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Doomed Before Ever Leaving The Ground 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio 

Putting together a puzzle tends to get frustrating at times but when one sees the puzzle finally coming together the frustration tends to turn into time well spent. For me such was the case with the still askew puzzle that is Iran's takedown of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. But in this case I started assembling that puzzle not from the corners working inwards towards center like most tend to do, but by anchoring the all-important center piece in place and working outwards from there. And with that piece firmly in place I could visualize the completed puzzle even before other pieces were added to it. And what I saw was a picture of not just what happened to the Ukrainian plane but exactly why it was doomed before ever leaving the ground.

And what is the overlooked central piece of the's the video showing the missile attack on a plane obviously heading away from NOT descending into Tehran or any of its neighboring in how can one claim to be in fear of an imminent attack when the supposed attacker is actually leaving the very area fearing such an attack. Simply, it makes no sense unless the truth is more dangerous than the lies being told.

And so with the center piece now in place I believe I can prove...or at least pose the distinct possibility...that a passenger airliner was going to be taken down whether it be Ukrainian Flight 752 en-route to Kiev, Ukraine from Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport or another passenger plane taking off at or around the time of what would be the plane's ultimate demise no matter that innocent lives would be lost...actually people unknowingly being sacrificed for the cause. And the time frame itself along with people hopefully not picking up on the leaving not coming into aspect involved, helped Iran least at first...its claim that it was the U.S. military who took down the plane...took it down in likely retaliation for Iran's retaliation for the Trump ordered (rightful) assassination of Quds General Qassem Soleimani.

So now let's look at what I believe is the puzzle fully assembled and I'll do so by showing you how with just a few major puzzle pieces fitting together it comprises my version of the puzzle. Like I said, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, in my opinion, was deliberately shot down to make it appear that the U.S. was the aggressor against the very country claiming to have done but a limited retaliation for Soleimani's assassination. And with folks aghast at the video footage of a plane being hit by two missiles and then exploding in midair barely two minutes after takeoff, Iran thought she had come out on top in this particular battle of political wits.

But what the mullahs didn't count on was growing international pressure for the truth or that Iran itself would turn into a tinderbox of sorts with both everyday Iranians taking to the streets seeking answers to forbidden questions, as well as well-organized anti-government student protesters again becoming a thorn in the regime's side, and doing so over the fact that most on the downed plane were of Iranian nationality or descent.

And with growing rage sweeping across the country more and more people started spilling out into the streets as the government continued to lie and deny that it had shot down the passenger plane even though it was then being reported that missile debris had been found at the crash site...missile debris from Russian-made Tor-M1 surface-to-air missiles...missiles Russia gave to Iran as a last line of defense against guided munitions, cruise missiles, and aircraft coming into not heading out of Iran.

So as international pressure for answers continued to build, and as decidedly angry protests within Iran gained momentum, Iran finally admitted that Ukrainian Flight 752 had been shot down by one of their mobile air defense units set-up soon after Soleimani's assassination in order to protect an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp ballistic missile base on the outskirts of Tehran near the village of Bidganeh. But what is not being told is that this particular mobile unit had been set-up in direct line with the flight path of outgoing passenger planes...for what reason but to take a plane down it seems.

Now here's where it gets very interesting and where the main puzzle pieces start fitting together. Remember the object...the question was leaving not coming into Tehran...heading out on a commonly used northwest heading...but now add this into the mix. Iranian Brigadier Gen. Amirali Hajizaden said in an interview aired on Iranian state TV that “the air defense unit misidentified the 737 as a cruise missile when it was 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) away” and that, "It was a short-range missile that exploded next to the plane. That's why the plane was able to continue flying for a while and exploded when it hit the ground." Well of course a plane will explode when it hits the ground, especially a plane fully loaded with fuel upon takeoff, but that's just more government rhetoric spewed because Iranian witnesses reported that the plane was on fire before it hit the ground.

But of key importance is what the general said next, as in that the Iranian missile operator who shot the passenger plane down opened fire “independently” as a result of a sudden communications "jamming" and that he “mistook” the Boeing 737 for a "cruise missile," with now having but ten seconds to decide whether or not to open fire.

Now here's my translation of Gen. Hajizaden's words or should I say lies. A passenger plane obviously gaining altitude...a passenger plane whose transponder was proven to have been in the “on position” at takeoff and who was sending out signals (a “squawk code”) unique to passenger planes as opposed to both military aircraft and just the right time after the mobile unit's missiles had “locked-onto” said plane saw their communications and radar (which would show the outbound path of the plane) being “jammed” with a highly trained and experienced missile operator now not being able to tell the difference between a plane and missile...not being able to tell the difference between an object heading away from not into the area...still taking it upon himself to bring down the now unidentified object. No, I don't think so for it's more likely that the missile operator was told and them forced to take the plane down as it offered Iran the perfect opportunity to blame the “Great Satan” for the passenger plane's demise.

