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Lies, lies, and more lies...

Obama's Benghazi lies, illustrated

From: Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer


Ramirez cartoon thanks to Benedict.

Optimal Binders Full of Fail 

By: Derek Hunter  / Townhall Daily

After a debate “victory” for President Obama, which amounted to simply being caffeinated because the bar was set so low after the first debate, his Libya lies are still haunting him. Yes, moderator Candy Crowley saved his bacon in the moment, but she ended up costing him by forcing a reluctant media to continue to cover the story. He may have won the night, but he lost the week because of it.

Had the president simply taken responsibility for his administration’s security failures, apologized, said it would haunt him and shape his actions from that moment forward to ensure it never happened again, this scandal would be done. But narcissists don’t man-up because they can’t admit they’ve made mistakes.

Instead, we had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accept responsibility the day before the debate, which forced the man in charge to. Thus, five weeks after the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, five weeks after lying about denying repeated pleas for more security, five weeks after muddying blame by demonizing an innocent American who made a video – with nowhere else to go and no way to continue to hide behind Hillary’s pantsuit – the president finally took responsibility. Then he lied about having called it a terrorist attack.

That was the story after the debate. So whatever victory he had that night was wiped away by the reality of failed leadership and his callously calling the murder of 4 Americans “not optimal.”

Even debate night, as his media allies did their touchdown dance, polls showed Mitt Romney destroyed the president on every issue.

CNN’s snap poll had Obama with a 46 percent to 39 percent advantage but found people supported Romney’s answers on the issues they cared about most:

On the economy it was Romney, 58-40.
On health care, it was Romney, 49-46.
On taxes, Romney, 51-44.
On the deficit, Romney, 59-36.

If that’s what a debate victory looks like for Obama, may he win them all.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, to build on his “win,” the president and his allies set about trying to mock Romney for this “binders of women” comment. And it backfired.

Democrats must think women are stupid enough to think Romney actively seeking out qualified women through collecting three-ring binders of resumes means he’s a sexist. Especially when the Obama administration pays women 18 percent less than men.

But progressives seem to think women can be bought off like a puppy, with free birth control pills as milk bones. The mentality that all you need to do is feed women a can of contraception kibble and they’ll be loyal is the real war on women.

Sandra Flukes of the world aside, most women would like a job and the ability to buy not only their own contraception, but whatever else they want. But progressives see Americans, particularly women and minorities, as special needs children being bullied on the schoolyard of life. They have no faith in the individual’s ability to succeed, to thrive.

But people aspire, women aspire. No amount of handouts can suffocate human nature in everyone.

As the week continued, the desperation grew.

The week of failure culminated in the president reciting the cheesy accusation Mitt Romney suffers from “Romnesia” – the inability to remember past positions. This from the man who promised to cut the deficit in half his first term, who hasn’t signed a budget in more than three years, who called adding $4 trillion to the national debt in eight years “unpatriotic” … then racked up nearly $6 trillion in four years; who promised unemployment at 5.3 percent and delivered 43 straight months of 8 percent or higher. Perhaps he’s suffering from “Obamnesia”?

Considering his campaign got this childish theme from a homophobic leftist who calls Republicans “traitors,” President “New Tone” not only thinks women are stupid, he hopes everyone is.

Just when you thought progressives couldn’t get any dumber – enter MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, was asked how he feels when he hears the president call his father a liar. Tagg had the natural reaction of anyone who loves their father and said he’d like to hit him, but that he’s not going to because that’s how politics is.

O’Donnell, a child of privilege who attended an exclusive private school, then Harvard, put on his best fake Boston accent to challenge Tagg to a fight. It was always clear O’Donnell was a waste of human flesh with desperation for attention and relevance wrapped around him like flies around a horse’s ass. Now it’s clear he’s a cowardly creature comprised of what drops uncontrollably out of the place those flies circle.

Maybe O’Donnell didn’t love his father, and maybe his children don’t love him the way normal people love their families (and who could blame them?), but this was a new level of pathetic even for him.

But just like “binders” and “Romnesia,” desperate times inspire desperate measures.

President Obama, Lawrence O’Donnell and their progressive brethren have nothing to offer and bring nothing to the table but an inability to learn from their failures. They read their own press releases and believe them. They also write them first.

President Obama could have avoided his current situation by simply not being an epic failure as president, but O’Donnell simply isn’t bright enough to have avoided his fate. Let’s hope more voters than not, particularly in swing states such as Ohio, see through this fog of feces from the left and vote against a life of servitude to government.

As the election draws closer, progressive’s lies will grow more desperate. They can’t defend the president’s record, which is why he doesn’t even try; they can’t offer a positive agenda for the future, which is why the president hasn’t even bothered. All they have are childish slogans and pranks that would make junior high school students shake their heads.

