Tuesday, February 16, 2021

NY Gov's Explanation for What Really Caused COVID Deaths in Nursing Homes Is a Sick Manipulative Joke
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

It’s nonsensical. It’s anti-science. It’s something that you could point to as another example of a Democrat holding a masterclass in manipulation. It’s also totally wrong. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is feeling the walls closing in around him. He’s no longer COVID Ace Andy. He’s King Death. He’s killer Cuomo. He’s the doofus who got thousands of New Yorkers killed. The New York Attorney General’s Office couldn’t save him. They’re the ones who reported that he was undercounting COVID deaths in nursing homes by 50 percent. On top of that, his top aide admitted to state lawmakers last week that they hid the data. Why? They said they feared a Department of Justice investigation.

In doing so, the irony is that they may have placed themselves in a situation where the DOJ has to investigate the intentional deep-sixing of key COVID information from the public. This is a cover-up no matter how you slice it, and King Andy’s reign of carnage should come to an end. Impeach him. Investigate him. And God-willing arrest him. The man wrote a book about how he was such a pro in handling this crisis too. 

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Beijing ☭ Biden Comes For Your Guns
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT 
On the 3rd anniversary of Parkland shooting, Biden pushes Congress to enact gun control measures.

Shredding our Constitutional rights, the First and now Second Amendments, in the continuing destruction of the American greatness.

President Joe Biden marked February 14, 2021–the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting–by calling on Congress to pass more gun control.

He used a tweet to recount the heinous attack, writing, “In seconds, the lives of dozens of families, and the life of an American community, was changed forever.”

Biden referenced the “lone gunman [who] took the lives of 14 students and three educators” and also directed attention toward violence in certain cities across America. He suggested singled out the “gun violence disproportionately devastating Black and Brown individuals in our cities.”

He concluded, in part, by writing:

Read entire article here: https://gellerreport.com/2021/02/beijing-%e2%98%ad-biden-comes-for-your-guns.html/


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