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For Our Son


Today I had the honor of meeting and being at a luncheon with the parents of Navy SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn. Aaron was one of the SEALS 'supposedly' killed by the Taliban after they took-down Osama bin Laden. 

This page, 'Forging the Heart of a Warrior' was made in his honor by his parents, Billy and Karen Vaughn.. I hope you will all go and visit the site even just briefly, for while the truth about Aaron's and the other SEAL's deaths is still shrouded in doubt this is a beautiful tribute for a son lost defending our freedom.


This is the companion non-profit site his parents have started to honor Aaron as they help the children of those killed in war:
Social media site bullies users, demands cash, deletes users who don't pay

Running a successful social media site requires a unique set of skills and a whole lot of cash. Many sites use traditional advertising or funds donated by users. But Scott Rohter of has apparently settled for a somewhat different technique. According to documents and emails obtained by Examiner on Friday, Rohter is now demanding users contribute financially or face possible banishment from the site. Some, including this writer, have already had their accounts deleted.
In May, for example, Florida blogger Diane Sori said she was deleted after a demand for money.

According to Sori, Rohter demanded she pay $100 to use the site and became extremely agitated and belligerent when she refused.

Initially, Rohter sent a message asking Sori to "pledge to contribute as much as you can afford to keep the site live."

"People who do not want to pay anything at all will not be allowed to free ride anymore," he added.

"I am not going to foot the bill for everyone any longer on my own."

"As one of the people who get the most benefit from this site I expect you to pay something," he declared.

When Sori refused, his tone changed for the worse.


Sori told Examiner she felt Rohter was trying to extort money from her to fund his site, but Rohter denied her allegations.

On Friday,'s Dean Chambers said Rohter told him that, "if you're going to be just a user I can delete your account." Chambers has since been banned from the site.

In January, Rohter told Examiner the site would remain free, although he said that at some point -- maybe in five years -- he would give users the option of "buying into the network for the small fee of setting up their own page."

"Those who do not opt to buy in, he said, may have to deal with some ads to help defray the cost of the site. Rohter said that unlike some, he is not motivated by money,” we reported.

But demands for money are not the only complaints leveled at the Oregon appliance repairman who, according to some reports, has a history of belligerence and unprofessionalism.

According to one account sent to Examiner, Rohter allegedly berated a woman for using a photo of her deceased husband as her profile picture.

"If your name is (redacted) then you obviously can use your name but you cant use a womans name with a mans pic PERIOD, (sic)" he reportedly wrote. "If you want to be part of a real place than please be real and understand the problems of a man using womens pics or a women masquerading as a man..even if you meant nothing by it. I am not going to get sued because of some stalker. I am the referee here and I think the reasons why I have this rule are perfectly obvious. (sic)"

Her account was deleted from the site a short time later. We attempted to reach the woman for comment, but did not receive a response.

One Facebook user told Examiner that Rohter wanted her to undo her current group and recreate it so he could post articles in it, claiming the number "666" showed up when he tried to perform a search.

The user said she "eventually unfriended him as he was messaging me and creeping me out."

"To this day," she said, "I have no clue where he got that number from!"

WePluribUS was initially set up to provide a conservative alternative to Facebook, but has never been able to match the Tea Party Community in membership.

At its peak, WePluribUS had just over 2,000 members, but Rohter deleted nearly half of those profiles earlier this year for various reasons. The site now has just over 1,300 users, far less than Tea Party Community, with over 125,000.

Veteran Artwork Dedication

Thanks to Gloria Schmidt for the beautiful artwork that she donated to honor POW's and MIA's. This is in the entrance of the WPB VAMC for all to see. Much gratitude to Gloria for her genuine love and concern for those who fought for our country!

And thank you Frank and Andrea Plescia for everything they do for our Veterans and POW's/MIA's.

Patriot Act Author Sensenbrenner: Collecting Phone Data 'Un-American'
By Bill Hoffman

Image: Patriot Act Author Sensenbrenner: Collecting Phone Data 'Un-American'
The original author of the Patriot Act says the government's "excessive" use of it to collect the phone records of millions of Verizon customers is an abuse of power.