The last true thing President Obama said may have been in 2008 when he said, “[I]f you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare the voters. If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.” When the “hope” has changed and your word is deemed worthless, it’s no longer “optimal” to do anything but smear.

With Politics Above All 

By: Marita Noon  / Townhall Columnist

Politics above science; politics above economics—together these two philosophies have created “true sustainability.”  

We first saw the impact in the science world. Global warming was touted as a catastrophic threat to life on earth. Modern life was deemed to be the cause. More specifically, the blame fell to the burning of hydrocarbons—which are the source of the abundant, affordable, and available energy that has given the developed world its many advantages and luxuries. Carbon footprint guilt was heaped upon big energy-consuming countries. After all, we were ruining the planet.

Change was needed to slow the rise of the oceans.

This opened the door for a whole host of policies aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels. A Renewable Portfolio Standard—which mandates a set percentage of electricity be from renewable sources (mainly wind and solar)—is law in more than half the states. Cap and trade was proposed and passed by the House.

Because it didn’t make it through the Senate, the EPA has been successfully bringing about the end goal through regulation. On a global scale, oil and coal have been demonized and natural gas is next. Untold billions have been poured into wind and solar subsidies.

The supposed “science” behind global warming—which morphed into climate change, paved the way for politics above economics.

The Obama Administration’s stimulus allocated $80-90 billion for green energy—even though the economics didn’t add up. Companies like Solyndra and A123 Systems (the first and the most recent domino to fall) received loans, grants, and, tax incentives to produce “green energy,” despite the junk-bond ratings that prevented private equity from jumping in until taxpayer dollars were committed. The majority of the recipients of the funds had favored status—they had connections to high-ranking Democrats such as President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, or Senator Diane Feinstein (just to name a few)—politics above economics.

Interestingly, a series of emails exposed global warming, er, climate change, and the funding of green energy to be the scams that they are. Together they are “sustainable.”

On global warming, the “climategate” emails revealed that data had been manipulated and suppressed to produce the desired results.

On green energy, emails that came to light in the hearings held by the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight showed how political connections were used to push loan guarantees through and expedite permits.

Within the past week some interesting details came to light on both scams.

On October 13, The UK Daily Mail newspaper brought out some new data. The Met Office, a British government agency described on its website as “a world leader in providing weather and climate services,” released some new data on climate change that seem to conflict with the generally accepted view of catastrophic manmade global warming. Back in March, the Met Office promoted data from 1998-2010 that supported the idea that the world had warmed even more than expected in the past ten years. They sent out a press release and held briefings for journalists. However, when the full dataset—up through August 2012—was released, showing that “the world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago,” the Met Office issued the new data “quietly on the internet without any fanfare.” The Daily Mail quotes Professor Phil Jones, of the climategate scandal fame, as admitting that “the climate models are imperfect,” and quotes Professor Judith Curry, head of the climate science department at Georgia Tech as agreeing that the computer models used to predict future warming were “deeply flawed.”

The new data “poses a fundamental challenge to the assumptions underlying every aspect of energy and climate change policy.”

On October 12, the Denver Post featured a guest commentary from Roger Pielke Jr., professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Titled “Climate spin is rampant,” Pielke addresses the “willing media” “spreading misinformation.” He states: “The logic behind such tactics is apparently that a sufficiently scared public will support the political program of those doing the scaring.”

While not directly referencing the Met Office’s quiet data release, Pielke cites Andrew Revkin, “who has covered the climate issue for decades for the New York Times.” Revkin explains that “the media tend to pay outsize attention to research developments that support a ‘hot’ conclusion … and glaze over on research of equivalent quality that does not.” Surely this is what happened with the Met’s report.

Pielke concludes his commentary with these words: “There is one group that should be very concerned about the spreading of rampant misinformation: the scientific community. It is, of course, thrilling to appear in the media and get caught up in highly politicized debates. But leading scientists and scientific organizations that contribute to a campaign of misinformation—even in pursuit of a worthy goal like responding effectively to climate change—may find that the credibility of science itself is put at risk by supporting scientifically unsupportable claims in pursuit of a political agenda.”

Politics above science. But this politically driven “science” is needed to support politics above economics. 

On October 15, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial discussing the special treatment Solyndra, the bankrupt solar manufacturer, received from the Department of Energy: “Solyndra’s investors could be rewarded for their failures.” The WSJ claims that “Solyndra’s only real assets are what the IRS calls ‘tax attributes.’”

