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Romney’s MUST Give Speech

By Craig Andresen / The National Patriot  
(I'm a little under the weather today so with his permission I'm running my friend Craig Andresen's piece from his blog.)

It’s time for Mitt Romney to start telling it like it is. Like it really is. It’s high time he took off the nice guy gloves and started laying it on the line with respect to our economy.

What follows is the speech he needs to start delivering.


My name is Mitt Romney and I’m running for President.

Next month, our party will hold a convention and, I expect to receive the Republican nomination at that convention but, there are some things you need to know and waiting until after the convention might be too late.

My opponent, Obama, is running about telling stories. He’s on the attack. Okay. We, my staff and I, expected that. I would hazard to guess that some of you expected it too.

His plan is to attack…ME. Early in our republican primary race, his campaign issued the order…”Kill Romney.”

Now, I’m not just speaking to those in my own party when I ask this question: Is that what a president, immersed in the worst economy we’ve seen in many, many decades and a skyrocketing debt should be doing? To those who voted FOR Obama in 2008…Is that what you elected him to do?

Please, correct me if I’m wrong but…Didn’t you elect Obama to change things? Change them for the better? 

Didn’t you elect him to fix the economy? Didn’t you elect him to cut the debt in half? Didn’t you elect Obama to bring transparency to the government? To mend the divide between parties?

How’s that working out for you?

I’ll tell you how it’s working…Obama hasn’t followed through on one single promise he made to you.

Not one.

Cut the debt in half? It’s laughable. He’s actually INCREASED our national debt more than all presidents before him put together.

Transparency? Really? An administration which engineered Obamacare behind closed doors by hijacking an already passed bill from the House and completely rewriting it in the Senate to turn it into the largest tax increase in American History and then they wouldn’t even allow it to be read before it was passed? That’s transparency??

An administration that walked guns over our southern border until they were in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and now, more than 200 people are dead including at least 1 U.S. Border Agent after which, they have done everything possible including enacting Executive Privilege to cover up the facts? That’s transparency???

You know, Obama and his party’s pundits and, yes, some republicans too, have been calling on ME to release more of my tax records. They say I’M the least transparent candidate since Nixon and they have eluded to me being a felon.

Well, I’ll you, and them, what. I’ll release more of MY tax records right after Obama releases HIS records…His college transcripts, his college thesis, verifiable information on who got him into and paid for his college career…Verifiable information regarding his Social Security Number, his Selective Service registration and yes, his birth records.

The key word is…VERIFIABLE.

Because Obama likes to talk about being “fair” and “transparent” let’s do just that. In the name of “fairness” and “transparency” I’ll show mine as soon as he shows his.

That’s fair and transparent.

Now then, about those bank accounts I have with Swiss banks and in the Cayman Islands.

I’ve been taken to task about this by liberals and some conservatives too.

In fact, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been very aggressive on this issue or, at least she was, up until it came out that, she TOO had such accounts. Let me ask a simple question. Is it legal to have such accounts?

Of course it is and lots of people do it. In fact, there are lots of liberals with substantial wealth who do the same thing but the difference is…like Schultz…what’s good for them is viewed as unethical when, and only when, a republican does it.

If you elect me as your president, I’ll work with congress to rewrite the tax code for a couple of very important reasons. First, we’ll work to make it attractive for people like me, and yes, Wasserman-Schultz, to keep our money HERE rather than legally shelter it elsewhere. Second, rewriting the tax code will make it so that we can all understand it. Right now, I can’t even understand it and I assure you that if YOU or I have a question and WE contact the IRS…WE will get as many different answers to the question as the number of people we ask.

The IRS doesn’t even understand the tax code but we can do better. Much better. We can close loopholes and straighten it out so that everybody is on even ground and everybody pays in. In that way, we can lower everybody’s individual tax burden AND raise more revenue at the same time.

Speaking of the IRS…As your president…I will NOT appoint a tax cheat to run it.

Now, the economy.

It’s in deep trouble and one of the biggest reasons it’s in deep trouble is because of liberal agenda and programs.

4 years of Obama didn’t get us to this point. 4 decades of liberal entitlements certainly played a big part in it though.

From the time of president Johnson’s liberal/social programs to today, the liberals in this country have been cultivating a permanent voting bloc based on permanent dependence on government handouts and programs.

Our nation’s poverty rate is about to reach its highest point since 1965 and it’s projected to continue on that trend.

