Monday, May 9, 2022

On Cowards, The Courageous, and The Insane
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

We're not attacking Russia; we're helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression.”

- Joe Biden's words regarding our newest aid package to Ukraine
Let me start by saying that a key reason Ukraine now finds itself at war with Russia is because Vladimir Putin was able, back in 2014, to manipulate America's cowardly apologist Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his VP sidekick Joe Biden into looking away as he brought both Crimea and Ukraine's Donbas region back into Russia's fold. And Putin did so while NATO and the U.N. looked away as well leaving Putin to basically run unchecked with Ukraine getting a brief respite while Donald Trump...a strong commander-in-chief...was president.

Now back and emboldened like never before, Vladimir Putin continues to make a mockery of both Biden and NATO what with his dictating how this war will and will not be played, and by his continuing to hang the shadow of possible nuclear war over all our heads. And as atrocity after atrocity is inflicted upon innocent Ukrainian civilians, Putin sits back and relishes in channeling his inner Hitler, for what he is doing in Ukraine is using Hitler's extermination tactics albeit on a much smaller scale. One just needs to see what remains of the once thriving port city of Mariupol and her people to understand that.  

So now as the U.S. and the NATO nations talk of increasing military aid to in sending additional aide on top of the aide already promised that has yet to arrive...we find Putin and his cronies warning said nations that their doing so only helps to “fuel the conflict.” And don't think that Nancy Pelosi and crew's recent photo-op visit to Ukraine hasn't gone unnoticed by Putin as well. Remember, Putin still calls his illegal incursion into the sovereign nation of Ukraine a “special military operation” and not a “war”... while at the same time he continues to issue “threats” here...that said aid or even musings of increasing aid raises the risk of seeing a “direct confrontation” between Russia and the NATO powers. 

But here Putin's actually addressing the U.S. no matter that Biden continues to state that American forces will not physically join the fight in Ukraine.

But like a good military tactician that Putin is...or at least he thinks he is never mind that he, his strategists, and his generals all grossly underestimated the will of the Ukrainian people to fight back...Putin knows well that any actual confrontation between Russia and the U.S...a confrontation where Russia hoped to come out on top...would best happen before 2024 at the latest while a weak Joe Biden is still under Obama's America-hating control.

And while Putin is a smart man...we are not dealing with a mind like Joe Biden's here...he is also a laser focused man whose unwavering goal has now obviously become clear, as in to bring all the satellite nations lost at the end of the Cold War back under Russia's control. And Putin gave that away not just with his incursion into Ukraine per se, but also with his now likely involving Moldova, a small impoverish nation who now lacks the strength, militarily or otherwise, to fight back. Like lambs to the slaughter Moldova will sadly go if Putin so wishes it, leaving one to wonder which former satellite but currently free nation will be next.

It's a roll of the dice it now seems, what with a cunningly calculating madman possibly being the very one who determines not only Ukraine's future, but Europe's and the world's future as well. Remember, Vladimir Putin has the one thing that even Hitler failed to have...a world so terrified of both nuclear and/or chemical war that even in the scope of the dangers presented he knows that we in the West still are refusing to tangibly fight back.

It's better, many think, to let Ukraine fall...better to let the breakaway satellites get reabsorbed back into “Mother Russia's it's better to let that happen than to risk nuclear war by standing up to a man who clearly is not in his right mind...a man who gambled on his successfully committing atrocities we still are bearing witness to, while knowing full well that we will do nothing to stop innocent Ukrainian blood from being shed.

The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations...”

- exiled anti-communist Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1978

Simply and quite shamefully, Vladimir Putin has basically rendered the West, and especially our beloved America, militarily impotent in a game of “Russian roulette”...quite apropos is it not...a game where only he knows in which chamber the nuclear bullet lies. Now becoming the world's most dangerous man, Putin truly fits the definition of one gone mad...mad with power that is. And when one is so driven by the need for power coupled with the want of having ultimate and lasting control, can madness itself...can actual far behind. Surely, I think not.

