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Here's today's...February10th...RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show for any who missed it and want to hear what Craig and I said...and as always we stand by every word.

Today we discussed Part 1 of our 2-part series 'Email Scandals and Cover-Ups'; which candidates have the substance and vision needed for the presidency; and the New Hampshire primary results and ramifications,

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Today, Wednesday, February 10th from 2 to 4pm EST, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Part 1 of our 2-part series 'Email Scandals and Cover-Ups,' which candidates have the substance and vision needed for the presidency, and the New Hampshire primary results and ramifications.

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The preeminent responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the common defense, to protect the American people and our interests. It appears that when you listen to certain individuals debating, they believe the primary role of the federal government is to provide free stuff. This reflects those who have confused providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare. The former is an active verb, the latter a passive verb, but some have juxtaposed the meaning. The resulting new raison d’etre of the federal government is to provide the general welfare.

Is there any wonder why we have an exploding national debt at $19 trillion, expanding poverty and food stamp rolls, and our sailors kneeling in surrender?

Let me be very clear: I do not support the military mission of nation-building. But I also do not believe America should abdicate its role as a global leader that is capable of building strong alliances and coalitions to deter state and non-state actors, along with their aggressive and belligerent actions.

Many people are talking about the New Hampshire presidential primary contests where individuals are vying to be President of these great United States. And consistent with the primary duty of the federal government is the primary title and responsibility of the President, Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. However, if you have been paying attention to these debates, little more than cursory soundbites and talking points have been dedicated to this vital topic. When considering the challenges facing our nation’s military, we need dedication to this responsibility.

Obama at Baltimore mosque quoted Muhammad from speech endorsing caliphate and beheading
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Obama at Baltimore mosque quoted Muhammad from speech endorsing caliphate and beheading
Obama said: “Whoever wants to enter paradise, the Prophet Muhammad taught, ‘let him treat people the way he would love to be treated.'” That saying comes from this hadith: It has been narrated on the authority of ‘Abd al-Rahman b. Abd Rabb al-Ka’ba who said: I entered the mosque when ‘Abdullah b. ‘Amr b. al-‘As […]
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Investigative Report:
Email Scandals and Cover-Ups...Part 1 of 2
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on

As the scandal regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails deepens, so too do the connections between her email scandal and the Benghazi scandal. This is why we, Craig Andresen from 'The National Patriot' and Diane Sori from 'The Patriot Factor,' have teamed up once again to delve into the matter and to expose even more connections between the two scandals and would should be dire implications for Hillary Clinton and Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Last Thursday night the State Department released almost 3,000 more pages of Hillary’s emails with 66 of them now deemed classified, although those emails had not been marked 'classified' at the time they were sent. Amongst them and others previously released, we have found evidence that requires 'educated' speculation, because we are unable to view the emails themselves due to national security issues as these emails have been deemed 'Above Top Secret' meaning 'Special Access Programs' (SAP). Before we get into that, note that on January 13th of this year, Craig wrote an article, 'Hillary Clinton – When Scandals Collide' where that article leaves off we now pick up with the latest information available.

One of the emails we have become aware email which has now been oh so 'conveniently' removed from the internet...was from Anne Marie Slaughter, former State Department Director of Policy Planning, dated September 28, 2010, in which she advised Hillary Clinton to employ a 'Pledge for Palestine' campaign. Slaughter's campaign called for Clinton to propose a program by which wealthy people would donate to charitable causes... specifically Palestinian causes...with the hope that it would “shame” Israel...who was at that time building settlements in 'supposedly' disputed territory...into supporting and advancing Palestinian statehood. Slaughter, insisted in her email that by “tapping into the Clinton fund-raising network it should be possible to generate a substantial…amount quickly enough to capture the public imagination.” and to “serve as an expression of global solidarity with the Palestinians.”

Those cc'd in Slaughter's email were Cheryl Mills and Clinton sidekicks Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan. And Hillary Clinton’s response to the idea of initiating a program that would “shame” one of America's most steadfast allies and closest friend, was a mind boggling, “I am very interested–pls flesh out. Thx."

The discovery of these newest sent to Hillary emails... emails containing ideas and proposals she was by all accounts just a bit too happy to entertain...emails in which she saw merit at initiating programs that were decidedly 'anti-Israel' is not surprising...and no one should really be surprised at her responses. But Slaughter’s was just one of many emails from various people within Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, but one in particular made us sit up and take notice. That email thread came from a former United States Ambassador to Israel, and one who would later become a key figure in the Benghazi investigations (more on that in part 2).