What was that program Johnson put in place back in 1965? Oh yes, that’s right…The war on poverty?

From that day to this, the poverty rate has continued to climb. Do you think all those programs, all that welfare, all the Medicaid  and affirmative action has won the war on poverty?

The numbers are facts and the numbers don’t lie. We’re losing the war on poverty and the only tactics we’ve employes in nearly 5 decades have been liberal tactics. How’s THAT working for ya?

Administration after administration has robbed from one social program to fund another and sometimes, too many times, to fund programs or initiatives that have absolutely nothing to do with those from whom the money was stolen. It’s absurd and it’s shameful.

Meanwhile, people have come to rely on those programs and more and more are doing so today.

Well, enough is enough.

As Republicans and conservatives, kneeling to the pressure of liberals must end. 

We have been shamed into acceptance of things we knew wouldn’t work and afraid to be labeled as cruel, uncaring, or inhumane if we speak up or vote against such things.

No more.

Americans are the most caring and helpful of other people of all the people on earth. It’s impossible to believe that such programs, operated currently by the federal government, wouldn’t be in better hands either at the state level or amongst faith based organizations.

I believe, if we place those in need, into the hands of state and local entities and yes, faith based entities, they would be better served and strengthened than they could EVER be in the hands of the federal government.
To quote directly from faith…”Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll never go hungry.”

Right now, the federal government is handing out fish and guess what, the government is out of fish.

Obama wants to take MORE fish from YOU and give those fish to others. Guess what? YOU’RE running out of fish too.

Let’s talk about businesses.

My opponent says that if you have a business, you didn’t build that. He thinks you couldn’t POSSIBLY build a business without government help.

I think he’s lost his last marble.

Did government build the roads and bridges that allow your business to move goods from place to place or your customers to get to your door? My opponent says yes and YOUR business couldn’t succeed without them.

I’m going to let you all in on something liberals and my opponent don’t want you to know.

The government never built anything they didn’t get the money from YOU to build.

EVERYTHING the GOVERNMENT builds, gets built off the sweat, perseverance, innovation and exceptionalism of those who reach for and obtain the American Dream.


If it wasn’t for individuals and businesses who build their own success…Let me say that again…If it wasn’t for individuals and businesses…THAT BUILD THEIR OWN SUCCESS…the government wouldn’t be able to build squat.

My opponent, Obama, has never had a job in the private sector and he’s never created a job. He came to his current position with no experience in economics, no experience in job creation, no experience in foreign affairs and no experience in working with or creating a budget

It shows. Oh yes…It most certainly shows.

This nation saw its most impressive period of growth during the industrial revolution and, we can and will do it again. In fact, we do more.

By getting government out of the way, we’ll create an atmosphere in which entrepreneurs will BULD successful NEW industries and businesses and we’ll bring other industries HOME. One of those NEW industries will be ENERGY. PROVEN energy.

We should NOT have a president who goes to OTHER countries and tells them that WE want to be THEIR best energy customers and, we should NOT be sending OUR Veterans to CANADA to assist THEM in building a pipeline to deliver energy to China.

That’s not only absurd…It’s just plain stupid and that is exactly what my opponent has done by refusing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

If we can’t convince our friends in Canada to change the direction of that pipeline now, or when I’m the president…We’ll make up the difference by tapping even MORE of our OWN energy right here in THIS country!

Am I turning MY back on green energy options? No. I’m turning GOVERNMENT’S back on it and putting it into the hands of PRIVATE enterprise where it will succeed or fail without the GOVERNMENT’S hand in YOUR pocket either way!

Now, let me tell you something about this economy.

When you hire me as president, I’ll “inherit” a stagnant GDP, an economy that’s struggling, an obscene amount of debt and an unemployment rate that is far too high. That will be November 6th.

Come January 20th, all of that is mine. It will NOT belong to MY predecessor or his predecessor. It will belong to ME.

We will construct a budget to cut spending and we will PASS that budget.

As president, I will form a jobs council…NOT to look for ways that GOVERNMENT can create jobs but to identify ways we can get government OUT OF THE WAY so that YOU can create jobs and businesses and, I WILL meet with that jobs council on a REGULAR basis.

By cutting wasteful programs and eliminating wasteful and oppressive agencies, we will begin to lower the national debt without cutting our military in ways that would leave us vulnerable to our enemies.

