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The Manchurian President 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

By now it should be obvious to all that Joe Biden is medically unfit to hold office both in the physical sense and in his being mentally unfit as well. And I say this not because I'm a Conservative/Republican who in no way wanted to see him as president, but because his actions, words, deeds, and demeanor coupled with his decidedly anti-American agenda are the antithesis of what an American president should be. "America First" should be his calling card not "America Last."

The so-called “leader of the free world” truly has the toughest job on Earth for he must be both our president and also the conscience, if you will, of America's friends and allies alike. And dare not forget that in his role as President of these United States, Biden not only has his finger on the nuclear button but is the sole decider of if and when to press it, meaning that Joe Biden must have clarity of mind to make the right and honorable decision for making the wrong decision equates to World War III beginning. And as clearly can be seen by Biden's, to date, decisions made...both foreign and his press conferences, his speeches given both here and abroad, and of course in his guffaw laden public statements, Joe Biden has no such clarity for his mind...or what's left of not only riddled with disease but is, I believe, being both directed and manipulated to do Barack HUSSEIN Obama's bidding by Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself with help from George Soros of course.

Simply, Joe Biden is not a well man both physically and mentally, and therefore should not be allowed to hold the position of President of the United States no matter that his November 2021 medical check-up seemed to make light of or find excuses for his clearly visible maladies. Remember when Biden's attending physician, one Dr. Kevin C. O'Connor, stated that the frequency and severity of his throat-clearing during speaking engagements was caused by simple acid reflux, and that Biden’s so-called “ambulatory gait” was due to wear and tear on his in common for his age well as being caused by a lingering limp from a previous fracture in his right foot...well I believe none of that for it appears to me that Joe Biden has either Parkinson's disease, Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) or a combination of both, all similar but not the same as simple age-related dementia or classic Alzheimer's as many think. And here I'll also add elderly abuse but more on that in a bit.

Now, regarding Parkinson's, a neurological disease whose most classic visible sign is tremors. I've noticed that sometimes when speaking Biden exhibits erratic hand gestures or movements, and that when speaking at the podium or when giving TV interviews he tends to clasp his hands together or actually holds something in one or both hands. And in the case of the podium he can, at times, be seen holding onto the podium's sides, all being actions that would help to conceal what would have been visible tremors. 

And his walking gait is that of someone with Parkinson's as he has also been seen, at times, having trouble regulating the speed and size of his steps. Biden's walk now tends to be more like either a slow shuffle (bradykinetic) or a stiff pacing (hypokinetic)... as in minus normal knee bending or leg movements...along with his having little to no natural swinging of his arms. In fact, when we do see Biden swinging his arms the back of his hands face forward, something most Parkinson's patients do, and they do so for added balance and stability. Also, Biden has been seen “freezing up” when is being unable to move...something common with Parkinson's patients, and it's to a point where at times someone has had to take his arm to help guide him forward.

Also, those with Parkinson's experience a change in their voice, especially in tonality, where one minute their voice is clear, the next its raspy or horse or even sometimes seeing the person straining to in trying to get the words out...all of which Joe Biden has exhibited at different times during different interviews, speeches, and press conferences. And to add to the list of symptoms there's what's referred to as “masking” where the person affected tends to look either serious, depressed, or even angry when they actually are not, or they more commonly present with a totally blank stare and hardly blink at all...“deadpan” if you will. And when watching Biden whether live on television or on video clips “deadpan” clearly is now the face he presents way more times than not.

And while some Parkinson's patients can and sometimes do show signs of dementia, that is not a usual symptom nor a usual disease manifestation for most, in fact if dementia does appear in a Parkinson's patient they only exhibit dementia issues related to cognitive function many years (even decades) after visible motor issues become apparent. However, Lewy Body Dementia ups that game a notch for not only are its physical symptoms similar to Parkinson' per the symptoms I just mentioned...but early on in the disease's progression LBD does severely affect one's cognitive abilities, moods and emotions, as well as their alertness and attention span, with hallucinations now also added into the mix.

