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Conventional wisdom, the internet and his successful Sunday evening television show are feeding the fuel for a presidential run by Governor Huckabee in 2016. This could be a good thing, perhaps a very good thing. Hopefully and probably, young and old alike have realized that a bigger government is a bad thing for most Americans and a government managed exclusively by people with no experience in the private sector does not and cannot work. This is the domestic landscape that awaits every potential candidate for President of the United States in 2016. This is a domestic landscape that represents a fundamental advantage for Governor Huckabee.

The Achilles heel of a Huckabee run for the presidency is the FairTax. Governor Huckabee has been a strong supporter of the FairTax. Unfortunately for the Governor and all FairTax supporters, the realities of trying to implement the FairTax are very similar, but probably worse than implementing Obamacare. Equally unfortunate is the reality that the promises of the FairTax are about as disconnected to reality as those of President Obama with respect to Obamacare.

The lynchpin of the FairTax is the "Prebate," a plan where the Federal government would send every American family a check every month. The Prebate would actually be more difficult to successfully implement and continue to administer ostensibly forever than any element of Obamacare. The FairTax's estimates of necessary tax rates and tax collections are as overly optimistic as the President's estimates of Obamacare enrollments and its costs. Despite its seeming simplicity, the FairTax would also likely result in thousands of pages of rules and regulations, identical to Obamacare.

In our 2009 book, The FairTax Fantasy, An Honest Look at a Very, Very Bad Idea, Hugh Hewitt and I devoted several chapters to the realities of trying to put the FairTax into place, an event that would require every family in the United States to register with the government. If one were to eliminate the word FairTax from our analysis and substitute Obamacare, our predictions and concerns would make us look like Nostradamus.

It is almost uncanny that the FairTax envisions every state forming its own State Sales Tax Administrating Authority, an almost identical plan to each state forming its own insurance exchange under Obamacare. (Identical to Obamacare, the Federal government must assume the role of the State if the State determines not to form its own State Sales Tax Administrating Authority.) In the FairTax Fantasy, we discussed the reality that many states would determine not to form such entities and that the Federal government would be required to step into the breach. We predicted the Federal government would fail in this role. We discussed the accompanying nightmare that the government would have with getting people to signup, determining whether they were entitled to the "Prebate" they were requesting and how it could be administered over a long period of time. Sound familiar?

In the FairTax Fantasy, we discussed forecasts of the necessary national sales tax rate to abandon the income tax. We presented an opposing view with respect to the analysis being presented by the proponents of the FairTax, not terribly different than the position of Republicans at the outset of Obamacare.

Today, it is impossible for President Obama to escape his promises of people being able to keep their doctor and having a reduction in insurance costs of $2500 per family. None of those promises were possible when he was making them and the reality is in concert with what the naysayers predicted. With respect to the FairTax, the rate promised was illusory a decade ago and with the insane increase in Federal spending since the initial proposal in 1999, more illusory today.

The FairTax promoters continue to contend that a $30 tax on a $100 purchase is a 23% tax. If the issue becomes a part of the 2016 presidential contest, voters will believe that promising a tax rate of 23% when it is evident the tax rate is 30% is equal to the inaccurate promises of President Obama with respect to Obamacare.

If Governor Huckabee chooses to become a candidate for President of the United States, he needs to change course on his desired method of taxation. The lessons of Obamacare should not be lost to him.

A key to leadership which is lost to President Obama is the ability to step away from a bad idea. Candidate Huckabee should be promoting tax simplicity as well as tax reform. He should have no desire to do to taxation what President Obama has done to healthcare.
It’s nice to see that despite being on vacation in Hawaii, the President can still carve out some time – between rounds of golf and snorkeling – to insult his political opponents. After all, nothing encourages bi-partisanship in the New Year like a little name calling and mudslinging. While enjoying his multi-million-dollar vacation (oh yeah… you and I paid for that) Mr. Obama decided to chastise Republicans for leaving DC without extending long-term unemployment.