The particular email in question is bone chilling in retrospect as it was written and sent on December 18, 2011, and in it the author suggests a covert operation...a proposed Tahir Square/Arab Spring-style protest between Palestinian and Israeli women... female-only to keep the demonstrations from becoming too violent because, as stated by the email’s author, “If the Palestinians see men engaged they will jump in and the soldiers of the IDF will sooner or later use force.” The proposal also called for demonstrations within Israel itself, and for those to be exclusively women as what the author claimed was the need to see “a game changer in the region”...a game-changer to force Israel to re-enter peace negotiations. And these negotiations would strive to have Israel giving up even more land and even more security directly to their enemies...and the author saw Benjamin Netanyahu alone as being the stumbling block to a two-state solution.

So taken was Hillary Clinton with this proposal that she didn't care that it would probably lead to escalating violence which in turn would morph into a third intifada leading directly to the deaths of more innocent Israelis in the process. And even with the knowledge that the proposal itself lacked tangible details as to how either Clinton herself or the State Department...on behalf of the Obama regime...could actually initiate said anti-Israeli protests, Hillary nonetheless forwarded this email to her aide Monica Hanley and asked her to “pls print” it out for further reference. This means that not only did Hillary want an electronic copy of this dire proposal...she wanted a hard copy of it as well.

So, does this particular email thread contained in Hillary's emails from her private email account and contained on her private server, emails discovered as part of the ongoing and growing investigation into her unlawful use of both, lead us to Benghazi? We most certainly believe it does and what follows is why we believe it to be so.

Now remember back to the night of Benghazi when at 10pm EST, Hillary and Obama met via a phone call to discuss the situation, and that at 10:30pm EST, Hillary, for the first time, publicly blamed "inflammatory material posted on the internet" for the violence... referring to the YouTube video 'The Innocence of Muslims.' Remember too, that at 10:30pm EST, Obama excused himself from the Situation Room to go to sleep as he had a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day. Now, something of note that has been for the most part been kept hidden from the public is that when Obama first left the Situation Room at 5pm EST, leaving all things Benghazi in the hands of the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, he then went to make a very important phone call, and that phone call was to of all people Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Here is what we believe might actually have transpired during that phone call. The White House wants us to believe via official statements they issued the very night of the attacks that the two world leaders discussed ways to heal Obama's snubbing of Netanyahu while both men were in New York as well as to discuss Iran and other other words a phone call for Obama's political expediency alone done while our embassy compound was under attack. The White House statement mentions nothing about Obama deliberately not telling Netanyahu about the happenings currently ongoing at the compound, however, there is no way that Netanyahu did not know as Mossad operatives had been embedded at the compound for quite sometime. And why...because Netanyahu had suspected for a long time that Obama and Hillary were smuggling weapons through Benghazi to Hamas and Hezbollah as well as to the Syrian anything-but rebels. That is why the Mossad was get the proof needed to expose Obama and Hillary, but the time frame they needed to do so was now jeopardized by the attacks.

Another reason neither Obama nor Hillary came to Ambassador Stevens' aid during his many pleas for help is that he and Hillary had already concocted a story that it was Stevens who was working for the 'other side' and that it was Stevens who was the one smuggling said weapons. This is what we believe Obama tried to sell to Benjamin Netanyahu during their phone conversation that night, while unbeknownst to Obama was the fact that Netanyahu had Mossad operatives in-place at the compound...operatives in the process of gathering information about what was actually Obama's and Hillary's transferring not only arms but manpower to Hamas, to Hezzbolah, and to al-Qaeda...operatives who suddenly have gone 'missing' in the 30 witnesses unaccounted in were they 'eliminated' or were they possibly pulled back into Israel.

This is what, we believe, is in those 18-emails classified 'Special Access Programs' (SAP)... and that is the correspondence between Obama and Hillary relating to what we believe to be the 'take-out,' if you will, of Ambassador Stevens and that all components were in place and ready to be launched... remember the three others were 'collateral damage'...and that Obama would try to get Netanyahu to see things his way...which we know did not succeed.

So while this is a good start in exposing more of the corruption of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, it is far from a complete picture. Rest assured there is more...much more...and we will delve into the rest of it in the days to come as we continue to assemble the pieces of this puzzle, and show you how the once divergent investigations into Hillary’s email scandal and into Benghazi are now becoming one and the same investigation.

There can be no doubt that one leads directly into the other, and that will become quite clear as we proceed down this treasonous path.

Don’t miss 'Email Scandals and Cover-Ups...Part 2' on Friday as we reveal key names, key appointments, and how we, the Right Side Patriots, have been 'monitored' while researching and compiling the information we have presented in these articles.

Today, Wednesday, February 10th from 2 to 4pm EST, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Part 1 of our 2-part series 'Email Scandals and Cover-Ups,' which candidates have the substance and vision needed for the presidency, and the New Hampshire primary results and ramifications,

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