Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Katie Pavlich  / Townhall Tipsheet

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb announced today he is dropping his bid for the White House one week after being out gunned on the left by his liberal opponents at the first Democrat debate of the 2016 cycle in Las Vegas.

“Our political candidates are being pulled to the extremes. They are increasingly out of step with the people they are supposed to serve,” Webb said. "It was very difficult to fundraise inside the Democratic Party structure right now."

"I’ve said for years that the Democratic Party needs to get back to its more traditional message. I’m not seeing that in a way that I wish that I could see it," Webb continued.

In response to Webb exiting the race, the RNC is blaming a hard left shift in the Democrat Party.

“Former Senator Jim Webb’s decision to drop out of the race is a reflection of how far left the Democrat Party has moved away from the American people,” RNC Chairman Priebus released in a statement. “Rather than move to the center following last November’s historic losses, Democrats are racing to the fringe and proposing policies that make President Obama look like a moderate. After all, a self-avowed socialist is the leading candidate of the Democrat Party in key early states and Hillary Clinton is flip flopping on issue after issue just to keep up. With Senator Webb’s departure, it’s clear the Democrat Party is moving further to the extreme left and far away from mainstream Americans.”

During the debate last week, Webb seemed out of place on stage as he gave answers defending the gun rights of Americans and offered policy solutions opposite to those given by frontrunner Hillary Clinton and socialist Bernie Sanders.

Putin: 20 jihad terror plots foiled in Russia this year
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Putin: 20 jihad terror plots foiled in Russia this year
“The FSB, the main successor to the KGB, says that it has foiled two major terror plots in two weeks in Moscow and in southern Russia which were allegedly prepared by men with links to IS.” The Islamic State, and the jihadis in general, will keep advancing until they are stopped by force. That is […]
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Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei: “Negotiation with America is Forbidden,” Still Obama Signs Iran Nuclear Deal

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

President Obama on Sunday signed the Iran nuclear deal, officially putting the international agreement into effect.

The president’s signature opens the way for Iran to make major changes to an underground nuclear facility, a heavy water reactor and a site for enriching uranium…. more here.
President Obama signed an order Sunday directing his administration to begin issuing waivers to Iran nuclear sanctions — but the waivers will only go into effect once Iran meets its obligations under the agreement limiting its nuclear program. (USA Today)
The presidential memorandum marks what’s being called “adoption day” for the international agreement intended to roll back Iran’s nuclear program. The...


Dick Morris: Biden Must Know Hillary in Legal Trouble

Dick Morris / NEWSMAX
Image: Dick Morris: Biden Must Know Hillary in Legal Trouble
If the captain and the crew are running for the lifeboats, it might be the strongest possible indication that the ship is in trouble.

If Joe Biden runs for president, it would be the clearest statement that the FBI investigation of Hillary is serious, that the Justice Department won’t back off prosecuting, and that the President is unhappy with Hillary as a candidate.

These interlocking conclusions flow from a basic question: Why would Biden run against a primary candidate now getting 54 percent of the vote in a three-way field in one poll (ABC/Wash Post) and 49 percent in another (NBC/WSJ).

Biden finished third in both polls, at 15 percent in the ABC/Wash Post poll and at 16 percent in the NBC/WSJ survey. For Biden to risk a third defeat for president, he must know something we don’t.

According to Ed Klein, in both of his books, Blood Feud and Unlikeable, highly reliable sources from all three camps — Hillary’s, Bill’s, and Obama’s — indicate that the former Secretary of State and her husband believe that the email investigation by the FBI has gotten a green light from the White House. In fact, Klein quotes Obama as saying that the scandal is Hillary’s fault for ignoring his warnings and his policy against private servers.