And to add credence to my translation, know that while Iran was called to task after failing to put in place a commercial “no-fly zone” while in the midst of conducting their retaliatory missile attack on two Iraqi military bases housing U.S. troops, Iraq has to date failed to give any credible reason as to why they failed to do so nor have they said why Ukrainian Flight 752 was delayed on the runway for over an hour (other planes were taking off during said delay) before being cleared at 6:12 a.m. for takeoff. So, I'll tell you why...first so that the final logistics of bringing down whatever was to be the chosen plane could be put into place and second, to make sure that the chosen plane would not only be at full passenger capacity but that many onboard would be Iranian university students studying or just visiting abroad...students whose deaths the regime could use to their advantage, thus basically making them unknowing martyrs for the cause.

And Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 fit both Iran's needs and its objectives.

Remember, student protests in Iran have been ongoing for some time no matter that in the past such protests were usually short-lived due to deadly actions taken by the regime against those involved. And while to some degree violence tends at times to be part-and-parcel of student protests no matter in which country they occur, the student protests in Iran were becoming way more troublesome to the regime as they had a decidedly pro-America, pro-Israel, pro-West leaning to them, something that could not be allowed. So when devising their plan to takedown a plane and make it appear that a U.S. missile was the cause, the Iranians needed a plane with many students onboard believing that if the U.S. could be blamed then maybe that would be enough to quell the student protests and turn any pro-America, pro-Israel, pro-West students into anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-West ones, thus returning them to the islamic fold.

Killing two birds with one stone so to speak...or so the mullahs thought.

Instead, after Iran finally admitted to taking down the plane but blaming it on “human error,” the student protests grew much angrier and more urgent in tone because of the regime's previous lies and their again spreading hate. And it now started with the ordered painting of both U.S. and Israeli flags on Iran's streets so that the people could walk on and defile said flags...something considered the ultimate show of disrespect in the mullah's eyes. 

And yet most students attending Tehran's Melli University where these flags first started appearing, refused to walk on them...refused to defile them...and while a few students did step on the painted flags, videos of the protests show students not only shouting words against both Ayatollah Khamenei and his regime, but showed these same students booing those who did and shouting, “The regime is shameless, dishonorable." Also shown is students tearing down Soleimani posters amidst angry cries of "he's no hero."

Surprising words but words I believe give more credence to my belief that Flight 752 was the victim of a planned takedown. How so...because why else would two loyal to the regime Iranian newscasters...newscasters working for the state's broadcaster IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting)...suddenly quit their jobs. Not only quit but seeing leading TV news anchor Gelare Jabbari actually apologizing to the people of Iran for her helping to spread the regime's propaganda and lies for the past 13 years. In fact, in an Instagram post Jabbari stated that, “It was very hard for me to believe that our people have been killed. Forgive me that I got to know this late. And forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies.” And while Iranian media outlets are reporting that Jabbari's “resignation” was a “broad act of protest against Iranian government accountability,” I fear that only time will tell if this woman might be forced to pay with her life for basically admitting that the regime is truly a bunch of thugs and killers.

Simply, Gelare Jabbari and her words spoken do indeed make her a piece of the puzzle... especially her words, “Our people have been killed,” to which I add her possibly thinking, by Iranian's own hand...Iran whose government she was a spokesmouth for. And then there's, “Forgive me that I got to know this late”...quite an odd thing to say for did those words mean she found out that Iran brought down the plane before going on air yet still chose to speak the regime's lie or did she mean “late” as in finding out the truth at the same time we did. And finally her words, “And forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies”... does that mean “forgive” her for not being shrewd enough not to be caught in her lies or “forgive” her for knowing what was being planned and for looking away while 178 people... many Iranians...became innocent victims in the mullah's holy war. Again, only time will tell.

And now for the last major piece of the puzzle. While all the countries leaders whose people were onboard the doomed flight are now rightfully demanding that Iran must be formally called to task...Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky also said Ukraine expected a full investigation and compensation from Iran for the eleven Ukranian lives lost, nine of whom were crew members; while Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven also both condemned and demanded that Iran take full and sole responsibility for the downing of the plane that killed ten Swedish citizens and seven other Swedish residents; it was Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose true islamic condoning nature shown through. Saying that Iran “must take full responsibility” for the sixty-three Canadian citizens killed on the plane, he still found time to blame President Trump and the U.S. for the plane's downing. “I think if there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families,” were his exact words said...words that basically gave Iran somewhat of a free pass for the killing of 176 innocent people. And he did so while the Iranian people are risking their lives by condemning their government while at the same time starting to bury their own dead.

Not a good message to send to the world as it not only deflects eyes away from the truth, it helps aid the anti-Trump media and Democrat naysayers in continuing to make a hero out of a terrorist. Not understand is that if the media would just report the truth instead of agenda-driven propaganda and lies maybe those 176 innocents lost could become the catalyst by which the mullahs 40-year reign of terror can finally come to an end.

So there's my puzzle completed in full...with its picture showing the guilty exposed... exposed with facts not supposition...with the center of it all being that Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was heading away from not coming into Tehran. And that fact alone should put to rest Iran's claim that the shootdown was an accident, as well as shut up the anti-Trump and anti-America naysayers.

Now if only I can find some puzzle glue...just saying.

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