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McConnell as 'Angry' as the Press Has Ever Seen Him on the Senate Floor

McConnell as 'Angry' as the Press Has Ever Seen Him on the Senate Floor
As you've already heard, the Senate failed to pass the CARES Act on Sunday, the next phase of Congress's coronavirus emergency relief effort. The final tally was 47-47, far short of the 60-vote threshold. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke for the Democrats by claiming that the GOP measure "includes huge bailouts without protections for people and workers and without accountability, and because it shortchanges our hospitals and healthcare workers who need our help." Republican senators immediately chewed out their Democratic colleagues for another "unbelievable" round of partisan playmaking.
The Contagion Chronicles
By: Bill O'Reilly

Terrorists all over the world are watching the world panic closely.  Biological warfare has been a reality for decades.  You may remember that Saddam Hussein expelled weapons inspectors from the United Nations after the 9/11 terror attack, which led to the Iraq war.  Saddam’s terror thugs, the Mukhabarat, had indeed developed biological agents but secretly destroyed the program before the fighting began - completely fooling allied intelligence services.
Today, many nations have developed virus weaponry and terrorists would love to acquire the lethal bugs.  COVID from China (sorry race-baiters) has succeeded in severely damaging the worldwide economy and will eventually kill more than one million people. There will, I believe, be a vaccine soon that will ease the disaster, but more viruses are coming.
Some have speculated that Chinese researchers actually spread the virus after it escaped from a lab near Wuhan.  But my investigation says that is false.

61% of Americans TRUST Trump’s White House Response to #Coronavirus

Which is why the unhinged media want to shut down his daily pressers updating the American people on the China virus.

Supporters say they trust President Trump’s response to coronavirus pandemic


Supporters Say They Trust President Trump’s Response To Coronavirus Pandemic

Support for President Trump and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic is rising. Dual Harris polls released Friday revealed between March 14th and 18th, the president’s approval rating jumped 4 percent. Additionally, the approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus also jumped from 51 to 56 percent.

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The Great Toilet Paper Rush of 2020
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

It's crazy out there as folks are losing all sense of sanity as now toilet paper...and lots and lots of it...has become the must have no matter the cost status symbol of the day. Toilet paper...or TP as it's more affectionately known...has now turned sane men and women into hoarders who will stop at nothing in order to walk out of their local supermarket not with their carts piled high with wholesome and nutritious foodstuffs, but piled high with package on top of package of toilet paper and also with numerous bottles of Lysol, Pinesol, Purel, and any and all antibacterial wipes they can get their maybe someday could become coronavirus infested hands on.

And while cleanliness is supposedly next to Godliness, I think even God himself is now saying, “Enough with the toilet paper already!”

Toilet paper of all things has now been made into a media rock star of sorts used to dominate the current 24/7 coronavirus news cycle. And the media's truly fractured thought process being passed off as logic is that with enough toilet paper on hand...literally...this new nasty bug will pass you by...kind of like a modern day version of Passover I suppose... with the insanity it's breeding be damned.

And while those of us who are not buying into the hype that this newest coronavirus known as COVID-19 will kill us all...never mind that it will infect but a small fraction of us...the Democrat controlled media's biggest hope remains that with the creating of “The Great Toilet Paper Rush of 2020” that it will help crash our economy and Trump's reelection bid at the same time. So while the still sane amongst us are well aware of this being the true end game, we still have to accept as fact that the panic scenario that has been created does indeed touch each and every one of us in one way or another...albeit in a small way for most of us while some take it to the extreme.

And for me, the media generated rush for toilet paper helps set the stage for what is to follow...and it's something that I think in the end will come back to bite the media in its behind...sure hope their collective TP stockpile will be enough to wipe up the mess they've help to create.

So let me begin by filling you in on my last two personal encounters with the TP crazies, and I'll begin with a little bit of background for each example.

Early two Saturday's ago I headed off to PetSmart where I go once a month to buy special prescription for food one of my kitties. I entered the store only to discover that the sole checkout line open was weaving its way through the store. It seems the media is now also saying that besides TP you'd best stock up on pet food as well because that too will soon be in short supply and not readily gotten with us supposedly being in self-quarantine. And so after waiting in line to pay for the prescription food, I immediately headed over to Publix for regular cat food for my other three kitties as those in PetSmart were now trampling over each other to buy the regular non-prescription cat and dog food. But when I got to Publix I not only was met with panicking pet owners, but I had my first encounter with the a fore mentioned TP crazies who were visually shaking over a virus that few of them will ever get.

So as I'm heading over to the pet food aisle, maneuvering my shopping cart through the angry and panicked barrage heading over to the, by this time in the day, empty toilet paper and paper goods aisle, and as some are now in complete meltdown mode over the fact that on this particular day in this particular Publix there is not a single square to spare...nor a box of tissues, a pack of napkins, or even a roll of paper towels to use as a substitute if need be...and ditto for the household cleaners aisle being bare shelved as well...the ridiculousness and absurdity of this entire media generated crisis has shown itself to be worse than the virus itself.

