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The Police, Gun Control, and Constitutional Carry
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
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Last Saturday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asked his state's “Board of Pardons and Paroles” to pardon and expedite said pardon in regard to Army Sgt. Daniel Perry. Convicted of murder and facing life in prison, Sgt. Perry shot 28-year old Black Lives Matter protester Garret Foster, during a July 25, 2020 anti-police protest following George Floyd's death. The protester, who pointed an AK-47 at Perry who was driving his vehicle as an Uber on the night in question, was simply trying to maneuver to safety through a crowd of violent BLM protesters when Foster pointed said AK-47 into the open window of Perry's car ready to pull the trigger. Perry, who admitted at trial that he shot Foster with his .357 revolver, obviously fearing for his life, and in self defense responded by opening fire and killing the rioting thug...and rightfully so under the Texas's “Stand Your Ground” law. After all, armed and anything but peaceful protesters blocking a major street and pointing guns at cars simply trying to get through, in actuality constitutes a riot.

Simply, self defense is not and must never be considered murder no matter what the jury or this Soros backed prosecutor say...a prosecutor who has a radical leftist agenda of his own to push agenda that has nothing to do with justice at all. And besides, taking out the in a violent and armed BLM my opinion is doing Texas citizens a public service.

Also, a few weeks ago in California, a suspect who was a known gang member...a man with a $1 million warrant out for his arrest...a man with a long and extensive criminal record who was just released from prison late last year...was now wanted for both murder and attempted murder. Able to flee from police after being cornered, a chase ensued along with orders being given for the suspect to surrender. But not only did said suspect fail to comply, but he then physically attacked a female South Gate police officer, punched her in the face, and tried to disarm her where at this point the officer...who heroically would not let go of her weapon...fatally shot the suspect two times, and who died of his wounds on scene. And surprising it was not...this happened in California after all...but this man was yet another convicted felon with a gun...a gun wrongfully gotten but thankfully being recovered on scene, thus no charges should be leveled against the officer as this indeed was a justifiable take down.

And as with the armed BLM protester, this piece of garbage who would surely have killed said officer if given the chance, saved California taxpayers huge sums of money on both a trial and his what should be decades long incarceration. But reality being what it is, and with California DA's being some of the most liberal in the country, said suspect, if caught, would probably have gotten away with but a slap on the wrist, if even that.

And then last Monday, former intern and now full-time associate and portfolio banker Connor Sturgeon, age 25, casually walked into the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky and killed five people (with one dying of their wounds in hospital)...including both a police officer and two close friends of Kentucky's Gov. Andy Beshear...and injured nine others. And why...simply because he had recently been told that he was being “let go.” Thankfully, this but yet another, in my opinion, piece of human garbage died in a shootout with police...police who arrived on scene within 3-minutes of receiving the call that a shooting was in progress at the bank.

But instead of focusing on the victims and the lives the police action saved, liberal media news sites instead kept pointing out that Kentucky is one of 26 states that allow “permit less” carry of firearms for “eligible” adults”...“eligible” as in non-felony convicted adults. In fact, Kentucky passed a law back in 2019 that removed the provisions that mandated state gun owners pass a background check if they were going to “conceal carry” a firearm. Simply, in Kentucky, as per the law, most adults over 21 can purchase and carry a firearm and take said firearm to most places in the state without a license. Too bad no one in the bank that day was “carrying”...more lives probably would have been saved and injuries prevented even before the police arrived on scene.

So here we have three cases of “good guys” with guns taking out “bad guys” with guns, but in the Texas case the “good guy” Army Sgt. Daniel Perry, was deemed to be the “bad guy.” And why...because prosecutors said Perry had plenty of choices, including driving away, but instead chose to fire his legally purchased revolver no matter that  Garrett Foster approached him and pointed an AK-47 rifle directly into his assault weapon more deadly than any revolver will ever be.

Excuses again being made for a perpetrator's actions...excuses made by prosecutors who align with the left as the perpetrator becomes the victim and the true victim morphs into the perp.

And here I must thank our great Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for on July 1st, permit less “concealed carry”...aka “Constitutional Carry”...goes into new meaning to the old adage “behind every blade of grass.” And while the great state of Texas allows “open carry” concealing of firearms is necessary...I actually believe that concealing one's firearm is better. Why so...because the “bad guys” won't know who other than the police might have a firearm on their person which in itself might lead to reduced crime numbers for even the “bad guys” don't want to be blown away by their would be victims.