"While I believe the Patriot Act appropriately balanced national security concerns and civil rights, I have always worried about potential abuses," Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican, said in a statement.

"Seizing phone records of millions of innocent people is excessive and un-American."

And in a scathing letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Sensenbrenner added: "These reports are deeply concerning and raise questions about whether our constitutional rights are secure. …

"How could the phone records of so many innocent Americans be relevant to an authorized investigation as required by the Act?"

Sensenbrenner's remarks came a day after London's Guardian newspaper revealed the National Security Agency had been collecting the records under a court order.

"This is a big deal, a really big deal," Sensenbrenner told Fox News, noting that the broad seizure of the call records was "never the intent" of the law.

He added that he may try to amend the Patriot Act before it expires in 2015 to prevent further alleged abuses.

Not all of Sensenbrenner's GOP colleagues agree with him.

Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican and chairman of the House intelligence committee, insisted the program has been already used to effectively stop a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a Georgia Republican, said the mining of phone records to assist in terrorism probes has been going on for seven years.

"Everyone should just calm down," Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said.

On Friday, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a nonprofit privacy advocate, asked Congress to launch a series of oversight hearings on whether the collection was legal.

The center said the domestic surveillance was "unrelated" to the government's scrutiny of foreign intelligence related to terrorism.

An order signed by a federal judge in April requires Verizon to deliver "on a daily basis" to the National Security Agency all information about all domestic and overseas calls, "including local telephone calls."

The judge also ordered Verizon not to go public with its handing over the records.

Friday afternoon, President Barack Obama defended the surveillance, saying that Congress has repeatedly authorized it.

I’ve complained ad nauseam about how government has screwed up the health sector, both because of spending programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and because of tax and regulatory distortions that have mutated the supposedly private insurance market into some bizarre form of pre-paid, all-you-can-eat healthcare.

These policies have created a third-party payer crisis. are a few tiny parts of our healthcare system where markets are allowed to operate and consumers are in charge of spending their own money, and in these areas – such as cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, and abortion – we find stable prices and rising quality.

But how do we move free market from isolated niches into the mainstream of the healthcare sector?

Well, it’s happening in small ways organically, largely because the current system has become an even bigger mess under Obamacare.

I’ve already cited the case of a North Carolina doctor who decided to use market-based pricing, and I’ve shared a very powerful video from Reason TV about  a hospital in Oklahoma that’s doing the same thing.

Now we have a free market revolution by a doctor in Maine.
Dr. Michael Ciampi took a step this spring that many of his fellow physicians would describe as radical. The family physician stopped accepting all forms of health insurance. In early 2013, Ciampi sent a letter to his patients informing them that he would no longer accept any kind of health coverage, both private and government-sponsored. Given that he was now asking patients to pay for his services out of pocket, he posted his prices on the practice’s website. …“It’s been almost unanimous that patients have expressed understanding at why I’m doing what I’m doing… the decision to do away with insurance allows Ciampi to practice medicine the way he sees fit, he said. Insurance companies no longer dictate how much he charges. He can offer discounts to patients struggling with their medical bills. He can make house calls. “I’m freed up to do what I think is right for the patients,” Ciampi said. “If I’m providing them a service that they value, they can pay me, and we cut the insurance out as the middleman and cut out a lot of the expense.”
His expenses have come down, and consumers benefit from much lower prices.
Ciampi expects his practice to perform just as well financially, if not better, than before he ditched insurance. The new approach will likely attract new patients…because Ciampi has slashed his prices. “I’ve been able to cut my prices in half because my overhead will be so much less,” he said. Before, Ciampi charged $160 for an office visit with an existing patient facing one or more complicated health problems. Now, he charges $75. Patients with an earache or strep throat can spend $300 at their local hospital emergency room, or promptly get an appointment at his office and pay $50, he said. Ciampi collects payment at the end of the visit, freeing him of the time and costs associated with sending bills, he said. …“If more doctors were able to do this, that would be real health care reform,” he said. “That’s when we’d see the cost of medicine truly go down.”
I have no idea if all medical costs would fall by 50 percent in a market-based system, but even if the system-wide savings were only half that much, that would be an enormous benefit to the economy.

