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Boom: Over Two Million Workers Have Received Bonuses And Raises Thanks To Trump's Tax Bill

Boom: Over Two Million Workers Have Received Bonuses And Raises Thanks To Trump's Tax BillThe Republican tax reform package, the most extensive in 30 years, is so terrible that over two million workers have received bonuses and raises since it was signed into law on December 22, 2017. Paul Bedard at The Washington Examiner has been compiling the list, citing over 100 companies that have doled out bonuses of at least $1,000 or more since the bill became law, some are now approaching $3,000, with increased 401k contributions, and wages (via Washington Examiner):

A list of 40 firms offering millions of employees bonuses and customers fee cuts has surged to 164 in just 10 days as the likely financial benefit of President Trump’s tax reform has started to settle in.

“You’ve likely seen the news about U.S. tax reform. We believe these tax changes will be positive for our company, and provide us the opportunity to do good things for our Crewmembers, customers and shareholders,” said Jet Blue, which is offering a $1,000 bonuse to 21,000 employees.

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FBI, DOJ argue for dismissal of suit about their foreknowledge of Garland, Texas jihad attack
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


This case should not be dismissed. I was co-sponsor and co-organizer of this event and spoke at it, and was there when the jihadis began firing. And this case is bigger than Bruce Joiner, which is not to say that his case is not of cardinal importance. The FBI clearly knew the attack was coming […]
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Federal Courts Sabotaging National Security Travel Ban

Americans cannot and will not put up with this sedition. The left wants a civil war. They just may get it.

It’s Looking More And More Like This Federal Court Is Sabotaging The Travel Ban

Kevin Daley, Daily Caller Foundation,  January 15, 2018

As time progresses, it appears the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is intentionally undermining President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

As The Daily Caller News Foundation noted on Jan. 6, the 4th Circuit appears to be strategically withholding its opinion on the administration’s latest round of travel sanctions, despite a Dec. 4  Supreme Court order requiring the court to produce its ruling “with appropriate dispatch.”

Such language, unusual for a Supreme Court order, indicates the justices want to review the case themselves and issue a ruling on the merits before the current term ends in June.
Read entire article here: https://pamelageller.com/2018/01/travel-ban-sabtoage.html/ 

NYT: US Military Quietly Conducts Exercises in Anticipation of War With NKore

Image: NYT: US Military Quietly Conducts Exercises in Anticipation of War With NKoreaThe U.S. military has conducted training exercises in North Carolina and Nevada in case a war with North Korea breaks out, and next month will train more than 1,000 reserve soldiers on how to set up so-called mobilization centers that move military forces overseas in a hurry, according to a report in the New York Times.
President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have exchanged heated rhetoric in recent months as Kim has increased testing of missiles of various range – and a hydrogen bomb in September.

Trump recently told South Korean President Moon Jae-in that he would consider having a dialogue with Kim “at the appropriate time, under the right circumstances," but the recent exercises were likely conducted under orders by Defense Secretary James Mattis to be ready for potential military action against North Korea, according to two dozen current and former Pentagon officials who spoke to the Times.
A Flip-Flop on Offshore Drilling but at What Cost  
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
...So why did Zinke really exempt only my state of Florida from the new drilling deregulations (for now anyway) and not the other states who objected right from the onset...why when the new offshore drilling proposal is a huge win for President Trump's strong energy policy. Why...simply because while it is about politics as in a Rick Scott senate win helping to keep the Senate red come the mid-terms, it's much more about making sure that Florida stays red in 2020...with Trump favored Rep. Ron DeSantis hopefully being Florida's next Republican governor. Placate Florida now, keep Florida red then... 

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