Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Amazon is found selling jihad recruitment material and bomb-making manual on next day delivery


Amazon bans use of its AmazonSmile charitable program to charities that aren’t leftist. Its CEO, Jeff Bezos, has contributed millions to leftist causes. And so it’s no surprise that this material would be sold by Amazon. The left consistently downplays and denies the reality of the global jihad, and echoes the jihadis’ claim that they’re just reacting to the supposed atrocities of the United States, Israel, and others. And so why shouldn’t Amazon sell this material? It’s consistent with Bezos’ world view, that the U.S. and the West is the real source of evil in the modern world. This is how far the left has degenerated.

“EXCLUSIVE: MPs demand police investigation after Amazon is found selling jihadi recruitment material and bomb-making manual on next day delivery,” by Jake Wallis Simons, DailyMail.com, May 23, 2018

Read entire article here: https://gellerreport.com/2018/05/amazon-jihad-bomb.html/

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Developing now, Tuesday, May 29, 2018
  • The U.S. reportedly held off on slapping new sanctions on North Korea as negotiations for a still-possible summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un continue
  • Gaza militants fire more than 25 mortar shells toward communities in southern Israel, the Israeli military says, in apparently the largest single barrage since the 2014 Israel-Hamas war
  • A South Carolina news anchor and photographer were killed while reporting on Subtropical Storm Alberto in North Carolina
  • It was bloody Memorial Day weekend in Chicago as at least eight people were killed and 30 were wounded in shootings across the city
  • Starbucks will close more than 8,000 company-owned stores across the U.S. Tuesday afternoon for employees to undergo 'racial bias training'
  • A Utah man released from a Venezuela jail after two years of captivity receives a warm welcome in his home state Monday night

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An Interesting Past Few Months Indeed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

What a past few months it has been for both our country and our president as together domestic and foreign policy affairs have taken center stage...sometimes even overlapping each other on the same day.

Briefly, on the domestic front our economy continues to thrive under President Trump's leadership as jobs numbers are the best they've been since the year 2000, especially with the unemployment rate hitting a low of 3.9% as the jobs market becomes even more competitive then it ever was during the Obama years...a very good thing indeed. And American companies based overseas are finally returning home with once overburdening regulations now being lifted; wages are increasing across the board with folks now seeing more monies in their weekly paychecks thanks to Trump's new 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017'; and most importantly of all folks are not just saving their monies earned but they are spending again...putting capital back into the economy...fueling it ever upward reaching numbers unseen in years.

And lest we forget that last week President Trump signed a bipartisan bill that “rewrites”... as in dismantles...parts of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, Obama's disastrous financial regulation overhaul enacted, he claimed, in response to the 2008 financial crisis. This newly signed bill will now exempt dozens of our nation's smaller banks from both “overly aggressive” strict federal regulations and Federal Reserve oversight....another very good thing for both the economy and we taxpayers as it helps aid smaller banks and credit unions in expanding the types of mortgages they can offer, so critical in our country's more rural and less cosmopolitan areas.

Such positive changes our economy has seen in just the short year and a half Donald Trump has been president for America now has at its helm a man...a commander-in-chief...who truly understands how business works...as in the “business of government”...with that understanding going way beyond simple Economics 101.

On the foreign affairs front...a front that has so dominated the news...President Trump let the whole world know that America's bond with Israel is stronger than ever before as he threw all condemnation to the wayside and moved our United States Embassy to Jerusalem, thus officially now recognizing the "Holy City" as the today, tomorrow, and forever undivided capital of the Jewish State...and other sovereign nations are following suit. And Trump is also seriously considering recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory... territory it rightfully captured 51-years ago during the Arab-started, six day Yom Kippur War. According to Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz, "American recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan is the best answer to Iran's attempts to establish a military front against Israel." And how very right Yisrael Katz is for no nation needs the proverbial wolf sitting at its door.

And speaking of Iran, let's dare not forget that President Trump pulled us out of Obama's very bad nuclear deal...a deal that saw the enemy being emboldened by a former president truly not on America's side. Rightfully telling the world that Iran breached the deal time and time again... and that even their entering into the said deal was based upon a lie...what President Trump actually did was show our 'supposed' allies who not only is the boss but who is calling the shots. And these 'supposed' allies...Great Britain, France, and Germany...proved themselves to be anything but as they chose to show the world that they are standing strong not with America but with America's...and of course Israel's...enemy Iran.

Saying that they will remain in this farce of a nuclear deal, know this will be remembered by President Trump when these once allies come crying to us...in the very near future I might add...that the still ongoing and seemingly never ending muslim invasion of Europe has gotten out of hand. You know what...too damn bad for the days of stabbing the United States...let alone Israel...in the back are now over.

And also on the foreign affairs front...in fact dominating the current news cycle I might add...is everything North Korea. The Hermit Kingdom as it's commonly known, North Korea is not a kingdom but a brutal dictatorial regime run by a mad man-child of sorts...a mad man-child not unlike a whimpering "snowflake” hyped up on liberal propaganda times ten. But this very dangerous “snowflake” has nukes ready to lift off with just the push of a button that rests in one of his hands all while he tries to fool the world into believing that he'll give them all up for the salvaging of his country's economy. Simply he won't...it cannot be said any plainer than that.

And President Trump knows this well with his mastery of the “art of the deal” now coming into play. And while some world leaders have been fooled into believing this pathological liar wants nothing but peace, its they who have closed their eyes to the fact that Kim Jong-un is actually in partnership with Iran...as in Iran supplies North Korea with long range ballistic missiles needed to deliver their nuclear payload, and Iran gets enriched uranium stamped 'Made in North Korea' in return.

