Saturday, October 2, 2021

Truth In A Cartoon

DOJ IG Finds a Deluge of 'Errors' With the FBI's Spy Warrant Process
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet
It seems like it’s been forever that the FBI has had a good news day. The damage done during the 2016 election might be irreparable. They couldn’t admit that the 2017 congressional baseball team shooting was an act of domestic terror, though they quietly did so months later. They spent months peddling fake news about Russian collusion. They obtained spy warrants against former Trump campaign officials that contained manufactured evidence. They totally ignored the sexual abuse being committed at the hands of Larry Nassar from a swath of US gymnasts. And they cannot find Brian Laundrie. What good is this agency if it can’t be a top-notch investigative and intelligence agency? They’re considered the gold standard. They have been trash for years.  
When you sign off on a bogus Russian collusion spy operation that only came about from Clinton campaign-funded opposition research—don’t be shocked if people mock you incessantly and doubt your investigative prowess. Read more and see tweet here.
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