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MUST SEE: Second video from British hostage John Cantlie being held by ISIS in Syria

Bare Naked Islam


This is the second video of three promised, after which, if Britain does not cave to the demands of the ISIS terrorists, this hostage will also be beheaded.


What we get from this video is that the ISIS group has a thorough understanding of how weak and impotent the United States, under a feckless leader like Barack Hussein Obama, really is.




CLICK HERE TO SEE FIRST VIDEO: lend-me-your-ears-british-journalist-john-cantlie-held-by-isis-in-propaganda-video-critical-of-the-west

Our Commander-in-Chief saluted a member of the Marine Corps today while clutching a coffee on link to see video.
Per the U.S. Military Protocol Saluting, a salute should be performed as follows:
Execution of the Hand Salute is performed as follows: "the right hand is raised smartly until the tip of the forefinger touches the lower part of the headdress or forehead above and slightly to the right of the right eye, thumb and fingers extended and joined, palm to the left, upper arm horizontal, forearm inclined at 45 degrees, hand and wrist straight; at the same time turn head toward the person saluted. To complete the salute, drop the arm to its normal position by the side in one motion, at the same time turning the head and eyes to the front".
Furthermore, the protocol adds (emphasis added):
It has been said that a sloppy salute is worse than not saluting at all.
This isn't the first time Obama has run into an awkward situation saluting a Marine. Last year, Obama made headlines when he shook a Marine's hand instead of saluting him.

It's been nearly six years, Mr. President. Figure it out.
Turkey was able to close down THEIR border crossings after 70,000 refugees from Syria fled ISIS into Turkey. They used tear gas and water cannon, along with a sign that says “This Border Closed” to stop the flight into Turkey's Islamic state. 
“Turkish security forces have fired water cannon and tear gas at crowds which had gathered in support of Syrian Kurdish refugees on the border,” reports the BBC.
“It comes after some 66,000 refugees poured into Turkey in 24 hours. Turkey opened its border on Friday to Syrians fleeing the town of Kobane in fear of an Islamic State attack.”

While I like the Kurds in general, I think Turkey is giving us part of the solution to our own border problems: We need to send some of our politicians to Turkey to be tear gassed too. A little water cannon wouldn’t hurt either.

While there would no doubt be civil rights implications—bad for the politicians and good for us-- don't discount the fun factor here. Tear-gassing Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi would not only help them understand that he have the right to defend ourselves, it would also just be fun.

And you don't even have to be Turkish to enjoy that.

The highlight of navy boot camp for the NCOs at Great Lakes when I went through was when they lined up recruits and had them remove their gasmasks in a chamber filled with tear gas while reciting the Sailor’s Creed:

I am a United States Sailor.
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.
I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.
I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and Commitment.
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

Snot ran, we cried, we did not laugh and a good time was had by men, mostly in their 20s, who had been in the Navy long enough defending freedom and democracy around the world for the event to pass as entertainment.

But think how much more fun it would be to tear-gas someone who actually deserved it like Elizabeth Warren or Hank Johnson.

So maybe we can have a similar creed made up for the cretins who decided that the proper response to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine and ISIS occupation of Iraq and Syria was to mobilize feminists in NYC via 550 union-provided buses to STOP GLOBAL WARMING NOW!

You wanna combat global warming? Stop Obama from leasing union buses.

The larger issue could be addressed as well through tear-gassing.

And that larger issue is this: Many countries abandoned by Obama's so-called foreign policy—including our own--are having border problems as a direct result of the president’s Democrat-induced delusions of pander.

Let’s face it: If it weren’t for pandering Obama would have no foreign policy objectives at all.

Created by pandering to the Arab Street’s desire for reform, no matter what form reform takes.
The U.S. Apology tour?

Pandering to Europe and the Arab States.

The Russian Reset?

Pandering to Russia.

Our border policy with Mexico?

Pandering to Democrat pollsters who need to keep Hispanics in line for the next next election, which of course is always only one more election away.

Because while throngs gather at the United Nations this week to hear Obama try to change the topic from his own pandering and shortcomings to even more pandering followed by more Obama shortcomings, keep one thing in mind: If Obama were at the UN to get tear-gassed while reciting the Sailor’s Creed, even more people would show up to see it.

