Thursday, December 17, 2015

While the country has been fixated on Donald Trump's tormenting his Republican primary opponents and deeply concerned about the government's efforts to identify any confederates in the San Bernardino, California, killings, a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents continues to examine Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state in order to determine whether she committed any crimes and, if so, whether there is sufficient evidence to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

What began as an innocent Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, a D.C.-based public advocacy group promoting transparency in the executive branch, has now become a full criminal investigation, with Clinton as the likely target.

The basic facts are well-known, but the revealed nuances are important, as well. When the State Department responded to the Judicial Watch FOIA request by telling Judicial Watch that it had no emails from Clinton, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit. When the State Department made the same representation to the court -- as incredible as it seemed at the time -- the judge accepted that representation, and the case was dismissed.

Then The New York Times revealed that Clinton used a private email server instead of the government's server for all of her work-related and personal emails during her four years as secretary of state. After that, the Judicial Watch FOIA case was reinstated, and then the judge in the case demanded of State that it produce Clinton's emails.

Obama Administration nixed probe into Southern California jihadists
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Obama Administration nixed probe into Southern California jihadists
How many more people have to die before these politically correct policies are abandoned? “Administration nixed probe into Southern California jihadists,” by Philip Haney, The Hill, December 16, 2015: There are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies whose mission is […]
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Obama Administration nixed probe into Southern California jihadists

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

How is this not impeachable? When did foreign terrorists get civil rights?

Dr. Andrew Bostom writes, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower Philip Haney made a startling series of revelations Thursday evening (12/10/15) on Fox News’ The Kelly File. Haney described how he began investigating scores of individuals with links to the traditionalist Islamic Indo-Pakistani Deobandi movement, and its related offshoots, prominently, Tablighi Jamaat.

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“Administration nixed probe into Southern California jihadists,” By Philip Haney, The Hill, December 15, 2015
There are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies whose mission is...
Investigative Report
Obama's Deal With the Devil...Part 3 of 3
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Patriots Broadcasting Network /

In Part 1of our Investigative Report: 'Obama's Deal With the Devil' we presented why we believe Obama gave the speech he did and why the San Bernardino police are acting after the fact in a way they should have acted before the fact. In Part 2 of 'Obama's Deal With the Devil' we disclosed who Obama really is and why things are unfolding as they are including outing those who are not what they seem to be. And now Part 3...

On Monday, Barack HUSSEIN Obama spoke at the Pentagon to tout what he wants us to believe are successes in the fight against ISIS in Syria. “As we squeeze its heart, we'll make it harder for ISIL to pump out its terror and propaganda”...and note his once again 'ISIL' shout-out to the Levant.

And while Obama tried to sound reassuring, it was more apparent that he is desperate. He is desperate to regain that which he has lost...his hold over the forces of islam...a hold which existed only in his own arrogance as he was never the one calling the shots, but was the one who all along has been bowing to the demands of 7th century barbarians.

Obama bragged about a “record number” of bombs being dropped over Syria in November, but absent from his empty rhetoric were any 'kill statistics'...verifiable or otherwise...because obviously there have been scarcely any 'kills' to speak of. What Obama is attempting to do, in our opinion, is placate the islamist dogs with his own brand of propaganda.

We also believe that what happened just two weeks ago in San Bernardino was more than just a shot over Obama’s bow by ISIS, and more than likely a precursor to what comes next now that any perceived deal with that particular 'devil' has ended.

Syria, we believe, was the last straw as far as ISIS and the devils of islam are concerned. The promise we now believe Obama made to his “religion of peace” was that they would have their own nation-state...a base of operations with an islamist government replete with sharia law...and it was to have been Egypt. That promise collapsed as the Egyptian people threw Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohamed Morsi from power and replaced him with a secular government under the control of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

From that point on, Obama has tried to reconnect with the forces of islam by supplying them with arms, intel, our military in when exactly we would be leaving the theaters of war...and with promises to take their so-called 'refugees' into our country to walk our streets without our ever being able to properly vet them.

