Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump, Navy Plan Largest Fleet Expansion in Decades In the face of threats from China and Russia, and responding to President-elect Trump’s pledge to build a 350 ship fleet, the Navy is proposing the biggest shipbuilding increase since the Cold War.

Last month the Navy proposed 355 new ships, but that could come with a hefty price tag: an additional $5 billion to $5.5 billion in yearly spending in the Navy’s 30-year projection, according to an estimate by the Congressional Research Service.
The Navy's revised Force Structure Assessment calls for adding another 47 ships including an aircraft carrier built in Virginia, 16 large surface warships built in Maine and Mississippi, and 18 attack submarines built in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Virginia. It also calls for more amphibious assault ships, expeditionary transfer docks and support ships.
In addition to being good for national security, a larger fleet would be better for both the sailors, who'd enjoy shorter deployments, and for the ships, which would have more down time for maintenance, said Matthew Paxton, president of the Shipbuilders Council of America, which represents most of the major Navy shipbuilders.
Video from Jerusalem: Muslim drives truck into crowd, murdering four; Hamas celebrates

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

We have seen a spate of such attacks recently — and a billboard in Nazareth that actually called for them. “Moderate” Fatah called for such attacks. And the Islamic State issued this call in September 2014: So O muwahhid, do not let this battle pass you by wherever you may be. You must strike the soldiers, […]

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Netanyahu: ISIS behind Israel truck attack in Jerusalem, FOUR DEAD, 14 injured
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

jihad-killer-truck-israelNice, Ohio State University, Berlin ….. now. Vehicular jihad has been exhorted by the Islamic State — cheap, easy and deadly. And devout Muslims around the world have responded and acted.

    ‘I heard my soldiers screaming and shouting.

    ‘I saw a truck that went on the side of the road. Soldiers starting shooting… There were orders and screaming everywhere. They told them to hide behind the wall because there was fear of another attack. 

                                                          ‘There was no sense in that reverse. He drove backward to crush more people. That was really clear.’

Emergency medical forces declared this a mass casualty incident with more over a dozen wounded, some seriously.

Savages slaughtering in the cause of Allah. Peace is not possible until the Muslim world expunges Islamic Jew-hatred from its texts and teachings.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10th from 7 to 9pm EST on
American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori present a special report on the horrific videoed attack on a white young special-needs man by four black thugs.

Hope you can tune in at:
A Bit Too Close to Home
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“Evil and disgusting.”
-Florida Governor Rick Scott on CNN late last Friday afternoon

This past Friday, January 6, 2017, at about 1pm EST... terrorism...islamic terrorism of the domestic kind...hit a bit too close to home when South Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport came under siege.

Living in a Ft. Lauderdale suburb, I, like many of my fellow locals, sat glued to our televisions as the horrific events unfolded. Events that saw New Jersey-born, American citizen, and Iraq War combat veteran 26-year old Esteban Santiago-Ruiz (the full Spanish version of his name), mow down in a mere 70 to 80 seconds 13 people waiting for their suitcases at Terminal 2’s Delta Airlines baggage claim area, and doing so in a cold-blooded yet clearly calculated and methodical way. Aiming directly for the head, Santiago murdered five innocent bystanders* and seriously injured eight others...most being tourists heading to Ft. Lauderdale based Caribbean cruise vacations.

And as per the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, 37 other people also sustained non life-threatening injuries during both the evacuation process itself and the panic that ensued after the shooting and amid fear that there might be a second shooter...which thankfully there was not.

See video of first shots fired here (view discretion advised):
See raw footage of the shooting aftermath here (viewer discretion advised):

Captured without protest after he emptied the two cartridges he carried (roughly 15 rounds) into randomly chosen victims (the Walther 9mm semi-automatic handgun Santiago used was in his checked bag which as per federal rules can be declared and checked under the plane but not carried on)...Santiago when taken into custody told the F.B.I. that the“voices in his head” were telling him to fight for ISIS...“voices” that the liberal do-gooders are now using to help set the stage for either a PTSD or an insanity defense. And this stage-setting gives the media much needed fodder to help twist facts into lies... lies they hope the gullible amongst us will swallow as they once again help to cover for and deflect away from the truth about this young man and his ties to islamic terrorism of the domestic kind.