In fact, as per a learned team of multi-national weapons researchers who very closely monitor both Iranian state television and satellite imagery, Iran is and always has continued to operate a secret missile research facility which goes directly against terms of the nuclear deal they a bit to eagerly agreed to abide by. And with experts like Michael Elleman, a missile expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, now believing this facility to be involved in long-range missile technology with a specific focus on advanced rocket engines and rocket fuel, the facility in question actually appears in imagery to be built to house larger type missiles...ICBM missiles most likely...something North Korea so desperately needs as their missiles keep blowing up or missing their test targets completely.

And know that my above said presumed “trade” has in most probability already been completed...to some degree at least...so there would be no reason not for Kim Jong-un to extend his hand in supposed friendship...what has he got to lose. Feigning wanting to bring the two Korea's together as one, feigning wanting to come to the negotiating table with President Trump, the mad man-child is playing to the cameras alone for what is Kim Jong-un but a “bad actor” trying to both steal the lead and directorship of what in reality is a Donald J. Trump written, orchestrated, and directed play.

How so...it all started in 2017 when North Korea tested more than a dozen missiles setting off a very heated exchange between President Trump and Kim Jong-un whom he loved to call “Little Rocket Man.” Culminating last November when North Korea claimed it had in its possession a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could now reach the entirety of the continental U.S., suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the North basically invited itself to the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Seoul, South Korea. And then this past March, just a few months ago, a ten-strong delegation from Seoul...a delegation led by South Korea's National Security Office head Chung Eui-yong...visited Pyongyang where it was publicly stating that Kim Jong-un was willing to discuss the fate of his nuclear arsenal with the United States as well as expressing a readiness to suspend both nuclear and missile tests during such talks...with fingers most likely crossed behind their backs as, I believe, North Korea already had all they needed to carry out such an attack.

Then on March 9th, President Trump decided to not just play the game but to own the game outright as well as he accepted the “Little Rocket Man's” now formal invitation to meet. And while at the end of the month Kim Jong-un made an unannounced visit to Beijing where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in an attempt to strengthen what he saw as his leverage ahead of negotiations with Trump, whatever was worked out with President Xi has not served Kim Jong-un well in the long run as China remains more than a bit concerned about any shift in the balance of power on the Korean peninsula.

And while this past Easter Sunday new but then still unconfirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met secretly with Kim Jong-un in North Korea, where after the meeting he said, "a good relationship was formed" heading into the highly anticipated what came to be known as the NOKO Summit. And while just days later North Korea announced that it had suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests with plans in the works to close its nuclear test site as part of a shift in its national focus to improving the North's failing economy, a red flag of sorts was raised...a red flag it seems few paid attention to as no all-important timetable for said plans to be carried out was even remotely alluded to. But the “Little Rocket Man” played the game well for on May 9th now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an unannounced one-day trip to Pyongyang to prepare for the planned NOKO Summit, and to everyone's surprise returned home with the three American hostages North Korea had held.

So with Kim Jong-un's successful nothing but a publicity stunt, hopes were high that a summit would truly take place, and on May 10th President Trump announced he would meet with Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12th. And while Trump tweeted that, "We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!"...his and the world's hopes for peace proved to be a bit short lived for just last week President Trump rightfully called off the planned NOKO summit...called it off because of “tremendous anger” and “escalating frustration and newly antagonistic rhetoric” displayed by the North over comments made by Trump aides regarding U.S. expectations for North Korea's required "denuclearization." Calling said cancellation a "tremendous setback" for peace, Trump also let it be known that the U.S. military is ready and more than able to respond to any and all "foolish or reckless acts" by the North.

But know that President Trump is one very smart man who with his cancellation actually checkmated, if you will, the “Little Rocket Man.” Thinking he had the upper hand what with his believing that China was on his side, Kim Jong-un never expected Trump to pull out. Thinking “saving face” alone would assure that Trump attended the summit no matter any of North Korean actions taken, Kim Jong-un could not see that he had all along been played by Donald Trump...played to such a degree that Trump pushed him into a corner where he, not the U.S., was held responsible for the collapse of the NOKO Summit.

So where do we stand now as I write this article what with Trump's cleverly manipulated flip-flopping having already taken place...a flip-flop that was really crafted diplomacy at its very best...coupled with it being an unprecedented negotiating tactic in action. What we do know is that last Friday, President Trump “welcomed” North Korea's as expected response to hopefully still meet even after his abrupt public withdrawal from the NOKO Summit, as well as to the official withdrawal letter he himself wrote. Followed in less than a day with Trump saying that, "we're talking to them now," there is a strong possibility that the summit could still take place on the original June 12th date, but know it will take place on Trump's terms not on Kim Jong-un's.

But most importantly of all is that President Trump surely let the world know that while "Everybody plays games," not everybody controls those games as well as he does nor does any country have a leader with the needed leverage, strength, and courage to do what he did...as in simply to walk away.

So when all is said and done it truly has been an interesting few months both for our country and for President Trump with promises of even more interesting happenings to come. Some of those happenings will be good of course and some as to be expected not so much, but whatever happens know that in President Donald J. Trump once again America has a strong man at the helm...a man not unlike our beloved Ronald Reagan...a man who not only leads from “the front” but who puts America first not last. And what a welcome change that is.

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Today, Tuesday, May 29th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'An Interesting Past Few Months Indeed'; 'Respect For the Law and Those Who Enforce It'; and important news of the day.

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