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MUELLER REPORT FALLOUT: DEMS OFFER NO APOLOGIES, FIGHT FAR FROM OVER - Democrats are not ready to move on after Attorney General William Barr released the "principal conclusions" of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's completed Russia probe, which did not find evidence that President Trump or any members of his campaign team conspired with Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election. Instead, more hearings and maybe more investigations appear to be on the horizon ... Democratic leaders House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are demanding that the entire Mueller report be released to the public and questioning Barr's impartiality.
In Fear of Retribution
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Censorship: “the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.”

With that being the actual dictionary definition of censorship there is a two part question that must be in who exactly appointed whom as the arbiter of what is to be and not be censored and why exactly is that whatever being censored? And censorship, while it seems to never go away to one degree or another in regards to “political-speak,” reached a new crescendo about twelve days ago when a lone gunman decided to play vigilante in one of the countries “down under.”

A crescendo for sure for by now we all know that one Brenton Tarrant slaughtered 50 worshipers at two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques. Also, we know that Tarrant helmet-cammed himself in real time and live-streamed it on social media giant Facebook. Viewed as it was happening fewer than 200 times, no one reported it to Facebook's in Facebook's handpicked and ever so liberal indoctrinated censors...until 12 minutes after said video ended, by which time it had been viewed about 4,000 times in total before being removed. But no matter Facebook's “frantic efforts” to take the video down, footage of the massacre continued circulating even hours after the shooting.

And in the 29 minutes (17 for the video plus the 12) before Facebook was alerted to the video, a Facebook user on 8chan...a user whose accounts have since been permanently removed from Facebook...posted a link to a copy of the video on a file-sharing site forcing Facebook to have to remove 1.5 million videos of said attack globally within the first 24 hours after it was originally live streamed. Saying that 1.2 million videos "were blocked at upload"...meaning they never made it to posting...translates into 300,000 of said video actually having made it to posting and thus having to be removed. 

And with the video's removal Facebook “hash tagged” the video so that other shares that were "visually similar" to that particular video were then detected and automatically removed as well. But with the video's across the board removal on the grounds that it violated Facebook's Community Standards against violence, down also came Facebook users emoji reactions and comments thus silencing its users voices, both opposing and condoning voices, in one fell swoop in regards to the video and the actual incident itself.

Then after issuing a formal statement saying that “this incident highlights the importance of industry cooperation regarding the range of terrorists and violent extremists operating online,” Facebook took it upon themselves to “identify abusive content on other social media sites in order to assess whether or how that content might migrate to one of our platforms,” thus basically forcing Twitter, Reddit, Google-owned YouTube, and others to also start deleting said video from their sites. In fact not only did YouTube remove the video...a video which went up in “unprecedented numbers and speed”...but they also "terminated hundreds of accounts created to promote or glorify the shooter," as per a statement issued by a YouTube spokesperson.

And so a company with two billion users...a company that is trying to monopolize news reporting...please do not for a minute think that Facebook is solely about what one had for dinner, cute kitty and puppies photos, who's hitting on who, or people asking for prayers for this, that, or the other thing...that company is indeed trying to be the arbiter of not only what is the news but what specific news its users will be allowed to see. Remember, last year Facebook announced that they will be deleting what they alone deem to be “fake news” based upon input from the liberal likes of Snopes (George Soros' partly owned company), CNN (Clinton News Network), and other assorted uber left sites.

Simply, Facebook and the other a fore mentioned sites appointed themselves as the judge, jury, and remover of what should have been a free flow of information by it's users...meaning the ability to post or view the video of the mosque shooting. Remember that the ability to present and freely exchange information...whether or not a given individual or company agrees with said the very foundation upon which freedom itself is built, and without that freedom we are but slaves held captive by those who control what we are allowed to see, listen to, read, or even think. 'Big Brother' to the nth degree.

A free flow of be unrestricted in its ability to present all points of view on any given topic or event...deems it imperative for censorship to be held to a bare minimum, meaning censorship should only be applied to that which would directly incite violence. And by this I do not mean censor reporting on violence that has already in past tense...but violence that might immediately ensue because of a story published, a news report given, or a video posted...and surely not because of a single mosque shooting.

Now here again we must focus directly on Facebook and not because Brenton Tarrant video-cammed his actions onto the social media site per se, but because they led the charge in having the video being removed from all internet venues after being "nudged to do so" by the powers that be.