And remember that no matter what the media and the talking heads say, it must be understand that this attack was indeed a planned and carefully orchestrated deliberate act of terrorism perpetrated by an islamic follower. And little if any credence must be given to Santiago’s family and friends who, as expected, are claiming that Santiago’s now exposed ‘troubled behavior’ began almost immediately after he returned from a tour of duty in Iraq...a sure sign that a PTSD defense for his actions will be the one the defense uses.... the same defense used by the lawyers who defended the killer of American hero Kris Kyle.

But could this what most likely will be a PTSD blame game defense be an Obama and media fabricated construct designed to further take away our veteran's rights and credibility...I would NOT put it passed them as Obama would love nothing better than to leave office by further defaming our military, especially since Santiago was already known by the Army for his ’troubled behavior’ and whose family claims the army did not do enough to help their ‘supposedly’ mentally ill relative.

Also known to both the Anchorage F.B.I. and to the Anchorage police, what is amazing is why then if Santiago (who had a minor criminal record) exhibited ‘troubled behavior’ to both...including telling the Anchorage F.B.I. that he had “terrorist thoughts” and was “influenced by ISIS” but was given mere lip-service to and dismissed...was he not put on the ‘NO-Fly’ list, and why did the Anchorage police return a handgun to Santiago (some are now saying it’s the very gun he used in the airport massacre) that had been ‘temporarily’ taken away from him on November 7, 2016, when he underwent a police-ordered mental evaluation where he was deemed not mentally ill.

Deemed not mentally important fact to remember as this gives more credence to the truth that Estaban Santiago-Ruiz was indeed a domestic terrorist of the homegrown sort.

It also means that if the Anchorage police had been more diligent in their jobs, if the F.B.I. had been more diligent in theirs, if the ‘red flags’ present for all to see had not basically been ignored, maybe then five innocent people would be alive today. 

Now let’s delve into a few key truths about this homegrown terrorist...this islamist hiding in plain sight. And while the media and this still-sitting administration is trying to get us to believe that Estaban Santiago-Ruiz either has PTSD or is completely mad...the fact is that this very man has admitted that he did the shooting and that it was pre-planned to cause as much carnage as possible. And yet the media refuses to admit, were told to ignore, or were ‘ordered’ to dare not speak of Santiago’s strong and yet undeniable islamic ties.

And these ties include that:
  •  Santiago received a General Discharge from the Army Reserves on August 16, 2016 for ‘Unsatisfactory Performance’ but the question remains in regards to what exactly.
  • While living in Alaska, Santiago lived a mere 1.4 miles away from Alaska’s only mosque, which according to some he frequently visited. 
  • Out of all the flight connections he could have taken from Alaska to South Florida, Santiago chose to go through Delta Airlines on a one-way ticket knowing that his flight change would be in Minneapolis...a city with a large muslim community...a muslim community full of known extremists...leaving one to wonder did he meet with any of them during his layover.
  • A one-way ticket under the circumstances is a tip-off that Santiago did not expect to return but to die in the cause of jihad.
  • Santiago posted pictures of himself on Twitter complete with his sporting an islamic style beard and with his neck wrapped in a Palestinian keffiyeh (the garment favored by PLO leader Yassir Arafat) while holding up his right index finger in the now easily recognized islamic loyalty declaration common to members of ISIS...a finger salute that refers to the tawhid...the belief in the oneness of God that is a key component of islam.
  • In 2007, three years before being deployed to Iraq, Santiago opened a Myspace account under the muslim name ‘Aashiq Hammad’ which alone should prove he is not a mentally disturbed veteran.
  • Under the above said name 'Aashiq Hammad,' Santiago recorded songs in Arabic  including “La ilaha illAllah” which not only translates to “There is no God but Allah,” but is the first half of the Shahadah, the muslim declaration of faith and is the islamic conversion prayer...meaning Estaban Santiago-Ruiz converted to islam most likely while in Iraq.
  • At the same time he was recording islamic songs, Santiago was also posting on a little known explosives and weapons internet site including on a thread about how to bulk and mass-download jihadi videos using the email address‘’ which was then linked to the above stated Myspace URL with the name ‘Aashiq Hammad’
  • On the site ‘Everipedia’ (a site not unlike Wikipedia) Santiago is listed as a Sunni muslim with Salafi beliefs (Salafi is an orthodox Sunni muslim sect advocating a return to the early islam of the qur’an and sunna).
  • Santiago’s planning of this attack was too calculated and well planned for someone with mental illness, meaning if indeed mentally ill, he must have had help. Also, it is quite unnerving that as per terrorist expert Michael S. Smith ll, ISIS terrorist channels knew Esteban Santiago's name before the news media reported it here.
  • Bottom line...Estaban Santiago-Ruiz...a man with obvious islamic ties...was acting as a lone wolf fitting to a tee the profile of one who perpetrates and commits terrorist acts of war common to those who either belong to or who have sworn allegiance to ISIS.

