Friday, May 3, 2019

Deafening Silence of the Christian Kind 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio 

"But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you...”
- Luke 6:27-36

Their silence is indeed deafening...a roaring misplaced silence coupled with a feeling of emptiness now engulfing both Roman Catholicism and all of the other denominational Christian sects. And it's both sad and pitiful at the same time as it reeks of acquiescing and surrender to those who have always wished all we infidels dead.''

Today, Friday, May 3rd from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'Deafening Silence of the Christian Kind'; 'Liberals Taking the Bullet Train to Pandersville'; and important news of the day.

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Canada: Trudeau government omits all references to “Islamist extremism”

By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch

Canada: Trudeau government omits all references to “Islamist extremism”“The government has again revised a report that is supposed to update Canadians on the major terrorist threats they face, removing all references to Islamist extremism.” Robert Spencer rightly referenced Justin Trudeau as “Canada’s Obama” upon the Trudeau’s election in 2015. “While the report, first released in December, had initially identified attackers “inspired by violent […]
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DOJ lays out case for striking down Obamacare in its entirety

Read: Justice Department filing saying Obamacare must be struck down(CNN)The Trump administration offered its first full argument Wednesday for its reversal on the Affordable Care Act, arguing in new court filings that the entire law "should not be allowed to remain in effect."

The government argues in the filings that the so-called "individual mandate" requiring Americans to have coverage is unconstitutional and that the rest of the law should therefore also be struck down, even if the government "might support some individual provisions as a policy matter."
The landmark legislation provides health care coverage to millions of Americans. 
In the filing, Assistant Attorney General Joseph Hunt acknowledged that the administration had previously argued that parts of the law could remain in effect even if the individual mandate were struck down, but he said, the administration had come to believe it could no longer defend that position...

Trump Economy Shrugs Off Shutdown, Growing 3.2% and Defying Media and Democrat Pessimism

Trump Economy Shrugs Off Shutdown, Growing 3.2% and Defying Media and Democrat PessimismThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of
Either the media and Democrat elected (and hopefuls) were wrong about the economic impacts of the partial government shutdown that ended in January, or the U.S. economy is even stronger than it looks. Knowing the doomsaying that takes place regarding the Trump economy, the answer is most likely both.

GDP grew at an astounding 3.2 percent rate during the First Quarter of 2019, which even MSNBC called “extraordinary.” It’s even more shocking when you consider that the shutdown, which lasted nearly until the end of January, was projected to reduce growth significantly.

According to Forbes, the Trump administration’s own estimates suggested that the shutdown would reduce growth by about 0.13 percentage points for each week that it continued. Based on that figure, the shutdown should have resulted in First Quarter GDP growth coming in about 0.4 percent lower than it otherwise would have.