The short version is that Solyndra’s investors, who finagled a deal to subordinate taxpayer repayment rights to private investors, could emerge from bankruptcy with the ability to apply the net operating losses (NOL) against the profits of a profitable company owned by the same investors. What is interesting is who the “investors” are. WSJ states that Argonaut Ventures I LLC is “Solyndra’s largest shareholder and the primary investment arm of the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Mr. Kaiser is a Tulsa oil billionaire who bundled campaign checks for Mr. Obama in 2008.” 

Emails revealed through the Solyndra bankruptcy show that Steve Mitchell, Argonaut’s managing director, wrote these words to Kaiser: “The DOE thinks politically before it thinks economically”—politics above economics. After Obama called Solyndra a “testament to American ingenuity and dynamism,” apparently the DOE wanted to “delay the Solyndra crack-up that was fast becoming inevitable.” Solyndra needed the “loan’s remaining $95 million immediately, instead of in monthly drawdowns, and to restructure its terms.” 

For Kaiser, the NOLs were the “consolation prize.”

The “true sustainability?” Government funds climate change research that supports the “catastrophic” messaging. Science and media willingly cooperate. Catastrophic reports provide the foundation for “green energy” investments that go to Obama—and other high-ranking Democrats—campaign donors. Investors get special favors—like the Solyndra taxpayer subordination—and come out on top. They, then, donate to the campaigns—getting their “friends” re-elected. The perpetual motion machine keeps running at the taxpayers’ expense—all to “evade political accountability.”

We know the story with Solyndra. Last week, A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy. Who knows what special deals they got? We won’t know before the election. There are 14 other stimulus-funded green-energy companies that have gone bankrupt—though the number could be higher. It will likely take years for the details of each deal to be exposed.

This is what happens when politics take precedence above all else. Obama’s economic model picks winners and losers and misallocates capital, while sticking it to the taxpayers.

Perhaps this is why Obama’s crony rich friends are willing to agree to higher taxes for millionaires and billionaires—they have their “tax attributes” in their NOLs (paid for by the average, middle-class taxpayer).
The Dems don’t have a hold on the ‘famous’
By: Diane Sori

Today’s Op-ed is quite different as I was asked by a local campaign office to please compose a list of notable Romney supporters for dissemination. So here is that list and some of the names might come as quite a surprise for while the left loves to tout all the famous so-called ‘Hollywood celebrities’ who support Obama, Mitt Romney has NOT only celebrities from the entertainment field who support him (not all Hollywood leans left contrary to what the Dems believe), but also respected ‘people of name’ from varied important fields.  All these people ‘BELIEVE IN AMERICA’ and believe that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan WILL turn our country around. 

And oh yes, the left tries to say that NO notable Blacks Americans support Romney...well how WRONG they are!

Below is a list of just some of them...

Famous Black Americans who support Mitt Romney: former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice...Supreme Court Justice Clarence Tea Party speakers Deneen Borelli, Marcus Lloyd, David Webb, Alfonzo Rachel, and Angela McGowan...Florida Congressman LTC Allen West...Former presidential candidate Herman Cain... Congressional candidate Mia Love...political commentators Thomas Sowell and Stacy Swimp...religious leaders Bishop EW Jackson, Bishop TD Jakes, Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Alveda King (Christian minister, conservative, pro-life activist, author and a niece of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and daughter of the late civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King)....Former Congressman and past Obama campaign manager Arthur Davis...NBA player Karl Malone...Former football star Lynn Swann...Boxing promoter Don King... actor and conservative Christian commentator and writer Joseph C. Phillips...actors Jimmie Walker and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson...Comedian Sheryl Underwood...Rappers LLCool J, 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj

And the list of some of the notables who support Romney/Ryan continues...

Former presidents George Bush and George W. Bush and their wives Barbara and Laura...Vice-President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynn...Vice-President Dan Quayle and his wife Marilyn...Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Former presidential and VP candidates Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Fred Thompson, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, and Michelle Bachmann

Former top running VP possibilities Senator Marco Rubio and NJ Governor Chris Christie

Former Virginia Governor and former Democrat Douglas Wilder

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton

Astronauts: Retired United States Navy Captain, former astronaut, and last man to walk on the Moon Eugene Cernan...Retired United States Navy Captain and former astronaut Robert Crippen...former astronaut Eric C. Anderson, former astronaut Scott Pace

Medal of Honor recipients: Retired United States Army Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr...Retired United States Marine Corps United States Captain John James McGinty, III...Retired United States Colonel Ola L. Mize...Retired United States Colonel Leo K. Thorsness

Former military leader Retired United States Lieutenant General Claudius E. Watts III

Famous Clergy: Evangelist Jerry Falwell, Jr., Rev. Billy Graham, Televangelist Robert Jeffress, and Televangelist Pat Robertson

