has been given. One county in Florida is going to rollback its de facto sanctuary status. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez issued orders to his jails to start complying with President Trump’s new directive (via Miami Herald):
Gimenez cited an executive order signed Wednesday by President Donald Trump that threatened to cut federal grants for any counties or cities that don’t cooperate fully with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Since 2013, Miami-Dade has refused to indefinitely detain inmates who are in the country illegally and wanted by ICE — not based on principle, but because the federal government doesn’t fully reimburse the county for the expense.

Trump: US shouldn’t admit those who practice “‘honor’ killings, other forms of violence against women”
By Robert Spencer /Jihad Watch


War on women! I posted this excerpt from “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals,” President Trump’s executive order on immigration, earlier, but there are so many aspects of it that deserve emphasis, I thought another post was warranted. You can read the full text here. In order to protect Americans, we must […]
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Gorbachev: Trump, Putin Need to Align as 'World Preparing for War'

By: Eric Mack / NEWSMAX

"The nuclear threat once again seems real," Gorbachev wrote Thursday in a Time magazine op-ed. "Relations between the great powers have been going from bad to worse for several years now.

The advocates for arms build-up and the military-industrial complex are rubbing their hands.
"We must break out of this situation. We need to resume political dialogue aiming at joint decisions and joint action."

Gorbachev harkened back to the 1980s and his work with the United States to decommission and destroy 80 percent of nuclear weapons amassed during the Cold War.

Steve Bannon Torches New York Times: ‘YOU HAVE NO POWER’, to Establishment Press: ‘KEEP MOUTH SHUT AND LISTEN’

Like I said, with the new Trump administration, every day is Christmas.

I have worked with Steve Bannon when he was CEO of Breitbart. Brilliant, brave and ballsy, he is a force of nation.

This is really getting good.

….Bannon Spanks Media in Rare Interview: ‘Zero integrity, zero intelligence, and no hard work’…
…President Trump’s Top Strategist to Establishment Press: ‘Keep Mouth Shut and Listen’…
…’You Have No Power’…
…Media ‘Embarrassed and Humiliated’…
…MSM ‘Opposition Party’ to Administration…
…’Still Don’t Understand’ Why Trump POTUS’
Just a Thought...
Traitor Thy Name is Obama
Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

America's 44th Barack HUSSEIN NOT only the worst president ever but he is the epitome of the consummate TRAITOR as he's fooled the sheeple, the misinformed, and the clueless into thinking he's theirs and America's savior.

Today, Friday, January 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Obama's lesser realized traitorous actions, women behaving badly, and Donald Trump's first week in office.
Serving the Puppet Masters and Caliphate Well 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
Jimmy Carter must be doing a happy dance right about now as he knows that history will no longer view him as the worst president in American history...that ‘honor,’ if you will, is built and owned by one Barack HUSSEIN Obama and rightfully so.

America’s 44th president is not only the worst president in our nation’s history but the only one who has been an outright traitor to the very country he swore allegiance to. But then again when one has his fingers crossed behind his back when taking the oath of office you just witnessed taqiyya in action.

A muslim by birth via his father...raised as a muslim in a muslim country (Indonesia)... attended Wahabi madrassas...and having no papers whatsoever even remotely alluding to a conversation to Christianity...not even one from Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s G-d America church...Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s actions while in office speak louder than even his familial muslim ties...which in and of themselves speak loud enough on their own.

And while some of Obama’s actions are obviously more serious than others, especially those relating to our military (as in announcing our dates of departure from the theaters of war) and national security (his ‘very bad’ nuclear deal with Iran)...those actions we are all aware of by now. But there are other actions but in no way less important actions...actions that also must be addressed when looking into the matter of to whom Obama swore his allegiances to for they surely were not to America nor to the Constitution.

And even though Obama is no longer in office we still need to address the matter of whether there are any tangible grounds to bring him up on charges of treason now that Donald Trump is president.

Personally I believe there are, and those are in addition to what we already know to be his ‘aiding and abetting’ the enemy. And here I will list but four lesser known but still questionable actions, two of which many have been forgotten to some degree and two of whose ramifications might not yet be fully understood. And one of those actions goes back to February action I find a deliberate slap in the face to our beloved America...and that is when Barack HUSSEIN Obama signed yet another one of his infamous executive orders...a most grievous order that allows any muslim elected to public office in our America to take their oath of office on a qur’an instead of on the traditionally used Bible, and also to do so when and if they have to testify in court.

 “It’s time we recognize the Muslim people and their religion in this country and give them all the exact same rights as every other American...There is no reason that a Muslim should have to take an oath on a book that he or she does not believe in. We need to respect the Muslim people and their beliefs and that is what I have done today by issuing this executive order,” were the words Obama said to justify this so grievous of actions. 
Grievous for sure for with this order muslims are free to swear their allegiance to allah not to in being able to say “so help me allah” instead of “so help me God” at the end of said oath if they so choose. And I call this a treasonous act for this executive order was issued by the very man who said he will stand with the muslims “if the political winds shift in an ugly direction”...with ugly to him meaning any words said or rightful initiatives taken against his brethren...America’s enemy...his friends.

And while taking the oath of office with one’s hand placed upon the Bible is not required by the fact, four presidents did not do so with Theodore Roosevelt using no Bible during his first swearing in; with John Quincy Adams and Franklin Pierce being sworn in on a book of law as they reasoned they were swearing on the constitution itself; and with Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in on a Roman Catholic missal on Air Force One after John F. Kennedy’s assassination...I believe taking the oath of office on a qur’an...the most unholy and vile of not merely grievous but repulsive and borderline blasphemous for the fact is America was founded upon a belief in the one true living God of we Christian and Jews and as such America must remain a Judeo-Christian nation nation under God not one nation under the false god allah.