So the question now becomes is Vladimir Putin simply trying to show the world that there's a new world order of which he's the new boss, or has he actually become gripped in the throws of power hungry, revenge seeking, insanity?

The answer to that is really an amalgam of both for only one not in their right mind would see the mere presence of a freedom seeking country like Ukraine as encroaching on Russia's dictatorial borders, especially when Ukraine made no threats against them. Only one on the border of insanity would believe that Ukraine was a “fundamental threat” to the Russian Federation that echoed Nazi Germany's 1940's threat to the then-Soviet Union. And only one now in the grips of insanity would believe, as does Putin, that the Communist Red Army was the savior of WWII, and that the Russian military of today would save Ukraine from what he believes to be a Nazi regime. And all stated is Vladimir Putin's current line of thinking, while Russian troops willingly commit atrocities on par with Hitler's at the same time Putin's propaganda machine spews rhetoric contrary to what is visually seen.

And so the man whom both the Russian forces and the Russian propaganda machine now call their “supreme high commander”...a reference of honor in twisted minds to the infamous Joseph Stalin...but is it really a reference to hide the fact that something is not mentally right with Vladimir Putin? Does Vladimir Putin now believe himself to be a supreme god of war of sorts...a despotic mindset to the nth his actions in this war sure seem that way. How so? Only one on the edge of insanity would decide to launch a “catastrophic new European war,” knowingly and willingly commit what is paramount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, and then use the threat of nuclear war to be the self-deciding factor as to his winning said war. This alone leaves one to wonder if Vladimir Putin has become so paranoid of failure that he's lost all sense of reality.

Is failure what Vladimir Putin fears fear of failure what drives him to do things no sane individual would do? I truly believe so, because if Putin fails in Ukraine he also fails at home in Russia, and on the world stage as well. Losing to the likes of Ukraine's ever courageous Volodymyr Zelensky is simply not an option for Putin. And while Zelensky has rallied his “troops” by giving them a cause worth fighting and possibly dying for...with freedom and self-determination being said cause...Putin instead sees the Russian people protesting and turning against him as his self-promoted, propaganda driven lies finally are being exposed. To the victor goes the spoils of war, and Putin knows well that if he loses on the Ukrainian battlefield his iron fist now hovering over Russia might just turn out to be what leads to his ultimate downfall.

And then there's the fact that Vladimir Putin's physical appearance seems to be changing as well, and that he appears to be but a shell of his former self. Even President Trump has alluded to the fact that the Putin he knew and dealt with when president is not the same Putin he is today. Bloated and weakened” some foreign newspapers are claiming, and that maybe he's suffering from a physical ailment...possibly even some form of cancer coupled with Parkinson's disease...either of which in running its natural course could also be affecting his mind.

Or is it simply the fact that in his miscalculating both President Zelensky's leadership and those in Ukraine continuing to fight back, that Vladimir Putin now has less inner confidence in his ability to win what is a war of his own doing. And could Putin's seemingly aggressive behavior coupled with the overtly threatening demeanor he's now showing towards both his adversaries and his own people alike, be but a front to mask a true coward of a man who knows that history will show that his hands will now and forever be stained with the blood of all the innocent Ukrainian civilians both he and his generals killed.

So while the world at large continues to watch the horrors in Ukraine continuing to unfold on an almost daily basis, know that even a cowardly, child killing, little man as vile, manipulating, and self-centered as Vladimir Putin is...whether his countenance be courtesy of ambition, illness, or a self-perceived need to seek revenge for the Soviet Union's downfall...that said very man still must deal with world opinion which is now decidedly and ever so rightfully against him.

And with his hoped for 3-day war now entering it's third month, know that Vladimir Putin's reign of terror will eventually come to an end whether it be in war or by his own or another's hand. And while the time of this war's end still remains unknown as does the final number of the dead on both sides of a war that neither the Ukrainians nor the Russian people wanted, the annals of history do show that more times than not he who thinks themselves invincible, simply and thankfully is not. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others of their ilk met their destined fate in Hell as someday Vladimir Putin will too.

And with that I say, case closed.

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