Business giants: Lifelong Democrat and former CEO and President of Chrysler Lee Iacocca, Donald Trump chairman and president of The Trump Organization... Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard... Frank J. Bisignano, Chief administrative officer and head of mortgage banking of J.P. Morgan & Co... Kenneth Langone, Co-founder of The Home Depot, former Director of the New York Stock Exchange... John Catsimatidis, Owner, chairman, president and CEO of the Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods and chairman and CEO of the United Refining Company... James B. Lee, Jr., Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase... Scott McNealy, co-founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems...Rupert Murdoch, Founder of News Corporation, Fox Broadcasting Company & HarperCollins...Ross Perot, American billionare business magnate and former Independent party US Presidential candidate...John Schnatter, Owner, founder, and CEO of Papa John's Pizza... Charles R. Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the Charles Schwab Corporation...Jim Walton, son of Sam Walton a founder of Wal-Mart...Arthur Allen, CEO of ASG Software Solutions...Industrialists David and Charles Koch...Exxon CEO Rex investor L.E. Simmons...billionaire oil baron Harold Hammand, and many others too numerous to mention 

Writers: H.G. Bissinger, Niall Ferguson, Dean Koontz, and sports columnist for The Daily Beast, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Buzz Bissinger

Singers/Bands: former Democrat and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s frontman Johnny Van Zant... country stars Lane Turner, Trace Adkins, Kid Rock, Ronnie Milsap, Sam Moore, Lee Greenwood, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams Jr., John Rich, Collin Raye, Taylor Hicks, Jo Dee Messina, Sara Evans... Kelly Clarkson... Gretchen Wilson...Donny and Marie Osmond...guitarist Dave Navarro...Aerosmith's lead guitarist Joe Perry...Aerosmith’s rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford... Vandalls base player Joe Escalante, drummer Chad Sexton...rock vocalist Sammy Hagar...rocker Alice Cooper...Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine... Kiss’s Gene Simmons...punk rocker Dave Smalley...punk rocker Bobby Steele... Randy Owen from Alabama...Ted Nugent...Meat Loaf... Latin Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican Reggaeton recording artist Daddy Yankee...Avenged Sevenfold...Madison Rising...The Oak Ridge Boys...Lynyrd Skynyrd...Beach Boys...Styx...Rush...Zac Brown Band...3 Doors Down...songwriters Michale Graves and John Ondrasik

Actors: Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall, John Voight, Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Chuck Norris, Andy Garcia, Lindsay Dean Cain, James Caan, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Selleck, James Woods, Erik Estrada,  Lorenzo Lamas, Jon Cryer, Gerald McRaney, Jerry Bruckheimer, David Zucker, Joe Eszterhas, Powers Booth, Scott Biao, and John Ratzenberger, Vince Vaughn, Lindsay Lohan  Janine Turner, Patricia Heaton, Shawnee Smith, Victoria Jackson, Angie Harmon, Heidi Montag, Connie Stevens, Suzanne Summers, model/actress Cindy Crawford

Comedians: Dennis Miller, Drew Carey, Adam Sandler, Adam Carolla, Jeff Foxworthy, and Paul Rodriquez

Television and radio personalities: Pat Buchanan...Rachel Campos-Duffy...Ann Coulter...Monica Crowley...Elisabeth Hasselbeck...Robert Kagan..Robin Leach...Rush Limbaugh...Meghan McCain...Leah Messer...Heidi Montag...Wayne Allen Root...Mike Rowe...Michael Savage...Glenn Beck

Athletes: Baseball’s Dale Murphy...Basketball’s Greg Anthony, Bob Cousy, and Chris Dudley...Football’s John Elway, Brent Jones, Nick Mangold, and Burgess Owens....Golf’s Jack Nicklaus...and Ice skating/hockey’s Michael Eruzione, Andy Gabel, Dan Jansen, Derek Parra, Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton, and Kristi Yamaguchi

So as the left loves to spout off that nobody of importance supports Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan all I can say is...get your heads out of the kool-ade and start facing the reality that come November 6th America will be heading in a new direction...back to the way she was always intended to be...’One nation under God with liberty and justice for all’ because baby...the free ride is over!

Abandoned by our government

By: Diane Sori

FOX news reported this morning that there was a surveillance drone over Benghazi in the hours before and leading right up to the massacre of Ambassador Stevens and the others at our embassy.  And they reported that there was a military team of our people (including FBI) in Italy ready to come to Stevens' aid if need be, and that they could be there in less than an hour...only 'someone' told them it was a NO GO to help! 

That bast*rd Obama and ALL his minions knew for hours that there was going to be serious trouble at the embassy and they did NOTHING!!! 

Those 4 Americans did NOT have to die!!! 

BLOOD ON OBAMA'S HANDS...BLOOD ON HILLARY'S HANDS...BLOOD on the hands of the whole rotten bunch of them!!!