Sunday, April 22, 2012


Look out! U.N. now invading your home

Warning says this is coming even over owner's objections

By Kevin DeAnna
Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America,” is warning that the federal government and the United Nations are teaming up to control energy usage in American homes.

Sussman, who also wrote the blockbuster “Climategate,” says the move could lead to citizens losing the freedom even to run their appliances as they wish.

The first step in the plan is the installation of “smart meters,” which are being introduced by power utilities nationwide. Unlike traditional spinning wheel electric meters, smart meters allow the power utilities to measure energy usage minute by minute.

The Federal Energy Act of 2005, signed by George W. Bush, mandated that power utilities offer “each of its customer classes … a time-based rate schedule under which the rate charged by the electric utility varies during different time periods.”

However, power utilities have begun pushing the installation of smart meters even without a customer’s request. As Sussman documents in “Climategate,” the energy company PG&E pushed the new meters on customers by saying that it would allow the company to collect data “without setting foot on your property and interrupting your schedule.”

The utility did not mention that the innovation would potentially lead to increased prices during peak hours and detailed tracking of each home’s energy usage, “Climategate” reveals.

More importantly, some utilities have begun installing the smart meters over the objections of customers, leading to several legal battles.

While some state courts have ruled that customers should be allowed to opt-out, others have allowed utilities to force consumers to accept the more invasive smart meters.

Nor does the new technology end with increased prices. Sussman reports that the Energy Act of 2005 also permitted the construction of the SmartGrid, “a national interest transmission corridor designated by the [Energy] Secretary.”

As documented in “Climategate” with a memo from the Congressional Research Service, the purpose of the SmartGrid is to track “information from a customer’s meter in two directions: both inside the house to thermostats and appliances and other devices, and back to the utility.”

As mentioned in the congressional brief, the SmartGrid will also include the Programmable Communication Thermostat and the Home Area Network. The two technologies will allow utility companies to shut off appliances remotely.

The “improvements” were generally not implemented because of cost considerations, but the federal government stepped in to “solve” the problem, Sussman argues.

In the 2009 stimulus bill, the federal government authorized $16.8 billion in direct spending by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency, an additional $4.5 billion to upgrade to the nation’s grid and at least $2.8 billion for installing broadband.

The 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act also contained federally mandated energy-efficient building regulations that supersede all local and state codes. The law will be enforced by federal regulators funded by energy taxes and $25 million from the Department of Energy “to provide necessary enforcement of a national efficiency building code.”

All of this is being done at the behest of the United Nations and its Agenda 21.

As Sussman documents in “Eco-Tyranny,” Agenda 21 is a global effort by international elites to deliberately raise energy prices and change consumption patterns.

It states, “Achieving the goals of environmental quality and sustainable development will require… changes in consumption patterns. Governments themselves [can] also play a role in [determining] consumption… and can have a considerable influence on both corporate decisions and public perceptions.”

As part of the effort to “determine consumption,” Agenda 21 mandated “Demand Response Technology,” or the SmartGrid.

Sussman explained in an exclusive interview with WND , “This is critically important because one of the main objectives of Agenda 21 is to lessen the ‘carbon footprint’ of individual consumers. By tying in a federally mandated SmartGrid that can track every person’s energy usage to a global agenda of reduced consumption, Americans will have even lost the right even watch the television or do the laundry when they want.”

In an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight Thursday, Sussman restated that “Eco-Tyranny” “is about control, not about the environment.”

The White House ‘whitewashing’ of the Muslim Brotherhood, founders of al-Qaeda and Hamas 


Not only are the founders of al-Qaeda welcome guests at the White House and the US Chamber of Commerce, the Obama Regime is working overtime to convince the public that the Muslim Brotherhood is just another political party with moderate, pro-democracy ideals.

Egyptian born convert to Christianity, Majed El Shafie, president of the Canadian-based humanitarian organization One Free World International, told CBN News the Obama administration is covering up the Muslim Brotherhood’s true evil intentions which include the destruction of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of Christians from the Middle East.. ”This administration keeps saying ‘We can deal with the Muslim Brotherhood. We can have a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood.’” 

According to El Shafie, the “Muslim Brotherhood is the terrorist mothership for Hamas, for al Qaeda, and for many other Islamic terror groups in the Middle East.” El Shafie, who travels widely throughout the Middle East, says Muslim persecution of Christians is increasing at an alarming rate. ”When you ask why they do this to the Christians, they say, ‘They are the same religion as the West. They are the same religion as the Americans.’” (So, if Barack Obama were really a Christian, wouldn’t this bother him?)