We will eliminate the largest tax increase in American history when we repeal Obamacare and we will work to find ways to lower the cost of healthcare without putting the government in charge OF your healthcare

We will find a way to streamline the immigration process so that those who wish to become Americans CAN without the long and tedious process that takes, in some cases, much more than a decade but, we won’t do that until after we secure our borders.

We will stand with our friends around the world and keep a wary eye on our enemies and should trouble or threats arise against us OR our friends, we will work in concert with those friends to deal with it but, we will NOT ask permission of ANY world body or organization to do so and when we lead, we will lead from the FRONT.

It’s time we had a president who believes in the exceptionalism of this nation and the exceptionalism of its people. A president and an administration that takes the oath of office and believes in that oath because they believe in the constitution. It’s time for a president who believes in the American Dream and embraces the vision of the framers that smaller government is better government and the power belongs to the states and ultimately to the people.

4 years ago, my opponent was talking about “Fundamental transformation” of America and “Spreading the Wealth.” Well…

As your president, I want to RESTORE the principles that made America GREAT and spread the OPPORTUNITIES that will lead to individual success.

May God Bless the People of the United States and the United States of America!

The Reddest of Presidents 

By: John Ransom  / Townhall.com

It’s clear the economy is seeing red.

A host of economists, who always seem to be the last to know, have cut GDP growth forecasts recently, in light of rising unemployment and falling manufacturing output. The latest to see the light at the end of the tunnel in its proper context as a speeding train coming right at us is Fannie Mae’s chief economist, Doug Duncan. Fannie Mae always seems to be the last-est of the last to know.

“The data from the past month collectively point to decelerating economic growth, but growth nonetheless," noted Duncan in a statement by Fannie Mae. “It's now clear that our bias toward downside risks noted in the June forecast have materialized, pushing down our already modest growth projections.”

And, according to Newsday, poverty is approaching levels not seen since 1965.

“Poverty is spreading at record levels across many groups,” says Newsday, “from underemployed workers and suburban families to the poorest poor. More discouraged workers are giving up on the job market, leaving them vulnerable as unemployment aid begins to run out. Suburbs are seeing increases in poverty, including in such political battlegrounds as Colorado, Florida and Nevada, where voters are coping with a new norm of living hand to mouth.”

That should not surprise anyone who has paid much attention to the administration over the past year. Despite increasing worry over lack of economic growth, the administration has done little to get the economy moving and much to prevent it from growth.

Last year, in a signal to business that perhaps he really did feel their pain, Obama appointed Chicago’s Bill Daley as his chief of staff. This allowed former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel to exit stage left to replace the other Daley- Richie- as mayor of Chicago.

And for a brief moment the chamber of commerce crowd thought maybe Obama was starting to be more business-friendly. But the Daley ascendancy lasted months, not years. And while Obama announced an effort to cut back on red tape and regulation, year three of Obama's economic-whatnot has been as tough on business as any year of Obama’s administration.

An update to last year’s report from Heritage, Red Tape Rising, says that “Despite this promise of restraint, however, the torrent of new rules and regulations from Washington continued throughout 2011, with 32 new major regulations. These new rules increase regulatory costs by almost $10 billion annually along with another $6.6 billion in one-time implementation costs.”

And that’s not counting Obamacare costs.

In fact, last year Obama’s own Small Business Administration calculated that the total cost to implement regulations in the country amounted to $1.75 trillion or 13 percent of GDP.

While some of that money is accounted for already in government outlays, it means that total cost of government (state, local and federal), which accounts for over 40 percent of our GDP in cash costs, is actually much higher than that when you figure in other costs like lost business and costs of compliance.

Might government costs be over 50 percent of our economy? Possibly. But for sure, government now is the single biggest factor in our economy whether the actual percentage of GDP it accounts for falls just below the 50 percent-of-GDP rate or just inches past it.

And we haven’t even gotten to the bad part either:

Warns Heritage: “This regulatory tide is not expected to ebb anytime soon. Hundreds of new regulations are winding through the rulemaking pipeline as a consequence of the vast Dodd–Frank financial-regulation law (the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act), Obamacare, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s global warming crusade, threatening to further weaken an anemic economy and job creation.”

Total costs of all regulation will cost the economy close to $20 trillion in the next ten years, just using estimates from the Small Business Administration from 2011. In contrast, our yearly economic output is only $15 trillion. If Obamacare is implemented and Dodd-Frankenstein continues to turn on its masters, the costs, including lost opportunities for our economy, will be staggering.

Obama told us that for generations his election would be hailed as the moment the seas stopped rising and the earth began to heal.