As Obama felt his deal...a deal where he would support islam’s barbarians every and any way he possibly could (including trying to place blame for such attacks elsewhere) and in return islam would keep their barbarism 'over there' and not let their pre-planned attacks occur 'here' on American soil...Obama tried to hedge his bet with another that has paved the way for a nuclear armed Iran. Why else would he, against any sense of logic, endeavor to give the world’s most feared weapon to a rogue, terrorist-sponsoring state like Iran if not to attempt to send a message to ISIS and its ilk that if they weren’t grateful for all he, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, had done for them...perhaps someone else would be more grateful.

No doubt, playing both ends of islam against the middle was not to the liking of ISIS, and we believe that the attempt to oust Syria's President Bashar al-Assad was to have been Obama’s 'make good' for having not propped up Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. But with Obama’s failure to stop Putin from engaging Russia’s military and thus interfering with the grand islamic plan, including endangering a new islamic base of operations with Damascus as it’s capitol, has, we believe, signaled the end of Obama’s perceived deal with the islamist 'devil.'

Remember, Obama had told us that al-Qaeda was on the run, which turned out to be mere propaganda to secure the vote in 2012, and then al-Qaeda overran Benghazi. He also told us that ISIS was contained, yet more propaganda aimed at soothing the barbarians of islam, and then Paris happened. And in the wake of the Paris islamic terrorist attack that left 132 dead, Obama told us that we have "nothing to fear" from ISIS in America, as he tried to make it palatable to import islamic so-called 'refugees' leaving out that embedded within them would be ISIS operatives. And what transpired just two days later...San Bernardino.

Obviously, any deal Obama had with islam has been scrapped by islam, and the question he has been left to ask himself is, what more could he have done to curry their favor? After all, he supplied them, armed them, trained them, provided them with weapons, and he even went so far as to release their ilk from GITMO so that they could return to the battlefields to continue their barbaric rampage. Obama even traded five members of the Taliban war council for one American traitor, and now he’s been cut loose by the very people he did so much to help in their building of a new and prophesied Sunni caliphate.

It...Obama's deal with the 'devil'...was never about providing some obtuse protection of Americans on American was about securing his islamic legacy, a legacy now left to rot in the cesspools of the islamic world.

And with his fall from islamic grace Obama must now face not only the islamic hierarchy to whom he not so silently pledged his allegiance, but he also has to answer to and for his 'middlemen' so to speak, for with his fall they fall too. And by middlemen we mean his 'puppet master' Valerie Jarrett and Hillary Clinton's crony Huma Abedin.

Valerie Jarrett, influence peddler loyal to both the Muslim Brotherhood and to Iran's mullahs, will now see her place in the islamic pecking order knocked down quite a few pegs as she was counting on moving with Obama to a U.N. position in the government of the hoped for New World Order. But with Obama's dismissal as a player in any future islamic game she is dismissed as well for her job was to keep him in line and make sure her string pulling complied with her own strings being pulled....and in that she failed miserably.

As for Huma Abedin, she was the Obama regime’s direct conduit to the Muslim Brotherhood. And by direct we mean bloodline direct as her mother, Dr. Saleha Abedin, is in the hierarchy of the Muslin Sisterhood, and her father has close ties with the Saudi government's Muslim World League. Also, it was while Abedin was advising Hillary that the State Department abandoned its long-standing policy of having no dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood...and even in their outwardly supporting the Brotherhood, Obama still could not deliver the goods for it all goes back to his Arab Spring turned Arab Winter and his failed promise to secure secure Egypt...for the caliphate.

Throughout his years in office, Barack Hussein Obama has done a great deal of damage to our national security on behalf of islam, including bringing into his inner circle of advisers more than half a dozen members of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as employing more than 72 DHS personnel who are on the terrorist watch list. Obama’s open border strategy...copied from the now-proven failure of Europe...has allowed any number of islamists to simply walk into our country, and his plan to bring in 10,000 Syrian so-called 'refugees'...who are for the most part anything but true nothing short of a desperate attempt to bring himself back into the islamic fold.

And on the world stage, Obama has turned his back on Israel, created one vacuum of power in the Middle East after another to be filled by islamists, and secured a path to a nuclear arsenal for Iran. And he did all this while he rested...if not comfortably... the false belief that islam would not visit upon American soil the same sort of barbarism they have exhibited elsewhere.