The chutzpah! Via (Emphasis added)

Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire. And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all.
Wow. And to think some of us consider roughly 1 ½ years of unemployment generous. Heck, after a year of not working, you’d almost think that a lack of income would become somewhat expected…

But the vacationing President (did I mention that he traveled to Hawaii over the Holidays?) wasn’t done with a hypocritical stab at Congressional Republican’s Christmas schedule.

We make this promise to one another because it makes a difference to a mother who needs help feeding her kids while she’s looking for work; to a father who needs help paying the rent while learning the skills to get a new and better job. And denying families that security is just plain cruel
Denying families extended benefits is just cruel… Well… He won me over. Let’s abolish any limits on unemployment! Maybe we should just guarantee everyone unlimited unemployment insurance! (Apparently there is no specific font-type for sarcasm… My apologies.)

What made Obama’s comments even more egregious (looking past the fact that our golf-loving President just blew a few million tax payer bucks for his “Mele Kalikimaka”) is his inability to recognize his culpability in the unemployment situation of America. Obama has overseen the worst economic “recovery” in history as the worst “jobs President” since the Great Depression.

It’s hard to escape the thought that long-term unemployment would be far less of an issue if our economic situation was – ya know – improving. From the Stimulus bill (remember the trillion dollars of sudden and “necessary” spending that we were told would immediately lower our unemployment rates?), to Obamacare (which greatly increases the financial burden of hiring new employees) the White House has repeatedly implemented policies that discourage economic vitality.

The President is trying to blame Republicans for the symptoms of his economic policies. Jobs, Mr. President, will do far more to cure the chronic unemployment that is rampant in America than a few more government unemployment checks. And jobs do not come from government programs, regulations, or higher taxes… They come from the private sector. The same private sector you have continually threatened with higher taxes, increased regulation, and increased government control.

But at least the million-plus Americans who have extinguished their unemployment insurance know there is a rich guy, on some golf course in Hawaii, who is willing to blame someone for their plight. I mean, heck… That’s almost as good as a job. Right?

Kerry reportedly offering U.S. troops to secure borders of "new state of Palestine"

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer


If this report is accurate and this ever actually happened, it would be a disaster. The Christian Science Monitor is right to reference Power's infamous 2008 quote below, because U.S. troops protecting the border of the new jihad state of "Palestine" would inevitably end up fighting against Israel -- after all, "Palestine" would not consider itself to be threatened by Egypt or Jordan or Lebanon or Syria. The U.S. would end up directly abetting the "Palestinian" jihad. "Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Is Kerry offering up US troops?," by Anna Mulrine for the Christian Science Monitor, January 3:
Secretary of State John Kerry is proposing to offer up US troops to help secure the borders of the new state of Palestine, according to some unconfirmed news reports coming out of Israel. 
How plausible is the possibility? And would it be a good idea, or, as some military analysts argue, would the White House would be “nuts” to consider it?
The US troops would be tasked with helping to prevent anti-Israel forces from coming out of Jordan and reaching Israel, according to Debkafile, an Israeli intelligence and security news service.
Palestinian officials are demanding that Israel move its forces from the Jordan Valley, where the US troops would be stationed. This point may have proved pivotal in the US administration’s reported decision to offer them up.
Samantha Power, then a Harvard professor and now the US ambassador to the United Nations, seemed to indicate in a 2008 interview with Harry Kreisler of the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies that crisis in the region could possibly be ameliorated by the introduction of US troops to provide security needs.
To head off a human rights crisis in the West Bank and other Palestinian territories “may mean, more crucially, sacrificing – or investing, I think, more than sacrificing – literally billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine. In investing billions of dollars it would probably take also to support, I think, what will have to be a mammoth protection force ... a meaningful military presence,” she said. “Because it seems to me at this stage – and this is true of actual genocides as well, and not just major human rights abuses, which we’re seeing there – is that you have to go in as if you’re serious. You have to put something on the line.”...

A dangerous foreboding of what could happen here...

Op-ed: it really over for America
By: Diane Sori

And it seems they all died in vain...or did they.

'Shock and awe'...well served and with good intentions...a war that freed Iraq from the clutches of a brutal dictator and gave the Iraqi people a chance at an independent, free, and sovereign nation...a chance that Barack HUSSEIN Obama's deliberately misguided actions have taken away from them...taken away from them at the cost of American lives.