And for the right reasons too.

We wouldn’t even need buses.

US Thwarts ‘Active Plotting Against Homeland’ By Hitting Al Qaeda Cell Khorasan in Syria


The Department of Defense has released the following: “the United States also took action to disrupt the imminent attack plotting against the United States and Western interests conducted by a network of seasoned al-Qaida veterans known as the Khorasan Group. The group has established a safe haven in Syria to develop external attacks, construct and test improvised explosive devices and recruit Westerners to conduct operations, the release said. These strikes were undertaken only by U.S. assets.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.48.20 AM
Jihad groups are metastasizing across the region.
Al Qaeda operative Muhsin al-Fadhli is wanted by the U.S. government, with a $7 million reward for information leading to his capture.

Although rewards provide little incentive to the...


US “public diplomacy experts” warn: Government not doing enough to counter Islamic State’s online presence

/ Jihad Watch
“US public diplomacy experts have warned that the government may not be doing enough to counter the Islamic State’s growing online presence.” Do these “public diplomacy experts” ever stop and ask themselves why the Muslim organizations large and small that condemn the Islamic State aren’t doing anything to counter its growing online presence? Why is it so easy to find online Muslim expositions of the Qur’an that justify the activities of jihad groups, and so hard to find Muslim refutations of the Qur’anic exegesis of jihad groups? Why do mainstream analysts never ask themselves these questions?

“Efforts mount to oppose Islamic State in online propaganda war,” by Justin Jalil, Times of Israel, September 23, 2014:
US public diplomacy experts have warned that the government may not be doing enough to counter the Islamic State’s growing online presence.
The Islamic State is widely regarded as the most successful terrorist group of the social media age. Its presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter dwarf any of the group’s predecessors, as it actively recruits supporters with grisly propaganda videos.
The al-Qaeda offshoot made headlines this summer when it circulated three high-quality videos that showed the beheadings of three Western civilians: American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker David Haines.
American officials are working to counter the Islamic State’s influence electronically with a number of initiatives designed to discredit the rogue caliphate online, the Guardian reported.
The most noticeable effort has been the US’s “Think Again, Turn Away” campaign, headed by a State Department office called the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications.
The campaign is a calculated offensive — meant to discourage potential recruits from joining the Islamic State — that produced videos casting the jihadists currently fighting in Iraq and Syria in a negative, anti-Muslim light.
One video uploaded to the account is titled “Welcome to the ‘Islamic State’ land (ISIS/ISIL)” and rapidly displays a series of graphic images of Islamic State fighters blowing up mosques and killing civilians with accompanying text and brooding music.
But not everyone thinks the official efforts are worthwhile.
The American government has been accused of “trolling” the social media accounts of Islamic State members and arguing with them on a variety of online forums.
“I honestly don’t think the government should be in the position of directly engaging jihadis on Twitter. It’s a silly game,” contended Shahed Amanullah, a former State Department employee who left to help to establish programs promoting anti-extremist Muslim voices abroad.
Amanullah is right. It is a silly game, because it proceeds from false assumptions about Islam and Muslims.
“[The] tragedy of the US government’s attempts to engage online,” Amanullah said, is that “there’s nothing these people like more than to see the US government specifically acknowledging and interacting with them online. They turn right around to their followers and say, ‘See? We’re every bit as powerful as we say we are, the US government is proof.’”
They are powerful enough to hold a territory larger than the U.K. It is doubtful that they think they’re important because the State Department is engaging them online.

Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Enrolled in Obamacare

By John Blosser / NEWSMAX

Thousands of illegal immigrants have been allowed to illicitly enroll in and receive taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits from Obamacare.

Sen. David Vitter, R-La, has blasted the administration and sent a letter to Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), demanding action on eliminating illegal aliens enrolled in the Affordable Care Act, the Washington Times reports.

"The Obama administration is bending over backwards to give Obamacare to illegal immigrants but won’t protect hardworking American citizens who are losing their healthcare coverage," Vitter told the Times.

