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We Got Him!

Here's How The CIA Learned About al-Baghdadi's Whereabouts

Here's How The CIA Learned About al-Baghdadi's WhereaboutsPresident Donald Trump on Sunday confirmed the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He died during a secret nighttime mission Saturday night Eastern Standard Time.

According to the New York Times, the CIA learned about al-Baghdadi's location in northwestern Syria after arresting and interrogating one of his wives and a courier earlier this summer. The intelligence agency then worked with Iraqi and Kurdish intelligence officials in Iraq and Syria to narrow down his location. The group did this by placing spies to monitor al-Baghdadi's movements.

From the Times:

Obama’s envoy to Qatar says Trump’s description of al-Baghdadi’s death “will endanger our personnel in the region”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

Obama’s envoy to Qatar says Trump’s description of al-Baghdadi’s death “will endanger our personnel in the region”
This gruesome, vivid and probably exaggerated description of dogs chasing down Baghdadi will endanger our personnel in the region. — Dana Shell Smith (@AmbDana) October 27, 2019 When bin Laden was killed, we were careful to be clear that he had been given a proper Muslim burial. Not because we gave a damn about him […]

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Washington Post calls bloodthirsty ISIS caliph “austere religious scholar”

Just imagine if the traitors and saboteurs running the Washington Post had been around in 1945: “Adolf Hitler, austere political theorist at helm of German Reich, dies at 56.” Or in Britain in the late 19th century: “Jack ‘the Ripper,’ noted feminist and knife enthusiast, disappears mysteriously....

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Two Losers and the Ghost of John McCain 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

While the current news cycle is all about impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, and Syria, Syria, Syria... there are a few other news worthy items that are both comical and maddening at the same time while receiving but cursory attention at best. So along those lines let's start with the fact that Bernie Sanders...2016 's Mr. “Feel the Bern” himself...has not a snowball's chance in hell of getting the 2020 Democrat nomination let alone winning the presidency...both his heart attack and his far left politics have sealed that fate.

The now shadow of the man he once was...Bernie Sanders remains the man who continues to espouse the supposed virtues of socialism no matter its many proven foibles while still enjoying living large off the millions of dollars capitalism has afforded him, doing so while refusing to follow doctor's orders to slowdown. Instead, Bernie has upped his anti-American vitriol to such a degree while out on the campaign trail, during the Democrat debates, as well as in the media, that it's quite possible Bernie won't be around come nomination time...after all the heart can only take so much...but know I don't wish him harm and neither should you.

The simple fact is that Bernie Sanders cannot win as he's even a bit too far left for some progressives lurking within the now Democrat-Socialist party...progressives who while championing Bernie's “free stuff” mantra along with a growing number of millennials currently in his corner... have started to...albeit to a small degree...come to the realization that nothing in this life is actually free. And when you now add in that the leader of the infamous “Squad” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...has just formally endorsed him...Bernie's Sanders chances of winning anything have gone down from slim to none.

Why so...for starters how about Bernie's adding AOC to his campaign team. Remember, this is the woman who is not well liked even in her own 14th Congressional district as she is the one who almost single-handily killed the Amazon deal...a deal where Amazon was going to open up a new headquarters in New York City...a deal that would have created 25,000 new jobs and added about $30 billion in revenue to not only the very city deep in debt but to New York State itself. Even the infamous Mayor Bill DeBlasio called AOC to task for her job-killing stance. In fact, DeBlasio went so far as to say that, “[I have] progressive roots [and will] take on any progressive – anywhere – that thinks it’s a good idea to lose jobs and revenue.” And AOC then had the gall to say that fixing the subways instead of creating jobs would have been money better spent.
And so this delusional ex-bartender...and not a very good one so I've been who Bernie Sanders is welcoming with open arms to his official team of campaign endorsing supporters...not the greatest idea I would think.

But to make matters worse, Bernie Sanders recently stated that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will have an “important position” in his administration “when”...yes he said “when”...he becomes president. Seems like Bernie's heart attack caused a serious momentary lack of oxygen to his brain.