And with Iraq’s (Shi'ite) Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki now facing political unrest as 44 members of Iraq’s parliament resigned due to government forces breaking-up Sunni-led protests, fighters from the al-Qaeda linked group the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant have completely taken over the city center of Fallujah (where 100 Marines were killed in the 2004 second battle of Fallujah) by seizing military equipment given to Fallujah's police by US Marines. And with al-Qaeda militants almost in total control of the provincial capital of Ramadi, you have to wonder where did we go wrong and was the cost in American lives and in our taxpayer dollars worth it.

The answer to the first question is easy...Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the sole cause of the war gone horribly wrong...but the second question is a bit harder to answer for many factors come into play as Iraq heads into a civil war of Wahhabi Sunni vs. Shi'ite muslims.

Since the Iraq/Afghan War began on March 3, 2003, and up to about four days ago, 4489 American troops have been killed in the almost 11 years of fighting with two-thirds of those deaths occurring in the almost five years since Barack HUSSEIN Obama usurped...I mean took the oath of office. And more than 51,778 have been wounded, including thousands with serious brain and spinal injuries... including those coming home minus arms and legs...and including those with PTSD being their life after seeing and living the horrors of war.

And those returning home now have to continue to fight weary as they are, but this time they're sadly fighting their own government for their pensions and for much needed medical care... fighting their own government because the man who occupies the White House does NOT honor them, their sacrifices nor does he keep promises made to them.

So as these brave warriors battle DC bureaucracy for what is rightfully theirs, the fact remains that the money spent in tying to assure Iraq's seemingly now lost freedom could exceed three TRILLION of our taxpayer dollars...three TRILLION dollars for Iraq and a tooth and nail fight for our troops...all courtesy of the Obama administration...all courtesy of a Commander-in-Chief who is anything but.

And buried within those three TRILLION dollars is the millions of dollars that was spent on equipment that sits rotting in fields all over Iraq...and this because Obama would NOT allow our troops to train the Iraqi's on how to use said equipment for what was of paramount importance for this most vile of men...for this most traitorous of presidents...was announcing to the enemy the date our troops would begin and end their withdrawal, thus assuring them victory if they just bode their time and waited for us to leave...for as we all know America's enemies are Barack HUSSEIN Obama's friends on whose side his allegiance always lies.

So as violence escalates throughout Iraq, especially in the al-Anbar province where 2013 saw the most civilian casualties in five years, and as internal security issues worsen, Obama continues to bloviate that ending the Iraq War is one of the main accomplishments of his administration...second only of course to his single handed take down Osama bin-Laden (sarcastically said) NOT caring that what he calls ending a war is actually losing a war due to his having had our troops fight that war as per the tenets of political correctness.

But the question remains was this sacrifice of American lives, American blood, and American limbs worth it. Remember, some have said that this war was all about oil and making the 'fat cats' even fatter, so for those who believe that I guess to them it was NOT worth the cost in American lives for the war did NOT affect Iraq’s major oil fields. In fact, Iraq is now pumping even more crude than before the war as it's increased links to wells in its predominately Shi'ite south.

Also remember that Iraq, as much as the Democrats want it to be, is NOT really George W. Bush's war for it was Billy-Boy Clinton himself, who in 1998, signed the Iraq Liberation Act, making Saddam Hussein’s removal from power a matter of US policy.

And as much as those on the left claim that Saddam Hussein did NOT have the chemical and biological weapons that were the major selling point for America going to war even though the chemical weapons now in the hands of Syria's Bashar Assad are the very ones Saddam moved out of Iraq into Syria before the first US troop set foot on Iraqi soil...and even though Bush's 'surge' turned the tide of the war in America's favor and helped give birth to a fledgling Iraqi democracy... even with all this taking its toll in American lives the war was worth fighting because abandoning what Clinton set in motion...abandoning what Bush accomplished... would have been reckless at best... would have been un-American at worst for what America starts America finishes...Barack HUSSEIN Obama be damned. 

But do NOT think for a minute that this war is really over as Iraq stands between Iran and Israel and for that reason alone the Iraq war will NEVER be truly over for America.