"The Obama administration has been granting deadline extensions, making excuses and turning a blind eye to falsified documents by illegal immigrants.

"Enough is enough, and they need to provide answers to why they think illegal immigrants should be eligible for Obamacare."

CMS states that 115,000 persons enrolled in Obamacare had not provided proof of citizenship by the Sept. 5 deadline, down from 966,000 in May, and will be dropped from Obamacare as of Sept. 30, but those with "immigration data-matching issues" were allowed to retain their Obamacare coverage during a six-month grace period to provide documentation.

The Times noted that even those who are facing losing their Obamacare coverage by the end of September "may qualify for a special enrollment period to regain coverage."

Vitter, a longtime critic of Obamacare, wrote to Tavenner, "It is critical as the administration moves forward into Obamacare’s second enrollment period that CMS dramatically improves the verification process in determining eligibility for taxpayer-funded subsidies.

“Last year was nothing short of a disaster, and as a result, the administration continues to bend the rules for people who did not comply with the law in the first place, with an exorbitant cost to the U.S. taxpayer."

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) commented that Obamacare eligibility rules sacrifice "document standards, authentication assurance, and identification integrity in order to speed and maximize enrollment in federal health coverage, including welfare programs such as Medicaid.

"Rapidly expanding health coverage to some 40 million people, coupled with relaxed ID and verification standards, only increases the likelihood of fraud and improper enrollment of ineligible people, including aliens. Furthermore, the combination of relaxed verification and documentation standards could enable certain identity fraud schemes to be developed."

"We are pleased that the number of individuals who were at risk of losing their Obamacare insurance coverage or seeing changes in their costs because of data matching issues has been dramatically reduced in the last three months," Tavenner told the Times.

Is the Obama administration using bad accounting to hide healthcare failures?

Air Strikes Done Without Congressional Approval
By: Diane Sori  

“I can confirm that U.S. military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against [Islamic State] terrorists in Syria using a mix of fighter, bomber and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles. Given that these operations are ongoing, we are not in a position to provide any additional details at this time."
Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby's statement to the media as air strikes over Syria began.

Done without the Constitutionally required Congressional authorization, late Monday night EST, Tomahawk cruise missiles led the way as bombers and fighters were launched from U.S. destroyers in the northern Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. And so the campaign...the limited campaign...against the terror group known as ISIS started. Bombing specifically chosen ISIS targets in Syria, five Arab nations assisted in that bombing as U.S. war planes lead the way. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Jordan were involved in the actual bombing with Qatar doing surveillance work. Odd though isn't it that none of our European allies...none of our NATO partners...flew with this 'supposed' coalition. And odder still is that the U.S. Central Command attacked Khorasan...a network of highly trained and extremely loyal al-Qaeda operatives (more on them later)...separately without the Arab countries joining in.

And also don't for a minute think Bashir al-Assad didn't know these attacks were forthcoming...he did.

Five Arab nations took part...four of the five (Jordan being the exception) have supported and funded ISIS in the past...and now they are helping to bomb run 'limited' air strikes...'pin-prick' air strikes if you will...with targets picked to inflict as little damage as possible both collateral and to ISIS itself. So how can these air strikes be successful in destroying ISIS...simply, they cannot.
Click on link to see raw footage of bombing strike on ISIS forces in Syria. (article continues below video)

And why now...why are these air strikes being conducted's really quite simple for to save political face as November looms large is paramount above all else for Obama's losing the peace when George W. Bush had won the war bodes very poorly even with the party faithful.

Now let's understand that while last night's mission looks good on the surface... these but 20 or so air strikes primarily done on Raqqa, ISIS' self-declared capital in eastern, in fact, limited in scope as it will NOT destroy ISIS when if done right it could...especially when our military leaders have said that about two-thirds of the estimated 31,000 ISIS militants are currently in Syria. To destroy ISIS you must 'carpet' bomb from the air and put 'boots on the ground'...period. Without 'boots' you might destroy some 'targeted' command and control centers (centers that have long been evacuated as Obama again told the world basically when we would be taking action thus giving their occupants time to melt into the civilian population), training camps, and weapons caches but you will NOT inflict the much needed body count and that alone would be what cuts the head off the snake so to speak. In fact, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported this morning that only about 70 ISIS fighters...70 out of 31,000...were killed in last night's raid with 300 being injured.
NOT enough to make one damn bit of difference.

