Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Welfare, Work and War
Relaxing at home recently, I happened to pick up a copy of the book Schindler’s List, a copy of which has been sitting on my coffee table since I first read the book back in 1996.

Having read the book in its entirety several times, I also occasionally pick it up and browse randomly for inspiration - the story being so rich with anecdotes and vignettes of Jewish resistance to Nazi oppression. The one thing that struck me this time around about the dramatic tale of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who used his ceramics and cookware factory to disguise his courageous effort to save over a thousand Jews from almost certain death in Nazi concentration camps – was not the fact that Schindler sacrificed so much of his own fortune and risked his own life to save his fellow human beings. The thing that really struck me was in fact that other Germans did so little to prevent the genocide of over six million of their fellow citizens. Though Schindler saved a thousand people and is rightly commended for his act of courage, many other people failed in their duty to stand up for justice and humanity.

How, one wonders, could one of the world’s oldest and most stable democratic republics fall prey to such an autocratic and ultimately barbarian practice as mass slavery and extermination?

Obamacare: Citing Costs, Frustrated Doctors Say US Healthcare Headed in Wrong Direction You already know that Obamacare is unpopular with Americans, hurting more people than it's helping, raising costs, reducing options, and collapsing under its own weight -- causing the White House to scramble in search of dubious schemes to temporarily paper over its failures with tax dollars. Now you can add doctors to the long list of people who are dissatisfied with the results of Democrats' reckless, promise-breaking, partisan healthcare experiment and federal power grab. Via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette this week, a large majority of American physicians believe the nation's health system is on the wrong path:
A few weeks ago, the Physicians Practice journal released its seventh annual national “Great American Physician Survey” of its readers, which revealed doctors’ deep pessimism about trends in healthcare delivery. One question asked the 1,315 responding doctors to indicate, on a scale of 1 to 5, the degree they are happy with the direction healthcare in America is going. The responses averaged a dismal 1.86...The Physician Practice survey reflected those frustrations: 40.5 percent said higher deductible payments and patient costs “represent the largest barrier to patient care,” followed by the simple high cost of care at 20 percent, for a total of 60.5 percent pointing to finances impacting patients’ care.

Usual Suspects Get Ready to Gut Law Letting 9/11 Families Sue Saudis
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Usual Suspects Get Ready to Gut Law Letting 9/11 Families Sue Saudis
No surprise here at all. “Usual Suspects Get Ready to Gut Law Letting 9/11 Families Sue Saudis,” by Jim Jatras, Chronicles, October 17, 2016: You’d think that after three and a half decades’ working in Pergamum-on-the-Potomac, not to mention over 17 years’ service with the U.S. Senate, one’s capacity to be scandalized would have been […]

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Two-thirds of child refugees screened by officials found to be adults, report shows

Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT 

migrant horrorThese are Hillary and Obama’s innocent “orphans.”

“Two-thirds of child refugees screened by officials found to be adults, Home Office figures show,” By Peter Dominiczak and Steven Swinford, The Telegraph, October 18, 2016:
Nearly two-thirds of “child” refugees who officials questioned about their real age were found to be adults, Home Office documents show.
Figures show that in the year to September 2015, 65 per cent of the child refugees who had their age disputed were found to be over 18.
It comes after Conservative MPs raised questions about the ages of 14 refugees who were brought to the UK this week from the “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais.
The Home Office has no way of independently...

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