In other words, it would be great to repeal Obamacare, but fixing the healthcare system requires far more sweeping reform.

We’ve tried everything else, and all these other options have failed. Maybe it’s time to give the free market a chance.

Lost amidst the White House he-said-she-said of finger pointing, scandal, incompetence, venality, hubris, vanity, error, greed, gluttony, embarrassment, cover up, stupidity,  amateur bungling, brownnosing, grandstanding, photo-opting and hearings as the result of a few minor mistakes made by the Obama administration- an administration which rode roughshod over a several outdated laws, certain small parts of the Bill of Rights written by irrelevant white dudes; an administration that got people killed, violated civil rights, harassed government employees, ignored it’s basic responsibilities and common sense- are these small, little, niggling details: The folks in charge are freaking hypocrites; and because the are hypocrites they have nothing to offer the American people.

Nothing as in Zero (0).

Their ideas don’t work, and all they stand for is some vague notion of fairness and equity, with themselves as judge over what’s fair and what’s not.  Even in that they fail.

As demonstrated recently, their notions of fairness and equity are worrisome.  They want to win politically, by fair means or foul. That’s their only idea of fairness.

Let’s get that straight right now:  Neither the Democrat Party, nor the Republican Party (or the Libertarians or the Party According to St. Ron Paul), occupies some morally superior position either by virtue of ideology, philosophy or through the grace of God.

Political parties, units of government, corporations, non-profits, churches or GBLT parade groups are not bestowed with moral qualities.

Only people are moral beings. Institutions, including the corporations known as presidential administrations, are amoral. 

They all do whatever they can do to survive.

I was struck by this as I was reading a Chicago Tribune editorial-board editorial that was less-than-supportive of the administration’s explanations about the triptych of scandals now besieging the White House.

“At each of these turns,” writes the Tribune, “the Obama administration has looked manipulative, defensive and peevish. In one sense those aren't startling reactions; they're vulnerabilities for any White House that, like this one, wants an image of moral righteousness, honesty and transparency.”

I know, I know: You’re laughing too that anyone, even the Chicago Tribune editorial board, could take seriously an Obama administration “that wants an image of moral righteousness, honesty and transparency.”

But the administration does want to project that image. Obama was re-elected not because he was effective as the executive head of government, but because the American people long for leaders who offer them moral righteousness.

The American people will overlook incompetence for the ability to live daringly, greatly and righteously.  

Obama, indisputably offers righteousness. It’s wrong-headed and self-righteous rather than virtuous, but a sucker is born every minute. In today's America maybe even more than one a minute.

That desire to live a “right” life, however, is also the most important vulnerability to the advance of the liberal-progressive ideology.

Liberals, as president Obama reminded newly-minted Ohio State graduates last week, believe in a government serving the greater good through a slew of mechanisms, makeshifts and management run by Washington, D.C.

But if anything has been shown through the he-said-she-said of finger pointing, scandal, incompetence, venality, hubris, vanity and error is that when government and politics gets involved you can expect the he-said-she-said of finger pointing, scandal, incompetence, venality, hubris, vanity and error, regardless of which party is in charge, which federal agency is standing in judgment or what greater good they are trying to serve.

And that’s the essence of the smaller government argument, which, thankfully, president Obama has so artfully framed, even though he didn’t mean to.

Obama and the Democrats want to bind us into a moral community of righteousness where no child is left behind, insurance premiums react to any papal edict, the men are good looking and the women are always strong. 

But to this task they have only a blunt object to do the job. 

Moral communities are created only by people, not by governments operating with blunt force.

Governments are remembered mostly for their mistakes and people are remembered mostly for their accomplishments.

And there is a reason why it is so.

Americans will no doubt ponder that, when we follow our duty to give it expression.