See the video interview of an Egyptian dissident who warns of the Muslim Brotherhood here:

Islam...a threat that cannot be ignored 
By: Diane Sori

The threat of radical islam, of ALL islam, has been downplayed and basically ignored as we serious folks focus on the Republican primaries and the election, and the not so serious amongst us focus on the Obama and main stream media generated nonsensical scandal of Secret Service men and prostitutes.  If either group is silly enough not to think the threat of encroaching islam on our nation is NOT a serious threat, keep your head in the sand if you want, but islam IS the greatest threat to America that we have ever known.

We have a president in office right now whose allegiance is NOT to this country, the country he took an oath to ‘protect and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic’ but to those out to kill us.  Barack Hussein Obama has welcomed The Muslim Brotherhood into the White House with open arms while showing great disrespect to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of our ally, Israel.  This man has given billions of dollars to Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, and other islamic terror organizations against the wishes of ‘We the People.’  Barack Hussein Obama has openly sided with the Palestinians and called for a homeland for a people who do NOT even exist, as he turns his back on Israel and the Jewish people.

It’s well known by some, but deliberately kept hidden by Obama and crew, that starting in the 1990’s, years before 9/11, many islamic governments, like Saudi Arabia, began sending major dollars under the radar to the United States to begin islamic study courses on colleges and universities across our country. Their goal was to brainwash our youth against the truth about islam, because our youth are the most vulnerable to persuasion.  They knew they had to hide this truth about their pseudo-religion as long as possible so that islam could take root here and become permanently entrenched in our society.  They were counting on it being too late for us to mount a serious resistance to them, because they hoped that by that time people realized they were sold a pack of lies we couldn’t do anything about it.  It would be obey, obey, obey and submit...or die!

Worldwide terrorism and islamic fanaticism is NOT waning as Obama and the main stream media would have us believe. Terrorist groups are uniting in their collective mission of taking over the Middle East and North Africa.  islamists continue to slaughter Christians daily in that part of the world, as they work towards their goal of hopefully eliminating Christianity from the Middle East.  As for the Jews, their goal is to slaughter all the Jews in Israel to make sure Israel no longer exists as the Jewish homeland.  And this is being done as our president, Barack Hussein Obama, continues to deny this islamic threat, as he sits back and allows the slaughter of innocent Christians to continue and does nothing, as he sits back and shuns and turns his back on our ally Israel, and as he very quietly sits back and allows stealth jihad to happen here as he allows sharia law to infiltrate our judicial system while he tries to divert our attention elsewhere. 

We know there is a growing movement from the liberal left, of course led by Obama and his minions, to impose sharia law in our court system, yet but a few of us are fighting back.  Currently there are 50 Trial Court cases, and 12 Appellate Court cases, where shariah was found to be applicable.  Some US judges are even making decisions and adjudicating rulings deferring to sharia law even when those decisions conflict with Constitutional protections.  And again what do most of us do...we do nothing and our Congress does nothing, nothing at all.

Even on the individual state level when bills come up demanding sharia law NOT be implemented, organizations like CAIR come in and pull out their racists jargon and all the political correctness they can muster and our legislators fall for it because they do NOT have the courage to say NO, this is America and our laws, OUR LAWS and OUR CONSTITUTION, do NOT allow garbage such as sharia into the law of our land.

Our only hope to give America back to Americans, and to stop the spread of ALL islam in this country, is to make sure Barack Hussein Obama, and ALL the gutless wonders in Congress on both sides of the aisle, are NOT re-elected.  We must have, NO, ‘We the People’ demand to have strong leaders with the guts, courage, and fortitude to not only confront terrorist regimes but who also have the guts, courage, and fortitude to stand up and say NO to the islamization of America.  

This is our last chance to make a stand against Barack Hussein Obama...’the enemy within’...and all he stands for, including his wanted islamization of America, for if we lose this, we lose everything.

Rubio doesn't close door on VP slot

By Cameron Joseph / The Hill

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) didn't fully close the door on accepting the vice presidential slot if Mitt Romney asked him.

Rubio, who has repeatedly denied any interest in the slot, said that he wanted to "respect the process" Romney has put in place to make a selection and would no longer address it.

"I'm not going to even discuss the process anymore. I'm going to be respectful of the process he's put in place," said Rubio on CNN'S "State of the Union" on Sunday morning.

When host Candy Crowley said Rubio must know that will trigger speculation that he's open to accepting the slot after all, Rubio disagreed but didn't push hard against her comments.