So with that said, this is one treasonous executive order that Trump needs to ‘86’ immediately if not sooner.  

And dare we forget Obama’s infamous czars...his 35+ personal army of one world government lobbyists of sorts having no Constitutional basis for their existence at all...35+ czars appointed that not only circumvented the Constitution’s appointment provisions but also people who could enable unauthorized executive actions...35+ czars appointed without the advice and consent of the Senate and without congressional oversight whose mere presence was a threat to our system of checks and balances as their very being is in a violation of the separation of powers clause...35+ persons with overreaching regulatory powers who oversaw statutory government positions and who answered directly to Obama alone...35+ persons that neither Congress nor ‘We the People’ had any idea what they were doing or even how they did what they were doing...35+ persons picked from the party loyal to help Obama lay the groundwork for a ‘so-called’ shadow government to aid him once he was out of office.

Remember, Obama said he will be keeping his eye on now President Trump...the man he said he will call to task if he does not like how Trump is handling the reins of in Obama must ‘save face’ now that America has someone leading from the front instead of from behind like he did for eight long years. And the reality is that Obama still sees himself as president and thinks any and all he has to say still has credence and credibility... but guess does not. But by appointing said czars in the way he did, Obama deliberately and with malice violated both the Constitution and his oath of office... as in to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States...laying out the perfect case for treason courtesy of the czars.
“I am deeply disappointed that President Obama defied congressional oversight and released $221 million to the Palestinian territories.” – Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX) who sits on the House Appropriations Committee.

And while on Wednesday, President Trump blocked this action, yet another case for treason can be made against Obama for his last minute ‘gift’ to the Palestinian Authority. Intending to give Israel’s enemy another $221 million of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars (that is in addition to the $355 million in aid he already given them in 2015 alone), while claiming said monies came from already approved federal aid the U.S. gives to the West Bank and Gaza and then flipping and claiming that said money came from the U.S. Agency for International Development ...Obama made this decision unilaterally ignoring the fact that this money was being held back by Congress. And why...because Congress rightfully deemed ongoing activities of the Palestinian Authority as being full of “corruption;” that they were unilaterally trying to gain statehood; that their incitement of violence against Israel was "ongoing;” and that the Palestinian Authority was paying salaries to people jailed being charged with terrorism.

Claiming that he was sending the money to support humanitarian aid, political and security reforms, and the "rule of law"...whatever that means to the lawless ‘so-called’ Palestinians...and doing so right after the Palestinian Authority whined that they were hurting for cash needed for "salaries unpaid and debts that are owed”...Obama released said monies claiming that Congress’ opposition was “not legally binding,” no matter that past presidents have traditionally respected and honored congressional holds. Par for the course for the man whose action further stabbed Israel in the back and follows right on the heels of his deciding against using our veto at the U.N. Security Council...a veto that would have ‘killed’ the resolution condemning Israel’s building of settlements on land that is rightfully theirs, including the giving of East Jerusalem to the ‘so-called’ Palestinians.

So what makes this action grounds for treason even though said action has now been blocked from going through...even though Trump ‘froze’ said the fact of intent... intent of actions that would have gone through if not for President Trump.

Treasonous intent by first, deliberately and with malice again turning America’s back on one of our staunchest allies in favor of his brethren. Second, the Department of State has announced that they will be reviewing this last-minute decision of Obama’s as it was deliberately done over the objections of congressional Republicans. And third, the West Bank and Gaza are basically under the control not of the Palestinian Authority per se but of HAMAS...the very HAMAS on the Department of State’s terror list...meaning Barack HUSSEIN Obama once again was giving money to terrorists continuing to perpetrate actions that ‘aid and abet’...’aid and comfort’...the act of treason personified no matter it did not go through.

“Private Manning is a traitor and should not have been turned into a martyr.” – Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)

And lastly let’s look at Obama’s overruling then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter by his commuting the 35-year prison sentence of convicted traitor Chelsea (Bradley) Manning to the 7-years served. You remember Manning, the one who stole and then released via WikiLeaks almost 750,000 military reports and videos, and almost 250,000 Department of State documents...national security documents that put our troops and military personnel in danger not just in the theaters of war but in danger all over the world.

And Obama’s excuses for commuting Manning’s sentence...Manning has served a tough prison sentence; took responsibility for (now) her crime; the sentence was very disproportionate relative to what other leakers had received; and that Manning is transgender in an all-male prison. And on all those points I say too damn bad for what a traitor really deserves is a firing squad not a cushy jail cell with 3-square meals a day, internet access, and commissary privileges all courtesy of our taxpayer dime. And that, by the way, goes for the person who willingly pardons a traitor for it takes a traitor to sympathize with and make excuses for a traitor...birds of feather flocking together... although one of those birds...Chelsea now saying that Obama is a weak leader with 'few permanent accomplishments.' 

And what are the above actions cited but Obama being and showing his true self...a traitor to the very country he swore his allegiance to. And he must be called to be made an example of...for when one’s true loyalties lie with the enemy American lives as well as America herself is in danger of losing who she in a Constitutional Republic...that one vile man has shown by his actions that he never had any intention of honoring or protecting her.

And so Barack HUSSEIN Obama left office with a trail of actions that must be deemed traitorous...actions that showed the world his true islamic self...actions coupled with a body count surely to rise. And unless the new Trump administration takes actions, Obama will get away with it all as he sits back and smiles the smile of a man who relishes in the fact that he has served his puppet masters and the caliphate well.


Today, Friday, January 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Obama's lesser realized traitorous actions, women behaving badly, and Donald Trump's first week in office.