So then why did I say surely not because of a single mosque shooting...because in the case of Facebook...whose Community Standards are seriously skewed in favor of muslims and islam...videos and photos of Christians being beheaded by ISIS; Nigerian Christians locked in churches that were then set on fire; the Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS being burned alive while locked in a cage, the massacre at the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh; the Foot Hood Massacre; overt desecration of Christian symbols and monuments; the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries, and ground zero of it all...911...all these were and still are being left up. 
And know that list is but a small sample of what was and is still not deemed in violation of Facebook's Community Standards. Also not including is Facebook's taking down of Christian pages and pro-Israel groups while leaving up anything muslim and islam related including sites that were in reality ISIS recruiting sites. And by the way, after the massacre at the synagogue in Philadelphia, I put up a simple picture of a memorial candle with a Bible verse to honor those killed, and Facebook took it down as being insensitive to others (as in the shooter), and threw me yet again into Facebook jail for another 30 days.

So what Facebook and the others have done by taking the mosque massacre video down is actually hamper our efforts in learning how to protect ourselves, our loved ones and most especially our houses of worship against any future attacks. And those attacks will surely come... and probably will come fairly the guise of revenge attacks by islamists against both churches and synagogues for the concept of “an eye for an eye” is not solely found in the Holy Bible but in the (un)holy qur'an as well. 
In fact, the qur'an itself dictates revenge on those that do islam harm. For example, qur'an 5:45 states, “And We ordained therein for them: Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wounds equal for equal...” and as per qur'an 16:126, “And if you punish, then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted.”
And herein lies the truth that few if any in positions of power will say...the main and maybe the only reason why the mosque massacre video has been removed from the internet, newspapers, and TV...basically from the entire public because these folks are afraid, actually terrified, of islamist retribution for their 50 dead.
Sadly, the world has ever so unwisely chosen to show a complacency for islam and even for islamists. In fact, many of their attacks on the West in general as well as on Christians, Jews, and shi'ia muslims in specific (most islamists are sunni) have gone basically unpunished out of fear of retribution, of even more blood being spilled. 

We allow ourselves in the name of diversity to cower and hide from the truth...a simple truth that islam itself is the enemy. And we must acknowledge that in full...for only by saying “islam is the enemy” can we, our loved ones, and our churches and synagogues be while maybe not completely safe per se, but be equipped with enough knowledge as to how to prepare ourselves to successfully fight back in defense of our way of life. 
And even though the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS)...their spying agency...confirmed that it had not received any relevant information or intelligence ahead of the mosque shootings, it does not change the fact that 50 muslims lay dead at the hand of a single misguided white extremist who thinks himself to be a crusader...please refer to my article Misplaced Tears, Misplaced Sorrow...but know that the retribution for those 50 will most likely be 50 times 10...or more. Remember, islamists go for the big kill, 50 will not be enough to satisfy their blood lust.

But unless things change the media most especially included...will both indirectly and directly aid them in their task via both their fear of reporting the this case the truth that the Masjid Al Noor mosque had, back in 2014, been linked to the U.S. drone killing of New Zealand al-Qaeda suspects Daryl Jones and Christopher Havard who were both radicalized at said mosque...coupled with the media's fear of reprisals against their personal selves and/or their loved ones.

So while New Zealand's truly misguided Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern donned a hajib and ordered a national broadcast of the islamic call to prayer, she also enacted laws banning certain types of assault weapons within her country, as if that will solve their problems or issues revolving around the lone mosque shooter or even aid in preventing a copy-cat killing. Simply, it will not and why... because the fact is that New Zealand, just like the rest of the civilized world, will continue having a “muslim problem” whether they believe they have one or not...that is as long as they allow seemingly unfettered muslim immigration into their country while throwing aside the mother of all problems in the name of diversity. The call for diversity must be replacing with in assimilate or back you go to the country you came from...and by the way, we should do the same thing here.

So as some in the media do not want us to speak Brenton Tarrant's name for fear of giving him notoriety for the killing of 50 muslims, and while others continue to blame President Trump for the shooting, I say why should Tarrant's name be relegated to obscurity for killing 50 muslims when the likes of Ghengis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, and so may others killed hundreds of millions of people with their names forever enmeshed within the pages of history. The answer is simply to placate the muslims yet again...and that will be the death of us all.

Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved. 

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