So the snake still lives but remember, even if the head is cut off the body remains to morph into a different animal, yet at the same time an animal that is really quite the same.

And with rape, torture, beheadings, and death being the calling card of ISIS...there are other groups with the same blood lust waiting in the wings ready to continue on in the quest to kill us all.

And now some in our intelligence community are sounding the alarm about yet another Syrian based al-Qaeda affiliate group known as Khorasan...a group that operates under the cover of Syria's ongoing civil war but who, unlike with ISIS, we really don't know their numbers nor their possible weaknesses.

And this is the group Obama claims was getting ready to attack American and western interests, even though there appears to be NO definitive intel of any sort to back that up.

Having ties to the nefarious Jabhat al-Nusra as well...Khorasan is headed by Muhsin al-Fadhli... the de-facto leader of al-Qaeda in Syria and a man who routinely secures funding from donors in Kuwait for many of the al-Qaeda allied rebels in Syria...rebels like the supposedly 'moderate' yet anything but Free Syrian Army. And al-Fadhli... who himself has a $7 million bounty on his head... was a member of Osama bin-Laden's inner close to bin-Laden in fact that it's been rumored that al-Fadhli was among a very small group of people who knew about the September 11th attacks before they were set in motion.

And why do we need to be concerned about this little known group especially with the air strikes now ongoing...the why is because Khorasan shows decidedly more interest in attacking our country than ISIS does even with their social media campaign of videos of beheadings...videos made to threaten and instill fear in we infidels. And even with ISIS' known blood lust and brutality there are differences between these two groups for while ISIS continues to push hard for establishing the regional islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria and spreading outward from there, actually attacking the U.S. homeland is more of an afterthought for them...words spoken for shock value and for diversionary purposes to take the world's eyes off the atrocities committed in the lands they control. Khorasan, on the other hand, shows little political interest in either the war in Syria or in Iraq nor are they particularly active in ISIS' and al-Nursa's joint quest to overthrow the government of Bashir al-Assad...their goal is to wage jihad on America and the west...period.
So while ISIS has somewhat broken ties with least that's what they and al-Qaeda want us to believe...the fact is that it's senior al-Qaida members from throughout the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa who comprise the membership of Khorasan. And Khorasan was sent to operate in Syria by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, with its primary goal being to recruit those holding westerner passports into its fold...westerners who would be trained in jihad...specifically trained in bomb making through Khorasan's direct ties to infamous Yemeni bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri...recruits who would then go back to their home countries to join sleeper cells and await their call to jihad...that is if they 'sleep' so to speak and NOT jump the gun by acting as 'lone wolves' going out on their own.

And acting as 'lone wolves' is one very serious possibility as these young jihadis can't wait to blow themselves be martyrs in the name of allah.

Also a group to be feared and watched while ISIS gets 'selectively' bombed is Jabhat al-Nusra...the only faction in position to actually benefit from these air strikes that might weaken ISIS somewhat. But what threat do they pose to our homeland as it would be them who would fill the immediate void if ISIS was able to be taken out.
Directly tied to al-Qaeda and second only to ISIS in its brutality and numbers, Jubhat al-Nusra also attracts many foreign fighters to its fold. And these foreign fighters, unlike those aligned with and fighting alongside ISIS in the field, are similar to those aligned with Khorasan in that they are are specifically being trained to act as 'lone wolves'... and that makes them as dangerous a threat to us as Khorasan...for one NEVER knows when and where a 'lone wolf' might strike.

And so now we wait to see what tonight and tomorrow will bring, and we wait to see if this 'supposed' coalition will hold together. But even if it does these 'limited' air strikes will NOT get the job done and ISIS' anger will grow strong...strong enough that other terrorists groups might very well merge with them to fight fight back en-masse so that even American 'boots on the ground' might NOT be able to stop them...and if that's the case God help us all.

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