"No, I think it's fair. I think the fairness in it is he has a real process in place... the last thing he needs is those of us in the peanut gallery to be saying what we would or would not do," he said.

"What I would characterize it is I'm not going to discuss it anymore because now there's a real process in place... he has a process and we should respect that process," he said with a smile.

Rubio also discussed the broad outline of a "Republican DREAM Act" he's developing that would allow some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as youth to gain permanent residency status if they graduate college or join the military. The plan differs from the current proposal because it doesn't put the immigrants on an automatic path to citizenship, but conservatives have blasted it because it would allow immigrants to stay in the country as long as they want, giving them the time to gain citizenship.

Rubio struggled to articulate why the two were fundamentally different.

"All this does is reward a non-immigrant visa to these kids who've found themselves in this very unfortunate circumstance," Rubio said when asked to differentiate the two plans, arguing that he would create a "non-citizenship pathway."

Mitt Romney came out hard against the current DREAM Act during the GOP primary but recently suggested at a private fundraiser that he might be on board with a "Republican DREAM Act."

Rubio said Romney had been good at talking not just about what he opposed in immigration but also what he was for, and suggested that was something the rest of the GOP needed to get better about.

"What I've suggested is the Republican Party has to become the pro-legal immigration party. We have to make very clear that we support legal immigration," he said. "It does matter how you talk about the issue. It starts by recognizing that the vast majority of people who are here illegally didn't come here to steal from the American government. They are here in search of opportunity, they are doing what most people would do if their children were hungry and their family was suffering."

Obama's 2.5 Percent Stall

By Larry Kudlow / Real Clear Politoics

Wall Street headlines are full of fears of a springtime stall for the already subpar economic recovery. And if that weren't bad enough for Obama's re-election chances, a spate of new polls show Mitt Romney's economic-approval ratings are far outdistancing the president's.

Even while the headline surveys basically show an Obama-Romney tossup, it will be very difficult for Obama to pull out a victory this fall. Traditionally, incumbents who poll below 50 percent are in trouble. And with Obama consistently in the mid-40s, he has a tough uphill climb ahead.

Of course, a subpar recovery has kept the president's re-election hopes in doubt for some time. Former Bush economist Ed Lazear calls it the worst recovery in history. OK. That may be a partisan shot. But actually, the data points bear this out.

At roughly 2.5 percent growth, the Obama recovery is way below the 4.5 percent average since World War II. And within Obama's 2.5 percent economy, polling data show high voter anxiety over gas prices, home values and the ability to pay mortgages. Voters even worry that they won't be able to afford to send their kids to college.

The unemployment rate may have come down to 8.3 percent. But the problem for several years is that discouraged workers have been dropping out of the labor force. So real-world unemployment is considerably higher than the official stats.

And if all this weren't bad enough for the president, recent economic numbers are going in the wrong direction: Initial jobless claims have increased about 6 percent. Existing homes sales and housing starts have fallen the last two months. Manufacturing, which has been a very positive story (assisted by rock-bottom natural-gas prices from the shale revolution), actually fell last month. And while retail sales continue to be a bright spot, incomes after inflation – including high gas and food prices -- may not be keeping up.

Perhaps the most optimistic statistic is the Index of Leading Economic Indicators. This measure has increased six straight months and stands at its highest level in four years, a good sign that the 2.5 percent trendline growth rate will continue without a double dip. But it's still only 2.5 percent growth.

No one can yet tell if any of the economic soft spots are reflected in the latest polls. But the economic headlines are bad. And overall disappointment on the economy is undoubtedly why former Gov. Mitt Romney has such a strong lead in economic approval.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll puts that lead at 6 points. Rasmussen has it at 10. And Quinnipiac has voter disapproval of Obama's handling of the economy at a whopping 56 percent.

At this point in the election cycle, Romney is in stronger shape for November than almost anyone appreciates. He is consolidating political support from all sections of the Republican Party. And while the economy is the biggest election-year issue, it's also Romney's greatest strength.

Whether independent voters yet understand all of Romney's free-enterprise, merit-based, limited-government, tax-cutting policies is not yet clear. Really, he is still introducing himself to the general public. But what is clear is that the very same general public is very unhappy with the economy and blames President Obama for it.

Obama owns the economic angst. His big-government policies have not solved it. All his finger pointing and blame-game, enemies-list excuses are not working. That's really what the polls are telling us. And unless something very big and very positive happens to the economy in the next few months, Obama is in a heap of trouble.

As for Mitt Romney, right now he may be the most underrated politician in America. The odds of a Romney win come November look increasingly good.