But he neglected to mention how much it would cost us in red tape.

That red tape makes him the reddest of all presidents.

What? You expected something else? 
by / Personal Liberty Digest

Syria Admits WMD Cache
As they continue to face rebellion, Syrian officials say they will use weapons of mass destruction in the event of foreign invasion.

The embattled Syrian government said on Monday that it has stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and will not hesitate to use them in the event the country is invaded by foreigners.

Foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said that Damascus would not use unconventional arms against its own citizens, but would against foreign invaders.

Currently, Syria faces international isolation, a rebellion that has left more than 19,000 people dead, and threats from Israel of invading to prevent the weapons from falling into rebel hands. Syrian officials, before now, had not admitted that the country possessed WMDs, though speculation that it had them is long-standing.

“No chemical or biological weapons will ever be used, and I repeat, will never be used, during the crisis in Syria no matter what the developments inside Syria,” Makdissi said during a news conference on Syrian state television. “All of these types of weapons are in storage and under security and the direct supervision of the Syrian armed forces and will never be used unless Syria is exposed to external aggression.”

He noted, however, that Syria is facing domestic enemies in the rebellion, which the regime has described as being funded from abroad by foreign extremists.

U.S. intelligence officials say they are intensifying monitoring efforts to track the weapons and try to determine whether the Syrian government will use them.

Romney’s Lead Among Veterans A “Big Deal”

romney soldiers Romney’s lead among veterans a “Big deal”

A new Rasmussen survey released yesterday finds Mitt Romney with a 59/35 lead over Barack Obama among America’s 21.8 million veterans.

So is this a Dopey Joe Biden “Big %^&king deal”?

You bet it is.

In 2008, John McCain, himself an honorably discharged veteran with a true claim to war hero status, won the veteran’s vote by just 10 points (54/44) which was 6 points off the margin George Bush enjoyed while beating John Kerry in 2004. In a down year for Republican turnout the veteran turnout was 15.8 million or 71% which was 6 points higher than even the African American turnout.

The vast majority of veterans are White males who are already supporting Romney at about a 70/30 rate.

The 35% of veterans expressing support for Obama are likely represented by the 2.4 million African Americans and 1.2 million Hispanics among the total number of American veterans. This is also good news for Romney given that both groups have expressed enthusiasm to vote ratios clearly below that of Whites.

Almost half of America’s veterans are 65 and older putting them in an age group that shows both the highest likelihood to vote and is the only large demographic group won by McCain.

As of 2010 at least 12 percent of the people in Wyoming Montana Maine and Virginia were veterans. This means little in Wyoming, but it could present a serious problem for Montana’s Democrat Jon Tester and it will present a serious problem for Barack Obama in Virginia and a smaller problem for him in Maine where the winds have been blowing to the Right since 2010.

The key state of Florida has over 1.6 million veterans living in it. This alone will help make a replay of Barack Obama’s 2008 victory in the Sunshine State substantially more difficult.

Among all voters those who are veterans are 20 points more likely to own a gun than non-veterans, which could also become a factor in November.

Obama Could Nullify The 2nd Amendment 

obama signing 1024x682 Obama could nullify the 2nd Amendment

When Barack Obama signs the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty late this month, the force of his signature alone could suffice to nullify the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people. How is this possible if a 2/3rds vote by the Senate—that is, constitutionally mandated ratification– is required before the United States may become a legal party to any treaty?

Interested Americans have been told that the Arms Trade Treaty will regulate the international trade of conventional weapons, the purported goal being prevention of arms transfers to rogue or terrorist states. Naturally, one would think regulations intended only to manage and restrict the trade of weapons to dangerous, warlike or terror-supporting countries couldn’t possibly threaten the constitutionally protected right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.

However, in order to prevent the accumulation and export of possible contraband weapons, the Treaty mandates creation of a global arms catalogue– an international registry detailing the existence, history and ownership records of all conventional weapons. Every sale, every transfer of a weapon within the borders of the United States would be contained in this registry. The left have dreamed of such a national gun registry for decades and this would give it to them.

How could the gun-grabbing Obama Regime impose this clearly anti-2nd Amendment, Treaty-mandated arms registration scheme on the American people without the Senate first giving its advice and consent?