And here's something to now think about...for better or worse. What would happen to crime numbers if all of America's police went “plain clothes”...would those out to do harm be forced to think twice about their actions not knowing who would be their victim and who could take them down...a strong possibility indeed.

But at this point I think the best we can hope for is that more states amend whatever gun laws they have in place and adopt into law “Constitutional Carry.” Why so...because the firearm haters and misguided gun control loons see no sign of abating any time soon. And while the anti-gun numbers remain basically unchanged over these past few years, those who still cannot accept the reality that “guns don't kill people, people kill people,” seem to be more vocal than ever. In fact, the blame game once again has fallen on Republicans whom Biden blames for the recent increase in gun violence. “Once again, our nation mourns after a senseless act of gun violence,” he tweeted after the Kentucky shooting adding that, “Jill and I pray for the lives lost and impacted by today's shooting. Too many Americans are paying for the price of inaction with their lives...when will Republicans in Congress act to protect our communities?”

But the truth remains...whether Biden and crew like it or not..that more gun violence, that more are killed by Democrats on the Democrats watch both in states and cities they control, than it does when Republicans are in charge. After all, left leaning district attorney's more times than not refuse to prosecute let alone charge those who have been arrested time and time again.

In fact, prior to the Kentucky bank shooting, in the first 3-1/2 months of this year alone, there were at least 145 mass shootings here in the U.S. with many committed by so-called career criminals whose previous sentences were barely served. And this is according to data from the Gun Violence Archive, who defines a “mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot and killed, excluding the shooter. And in Democratic cities and states...both having the strictest gun laws...sees them having the highest murder rates and shootings in the U.S. proving that “gun control doesn't work.”

And why...because gun control has been tried before and in a word, “failed.” For example, after the recent school shooting at The Nashville Covenant School, Biden put pressure on Congress to look at imposing a ban on what's called “assault weapons”...weapons that were legally purchased and used during the Covenant School attack. In fact, Biden actually pleaded with Congress to act saying that, “Why in God’s name do we allow these weapons of war on our streets and at our schools?” Simple answer...we don't...but the fact sadly remains that those hell bent on committing such atrocities will always find a way to secure such weapons, and more times than not secure them via criminal means than by legally purchasing them.

And the fact is that mass murders rose in number even after a 1994 federal assault weapons ban became part of the, Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. And why...because said ban was limited in scope pertaining only to certain categories of semiautomatic weapons alone, including, but not limited to, AR-15s. Also, the Act applied only to purchases done after the Act was signed into law, thus allowing folks to keep such weapons purchased before its implementation date went into effect. And while the law as passed included a sunset provision ...which allowed the ban to expire in 2004... the murder rate itself did not go down nor did the number of mass shootings even with said Act in place.

Why so? While some claim that even with a fair amount of gun control laws already in place that certain key factors contribute to the current rise in both murder rates and mass shootings...especially in workplace shootings. And it's things like domestic violence; political and religious extremism; undiagnosed and/or untreated mental illness; overly lenient laws regarding the purchase of firearms; along with the rise in color-based hate groups that these folks use as excuses. But the simple fact is that those determined to commit murder, for whatever reason, don't give a damn about old let alone newly proposed gun control laws and never will, rendering excuses made but fodder for the gullible and Second Amendment haters alone.

Simply, gun control laws never stopped and will never stop anyone set on killing for all said laws do is test the will of the killer by turning the act of killing itself into a challenge of sorts that too many are willing to gamble their own life upon...a truly warped game of “Russian Roulette” if you will. Better to live in the annals of infamy than to die a believes many twisted minds...minds solely focused on completing their self-anointed mission. And it's this very thing that the left side of the political aisle along with the anti-gun sorts refuse to see let alone accept as fact.

And until these folks do...until those relishing in what is actually a form of blindfolded justice...until families act on the warning signs many killers taunt their family and friends with before they commit unspeakable acts...the number of mass shootings of innocents and murders in general will continue to rise. And it's the “good guys” with guns... meaning the police...who will be the one's left to shoulder the blame and have to answer for the “take down” of folks who in reality are simply better off dead. Harsh words I know, but reality and truth often does tend to be unkind. Case closed.

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