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Morphing A Sinner Into A Media Saint
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

The way he died was wrong...dying prone on Minneapolis' mean streets with an officer's knee pressed into his neck.

And so his casket was resplendent in polished gold most likely lined in satin and silk...a casket that would make even King Midas proud...while his portrait hung behind mimicking the eyes of a preacher diligently watching over his flock. And of course the media was there to cover it all making sure it would not only be the top news story of that day but of many days to follow, while in California the sheeple were “taking a knee” with their hands held high begging for forgiveness for not only sins they never committed but for simply having been born white.

And yet the way he died was very wrong.

But this wrong does not mean that I will ever apologize for my being born white nor will I ever apologize to those whose ancestors were slaves in the centuries before I was born. And know I am not a racist just because I speak out against people of any color who loot, steal, and set buildings on fire, and I will continue to do so no matter that today’s circumstances see most of those folks behaving badly being black.

And yet the fact remains that this black man should not have died the way that he did.

I'm simply an American patriot who abhors the actions of those behaving badly being treated like they're heroes. I abhor certain minorities dictating their self-perceived rights and wrongs to the majority, and I especially abhor when sinners are morphed into saints solely to perpetrate the Democrat party's America-hating agenda.

And whether one is black or one is white, just as importantly is the fact that those deemed responsible for this black man’s death will never see a fair trial. Instead, thanks to the race-baiters, the haters, and their media cohorts, the white cops will be thrown into the sacrificial fire, for the court of public opinion now has now become one's judge, jury, and executioner if you will, trumping America’s legal premise of innocent until proven guilty.

But no matter the color of one's skin no one should die the way this man did.

Now imagine if you will a man being pulled out of the driver's side of his own car; a man high on methamphetamine and fentanyl; a man ready to drive off high as a kite not caring about those he might injure or even kill; a man who had just tried to purchase cigarettes with money he knew was counterfeit...but still he should not have died the way that he did.

Imagine that very man having both a criminal and a drug record going back decades. And it was a record showing his latest release being in 2014 after having served five years in a Houston, Texas prison after being found guilty of a first degree felony charge in 2009, a charge relating to his 2007 arrest for assault and armed robbery...a robbery where the man plead guilty to forcibly entering a woman’s home while trying to pass himself off as a government employee, pointing a gun at her stomach, and then searching the home for drugs, jewelry, and money. And the record also shows this same man being sentenced back in December 2005 to 10 months in jail for being in possession of cocaine; being sentenced to eight months for the same offense back in October 2002; as well as serving 30 days in jail for criminal trespassing again in 2002 after having been released from jail for theft in August 1998. 

An upstanding citizen I think not no matter the media’s claim that the man had started on the road to a new life, for the man on this his last day of life, was clearly hopped up on drugs and had just committed yet another crime.

But did even this mean that the man should have died like he And did his death mean that a sinner...a man with a criminal record...should now be portrayed as a saint? No, it did not, but the color of the man's skin did surely allow the mainstream liberal media to morph what should have stayed a local police issue and turn it into a war...a war played out in American cities...a war between black and white...a war between good and bad guys...a war between blacks and the police.

The color of his skin allowed the man...allowed George see the media hiding his criminal past as his untimely death was needed to become the catalyst for all that came after...the riots, the looting, the arson, and the all out destruction...destruction done because this one black man died by the knee of one white cop. And of course the media never mentioned in their public discourse the number of innocent white people who have died by the hand of black thugs.

So while the narrative is well known by now of the who, what, where, why, and how of this one man’s demise, here I will speak of another narrative...a narrative the media has dared to address...a narrative of maybes not of conspiracies, for conspiracies are fabricated nonsense while maybes might be the actual truth.