How to bypass NSA's data mining

Saying so long to telephone, other snooping by the feds

Bob Unruh / WND

telephone20 Tired of the National Security Agency collecting your personal details? There’s an app for that.
In light of reports that the U.S. government has gained direct access to the systems operating Google, Facebook and Apple, the fact the National Security Agency is mining billions of Verizon telephone records for details, and God only knows what those pesky new drones are doing, advice on how to beat Big Brother is starting to appear.
Political reporter Alex Pappas at the Daily Caller cited a product that has been released by developers in South Africa.

The product called Seecrypt is purportedly able to block the connections that otherwise would allow the NSA to look at your phone records and find out the details of your calls.

“For the app to work, both people wanting to text or call each other must have the application,” the report said. “But when the application is used, the phone company will not know the identity or phone number of the other person on the line. It will only know that the caller used Seecrypt.”

“Creating a scalable encrypted voice-over-data application that can operate with minimal latency anywhere in the world is not easy,” said Normay Walters, co-founder of the company. “Seecrypt met and surpassed this challenge by using a set of proprietary protocols and a carrier grade back-end infrastructure that operates on a privately controlled and globally deployed network.”

The news about the U.S. government’s intrusion into the privacy of citizens just keeps surging. Most recently, there are reports that the NSA and FBI simply are tapping into the central services of nine leading Internet companies to gain access to audio, video, texts, emails and documents.

The Washington Post reported the government was working directly from servers for Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo.

So distressing are the revelations about the massive attack on privacy that left-leaning pundits are abandoning Barack Obama and analysts are saying his second-term agenda is dead in the water because of the developments.

But is there anything else that can help besides an app?

The authors at have some advice.

“There are ways to keep your correspondence off the grid,” they advise.

It could have been expected. The lawsuits already are appearing over Obama’s snooping program.

For example, for telephone communications, get a throw-away phone, they said.

“Clearly you can’t use your own phone, given that the government already is compiling metadata on who you call and how often. To limit the chance of being spied upon while making calls on the go you need to invest in a ‘burner’ phone (so named because such phones are used for a brief period of time, then tossed away like stale pizza).”

Want to know how and why America has so rapidly come to resemble the totalitarian society described by novelist George Orwell in “1984,” one characterized by universal surveillance? It’s all exposed in a special issue of Whistleblower magazine – titled “ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE: Big Brother is watching in ways Orwell never dreamed.”

The report by Robert Baldwin said even better, buy a disposable phone with cash.

“Of course, the person you’re calling also needs a burner phone. What’s the point of using an anonymous phone if the person you’re calling is still using their potentially tapped personal phone?”

For email, the report recommends Tor.

This is not the burly guy with the big hammer in the movies; it’s a “free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy.”

Wired reported, “Tor was developed by the U.S. Navy to help protect government communications.

The service creates a network of virtual tunnels that ISPs and other more nefarious organizations can’t track. Just download the Tor browser and start emailing.”

Another word of caution, “Don’t open any documents, enable any Flash or Quicktime files, or enable or install any browser plugins while using Tor.”

For instant messaging?

“Google, AIM, Yahoo and Skype may do a good job securing your chats, but when the NSA comes to the door with a warrant, all your communications are available for scrutiny. Instead of letting Big Brother read all your LOLs, OMGs, and WTFs, you need to start using OTR (off the record) messaging. Such messages are encrypted so they can’t actually be read if they’re intercepted or pulled with a subpoena.”

Recommended was the OTR messaging site.

“Yeah, you might need a degree in computer science to get up and running, but if private IMs are important to you, you won’t mind …”

In person confidentiality a concern? The recommendation is to bathe a location in white noise, like from running water.

Obama Administration claiming that U.S. email spying foiled NY jihad plot, when it was foiled by monitoring of known al-Qaeda email address

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

"On Friday, CBS News correspondent John Miller, a former U.S. intelligence and FBI official, reported that U.S. authorities had discovered the Zazi plot after running across an email sent to a rarely used al Qaeda address that was associated with a notorious bomb-maker based in Pakistan." So in other words, the plot was foiled by the monitoring of a known al-Qaeda email address, not by the wholesale spying on Americans that this increasingly totalitarian Administration is now trying to justify.

