Friday, April 28, 2023

‘Can’t tie our own hands': Presidential candidate warns an AI pause for US means 'China running with it'
 Pausing AI development would put Americans at risk, presidential candidate says
Pausing artificial intelligence development in the U.S. while China continues to advance its own programs would create a risk to Americans, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Fox News. 

"A temporary pause amongst U.S. companies — if China is actually running forward with it — that doesn't do anything in alleviating the risks of AI," Ramaswamy said in an exclusive interview. "It exacerbates them because Americans are at an even greater risk instead."

Elon Musk and other leaders in the tech industry called for a temporary pause on major AI experiments last month, citing potential risks to society. However, others have suggested that pausing development would only hinder the U.S. and enable China to get ahead in the AI race. 

"I do have some concerns with the advancement of AI," Ramaswamy told Fox News. "In the name of helping humanity, AI presents a lot of other risks to humanity that may be difficult to reverse." Read more and see videos here.

DeSantis Exposes Why This Allegation From His Time Serving at GITMO Is 'Total BS'
Leah Barkoukis / Townhall Tipsheet
Speaking to the Israeli press, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called a reporter’s question about his military service at Guantanamo Bay “total B.S.” 

The question centered on a claim in the London Independent from a former detainee who alleged DeSantis observed in at least one instance “brutal force-feeding methods” employed during a hunger strike in 2006.

Mansoor Adayfi describes it as one of the worst stretches of his 14-year imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay. In 2006, he was in the midst of a hunger strike with a number of his fellow detainees in protest over the conditions inside the notorious prison. A new team had been brought in to break the strike with a more aggressive form of force-feeding. One day, he recounts with emotion in his voice, he was strapped to a chair in the yard by his head, hands, waist and feet, and a feeding tube was forced into his nose. He was bleeding and vomiting and screaming while an assortment of uniformed military personnel watched from the side. Read more and see video here.

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