So now that we know Santiago’s islamic ties we can see how this event will be manipulated in order to render those ties unimportant, and how this case will then be twisted into Chris Kyle revisited albeit with more victims.

Want proof of that...let’s start with the fact that while the criminal complaint has already been filed by Miami U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer, a complaint accusing Santiago of an act of violence at an international airport that resulted in death, in addition to it containing two firearms offenses, with the main offense carrying with it a maximum punishment of death or life in prison...I find it very interesting that certain officials in both Florida and Alaska are ruling out terrorism as a motive. And this includes Alaska U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler, who is making excuses for giving Santiago his November taken away gun back by claiming that with no formal adjudication of mental illness being issued that the police’s hands were tied.

Now add in that Marlin Ritzman, the F.B.I.’s special agent in charge, told reporters in Anchorage that there was no indication that Santiago worked with any other individuals when he planned and carried out the airport attack, thus being completely clueless to the fact that Santiago’s islamic ties were as clear as the nose on his face. In fact, any ties no matter how small should have been an immediate ‘red flag.’

And cluelessness also extends to Ritzman's Florida counterpart George Piro, who said that the "indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack” but that "We have not identified any triggers” and that "It appears the shooter was acting alone, but, again, it’s early in the investigation."

Yes, it is early in the investigation but not too early to see that the islamic-condoning Obama administration...and haven’t they been a wee bit too silent concerning this incident...coupled with media manipulation seems to be the order of the day as they attempt to twist an obvious act of islamic terrorism into one of PTSD (remember Santiago was not deemed mentally ill, therefore, an insanity defense would be much harder to prove than one of PTSD)...and that not only is a slap in the face to those returning troops and vets who truly suffer its ravages but to our military as a whole as well.

So as we now await what the administration and the media wants us to believe is the motive behind the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting... and as we locals come to grips with the fact that islamic terrorism has come to our South Florida paradise...just know that the gun-control loons will be out in full force as they willingly ignore the fact that just one person with a gun at the baggage claim area could have prevented the extent of the carnage, and maybe even save we taxpayers the expense of a trial for an islamist who oh so proudly has already admitted his guilt. 

But then again incidents like this are a hallmark of the Obama presidency (remember Ft. Hood, the Boston Massacre, Orlando, San Bernardino, and many others) and must be a part of his failed legacy for Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his traitorous ways built incidents like and now he and his ilk must take ownership of it.

* To date as I write this article, three of the five victims have been identified as Terry Andres, 62, a Norfolk Naval Shipyard employee from Virginia Beach; Olga Woltering, a great-grandmother from Georgia; and Michael Oehme, of Council Bluffs, Iowa...all murdered right before their spouses eyes. May they Rest in Peace...and may islamic bastard Estaban Santiago-Ruiz rot in hell forever.