"U.S. Internet spying foiled plot to attack NY subways - sources," by Mark Hosenball for Reuters, June 8 (thanks to Benedict):
(Reuters) - A secret U.S. intelligence program to collect emails that is at the heart of an uproar over government surveillance helped foil an Islamist militant plot to bomb the New York City subway system in 2009, U.S. government sources said on Friday. 
The sources said Representative Mike Rogers, chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, was talking about a plot hatched by Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan-born U.S. resident, when he said on Thursday that such surveillance had helped thwart a significant terrorist plot in recent years.
President Barack Obama's administration is facing controversy after revelations of details of massive programs run by the National Security Agency for collecting information from telephone and Internet companies.
The surveillance program that halted the Zazi plot was one that collected email data on foreign intelligence suspects, a U.S. government source said.
The Washington Post and Britain's Guardian newspaper on Thursday published top-secret information from inside NSA that described how the agency gathered masses of email data from prominent Internet firms, including Google, Facebook and Apple under the PRISM program. Some of the companies denied that the NSA and FBI had "direct access" to their central servers.
On Friday, CBS News correspondent John Miller, a former U.S. intelligence and FBI official, reported that U.S. authorities had discovered the Zazi plot after running across an email sent to a rarely used al Qaeda address that was associated with a notorious bomb-maker based in Pakistan.
Miller said authorities traced the sender of the email to a suburb of Denver. At the time of Zazi's arrest, U.S. authorities revealed that he had been tracked from Denver to New York, where, after a brief interlude during which U.S. investigators lost track of him, he was arrested by the FBI.
In February 2010, Zazi pleaded guilty in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, to charges that included conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and providing material support to terrorists.

The Sinister Truth About Obama And Islam

by / Personal Liberty Digest

The Sinister Truth About Obama And Islam
“Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation…” -Barack Obama

Who is President Barack Obama and what does he want? That he is an enigma is indisputable.

The ultra-Left continues to see him as a transformative figure that will remake America. His critics agree that Obama wants to change America, but not for the better. I decided to find out by reading half a dozen books and taking notes over the past few months.

The three books that are most compelling in their explanations of Obama are:
• Richard Minter, Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide For Him.
• Edward Klein, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.
• Bob Woodward, Obama Wars.
Minter’s credits include writing for The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and even the left-leaning Newsweek. Klein was a former editor for Newsweek. And the venerable Woodward was a key player that revealed Watergate when he was famously reporting for The Washington Post and has been considered to be the political assassin of President Richard Nixon.

These books contend Obama is a loner with few or no friends, has a messiah complex and an unequalled ego. They state that beyond his troika – wife and First Lady Michelle Obama, Senior Advisor to the President Valarie Jarrett and Attorney General Eric H. Holder – Obama listens to nobody. More damning is both Minter and Klein contend that the President and his gang of three are sympatico; that their African-American heritage has made them and all blacks victims of the white establishment and that they must change the United States with the redistribution of wealth, the Constitution be damned.

In Leading From Behind, Minter writes:
(In college Obama had) a passion for civil rights, social justice, and radical politics… (He) was developing a radical resume. He audited a class at Columbia University taught by famed writer and Palestinian activist Edward Said, spoke at protests at Harvard Law School, attended a church where the radical Israel sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright echoed off the walls.
Is Obama a Muslim in Christian Clothing?

No one can forget the Reverend Wright and his “Goddamn the United States!” outburst from the pulpit. But according to Klein, it wasn’t Wright who corrupted young Obama. It was Obama who used Wright by cultivating a relationship for his own political gain, namely to cover his Islamic beliefs.