So now let’s start at the beginning by looking at the facts unemotionally and straight forwardly. George Floyd...a 6’7” giant of a man...was pulled from his car after he tried to make a cigarette purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill. The officers who went over to the car found Floyd sitting in the driver’s seat high as a kite ready to start the engine and pull out into traffic...a driver actually found to have methamphetamine and fentanyl in his system as per the official autopsy report...a driver under the influence who when driving could have caused the deaths of innocent folks. But did Mr. Floyd go peacefully with the police which would have been the right thing to was fighting being pulled out of his car both verbally and physically until cuffed, with his gait while walking showing someone high on something.

Now here it must be noted that first, George Floyd at one time worked with Officer Derick Chauven, the cop charged with his murder, with both being security guards/bouncers at the same restaurant/club and second, George Floyd tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of April but was not symptomatic at that time. And we also know that he continued to go out in public spreading the virus around, and know that one does not need to be symptomatic to pass the virus to others.

And with that said why did it really take multiple officers to get this one man out of his car, and why when trying to put Floyd into the police car was there obviously some kind of altercation that required three officers to get involved?

And please, while viewing the video below ignore the talking head's commentary especially regarding the claustrophobia remark as George Floyd drove a small car.

But no matter what the circumstances be George Floyd did not deserve to die in the manner that he did...gasping for air with a knee pressed deep into his neck.

So where do we go from here as anti-police protests are spreading nationwide; as police are being prevented from doing their jobs; as rioters, looters, and arsonists are now being given a free pass to do what they will with little to no fear of being arrested let alone facing reprisal? Simply, we must fight back with the truth, whether some find it ugly or not, that while George Floyd's death did not have to be neither did all the carnage this one man's demise has caused. Am I sorry he died...of course...especially in the manner that he did. Do I grieve for him...not really...for the man depicted as a saint was anything but. Instead I grieve for those who lost their businesses, their livelihoods, and in some cases even their very lives...77-year old retired St. Louis Police Captain and Municipal Chief David Dorn shot to death by looters quickly comes to well as for American cities forever scarred in George Floyd's name.

And I also grieve for those black Americans who have been bamboozled into thinking that they are second class citizens by the very party that put them in physical chains years ago and who keeps them in mental chains even today. And I grieve for the majority of black Americans who have worked so hard to negate old stereotypes that have now sadly come back to haunt.

And know that no amount of placating and no amount of laws passed will change the hearts of those who hate, at least not as long as the supposed victims of their hate continue to allow themselves to be spurred on to violence by the very party actually perpetrating all the hate...the Democrat party...the same party perpetrating the lie that systemic racism exists in America today. It does not, for the fact is that more blacks are killed by their own black brothers than by the police. And as for the call to disband and defund police departments across America...“We don't want no more po-lice” they say...what these folks are actually asking for is a lawless America where anything goes and where everything is free for their taking...and that's something that will never happen.

But to that affect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will soon be unveiling a police reform bill after a few key House Republicans signaled their willingness to work with Democrats regarding putting together a “comprehensive package” to “deal with the use of excessive force and racial profiling by the police.” Translation: Sellout Republicans too afraid of black backlash to stand up for our police are now willing to throw all this nation's good officers under the bus because a few bad officers killed one black man...a black man who, if truth be told, had just behaved badly. Remember, the store's owner had called the police because an “appearing to be agitated” man...George Floyd...had just tried to make a purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Simply, George Floyd's skin color had nothing to do with his arrest until the Democrats and their media cohorts twisted it to make it so...twisted it just to stir up the malcontents of numerous skin colors...twisted it to push forward their political agenda. And yet the fact remains that no one should die the way this man did....with an officer's knee pushing down hard on his neck and with two other officers pushing down on his back. “I can't breathe,” were George Floyd's last words and for that the officers involved in his death need to be punished, but it seems a fair trial might not be in their future.

And lastly, as for George Floyd, may he Rest in Peace and may justice be served. His life do all lives matter. And may he be remembered not just as the catalyst for all the destruction done in his name, but instead as the first step in the building of bridges between today's law enforcement and America's black communities for only then will his death not have been in vain.
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