That has now come to an end, a very demonstrative end as shown in San Bernardino, California. And what we can expect from this point on is more of the same. More attacks. More deaths. More terror, and more well-planned visitations of violence against 'We the People' whose freedoms and liberties are an anathema to islam.

Islam now sees no future in having a 'puppet' in the White House as any Republican elected president in 2016, would take a much harder stance against our enemies and those of our allies, and would work hard to strengthen ties with our allies in an effort to rebuild lost trust. And islam could never trust a woman like Hillary Clinton to do their bidding, in the way they trusted Valerie Jarrett to do so throughout the Obama years. Jarrett, as mentioned above, was a behind-the-scenes conduit islam used to pull Obama’s strings but in the end she failed when Obama lost Egypt. And any female who might assume the presidency, no matter that she would hold the most powerful office in the world, would be seen by islam as mere chattel and nothing more.

And if that president was Hillary Clinton...a non-muslim who is on shaky grounds with our allies...she would most assuredly not fit islam's bill because she needs Huma Abedin or someone like her to direct her every action in ways pleasing to islam. And with Abedin not being strong and domineering like Jarrett, and with Hillary being the loose cannon she is known to be, the islamist hierarchy could never fully trust Hillary to do right by them.

The final piece of the puzzle, the last dot to be connected in Obama’s deal with the islamists, is the fact that for no other reason than to placate islam and to bring as many jihadis here as possible, the Obama regime has had in place a 'secret' policy that barred federal agencies from examining the social media posts of those whom, we believe, various islamic factions and Obama wanted here on American soil. Had that very policy not been in place, the San Bernardino islamic terrorist attack would not have happened as Tashfeen Malik, the female terrorist, had as far back as 2012, posted to Facebook her jihadi agenda and the fact that she wanted to become a martyr to the islamic cause.

According to John Cohen, former acting under-secretary of DHS, the federal agency that has 73 employees on the terrorist watch list, “The primary concern was that it would be viewed negatively if it was disclosed publicly and there were concerns that it would be embarrassing.”

Common sense now tells us two things...first, there is no embarrassment in providing the sort of security measures that would prevent Americans from being murdered in an islamist terrorist attack, and second, that the only person who would be embarrassed by such preventative measures would be the person who had made a deal with islam to look the other way while islam would hold off such attacks for the duration of that person’s term as the president of the United States.

This explains Obama’s last two appearances before the cameras, first from the Oval Office and then from the Pentagon. Both times he was addressing islam not the American people. He was desperately trying to salvage his deal with islam. Think about it...not since 2010 had Obama spoken from the Oval Office, and only after his failed attempts to blame San Bernardino on guns and workplace violence did he stand (a sign of respect for islam as he turned his back on the Resolute Desk thus symbolically turning his back on America ) to send them the message, ‘Look at me...I am one of you...we had a deal...I held up my end of it as best I could...why have you gone back on your word...why have you turned your back on me after all I have done for you?’

Obama repeated the word 'ISIL' time and time again to show the factions of islam that he was with them and against our ally Israel. He was glassy-eyed, he looked shocked. Not shocked that the sort of attack that had taken place in Paris took place here, but shocked that it took place while he still thought he had a deal in place with the islamic hierarchy.

Obviously, no message was coming from the islamic leaders to reassure Obama so he took to the podium at the Pentagon to once again address islam, to once again try to salvage the deal by attempting to spread the same 'dog and pony' show cover story that he was stepping up the bombings of ISIS in Syria, and that great progress was being made despite any tangible evidence to back up his claims.

Two speeches from the two most powerful rooms in the world...both to beg islam for another chance and neither of them to deliver any message other than propaganda to the American people.

San Bernardino was the islamic world’s signal to Obama that the deal was off, and we believe it was only the tip of the iceberg. There will be more San Bernardinos to come and Obama’s legacy here at home will be measured, for years to come, in the number of graves containing the bodies of innocent victims of his treason while his legacy beyond the gates of hell, in the islamic world, will be little more than that he was a useful idiot while he lasted...a martyr to his own arrogance.