And so the woman whose sole claim to political fame is that she has 5.6 million Twitter followers is also the woman who introduced the cost prohibited, bat-loon crazy Green New Deal to the American public...a deal that would see all buildings in this country being torn down and rebuilt to stringent new EPA standards; would see "planes, trains, and automobiles" becoming but a thing of the past; and would have cows either wearing diapers or with a cork up their butt, And AOC claims it's all in the name of protected the world from what was originally Al Gore's “global cooling” nonsense morphed into “global warming” nonsense now morphed into “climate change” nonsense... as in what's simply the “weather”...and that's not nonsense at all. 

And Bernie seems to have no problem with the cost of AOC's Green New Deal...nonsense he supports no matter that it's implementation cost on the low end would be $52 trillion over the next ten years up to $92 trillion on the high end, also spread out over the next ten years. But when you add in Bernie's Medicare for All estimated to cost at least $34 trillion over the same ten years...with that being more than the total current cost of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid cannot ignore the fact that these two socialists obviously care nothing about adding to our already staggering national debt...a debt currently standing at $22.03 trillion and growing. Nor do they care that the American taxpayer would again be forced to foot the bill...via drastically higher taxes...for both new proposals and more, including a single-payer healthcare system, student loan forgiveness, free public college, a wealth tax on the super-rich, universal childcare, and early childhood education...which would add to the percentage we taxpayers already pay to help bring down the national debt. 
And the bottom line here is that all the “free stuff” proposed by Bernie Sanders and seconded by AOC, sees only the “gimme-gimme folks”...folks now generationally with their hands out...not understanding that while these are promises made they're simply promises that cannot be kept, but they're promises that will help Bernie “buy” their votes come the primary elections. 
So if Bernie Sanders thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement will help him garner the much needed mainstream Democrat vote he is sorrily mistaken for the only ones AOC really appeals to are young clueless millennial sorts who talk a good talk but who are just too lazy to get off their parent's couch and actually go out and in the newest generation of young people who've been indoctrinated into believing that it's better to receive than to go get a job and be responsible for one's own self.

And while AOC is now being called to task by some leading Democrats for not endorsing a “woman of color” or at least another minority candidate, her support for Bernie Sanders was actually a pre-ordained given as AOC got into politics as an organizer for Bernie's 2016 presidential campaign, as well as it being Bernie's staffers who recruited her to run for Congress. And dare we forget two important commonalities shared between these two, with the first being that both want to literally “overthrow” our capitalistic economy and replace it with socialism...that is until they run out of other people's money...and second, both are card carrying members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the very anti-capitalist group working within yet standing apart from the Democrat party. Translation: both Bernie Sanders and AOC are hypocritical sorts who enjoy reaping the benefits of what the more mainstream Democrat party and our country has to offer while at the same time relishing in destroying the once honorable party of JFK from within.

So while some still believe that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement will at least bring enough “energy” into Bernie's campaign to see him make it to the primaries, the fact remains that AOC may do little to nothing to bring much needed minority votes...especially black votes...over to Bernie. And besides, Bernie Sanders campaign is already faltering what with major polls now showing “Pocahontas” Warren kicking him out of second place and even overtaking “Uncle Joe” in a few of those polls. Bye-bye Bernie, it's time to accept your moniker as “socialism's grandfather” and just fade away for you will never be president nor will America ever become a socialist nation...President Trump will surely see to that.

And then there's Utah's now junior Senator Mitt Romney, the man I supported for president back in 2012 who has now sadly morphed into the ghost of John McCain. So filled with hate for President Trump this once honorable man has made taking down Trump his 24/7 agenda, basically picking up where McCain left off. But don't think that doesn't come with consequences because it does.

But before I get into those consequences let's take a brief look at the latest in the ongoing Romney/Trump feud...a feud that started on the day Mitt Romney lost to Obama and Donald Trump...whose support he had garnered... publicly stated that Romney was not strong or assertive enough during the campaign...which was one hundred percent correct. Making amends of sorts when now President Trump considered Romney for his Secretary of State, things got even more unsettling when Rex Tillerson was chosen instead.