I can already see a wave of hate comments from of our liberal readers so I am going to fully cite my reference from his book where Klein interviewed almost 200 people that have personally known the President, including Rev. Wright.*

Below and verbatim is from page 40 of The Amateur. It is Klein’s interview with Wright, the man Obama once said was, “like my father”:
“After Barack and I got to know each other, it got to the point where we would just drop by my church to talk,” Wright said. “And the talk gradually moved away from his community-organizing concerns — street cleaning, housing, child care, and those kinds of needs — to larger things, more personal things. Like trying to make sense of the world. Like trying to make sense out of the diverse racial and religious background from which he came. He was confused. He wanted to know who he was.
“And I told him, ‘Well, you already know the Muslim piece of your background.’”
Wright continued. “You studied Islam, didn’t you? And Barack said, ‘Yeah, Rev, I studied Islam. But it helped me understand Christianity, because I already know Islam.’
And I said, ‘Well, let’s start from the beginning. Who do you say Jesus is? Let’s boil it down to the basics.”
“Did you convert Obama from Islam to Christianity?” I asked Wright. “That’s hard to tell,” Wright replied. “I think I convinced him that it is okay for him to make a choice in terms of who he believed Jesus is. And I told him it was really okay and not a putdown of the Muslim part of his family or his Muslim friends.”
This interview was not conducted by a conservative. These are not the words from a book by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or the soon-to-be-a-retired-Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Klein is a seasoned newsman who freely admits that, like most of his colleagues in the media, he was first blinded by the celebrity aura that is the substance of Barack Obama. Nevertheless, linking the President to Islam is a serious charge. Yet others see some truth in it.

It was reported last week that Virginia Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor E.W. Jackson wrote in a 2010 blog that Obama has “Muslim sensibilities” and a “Muslim perspective” to view the world. He added that Obama has taken an anti-Semitic approach to the White House that he “picked up from the black community.”

What exactly are the President’s thoughts on Islam? In his own words:
• “We will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities.”
• “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.” (This must be a different Islam than the one that blows people up in Boston and cuts off soldier’s heads in London.)
• “As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.” (Again, a different Islam, because in the past 20 years I have seen little evidence that the Muslim faith cares about non-believers dignity or wants peace.)
Trust me Mr. President, few care about what you did for Islam when you were a young man. What we do care a great deal about — especially given we have been fighting a decades long war against Islamic extremists — is what your plans are now. What now appears certain is that you do not want to hurt Muslim sensitivities regardless of what terror they unleash on Christian Americans.

Obama refuses to use the words “extremist Muslims” or “Muslim Jihadists.” In 2009, Obama said it was “workplace violence” (I thought that was when you kicked over the water-cooler at the office) when Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter and follower of al-Qaida, shot and killed 13 military personnel while screaming “allahu akbar” (god is great).

It is ridiculous, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News in April, that the President refuses to use the words “jihadist” and “Islamist” to describe the threat.

Krauthammer added: “I say I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I sure know what he’s saying and doing. The lengths to which he will go to avoid telling us the truth about the enemy is becoming comical and certainly embarrassing… (Obama) refuses to use any words that might imply a connection between radical Islam and terrorism, which anybody who is over the age of 9 knows is the single greatest cause of terror in the world today.”

Every Hitler Needs A Himmler

Maybe you want the President to be politically correct. That is your business. What you should not want, and what you should fear, is that Obama has a pro-Muslim agenda before his term ends and is instructing Attorney General Eric Holder and his lieutenants to illegally enforce it… praise be to Allah!

United States attorney in Tennessee Bill Killian has promised to use Federal civil rights statutes to stop offensive and inflammatory speech about Islam.

Last week the Tullahoma News quoted Killian: “We need to educate people about Muslims and their civil rights, and as long as we’re here, they’re going to be protected,” Killian told the newspaper.
Killian, along with the FBI special agent that runs the Knoxville office, is meeting with the local Muslim community to inform them about their rights under Obama law.

Excuse me, but what the hell? What about our rights as Americans? What about the First Amendment? This gets to the core of why Obama can hopefully be impeached and why Holder should be fired immediately. If not, writers for Personal Liberty Digest™ and readers like you who write comments will have to watch what we say about the poor Muslims in our country; members of a religion that the President seems hell-bent on protecting.

Yours in good times and bad,

Syria…bad guys vs. badder guys and soon to be our war
By: Diane Sori

Well it seems like Barack HUSSEIN Obama has screwed our country yet again as it appears he’s getting or already gotten us directly involved in the Syrian civil war…a war we have NO business being in as both sides in this conflict are NOT what you’d call angels…for in the Syrian conflict there are NO good vs. bad guys…there’s only bad guys vs very bad guys.