Remember, except for folks highly susceptible to any form of respiratory illness...the very elderly, those with preexisting conditions or with a compromised immune system...coronavirus is for most but a bad cold if even that. Just shows the power of the media in creating a crisis when none should exist.

But why do I say media generated crisis you might ask...because if not for the television media...both the mainstream alphabet media and FOX News too...and most especially their local affiliates who generate income and viewership by sounding the coronavirus alarm nonstop...we would not be hightailing it out to the stores for two to three weeks worth of toilet paper and such before we shutter ourselves up in our homes...for the community's good the media claims.

But the insanity of all this is that instead of us avoiding crowds as we've been told by the media to do...crowds where we become subject to other peoples sneezing, coughing, hacking and such...we continue to be media force fed into believing that by not having enough toilet paper on hand for at least a couple of weeks usage, that we must now enter the very crowded places they previously told us not to go into. Makes for good news stories I guess what with the as required mob scenes, people waiting in line for their now being rationed by some stores two package toilet paper limit, as well as seeing the meltdowns of those who waited in line for hours only to be told that said stores TP allotment had run out just as their turn came up, but to please come back tomorrow and wait in line again for a shipment of toilet paper that might or might not have been delivered.

Oh the look of despair and helplessness on these folks faces surely makes for must watch TV...the mainstream media's local affiliates are most assuredly counting on it for both ratings and advertising revenue.

Now as for my second and quite unexpected but hopefully last foray into the “The Great Toilet Paper Rush of 2020,” let me begin by saying that I am not and will never be a hoarder especially in regards to grocery store items nor do I panic every time the media cries wolf. I grocery shop once a week for that week's needed items, and I do so on Sunday morning when my local Publix is not crowded. In fact, I, like many other long time and native Floridians, do not overstock on items even in hurricane season for time has proven that more times than not we're inconvenienced for but a few days.

We Floridians, as a general rule, are not the panicky sort but when the media started their brouhaha that a two to three week supply of toilet paper was needed to get us through the worst of this now designated coronavirus pandemic...which the smart amongst us know is not even close to pandemic in nature...all hell broke loose here as it has across the country. But something I noticed last Sunday as I did my as usual weekly shopping was that both Publix and Winn-Dixie are...along with most of our nation's grocery much to blame for the TP panic as is the media. How so...because when the media manufactured and generated toilet paper crisis first became public fodder these stores allowed panicking folks to purchase cart high mounds of TP leaving none for we loyal regular weekly shoppers. And to make matters worse, as the panic set in over toilet paper said panic expanded into cleaning products, canned goods, fresh produce, and bread stuffs as well now leaving both store chains with a growing number of empty shelves.

So with my being able to purchase at Publix not even half of what I normally buy every week due to the items being unavailable...toilet paper included...before I headed off to Winn-Dixie in hopes of finding even a roll or two of TP...I first spoke to my Publix manager about the early letting of folks...folks not even regular customers...being allowed to buy up all the TP in bulk. And her reaction was a bit surprising for she basically begged me to complain to corporate as they are not listening to the local managers complaints about this and that said action is not only hurting Publix reputation but that its driving regular loyal customers away. And know I did file such a complaint later that very same day.

And as for Winn-Dixie, there's a reason many of their stores are closing as they truly don't give a damn about customer service as this is what happened when I went into the store for but one 4-pack of TP. The store was packed with folks pushing each other out of the way for not only toilet paper but anything paper goods related, and the only checkout line open had to consist of a least 80 to 100 people. Notice I said line not lines for that sole line open was an unmanned self checkout line that wasn't working very well, thus causing the line to grow longer by the minute along with it barely moving.

Now at this point I got tired of looking at empty shelves and being pushed around by TP crazies, so I went to the customer service counter and demanded what they kept blasting over the loud speaker...that all shoppers were entitled to two packs of toilet paper. I guess I stated my demand with the now required force needed for low and behold the manager walked out with my allotted toilet paper packs as well as some rolls for the people who had now joined me at the counter. At this point a gentleman stated why isn't anyone working the registers and why was only the self-check register open, and the managers response was not an answer but a blank clueless stare. However, a few minutes later one out of 20 registers...was open along with an ensuing mad dash by the now grown in number to well over 100 shoppers for it. Thankfully, the gentleman and I were taken first as we were not only the next in line but that we were troublemakers demanding that those lazy employees get to work. Like I stated earlier, no wonder so many Winn-Dixie stores are closing here in Florida...they cannot compete with Publix customer service reputation, satisfaction wise.

Anyway, I got my alotted two weeks worth of toilet paper and can now say I survived “The Great Toilet Paper Rush of 2020.” But the sad reality is that I'll probably have to turn the other “cheek” (pun intended) and do it all over again in a few weeks time, that is unless the media stops blowing everything out of proportion coronavirus wise, and until the public accepts as fact that the coronavirus now going around is not a true pandemic like the Spanish Flu of 1918 was...a flu that saw 500 million people being infected with upward of 50 million deaths. And the sooner the media as well as the politicians realize the numbers needed for something to be a true be a true call to panic...the better off we, the American people, will be.

But until that time comes, if it ever does, I guess the smart thing to do is call my stockbroker and tell him to buy me some Kimberly-Clark stock.

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