And so the tensions kept building and reached a culmination of sorts when on January 1, 2019, newly elected Utah Senator Mitt Romney arrived in Washington D.C. with a vehemently anti-Trump op-ed in hand. Printed in The Washington Post and titled, The President Shapes the Public Character of the Nation. Trump’s Character Falls Short, this op-ed was nothing but a hit piece against the man who won the office Romney coveted but could never attain with its bottom line for Romney being that Trump “has not risen to the mantle of the office.” But what makes this even more grievous is that Mitt Romney sought and accepting President Trump's endorsement during his Senate campaign.

And from this point on now Senator Mitt Romney has continued to channel his inner John McCain by painting himself as a true McCain tried to do and failed...with Trump being the founder of what Romney calls “Trumpism.” But the fact is that half the nation voted for Trump because of his conservative values, especially on key moral issues, as well as for his known business savvy. Translation: All of Mitt Romney's venom spewed has allowed him to pick-up where John McCain left off, thus affording him the designation of RINO as well, and that comes replete with a healthy dose of Jeff Flake's animosity thrown in for good, or should I say bad measure.

Now fast forward to this past October 5th when Mitt Romney called President Trump's supposed appeals to Ukraine and China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter "wrong and appalling." The only thing “wrong and appalling” was Romney drawing this conclusion before the phone transcript of the call had even been released...before Ukraine President Zelensky himself said nothing improper had taken in no appeal was made. And President Trump's response came via a tweet in which he called Romney “a pompous ass who has been fighting me from the beginning" adding that Romney could have won the 2012 election if he "worked this hard on Obama."

How right President Trump is as shades of Hillary Clinton sees Mitt Romney also blaming everybody but himself for his loss as well as his seeking revenge for something solely of his own doing.

And dare we forget Mitt Romney's recently taking to the Senate floor after President Trump announced our troop withdrawal from northern Syria to call Trump's supposed abandonment of the Kurds “a bloodstain in the annals of American history.” Nothing like Romney's spouting off without knowing all the facts to add to an already overheated political impeachment fire. 
And yet no matter how Trump counters Mitt Romney's accusations, Romney's now over inflated ego and quest for revenge unfortunately sees him remaining steadfast in his threats to see President Trump removed from office. And this can be witnessed by his recent interviews with Axios where he alluded to musings that he might head up what he now calls a “breakaway group of Republican senators” in turning against Trump if he does happen to get impeached in the House. But Mitt Romney can bloviate all he wants as he needs a minimum of twenty Republican senators to pull that off and those numbers are thankfully just not there.

Now as for the consequences of his actions, Mitt Romney has both personal and political egg on his face for it was recently discovered that Romney has a secret Twitter account where he uses the moniker “Pierre Delecto,” and has had said account for eight years, ever since his presidential run against Obama. But even though he only used said account 10 times since 2011...used it to either offer “mild criticism” of President Trump while tweeting “polite defenses” of himself...what's troubling about this is that now Senator Mitt Romney...a man so vocal against President Trump in Congress and while playing to the cameras...did not have the courage to stand by his online convictions needing instead a phony virtual identity by which to do his dirty work. Makes one wonder about the true character of the man who dares to question President Trump's moral fortitude.

And then there's this political consequence few politicians want to see, as in falling poll numbers. In fact, as I write this, Mitt Romney actually has a lower approval rating than a disapproval rating, and it's all because of his very public sour grapes feud with President Trump. The man who in 2018 was elected as Utah's next senator with 62% of the vote now sees himself, as per a Utah Policy and Y2 Analytics survey, with only 46% of Utahans approving of his time on the Hill with 51% disapproving, and with those numbers more than likely continuing to fall.

Not good for the man who not that long ago aspired to our nation's highest office, but like they say “you reap what you sow.” And for Mitt Romney, just like with Hillary Clinton, and like it should have been for John McCain, it would have better served them to let their animosity against President Trump go.

News stories buried by the media now come to light as there's more going on than impeachment and Syria...just wanted you to know.

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