And the bad guys are Bashar al-Assad’s government forces, who while secular for the most part (and who Christians were relatively safe living under), have been accused of gassing their own people vs. maybe even badder guys, the so-called rebel opposition…rebel insurgent terrorists…composed for the most part of islamic jihadists...cowards who won't show their faces who have direct ties to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, including Obama favorite, the Muslim Brotherhood.

And as (bad guy) Putin supplies Syria with weapons and (badder guy) Ahmadinejad sends Revolutionary Guards to advise and shore up al-Assad’s forces, our very own personal bad guy…our miserable excuse of a president..has taken it upon himself to put us smack dab in the middle of a place ‘We the People’ don’t want to be for he’s decided all on his own that Bashar al-Assad must go, because he says al-Assad has lost all legitimacy and that his overthrow will happen in just a matter of time anyway.

Hmmm…Obama says al-Assad has lost all legitimacy and must go…how about if he looks in a mirror and sees his scandal laden self losing all legitimacy here in our own country…maybe Obama needs to tell himself to go.

But I digress…

So now our ‘leading from behind president’ has decided to put our country in a position where we’re going to aid the very (badder guy) terrorists whose ultimate goal it is to kill us all, for Barack HUSSEIN Obama is ‘considering ‘giving’ these al-Qaeda backed rebel insurgent terrorists communication equipment, armor, night-vision goggles, and vehicles to aid in their battle against (bad guy) al-Assad’s government forces.

And that sentiment comes from Caitlin Hayden, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council.

Obama is also considering ‘giving’ the (badder guy) rebel insurgent terrorists guns and other weapons. I guess this is what he meant when he said that we’d only give ‘humanitarian aid’ to the Syrian people…just like the F-16s and Abrams tanks we ‘give’ to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, an Obama claimed ‘humanitarian aid’ package.

Obama is ‘considering giving the (badder guy) rebel insurgent terrorists…’consider giving’…those words in and of themselves would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious for Barack HUSSEIN Obama has already been (in my opinion) illegally shipping weapons from Libya to the rebel insurgent terrorists in Syria all along…arming them as in Benghazi…Benghazi…all about that very weapons running operation gone horribly wrong.

Obama is considering arming the rebel insurgents by ‘giving’ them weapons with the key words being ‘giving them’ as in NO payment for said weapons is needed. Barack HUSSEIN Obama is ‘giving’ weapons away to those out to kill us while making Israel (our ally) pay for any weapons coming from us…as in ‘giving’ the rebel insurgent terrorists expensive weapons while our county is on the verge of economic collapse…as in we have NO money for added security for our embassies or money to upgrade their existing weapons, but we can ‘give’ away high ticket-price weapons to our enemies…and both the Syrian bad guys and the Syrian badder guys are our enemies.

And the kicker in all this is that in just a few weeks a joint US-Jordanian “Eager Lion 2013” military exercise is due to begin and last two months. And with the arrival of the US force in Jordan NOT directly related to regular scheduled exercises but decided upon at an emergency May 31st meeting at the Pentagon…a meeting attended by top military brass and civilian Defense Department officials…officials including rebel insurgent terrorist sympathizer Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

So with Jordan sharing a border with Syria and being the point of arrival for thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees, just a few days ago a large American military force disembarked at the southern Jordanian port of Aqaba..a military force ready for deployment on Jordan’s Syrian border…a military force who came equipped with F-16 fighters and Patriot missiles.

And that folks ain’t NO standard military exercise…that reeks of us on the verge of getting involved…deeply involved.

Obama originally claimed that we would NOT get involved in Syria’s civil war unless it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that WMDs were used. Well there has been NO definitive proof and yet Barack HUSSEIN Obama is determined to involve us…determined to fight the rebel insurgent terrorists battles for them…determined for American blood to again be shed…determined to side once again with his islamic brethren.

Oh we’re involved in Syria alright and Americans will once again die in a foreign land as Barack HUSSEIN Obama takes our country into hell for the Syrian fire he helps flame might just set the entire Middle East ablaze.