“When a nation signs a treaty it is obligated to refrain from actions that would defeat the object and purpose of the treaty until such time as it makes clear its intent not to become a party to the treaty.” (1) This is language from Article 18 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. Adopted in 1969, 111 nations have ratified the Vienna Convention, a treaty which has become known as the “Treaty of Treaties” and is “…widely recognized as the authoritative guide vis-à-vis the formation and effects of treaties.” (2)

Many versed in international law argue that the “object and purpose” language of the Vienna Convention means that “…a nation that has signed a treaty is prohibited either from violating the treaty altogether or from violating the treaty’s core or important provisions.” (1) Although the United Nations have taken great pains to make certain that no specific Treaty language has made its way to the American public, a Spanish representatives made clear his own “object and purpose” when he said the UN “… will be happy to honestly contribute to reduce their number (weapons), [and] to regulate buying and sell of arms…” If this is what the completed Treaty hopes to achieve—and we can bet it will be—Barack Obama will have signed onto the most anti-gun rights document in the nation’s history. (3)

After he has signed the Treaty, Obama could use the “object and purpose” language of the Vienna Convention as an excuse to strictly adhere to all provisions contained in the Arms Treaty itself! That could include any and all United Nations mandates for the registration of guns, the licensing of owners, the regulation of sales, transport or usage—anything! Needless to say, such a scheme would remain Obama’s little secret until he has won the November election.

There can be no doubt that a re-elected Barack Hussein Obama would attempt to impose by means of executive fiat the unconstitutional terms of the unratified Arms Trade Treaty on the American public. After all, why not, as a cowardly congress has already permitted him every manner of abuse of power.

This could get interesting.

We must run these pro-Israel ads 

Posted by Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch 



MTA Violated Rights of Pro-Israel Group, Judge Says

MTA Violated Rights of Group, Judge Says New York Times:

Pamela Geller, executive director of the group that sought to place
the ad, called the decision “a victory for freedom-loving people.”

Judge: MTA Violated First Amendment By Rejecting The Word “Savages” In Pro-Israel Ads Gothamist

Judge Rules Against MTA in Favor of Pro-Israel Ads Algemeiner

Judge says MTA wrongly blocked bus ads critical of Israel's enemies SILive.com

AFDI First Amendment Victory: Pro-Israel Ads Must Run Attacking Jihad Right Side News

MTA Crimped Free Speech, Judge Rules Wall Street Journal
New York bus system can't bar pro-Israel, ‘defeat Jihad’ ads Reuters

We won the free speech battle, but the war isn’t even close to over. Your contribution will get these ads up in New York and California. It is critical in the war of ideas. The enemedia is at war with the truth. Help us fight in the information battle-space.

On Friday, we won a huge victory for the freedom of speech. A Federal Judge ruled that New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority had violated our First Amendment rights by not allowing us to run our pro-Israel ad.

Now we can run our pro-freedom, pro-Israel, anti-jihad ads all over the country – if only we have the resources to do so.

All over the country, we can tell the simple truth that the media fears to tell: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Defeat jihad. Support Israel.”

The First Amendment still exists, even in this age of Obama, and Muslims aren’t a protected class in the U.S. – at least not yet.

This is great news. But these ads aren’t cheap. We are running these ads in New York, California, DC and NY's Metro-North. The least expensive run for ads in the New York City subway system is $10,000.

Islamic supremacists and Hamas front groups, funded by unsavory, shadowy figures overseas, are running anti-Israel hate ads all over the country. We intend to match them city for city. The court ruling shows that we have just as much right to tell the truth as they do to spread their lies, and we intend to do it.

We’re also continuing our lawsuit against Detroit’s SMART transit system for refusing to run our ads offering help to Muslims who want to leave Islam but are threatened for doing so: we already won that case, but Detroit’s dhimmi authorities still won’t put our ads up.

Everywhere they restrict our First Amendment rights, we will sue. Everywhere. And everywhere we win – and we will continue to win – we will put up our ads in defense of truth, freedom and human rights.

But the costs continue to mount. We do so much with so little. We are not backed by wealthy foundations or philanthropists, and do not have a massive donor base. We depend solely on you: on individuals who value the freedom of the individual and the dignity of the human person. Without your support, we would not have been able to get this far. Now that we have won the battle for free speech, please help us follow through and place as many ads as we can.

Please donate via Paypal to writeatlas@aol.com or tax-deductible to director@jihadwatch.org. We don’t get salaries and we don’t have a staff. Your contribution will go entirely to our work for freedom. And for that, may God bless you.

Mailing address:
1040 1st Avenue
BOX 121
NY NY 10022