Thursday, March 12, 2015

Former CIA Director David Petraeus plea-bargained to a misdemeanor count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material after having given classified government information to his onetime mistress, Paula Broadwell. How was Petraeus' transgression uncovered? By exposure of a non-government email account that he had set up with to communicate with Broadwell free of CIA scrutiny.

After a series of Democratic scandals in the New York state legislature, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is instituting a policy to have the emails of state employees automatically deleted after 90 days.

Apparently, Cuomo did not want e-trails of politicians' communications. Meanwhile, the former speaker of the New York state assembly, Sheldon Silver, faces charges of corruption and was forced by subpoena to turn over computer correspondence.

Under the Cuomo plan, a politician like Silver could delay and obfuscate for three months, and then safely assume that almost all of his communications had safely vanished -- in a fashion that pre-email politicians could never have imagined.

In December 2012, shortly after the re-election of Barack Obama, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson quietly stepped down without much public notice. Jackson, in apparent violation of the law, had been under federal investigation for fabricating a phony email persona, "Richard Windsor."

Jackson, using the Windsor persona, communicated in a way that allowed her to skirt federal record-keeping laws. But Jackson not only wished to exchange email beneath the radar of the federal government that employed her, she also wanted to create an alias that might weigh in favorably on her own agency's policies.

In surreal fashion, Jackson's self-created Windsor also received an award from the EPA for meritorious service -- perhaps the first case of a bureaucrat rewarding her own electronic alter ego.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now trying to explain away her own email scandal. During her tenure, she may have broken federal laws by creating several personal email accounts on her own private server.
Apparently discovering that the Social Security Administration had roughly 6.5 active social security numbers for Americans aged 112 or older wasn’t the only eye-catching discovery from the office of the inspector general’s audit.

Tucked away in a footnote was another “minor” detail: U.S. attorneys did not prosecute illegal immigrants who used the social security numbers of deceased Americans to work in the U.S.

“In three cases, [the Social Security Administration's Office of Investigators] confirmed that illegal aliens were using deceased numberholders’ names and SSNs to work,” the footnote says. “But U.S. Attorneys in Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina declined prosecution.”

According to the audit, the Social Security numbers of 34 deceased individuals were illegally being used to obtain work in the U.S.

The fraudulent use of a Social Security number is considered a federal felony, yet for some reason, prosecutors declined to prosecute.

Kuwaiti Muslim preacher, Islamic State call for demolition of Sphinx, pyramids

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Kuwaiti Muslim preacher, Islamic State call for demolition of Sphinx, pyramids
“Attacks on the Sphinx date back centuries. Despite many legends surrounding the monument’s missing nose – with harm from Napoleon’s cannon being among the most popular myths – historians believe it was actually destroyed by Sufi Muslim Muhammad Sa’im al-Dahr in the 14th century, after he learned that some peasants worshipped the Sphinx.” Many of […]

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Report: AP Exploited Children to Stage Anti-Israel Photos in Gaza War Coverage

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Palestinian-children-ap-640x480Der Stürmer was a German newspaper notorious for its anti-Jewish propaganda. It was a German publication and its influence was largely German. AP is a worldwide news service supplying its news to every news organization across the world.

Report: AP Exploited Children to Stage Anti-Israel Photos in Gaza War Coverage
by Jordan Schachtel11 Mar 2015Washington, D.C.30
AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas
The Associated Press used Palestinian children as props in staged photos meant to portray Israel negatively in its investigation into the Israel-Hamas war last summer and did not reveal to its readers that the photos were contrived, Richard Behar and Gary Weiss of the Observer write in their rebuttal of the investigation’s results.
Behar and...


Islamic State (ISIS) defector explains why all the hostages appear to be so calm right before they are beheaded

Bare Naked Islam

B96IxMXIgAElx3iThe hostages are able to retain their poise probably because they don’t know they’re about to be executed, says Islamic State defector who claims ISIS jihadists routinely subjected foreign hostages to mock executions and gave them Arabic names.

SKY News  Speaking exclusively to Sky News, “Saleh” said he was employed by a Turkish man in the group to reassure hostages their lives were not in danger – yet he says he always knew they would be killed. Saleh said the execution rehearsals took place so that when the moment of death finally came the hostages were not expecting to be killed and were relaxed to appeal for their release on camera.


He said: “He would tel me ‘say to them, no problem, only video, we don’t kill you, we want from your government [to] stop attacking Syria. We don’t have any problem with you; you are only our visitors. So they don’t worry. Always I say to them ‘don’t worry, doesn’t matter, nothing dangerous for you. But at the end I knew they were dead men.”


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