In fact, changes in Joe Biden's alertness and attention span, his overall confusion and forgetfulness, plus his emotional mood swings are things routinely witnessed in him, especially in his losing his train of thought even when asked a simple question. And this can clearly be seen in the video below when immediately after being asked by NBC's Lester Holt a direct and focused question regarding his Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco Biden mistakes both Ukraine and Iran for Afghanistan. 


Remember too, Biden on a number of occasions has referred to Kamala Harris as “President Harris;” nastily called a U.S. military veteran a “dog-faced pony soldier” when asked a question he didn't like; and angrily lost it when calling FOX News reporter Steve Ducey a “son of a bitch” in an off-mic moment...all things indicative of someone not thinking clearly especially at the most inopportune of times. It's no wonder the Democrat hierarchy kept Biden hidden in his basement during the presidential campaign and it was not because of Covid as claimed, but because Joe Biden continues to suffer from a long standing case of political “foot-in-mouth disease.” 

Simply, Biden was and is still not able to follow orders or instructions given let alone know issues and facts...his notes and presser “cheat sheets” are proof of that...for if all was mentally right with Biden his cognitive abilities would not come into question by those now on both sides of the political aisle.

So where does all this leave our country leadership wise? Simply, it leaves us with a president who is actually a danger to “We the People,” and to both our constitutional republic and to the world at large.

In fact, it's my personal opinion that Biden's physical and mental downfall goes way beyond just Parkinson's neurological issues, for I truly believe Joe Biden suffers from the more serious LBD with a dose of Parkinson's motor and speech issues thrown into the mix. And to those who still say it's Alzheimer's, one must remember that Alzheimer's primarily affects the brain's ability to store new information mostly in the form of language and memories, which is not really what appears to be happening with Biden. On the other hand, LBD specifically targets cognitive functions like problem solving and deductive reasoning which are the very things that become more obvious every time Biden opens his mouth.

And when Parkinson's and LBD are melded together both the physical and mental decline of the person affected can either happen quickly or over a period of time, sometimes even taking a decade or more to fully manifest to the point where even strangers notice that something is just not right. And when you think about, Biden's ability to reason, think clearly, solve problems, speak coherently, and even follow a simple train of thought now coupled with serious motor issues clearly visible in his actual physical deterioration, totally negates the rosy picture Dr. Kevin C. O'Connor painted back in November. And remember, Biden did not have a full-scope mental evaluation.

Now as for elderly abuse, and know I do not make this allegation lightly. Simply, if one is in the deep throws of dementia be it because of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or Lewy Body Dementia, one would think their loved ones would protect them from harm and not thrust them into either the public nor the political venue where they would be “ripe for the picking” so to speak. And Mrs. Jill Biden knows well that her husband is not physically nor mentally well and thus not capable to do the job he now holds. Joe Biden's decisions and mandates have put America herself and “We the People” in harms way as well as getting America involved in a war that might or more likely not take place. And while Jill Biden herself relishes in wearing designer clothes (she's no Melania Trump it's obvious to say) as well as hobnobbing with world leaders, her leading Joe Biden by the arm when he has no clue as to where he is is political theater, as in all for show.

This woman cares nothing about putting her sick and feeble husband in front of the public to be made a mockery of as she allows this charade to continue on solely to satisfy her own narcissistic ambitions and need to be First Lady. If not true then Jill Biden should put a stop to this and have her husband resign from need to 25th Amendment him out...and do it for the good of her husband and our country as well.

And while some will sound the alarm about Kamala Harris then becoming president, remember nothing will change with her as president as Obama will still be the one pulling all the strings and running the show. And besides, Harris and Obama will both be rendered politically impotent when we take back the House and the Senate come the November mid-term election, so all Biden's voluntarily resigning from office or the 25th Amendment being enacted to remove him for health reasons is but switching tit-for-tat. Case closed.

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